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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Giggles at the Palace
This post is basically for any and all questions, comments, or concerns regarding any part of the meme. Users can post here to get in touch with the mods without de-anoning. You can also PM one of us, or the meme’s account, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The mods for this meme are: ellie_hell, charname, anonspock and anonbach.

However, you might get an answer faster is you try looking at our FAQ before you contact us. If the answer to your question isn’t in there, go ahead and ask us!

The comments on this post are screened until we deal with the issue at hand and respond.

Hi. I was away from LJ for a few days. How come I can no longer access the "filled prompts" post?

We're in the middle of redoing the filled prompts post so it will be better organised. I apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

O awesome modly people!

This is more of an idea/suggestion than a problem, but I thought it might be useful to have a link to the flat version of the meme. That's the way I normally view memes after the first couple of pages. With flat view it's easier to keep up with fills because rather than having to go back and check every page individually, they come up at the end, which means fic is less likely to get lost.

Some people (like me) probably type out the address for the flat meme anyway, but those of us who aren't used to the style (and haven't hung around kinkme_merlin ^_^;;) might find a link easier.

Yes, having the link to this on the meme would be so wonderful.


(Deleted comment)
First of all: Thank you so much, dear mods, for setting up this meme, keeping it well moderated, and making an archive. You truly are awesome!

Second, a request. Could we possibly have an unfilled prompts archive? I know it would be even more work (and I really hate to put more pressure on), but it's a good place for writers to browse for prompts to fill, and also great if you're a writer who keeps losing unfilled prompts (as I do). :)

First: Aww, thanks.

Second: Well, yes! Actually. That's why the filled prompts post went away, because the new system will provide for that, as soon as it's up. :D

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Comment Page Style

Can we do away with the journal styling on the comment page, I mean just have it be a normal, no style one without the journal's style making it all squished with the gray bar down the side? Basically it looks cleaner. You can change that under modify journal. If you're confused about how to get rid of it I can give a more detailed explanation. :D

Re: Comment Page Style

IA! I much prefer the other way with the flat default comment page. Everything is smushed now by the gray bar. Makes reading in flat view not as nice. :(

Dear mods: the new filled prompts post is MADE OF FUCKING WIN.

(seriously, omg. not only can you find all the filled ones, but unfilled ones so neatly laid out, waiting to be clicked on without one having to go through THOUSANDS OF COMMENTS. I just. I can't even. IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD.)


This new layout and a lot of the setup reminds me of shkinkmeme, which is a great model to follow, I must say.

Very nice! <3 *feels cozy*


Prompt filled here (http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/2262.html?thread=2334422#t2334422).

Also, posted part of the story to the wrong place in that thread by accident. That part of the entry is marked ii. Part Two, and it under somebody else's comment in that thread. Would it be possible to get that extra comment deleted? Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
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Um hi! Basically I've filled a prompt but the comment for part 2 page 9 doesn't exist yet in the filled prompts post (unless I'm completely blind in which case oops) so should I just wait for that and then link to my fill?

(Deleted comment)
Firstly: You are wonderful mods and I adore you so much my teeth hurt. Srsly. LOVE.

It is unfortunate, however, that my brain is moronic and I'm not sure what I'm doing re: the filled prompt page. I've just filled a prompt from the second prompting session but can't find the second filled prompt list anyway?

It is too late for my tiny mind to cope with this o_x I'm sorry for this retarded question, and doubly sorry if it is an issue addressed elsewhere (I looked but could not find anything)!

Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you!

I am behind, because people are awesome and doing awesome prompting and I'm not available on the weekends much (which is kind of the opposite of normal people. Oh well.)

So they will be on the main page, just, if they're past page four I haven't gotten to them yet. So if you're willing to hold onto it, and if you let me know which page I can comment to let you know when I've done it.

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Frickin' sweet, I got one of my posts as the current meme quote!

So, uh, would it be possible to get an archive of these quotes? Yes, there's a certain amount of ego in this request. It might also encourage fills if they're only taken from fics, because...yeah, ego. It's for everyone. Even anons.

...aaaaaaaaand you just switched out mine for another one of mine. I should really fucking de-anon.

The mods might be interested in the first reply on this prompt. I'd really hate to see these type of comments turn into a trend on the meme. Please be killing it. http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/2262.html?thread=2514902#t2514902

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Could you please put a stop to this? I get a few threads of OT/RP stuff, but this is getting to pages and pages of comments.

I don't get it. They need to put it in the post that discussion should be about the prompt and only the prompt. This is getting ridic.


Please tell me this sort of thing isn't allowed.

I know this is YKINMK however, Non-con child rape is against many internet rules....LJ amongst them.
This kind of thing could get this meme in trouble. Big time.
I'm not going to go on a tangent on how abhorrent this is. Please mods, check this out and address it in your next post.

LJ has changed its stance regarding fiction. It is no longer against the rules on LJ, and it will not get the meme in trouble.

YKINMK and your value judgment ("how abhorrent this is") is misplaced in a kink meme.

I would prefer that the mods not remove prompts because some people do not like them. If there is a problem with the phrasing of a prompt, I can understand taking action. But based on the kink itself? Please no.

(Deleted comment)
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