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Let's Start With the Roller Mop (becaues this totally works as a title)

Well. I've been watching this prompt so long that I ended up filling it...


“If they would just pay attention, then they would have called us in hours ago.”
John doesn’t react. He’d been warned about this ‘Sherlock Holmes’ fellow. Best man for the job, but far too few social niceties for people to put up with him for long.
“I mean, it was the niece, clearly. No matter how well she plays on the sentimentalities of others to cover her motives. She’d been taking acting classes for years.”
John shakes his head, sighs, and keeps cleaning.
“It’s simple; so...boring.”
“Can we just got on with it, please? The sooner we get done, the sooner I can go home.”
“Home? To your one-room bed-sit that you hate? Don’t make me laugh.”
This makes John pause;
“And what, may I ask, do you know about my living arrangement?”
“It’s obvious. Like this murder. You’re a soldier, or were, invalided home with only an army pension to cover your expenses, but instead of looking further afield for something cheaper, you stayed in London – what living arrangement could you afford on an army pension in London? Not much.”
“How did you know I was in that army?”
Sherlock Holmes smiled then, and John wanted to take a step back – the man looked utterly manic.
“Well – we could start with your haircut. Its growing out now, but by the lack of care you show over it indicates that you’re used to keeping it shorter. Your tan; hands and face, but not above your wrists or under your collar; not from a holiday, unless you’ve been skiing. But you wouldn’t ski with that limp, which is psychosomatic, by the way. But you know that as well and you could have looked it up after your therapist told you but I get the feeling that you didn’t have to. Why wouldn’t you? Ah, but you’re a medical man too, aren’t you?”
“That was...extraordinary.” There was a pause
“That’s not what people normally say.”
“What do people normally say?”
Sherlock smirks, “Piss off.”
John laughs out loud, and a moment later Sherlock joins in.
“How did you know about me being a medical man?”
“Oh, so I was right then? Coffee, when we’re done here? I’ll explain it to you.”
“Yeah. Okay – coffee.”


John knows that most people on the clean-up crew don’t get along with Sherlock. And he supposes that they have a fair enough reason for it. The man can be a right arse. But he’s also a right arse. There is almost nothing that Sherlock is wrong about or that he will miss. John knows it gets on the nerves of the police when Sherlock shows up and proceeds to tell them what happened, how it happened and who did it within the first five minutes. Often they won’t acknowledge anything, but John also knows that Detective Inspector Lestrade appreciates it when Sherlock Holmes is on clean up – because invariably Sherlock will be correct and that means
that the cases can be solved quickly and the criminals caught.


About three months after getting the crime-scene-clean up job, John finds locum work in a small surgery and hands in his notice. At the same time Sherlock tells him that he’s found himself a new flat but needs someone to split the rent with. John can’t take him up on the offer fast enough.

It’s just after they move in that John finds out about Sherlock’s other job.

“You’re a...a private detective?”
“I wanted to be a consulting detective, but the police wouldn’t work with a ‘kid’, so I had to make adjustments. I still solve their crimes for them, the only difference is neither I nor they can chose which cases I work on.”
“Shame that. Can you imagine if they called on you in a crime-solving capacity? There wouldn’t be a criminal left in London.”

They somehow end up giggling like children over that, and by the end of the week John’s lost his limp and hand-tremor.

Re: Let's Start With the Roller Mop (becaues this totally works as a title)


D'awwwww. =D

This is pretty much exactly what I wanted - Sherlock as Sherlock and John as John, just with a bit of cts decon. ;-) Thank you! *hugs*

Re: Let's Start With the Roller Mop (becaues this totally works as a title)

You're welcome. Thank you for a great prompt.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! *hugs back*

Re: Let's Start With the Roller Mop (becaues this totally works as a title)

I like subtle AU's, explorations of what could happen if one detail was off. The details about John's long hair and living arrangments are great!

Re: Let's Start With the Roller Mop (becaues this totally works as a title)

I'm pleased you liked it. Little details make all the difference, don't they?

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