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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXV
Giggles at the Palace
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Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

Sherlock Holmes was kidnapped by the faeries in the 19th century. The "queen" of the fairies, a man known as Moriarty, is quite struck with him and takes him as his consort, but Sherlock refuses to cooperate. The king, Moran, is wildly jealous of him. It has been like this for two hundred years.

John Hamish Watson, of Scottish ancestry, visits a deserted castle while in the country (can be England, Scotland or Ireland, whichever fits best) on holiday. Everyone he meets tells him not to go there, including his family, but it is the ancestral property of the Watsons and he wants to see it.

While there, he plucks a solitary rose, thinking he'll take it to that pretty girl he met in a cafe yesterday (or whoever anon wants). He doesn't expect a beautiful man to appear in front of him, wearing old-fashioned clothes, and suddenly deduce everything about him just by looking.

They become friends, and eventually John saves him at the Halloween procession, as in the original story. Eventual slash is preferred but I'll take friendship too.

Bonus: Bored!Sherlock has been solving cases from Faerie the entire time he's been trapped there, but can't tell anyone about them.

Extra bonus: John introduces Sherlock to modern technology and he understands it in an instant and quickly becomes better at using it than John is.

Up to anon: Sherlock can be human, or he can be the half-human or changeling child of a faery.

Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

It's like... it's like my dream prompt, OP. Perfect prompt is absolutely perfect.

Seconded until the end of time!

Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

Whoa. I... I wrote my thesis about this tale, anon. How similar do you want this to be? Are you looking for m-preg here?

Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

asdfdksj really THAT IS SO AWESOME! I want to do that now *aspiring folklorist* Um... veering from the original is definitely fine by me, do whatever you want to twist it :D And I would prefer no m-preg. I just love the idea of even a friendship between abducted by fairies!Sherlock and human!John, and I've always loved the whole "changed into different animals" part where Janet (or however the version spells it) holds on no matter what. Other than that, go wild.

Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

Haha, thanks! Because I've never written m-preg before and don't think I'd be very good at it, but I always love the bit where the knight tells Janet he'll claim the baby as his and Janet just goes "hmm... nah, going to abort it, thanks all the same".

I'm busy at work right now but I'll get started on this over the weekend. (Kind of tempted to write it in medieval Scots, but don't worry, I won't be that much of a dick.)

Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)


Re: Tam Lin fusion (also kind of Midsummer Night's Dream if you squint)

It looks like I would have been a good detective - I've finally found this prompt! I've been looking for it for quite a while after having lost it :-)
If you're still checking this page, here's a fill for you - http://sherlockbbc.livejournal.com/4979671.html (I had only vague memories of the story you were asking for, sorry if some detail is missing.)

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