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Prompting Part XXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Bizarre World

We need something lighthearted. Let’s write a bizarre AU where everyone traded places, shall we? But try to be as surprising as possible. No easy mirror changes.

E.g.: Sally is witty, sarcastic, a genius and a consulting detective in need of decent flatmate. Mycroft is an army doctor recently invalided from Afghanistan, who doesn’t want to depend on his alcoholic cousin Mike. Fortunately one day Clara, an old friend, spots him in park. He meets Sally and her landlord Jefferson Hope. Sally proceeds to drag him to crime scene, complaining that some Janette won’t work with her. After brief confrontation with Sergeant Moran, they are allowed to go into building, where DI Sherlock Holmes is waiting impatiently over body of beautiful woman in dark green clothes (which just might turn out to be named Anthea).

Sally impresses Mycroft with her skills, then abandons him. Mycroft returns to his flat, only to find that someone is waiting for him with tea. An ambiguous discussion with short, blonde man who is wearing jumper, smiling pleasantly and might or might not be an criminal mastermind is the result. When he and his PA Irene leave, Mycroft is left eyeing tea suspiciously, wondering if it’s poisoned. That's when Sally shows up at his doorstep with green suitcase…

And so on. Anderson is the cabbie serial killer, a mysterious ‘Sawyer’ put him up to it, Greg Lestrade is only man to ever fool Sally, Jim Moriarty works at local clinic, the blonde man – John Watson – is apparently long-time friend, self-appointed big brother and British Government, etc.

You can come up with your own combination, and then write a scene or two, retaining a much as possible from original character while fitting them into another’s place. So, Sherlock would be almost as brilliant as Sally, but The Work is still his priority and that's why he prefers to call on his consultant, who can do things police can’t (like breaking into suspect’s home) that greatly speed up the whole investigation (the alternate theory is that he enjoys having his home broken in and free tea by courtesy of British Government far too much ;)). He’s still condescending, demanding and general consensus is that he and Sally deserve each other very much. John, instead of kidnapping people, freaks them out with surprise tea parties. And so on.

TL;DR: AU where all characters traded places, which leads to completely bizarre result. Now make it work.

Re: Bizarre World

This is perfection.

Re: Bizarre World

This is the best AU prompt i've ever read.
At first i was like o.O whaaa? and then i was like Yes, please!

Re: Bizarre World

I agree with the anon. This gotta be the best AU prompt ever!!!

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