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Prompting Part XXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

Instead, they meet because Sherlock accidentally sends one of his deduction-texts, meant for Lestrade, to the the wrong number. John's number.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

If the brother has been thrown up on by a dog, arrest brother. - SH

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

I saw this prompt, scrolled down to make exactly this comment and THERE IT ALREADY WAS. :D

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

... What? Harry, is this you? Are you drunk? Don't tell me you're roleplaying with Clara and mixed up the numbers, again.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

Is... is this a reference to Little Numbers? Is it really? Because if it is please marry me.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.


Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.



uhm. right. right. my inner rabid fangirl came out. yes. sorry. SECONDING THIS PROMPT.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

Wait, I don't get it: anons who are talking about Little Numbers... what is it? Goggle gives me nothing relevant, apparently.

Either way, seconding the prompt because it's awesome! :D

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

It's a Glee fic written entirely in text messages. It's utterly adorable and perfect and I say that despite not watching the show. Give it a try, the premise is rather funny. :)

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

Read the linked fic and I need this in my life.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

Yesssss, another convert.

Re: Sherlock and John don't meet the way they do in canon.

(Anonymous) it okay that I've started working on this? I like this prompt an awful lot.

Fill: Quid Pro Quo (1/?)

The first text came on Friday.

If brother has green ladder, arrest brother. - SH

John Watson recognized that it had obviously been sent to the wrong number and chose to ignore it. The second one came on Saturday.

Anderson belligerently incompetent. Sack him. -SH

John couldn't help but smirk. Now he wondered who the hell Anderson was and why he was so incompetent. He also debated whether or not to finally correct 'SH'. One mistakenly sent text was understandable, but this newest message indicated that SH had yet to realize his or her mistake. John licked his lips, prepared to send a message when his mobile beeped again with a new text.

Your reluctance to answer quickly displays a weak mind. - SH

John bit the inside of his cheek before typing back.

Could be I have weak fingers.

The reply:

Unlikely. You frequently display one of your middle fingers towards my back when it is turned. - SH

John couldn't help but chuckle at that. He didn't know who SH was intending to reach but it was obvious that their relationship was a unique one. Not quite friends...relatives, perhaps? His messages did seem a bit haughty and overbearing. Maybe SH was trying to reach a younger sibling through John's number? But then he had referred to sacking someone, so probably a work colleague.

Either way, it was time for the record to be set straight.

Sighing, he answered:

Can't have been my back, seeing as I don't know you.

There was no immediate response and John fought down a sudden surge of disappointment. Still, it was only understandable. SH was probably double checking the number now and realizing their mistake. The (most likely) ensuing embarrassment meant that they would not answer back.

It was a shame. Since returning home, John had hardly spoken to anyone and done even less. Most of his days were spent wasted away in front of the telly in his hotel room or walking around the city, trying to reabsorb a life he no longer felt connected to. He couldn't remember who had he been before the war and now after it...

His sister Harry had tried to contact him a few times but he had dodged her and when walking through the park yesterday he had seen, and chosen to elude, one of his old friends, Mike Stamford. He was positive his therapist would have had a field day with his avoidance issues. She would probably label him an agoraphobic along with his 'trust' issues. Which was why he had chosen not to discuss it with her. Instinct wise, he felt she was a bit rubbish. After all, her best solution to his problems was to write a blog.

A blog.

Because a blog would certainly help him forget the sound of gunfire, the smell of blood, the glazed, hopeless look in one of his patient's (fellow soldier's ) eyes when they knew their death was fast approaching...

Fill: Quid Pro Quo (2/?)

But then, he supposed a blog was something to do. Better than nothing. Though 'nothing' was a pretty apt description of his current existence. He did nothing, he felt nothing, hewas nothing. This thought gnawed at him and he chose to try and do as Ella suggested, no matter how asinine. He sat in his room, laptop open, the blinking cursor on his blog mocking him as the time crept closer to midnight when his mobile sounded again.

Another text?

It had to be Harry. Had to be. She hadn't tried in over a week but there was no one else it could possibly be. Ella only left voice messages and the idea that it was actual SH again was laughable. John picked up the mobile and clicked on his new message to see:

Bored. - SH

John felt a strange emotion blossom in his chest. Something silly and inexplicable that made him shift in his seat, not entirely uncomfortable but sort of...shy. Which was ridiculous. He scratched at the back of his head before choosing to text back.

How can I help?

Your number was only one digit away from my intended recipient, yet you initially chose to pose as him. Why? - SH

Why do you care?

Answer. - SH

John breathed out loudly through his nose, eyebrows rising as he muttered to himself, "Bit of a git, aren't you?"

And yet...

John looked at his laptop, then at his phone, then back at his laptop again.

"Fuck it," He turned his full attention to the mobile, smiling at his follow up message.

I will, if you will.

I despise repetition. -SH

Not repetition. I'll answer a question, if you answer a question.

Quid pro quo. - SH

I thought you despised repetition?

There was a lengthy pause. Then:

What do you wish to know? - SH

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Fill: Quid Pro Quo (3/?) (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: Quid Pro Quo (4/?) (Anonymous) Expand


If you don't mind a second fill, I started filling this for the filling fest. If you're interested in reading it, please follow this link:

Thanks for posting such a lovely prompt, I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I've never read Little Numbers, but hopefully you'll like it anyway.

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