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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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The Unseen Positions

I don't have a preference of who tops or the relationship. Greg/Mycroft, Sherlock/John.

There are not enough porn!fics with the following sex positions or in the following places

Reverse cow(boy)
Cowboy- I definitely need more of this
Chairsex- Reverse or regular
Kitchen counter- specifically one of the cowboy positions
Greg's carsex
Mycroft's carsex
Old Abandoned Warehousesex
( This could work with Johnlock, not only Mystrade)
Greg's Desksex
Greg's deskchair-sex
Sherlock's bed-sex

That is all.

This is the couple's actual Sex List

Re: The Unseen Positions

I want to second each and every one of these individually and separately.

Re: The Unseen Positions (Anonymous) Expand
Re: The Unseen Positions (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2c/14: Cowboy (Anonymous) Expand

DeAged Mrs. Hudson

I'd love to see a de-aged Mrs. Hudson, possibly the result of trying to tidy up the flat and spilling the wrong chemicals or something.

Bonus: She continues to act her age, despite looking mid 20's - scolding everyone and just being the worlds best gramma.

Double bonus: Everyone who meets her before realizing it's Mrs. Hudson has a 'oooh, sexy mama!' moment when they first see her, then get all flustered when they realize / discover who it is.


AU where johns a hunter and hes hunting fawnlock for his dick to cut it off and sell it but turns out he gets the D in a very different way



Typical Johniarty...but it's not TW: Stalking, Rape, Thrill Seeking

Jim grows obsessed with John, sends him interesting presents, texts, calls him, tries to meet up with him at every chance he gets John alone, is very possessive of him and jealous when he's around other men and women rather John's dating them or not, your typical Johniarty stalker fic.

Except, the thing is, despite knowing better, John likes it. He likes the attention, feeling wanted and possessed. It bothers him that the people who are cruel to him or dump him end up hurt, maybe even dead, but the thrill of knowing that Moriarty needs him that bad makes his heart flutter. The possessive and seductive texts and calls he receives go straight to his cock and all John can think about is how he wants Jim the same way.

It's a wonderful, dangerous thrill for John. He knows it's a bad idea, but he can't wait for Jim to come for him, to rape him, to make him his.

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Re: Typical Johniarty...but it's not TW: Stalking, Rape, Thrill Seeking

Yeah, hi, uhm, one ticket to hell, please. The direct line, no stops. No, I don't need a return ticket, I'll be living there, thanks.

So, yeah, seconded.

Johnlock, Vampire AU

Alright, all I want is a Johnlock Vampire AU; the two of them are like these vampires that met in idk like 1800 London and Sherlock stopped John from killing someone (because he doesn't know who turned him and he was left abandoned to deal with it, but you can change that if you wish) and John and him became friends and they got seperated (bonus points if by Moriarty, also a vampire) but over time they kept meeting each other in all these different places and would fall in love all over again. Double bonus points if it was Moriarty or Moran who turned John but they don't find out until way later, like 2012, 2013. Triple bonus points if they meet up in the World War II era, and Sherlock's a Nazi (QUADRAPLE BONUS POINTS if he's like a double agent for the UK but John doesn't know that) and John's fighting with America or the UK or something. A cookie if Sherlock's the oldest vampire alive.

Vampire Laws or whatever are yours to play around with

Re: Johnlock, Vampire AU

Sherlock in a Nazi uniform.

That concept is really fucking scary.

Thread bondage (reprompt)

From :

Helpless, defenseless.

Bound only with single strands of the finest thread.

The point is not to be held in bonds he cannot break.

The point is that he could break them with a single move, and chooses not to.

"I had bad days!" - BAMF!John, A-team crossover

So, crossovers are brilliant - especially when they show-off John's inherent BAMFness!
I loved the Ironman crossover of awesome ("BROTHER, YOU NEED A SUIT TO GET OUT OF THIS SHIT HOLE? I JUST NEED MY FUCKEN GUNS AND MY NERVES OF STEEL."), and now I've stumbled over a ficlet on AO3 where John basically saved the day and their collective arses when he met Hannibal and his guys in Afghanistan.

And now I want more, because there can never be enough BAMF!John, can there?

For anyone who's interested:

(Right, this is getting bizarre. Mycroft wants to adopt grown-up John... wtf?)

Mycroft is a slut for Greg's cock

Just what it says on the tin. Thanks :)

+1000 if Greg is a bit overwhelmed and incredulous to have such a powerful effect on prime and proper Mycroft

Re: Mycroft is a slut for Greg's cock


I love slutty Mycroft!

Dark!Badass!John tortures Moriarty (TW: violence)

I've seen a few fics where John turns into Dark!John during the hiatus but most of them go along with John joining up with Moriarty.

Instead I'd like to see something which I think feels a bit truer to the character but also explores the darker aspects of our favorite doctor. Where John is grieving for Sherlock and happens to find out that Moriarty is still alive. After reading The Casebook it's clear that John knows that Sherlock was being forced to say those things and then forced to 'kill himself', so seeing Moriarty he knows that he is to blame for his best friends death.

Twisted by his anger and grief, there's only one thing he feels he can do to avenge Sherlock.

That is, capturing Moriarty in some surprisingly brilliant way, restraining him in some random warehouse - and then proceeding to brutally torture him for hours. Days, even. In various creative and surprisingly brutal and intricate manners (he is a doctor after all).

Preferably ending with Jim cracking under the pain and admitting to Sherlock being alive - then instantly dying before John can get anymore information out of him.

Bonus points for Moriarty being surprised and impressed by how clever John was to get him unawares and admits he underestimated him - but pretends to enjoy the torture for the most part, in fact egging John on for more. But eventually even he breaks. Yes - John Watson breaks Jim Moriarty. If the author can almost make it so that we actually feel a little sorry for Jim and scared of John - all the better.

(Partly inspired by the latest ep of Elementary, I won't lie).

Re: Dark!Badass!John tortures Moriarty (TW: violence)

This prompt is the best prompt. I love a dark!John <3


Mycroft has a glasses kink. Whenever Lestrade shows up with his shades or reading glasses, Mycroft goes all weak on his knees.

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade

Yes, please? As a glasses wearer, glasses!kink is awesome!

Mycroft says hardens, so I do believe he approves of this message!

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade (Anonymous) Expand

Any/sherlock or completely friendship gen , maybe character death

One of Sherlock's friends gives him/herself up to save Sherlock. Even though Sherlock has never really noticed he has people who care about him or the extent that his best friend cares for him that love for him is still there. Yes, he is a prick but he is their prick.

Anything where John is the asexual one and not Sherlock. Bonus if Sherlock really puts his mind to it and understands how to make the relationship work.

I so want this!

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

There's been a murder...

And even Sherlock has to admit that all the evidence points toward John. The police are very apologetic about having to follow every lead, and John gamely goes along with all the questioning... right up until they actually try to arrest him. Cue BAMF!John and Mama Bear!Sherlock.

FILL: There's been a murder... 1/3


John sits in his favourite armchair and watches as the blood seeps into the carpet. He is still in shock. Sherlock ignores him.

“Yes, a body!” Sherlock says into his phone. “Dead! Of course it’s dead. Do you think I’d be calling you if it was still alive?!” He’s quickly losing his patience because it’s been a long day and he had to deal with plenty of idiots already and John didn’t react at all when he returned home and–

“Can you give me your address, sir?”

“You should have had my bloody address traced as we were speaking!” He barks at the woman at the other end of the line. She sounds young, mid-twenties, probably tries to get a degree in psychology at UEL, he should really ask Anderson about his wife but not it’s not a good time to get sidetracked. “221B, Baker Street,” he informs the woman who has to be completely dense if she doesn’t already know that. Maybe it really is her full time job and she isn’t as young as her phone-voice might suggest.

Sherlock realises he’s still clutching the phone to his ear and distractedly slips it back to his pocket. “John?” He tries again despite himself but John isn’t reacting even though he should be reacting because they ought to have them trained for this. “John!”

There is still some blood on the knife even though it’s been wiped with a towel from their kitchen. Oh, Sherlock hopes John didn’t use the white one with a blue stripe because he had a nice binary fission going on in there. “We need to cover things up before the police arrives.”

John doesn’t seem to hear him.

With a sigh, Sherlock crouches down next to the stiff male body and wonders if John would let him keep the carpet to run a few experiments on it. “Interesting,” Sherlock mutters, poking the man’s naked forearm. “Hand me a pair of tweezers, John.”

Sherlock holds out his outstretched hand before he remembers. He stands up, walks to the window and waits for the police. He needs to think. Luckily, both the body and John are completely silent.

Sherlock opens Pandora's box.

Do with that what you will.

Did someone order Crack?

he expected something... magical, he supposed. Even if Magic was something he didn't believe in.
He's just heard about it for so long.
And it does nothing.
He stares at it and it continues to do nothing.
He swears it's looking back, taunting him even.

"John! It doesn't work! The stupid, bloody thing doesn't even work!" Sherlock bellows.
An ever put upon John is beside him soon enough.

"Well, of course it isn't doing anything, it doesn't know what you want."

Sherlock's face contorts, that small area between his brow furrowing in a way John can't help but admit is adorable.

"Here, love," John pulls the computer so he can type.
"Name one of your favorite composers."

"Bryce Dessner," Sherlock states without thought.

"Alright. See where is says 'new station'? Type it in..."

John hit enter.
Music poured from the speakers and Sherlock's eyes fluttered closed.
John wondered for a moment if he was alright.
Before he even got a chance to ask, Sherlock spoke, never opening his eyes.
"Aheym; Yiddish for "Homeward". Written for the Kronos quartet... so many emotions wrapped up in rhythm and sound..."

John leaned his head on Sherlock's shoulder. Unexpectedly, Sherlock lolled his head over till it was on top of John's.
It never ceased to amaze John that music could touch Sherlock when almost nothing else could. Almost. The fact that he was sharing this beautiful moment with John brought warmed so many emotions in John's chest.
He was very glad he suggested the internet radio station

Couldn't actually find the song on there, but it fit so well with what, to my mind, Sherlock would like.

Wanna hear it? Here it is!


Okay, this is never going to be filled, I know, but I guess I can try?

There's a pretty decent amount of Deaf!Sherlock or nonverbal!signing!Sherlock, as well as French!Sherlock. Could anyone maybe mix that together? I'd love to see Sherlock signing LSF (or LSQ even?). Or, well, really, I'd just love to see a fictional character go through the hell that I went through trying to learn BSL (I'm a Deaf girl born in France and raised signing LSF, and my parents for some reason decided when I was thirteen to move to the UK. You would think for their proximity the languages would be vaguely similar? Not so.), and the Sherlock fandom seems the most likely candidate.

Besides, LSF is prettier than BSL. And considering his chemistry, LSF is also much more practical, because none of the compounds have signs, and LSF's manual alphabet is single-handed.

Re: Deaf!French!Sherlock



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