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Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

Jim beamed as he handed over the plastic Spider-man lunchbox.

“I made you a tuna sandwich this time. It should be cold enough out for it to stay good until lunch. And I gave you an extra banana, because you need the potassium to keep your hands steady. Don’t eat the brownie first.”

Sebastian resisted the urge to roll his eyes, but this was just getting ridiculous. At first it had started with a sandwich in a bag when Jim asked him to do an all night stake-out, and Seb had thought it was a nice touch. It showed a level of casual concern for his employees that could really help out a crime boss; it made everyone feel that they had a personal stake in the success of the operation. But apparently Jim just liked feeding Seb, because he was the only one to get increasingly complicated lunches.

He took the proffered box and stuffed it into his duffle bags, along with all the disassembled pieces of his rifle. Hopefully no one would wonder where the homeless man begging for change got the Spider-man box; he didn’t need Jim’s eccentricities ruining his cover. Jim leaned over and planted a quick peck on Seb’s cheek.

“Thank you, darling. You’re so sweet; I bet your eyes taste like caramel. Now go shoot some people for me!”

Seb actually did roll his eyes this time, but only when he had his back turned. He did miss the decorum of the military sometimes, like the knowledge that a superior officer was unlikely to either kiss you or steal your eyes. But he took the bad with the good, and working for Jim did have its perks. The army had this real hang-up about using civilians for target practice.

He headed out for work, and had a fairly uneventful day. A lot of sitting on rooftops and watching people. That’s what snipers always did, but this time he didn’t get to pull the trigger, so he just ended up feeling like a gargoyle. Around noon, he opened the lunchbox, speculating about whether Jim just packed his lunch so that Seb wouldn’t have to leave his post all day.

The tuna sandwich didn’t actually have any bread, so it was just a blob of tuna, lettuce and tomato wrapped in plastic. The first banana had a syringe jammed in the middle of it, but the second was safe. The yogurt cup had a smiley face painted on the top. The brownie was full of glass, but big enough pieces to avoid. A typical Jim lunch.

And of course, the note. Seb wanted to hunt down and strangle whichever shop owner had sold a grown man My Little Pony stationary. The note had the usual tone to it.

“Dear Sebbie,

I hope you like this little lunch I made you! I want to make sure that my glowy red eye in the sky always has lots of nutrition when he goes out to kill for me. I don’t think I tell you this enough, but I love your hands. I want to cut off all the skin and tendons and wear them as stylish gloves. If you fail me, I will make a whole suit out of you, and people will salute me and call me Colonel.

I’m making chicken for dinner, so don’t be late.

Mwah mwah mwah, lots of kisses,


Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

This is hilarious and yet ALL kinds of creepy.

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

If you fail me, I will make a whole suit out of you, and people will salute me and call me Colonel.
I’m making chicken for dinner, so don’t be late.

Honestly, it's so unbalanced and so like him that I can hear his voice reading that letter, sing-a-song intonations and everything! I don't know if I want to laugh or be more than a little disturbed! XD

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Sebastian's life must never be boring, I guess! XD

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

Ah, creepy Jim/Seb romance. What more to ask? Loved the final note!

OP Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

“Thank you, darling. You’re so sweet; I bet your eyes taste like caramel. Now go shoot some people for me!”

*applauds* Literally!

Dear god this is more brilliant than I ever could have hoped! Moriarty is an absolutely cracked madman, and still strangely sweet. Thank you, and I hope you consider posting it somewhere off-meme and linking it to the comms because this jewel of glorious crack should be shared with everyone!

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

hahahaha i love this

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring


That was glorious.

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

THIS! is amazing!

I'm going with other commenters, your Moriarty-voice is ludicrously perfect. Am bookmarking this for whenever I need a dose of crazy/wonderful!

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

I LOVE Seb's lunch! A tuna sandwhich, a brownie with a little extra something- but not the little extra something you'd think. So fantastically unbalanced. I love it.

Re: Mini Fill: Cooking is Caring

Y'know. I wasn't actually going to read this fill after I read the prompt because I thought "Oh, that just doesn't even need anything else."
However, I am now very glad that I did, as this is so absolutely unbalanced that it's had me laughing manically at literally every line break.

"The brownie was full of glass, but big enough pieces to avoid." Probably the most entertaining line I've read all week, and I do read quite a lot! ^^

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