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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting Part XXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Post-Reichenbach Sally: What Was She Thinking?

I'd like to see something from post-Reichenbach Sally's POV. Not demonising her, but giving her thought process, and maybe her (not warm and fuzzy) regrets. The more tragic, the better.

Re: Post-Reichenbach Sally: What Was She Thinking?

Oh! Oh! Seconded!

Passing Thus Alone 1/1

This hit on something I'd been thinking about, so I couldn't resist a wee little mini-fill...


It caught up with her just as late night became early morning.

When Anderson wasn't nearby to give a knowing look and encouraging nod. When the nameless others who had emerged from the Yard's woodwork weren't at her elbow, ready to speed her concerns to receptive ears. When her superiors weren't before her to praise her for her vigilance.

She blinked up at a ceiling she couldn't make out through the darkness.

It was no mystery, where the cornerstones were set: weeks, months, no years of frustration due to Sherlock Holmes. He'd celebrated the violent deaths of the victims. He'd mocked their family and friends. He'd insulted her team in general and her in particular, deducing intimate details, announcing private secrets, laughing at all-too-human foibles.

And he'd belittled her boss.

Perhaps that had been the most difficult to stomach: seeing Sherlock abuse Lestrade and then force the man to crawl back for more. Then she'd watched her mentor accept reprimands and lectures rather than the commendations and promotions he deserved as he shouldered responsibility for the misbehaviour of his consulting detective. Over time she'd convinced herself that Lestrade would lose his career, if not his life, if he continued to work with the Freak.

Her resentment had simmered and bubbled over a steady heat, ready at any moment to burn.

She realized now why all of this had been so easy, so quick, a whirlwind effortless to begin and, once in motion, impossible to resist.

With her anger, she'd made herself ripe for the picking.

In her mind, she'd cast herself as the responsible professional, the conscientious officer watching her superior's back, the clever detective connecting the dots and thwarting the sneering villain. In reality, she'd been an all-too-eager pawn in some madman's game of chess.

Manipulated. Used.


Helpless, when things spiralled out of control.

Before it was all over, she'd set aside proper procedures in favour of vengeful emotions. Before it was all over, she'd voiced her accusations before gathering actionable proof. Before it was all over, she'd gone over the head of the man she most respected and become the one who put his career, his very life's work, in jeopardy.

To the Met, her actions hadn't represented a defence of Lestrade's interests, but rather a vote of no confidence in his judgment.

Of course. It seemed clear to her now that the blood-red fog had passed from her vision.

What had she been thinking? She hadn't been thinking at all.

Lestrade faced suspension, investigation, perhaps even prosecution because of the reckless steps she'd taken. The man she once believed she'd follow into the very flames of Hell she now couldn't look in the eye.

All for someone else's agenda. All for some game. All to push Sherlock off a ledge and onto the pavement.

She twisted the duvet in her fist.

None of this made the Freak any less freakish, or his feats of deduction any less suspicious, or Sally Donovan any sorrier that he was gone.

But it did make her something she'd never before been: a rubbish detective sergeant.

And that was a fall of its own, wasn't it?

God help her.


<3 <3 <3 for this fill

This hit the spot. Perfect! I love how this makes her story a fall, too - and makes her aware of it. Great voice here. I love this.

Re: <3 <3 <3 for this fill

De-anoning to say thank you so much! I'm so glad this "hit the spot." :D

More love for it. <3

Great job! Seriously I loved the progression throughout this piece.

Re: More love for it. <3

De-anoning to say thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I'm glad to hear the progression here worked for you.

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

oh WOW, wonderful wonderful character introspection here!

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

De-anoning to say thank you so much! I'm so pleased you like this, and the character introspection seemed believable. I appreciate your kind words!

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

Oh, very convincing and well written. <3

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

De-anoning to say thank you so much, my friend! I'm thrilled that this seemed convincing to you, and that you liked the writing. I really appreciate your reading and commenting with such encouraging words.

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

Oh, this is a great take on Sally. I'm glad to see people giving her some of the depth she deserves!

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

De-anoning to say thank you so much for this! I'm so glad this seemed believable to you, and that you felt this gave her proper depth. (That makes my day.) I really appreciate your kind words!

Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1

Oh, this is just stellar. I love anything that gives Sally and/or Anderson more to do beyond their Dynamic Jerk Duo routine; I don't particularly care for the characters, but they've got so much potential to be more, and you've given Sally a magnificent little window here. She doesn't have to like Sherlock (he's kind of a grade-A asshole to her!), but she doesn't have to be the single-minded one-dimensional backstabber, either.


Re: Passing Thus Alone 1/1


I really enjoyed this. Especially because I've always had sympathy for Donovan until she seemed to betray Lestrade in RF, and this makes sense of it for me.

(Mycroft says 'folly'. Yes, Mycroft, we know you disapprove.)

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