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If John was still capable of being shocked after months of living with Sherlock, coming home to the flat covered in roses might have done it. He'd thought that the mass of red spilled across the living room floor had been blood at first glance, and really, what did it say about his life these days that blood would have been less alarming? It was the sort of thing one did for a lover, but he couldn't picture his haughty flatmate going to that sort of effort for another person. Still, it had to be Sherlock's work; nobody else would have pinned flowers to the wall with the scissors from his first aid kit like some sick sort of experiment in dissection. Was Sherlock that bored, then, that he was finally losing it and snapping like Donovan had always predicted?

Speaking of his flatmate--

John held one hand up preemptively, cutting off whatever Sherlock had been about to say. "No. Just don't. I'm still angry about you grinding up those bones and putting them into the tea- the TEA, Sherlock! I don't want to know and I don't care why you're wrecking the flat this time. I'm going to go to sleep, and you are going to clean this up overnight or I'm going to tell Lestrade not to give you any cases for a week." He pushed past a - for once, shockingly silent - Sherlock. It gave him more satisfaction than it perhaps should have to crush some of the flowers under his shoes, louder than it ought to be in Sherlock's silence.

Sherlock closed his eyes for a moment. What had gone wrong, exactly? Humans were so frustratingly unpredictable when it came to... emotional matters. He'd searched around on the internet for a way to apologize to John, and though he'd been disconcerted about the constant mentions of "your wife" in the article he'd settled on, it had been the most detailed and orderly list he'd found. Was it too much, perhaps? No, John was nothing if not appallingly emotional. He must have just not picked the right approach for his flatmate.

Sherlock wouldn't have bothered to apologize for his actions, but this was not about the tea. This was... he'd found it surprisingly difficult to delete the expression on John's face on their last case, the look in his eyes when he's said "bit not good." He didn't want to analyze too closely and pick this apart; he just wanted it to go away.

There were 20 suggestions on the list. He'd skimmed after the first few. He'd have to pick another one instead; it should be a simple enough matter.

If Sherlock had been browsing the web from John's laptop, he would have seen the (frankly horrifying) red background and hearts all over the website. If he'd read far enough down the list, perhaps he would have realized that this list was intended for couples. However, his phone loaded the mobile version of the site, and so he skipped obliviously to the next item on the list.

Leaving post-it notes for John, telling him how much he was appreciated. Sherlock grimaced. He supposed he could manage... something, if it would keep John from looking at him like that again. Turning off his mobile, Sherlock commandeered a pen and a pad of sticky notes from the freezer, brushing off the bits of frozen blood on them and biting his lip as he tried to think of what he could say about John, John with his dull mind and his boring routines and his infuriating habit of forcing Sherlock to care.

(I will probably combine multiple advice attempts into posts after this, but I'll see if I can touch on all 20. I'm using the cheesiest list I could find: )

Lol! Oh, Sherlock, it just tugs at my proverbial heart strings when u try to wade through your stunted emotions. Also, why were you keeping your post-its in the freezer??? Juuuusst wonderin'. Can't wait for the next update!

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