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Giggles at the Palace


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Jim rings in the New Year by doing something... special. Sherlock is not amused but for some reason, everyone else keeps pointing out that it was secretly hilarious.

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Old friends Female!John

Joan and Sherlock knew dated years ago Sherlock found the med student/doctor with an adrenaline addiction fascinating and Joan just loved Sherlock and his crazy ways.

However when Sherlock's drug use starts to become bad, their relationship falls apart. Joan joins the army and Sherlock falls further into addiction until he hits rock bottom and gets clean, possibly with some help from Mycroft or Lestrade.

So Sherlock like canon is working as a consultant detective and Joan has just been invalided home where she gets a job at the morgue cue Lestrade bringing Sherlock in to lock at a case and them meeting again

Feel free to shift around as you like i've just had this plot in my head for so long but it will not come out when i try to write it :)

Re: Old friends Female!John

This sounds like fun.


Lestrade and Gregson, when they meet, have some epic sexual tension. Epic enough that everyone around them gets hot and bothered, hot enough that Sally jumps Anderson in front of his wife, strong enough that Sherlock starts publicly snogging John.

Neither of the two really seem to notice that.

It is decided that for the good of the yard, the two must resolve that sexual tension- with sex

Re: Lestrade/Gregson

need this so BAD!!!!!!!!

A bit of headcannon

Once upon a time, Mycroft was a con man. It goes without saying, he was very good.

He says 'Perez' was involved.

Re: A bit of headcannon

i want this. i want it so bad.


Someone discovers and buys one of these (, and sneaks up behind people to use it on them at random. (If you don't know why this would be amusing, you've probably never had one used on you.)

Note for those at work/with family: product linked is G-rated. Probably. We do have some creative people here.



Actually, I had a seizure once when someone did that to me. Not exactly amusing.

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Re: IDEK (Anonymous) Expand
Re: IDEK (Anonymous) Expand
Re: IDEK (Anonymous) Expand

Black Books Fusion

Sherlock owns a bookstore where he insults all the customers and doesn't have the first clue on how to actually run a business. While drunk (or high) Sherlock hires John to help him run the business. Once sober, Sherlock freaks a bit about hiring John, but since John really needs a job, they agree on a trial.

Eventual S/J and wacky shenanigans, please! :D

Black Books crossovers are always a good idea. Seconded!

Re: Black Books Fusion (Anonymous) Expand

Monster!Sherlock and Hunter!John Reprompt

John comes from a long line of hunters, but he wants nothing to do with the family business and believes that not all monsters are evil.

When he meets Sherlock (who is a vampire/werewolf/whatever kind of monster you'd like to write about), he doesn't tell him about his family (after all Sherlock deduced that they're not close).

They start a relationship and solve crimes, and every thing is wonderful. Until, Harry or someone else he's related to basically come to visit and take one look at Sherlock (and Mycroft if he's visiting) and tells John off for betraying his family.

(Reply) (Thread)

Re: Monster!Sherlock and Hunter!John Reprompt

Any preferences? Do you mind some slash or porn, or would you prefer it to be just gen?

Become a victim!

(I'm not sure if this sort of thing is allowed, so forgive me if it isn't.)

You (yes, you, the writer) are a serial killer's victim. Sherlock has been called in to inspect you. What sort of things does he discover about you just by looking?

Un-person 1/2

(I don't think this is what you wanted. It... didn't come out right. Sorry. But hey - fill!)

Once there was a me, and the me was a pattern, a large one that covered the whole and made it move as one great machine. Now, that me is gone, and the pattern has changed; it is many little patterns working to make the big structure into little ones.

The blood that once flowed through the veins has settled already but the nerves have nothing to talk to to get things working properly again. The brain is still and the chemicals no longer combine and reform to make the patterns move together as one. Hope, anger, love, vengeance, faith, despair – they are not to be found here anymore. And yet...

The memory of the pattern remains. The memory of a me remains. And I am waiting for someone to hear my voice.

There is a pattern, a man, who is complaining at another one. The pattern of the vibrations are comprehensible still, but in a day, two days, twenty, I know the memory will fade.

“Do we have to get him in? He’s only going to sneer at us and tell me I’m too thick to live.”

“I don’t see we have any other option, Anderson, this is the fifth in a row and honestly we should have got him in ages ago.”

Neither can hear me. My voice is not what it was. I speak a different pattern, now, a different language.

Time passes, but not much.

“Well, John?”

“Blow to the side of the head, probably with one of the bits of pipe that are around here. If it wasn’t for the number of victims, I’d assume it was a drug deal gone wrong – you can see the track marks, though most are pretty old, and her pupils are dilated indicating a recent fix.”

The pattern touches the skin that was once me, but there is nothing there to tell if the contact is kind or clinical. There is a gentleness to his voice that, if the vanished pattern was intact, the me that was once there would find soothing. Or so what is left believes. He listens, but not to what I need him to.

“Very good, John! Completely wrong, but at least you’re trying to use your brain. Look at the calluses on the left hand and the right index finger – clearly this is a woman used to carrying a briefcase in her non-dominant hand in order to leave her dominant hand free to write.”

This pattern is listening to me. But – it is listening to small things.

“Or open doors, but more likely she writes a lot. Hair long, cared for but pinned away from her face; neat clothes but her jacket over there has deep creases on the back. The sort of physique acquired in a gym rather than through active exercise. So, office worker, the kind who does a lot of paperwork. Literal paperwork that is; not on a computer, and she probably has to carry around a heavy bag or briefcase as a result. Immigrations, perhaps; lots of paperwork there, and the occasional home visit.”

These are the dull things I can’t help but say. He is not listening properly to what I need him to hear before the memory is gone.

Un-person 2/2 (Anonymous) Expand

Perception Issues

Because this hits very close to home.

It hurts when people close to you tell you that you're fat/ugly/too short/too whatever.

Mycroft, after hearing Sherlock's comments about his weight one too many times, starts to doubt whether the person he sees in the mirror is actually him, or just who he wants to be.

Someone has to dissuade him of this thought.

Would you mind if this was a slashy fill, anon op?

Op (Anonymous) Expand


Ever wanted to do a crossover but haven't seen a prompt that really tickles your fantasy? Can't get it spun into a full blown tale?

Gimme a drabble crossing over your newest fandom you love with Sherlock.

Danger Zone - an Archer/Sherlock crack drabble

"Did he just call you 'Mummy?'"

Malory Archer sets her morning Martini down on her desk and looks at her son. "Yes, Sterling, I'd like you to meet your brother."

Sherlock is already eyeing the man standing before him appraisingly. Same dark hair, eyes almost like his own but slightly more..."Ah," he says, "you must be Sterling. Sterling Archer. I know quite a lot about you." Sherlock cocks his head to one side and doesn't extend his hand.

"That's funny, because I've heard nothing about you!" Archer's voice raises dangerously at the end as he glares past Sherlock at his mother. "More secrets, Mother, really? Let me guess which high ranking foreign official you had relations with this time? What kind of accent is that anyway, Irish? Do they even have a Parliament?"

Malory rolls her eyes, "For God's sake, you idiot, he's British and possibly even your full brother; I've never mentioned him because I've never needed him until now."

Sherlock picks up a file of the desk and flips it open. "There's been a break-in at a high security vault in one of the biggest banks in London. Some extremely sensitive documents were stolen. The vault belongs to ISIS, thus our mother asked me to come to the U.S. in person to discuss how we can best regain the stolen property without alerting the authorities of either country. This is definitely something," he grimaces distastefully, "best swept under the rug."

"So you've known about me your whole life and I just find this news out today and now we're just supposed to team up to solve a crime? I'd say we have a family therapy session first but alcohol is probably faster." Archer walks to the back of the office and pours himself a gin and tonic, double.

Sherlock smiles, "Oh no, I just found out you existed before you walked in the door." He sets the file down and paces across the room to stand, arms crossed, in front of his brother.

"I know you're a sex addict who never grew up, you look for love in the arms of every lady you cross but the one you really want love from is in the very room. Thanks in part to your Oedipal complex you've never really grown up and still play with toys, some traditionally considered manly, others some might call questionable. You like people to think you're intelligent so you've read a classic or two and probably memorized them so you can seem well educated, most likely to impress women. You are a well conditioned fighter though, fairly lithe yet muscular build, I'm guessing lacrosse helps keep you in shape more than actual sparring and again, you chose it to meet women at the country club. How am I doing so far?"

Archer drops the lime he's been holding into his drink. "Yeah, well, you have a really stupid coat, I mean for God's sake, it's July, what's wrong with just a black turtleneck? Who are you showing off for?"

Sherlock busies himself with his phone for a moment, sending out a text before replying. "Sorry, have to dash, don't think I'll actually need your help on this one, but I'll be certain to let Mummy know if I do, Duchess."

He gives Archer a tight smile and swishes out of the room. Archer yells a final question after him, "Hey, how do you know my code name, that is top secret, top secret! Mother, how does he know my code name when I don't even know his real one?!"

Sherlock hears her answer as she crosses the room to shut the door. "Sit down, Sterling, and I'll tell you what little I can of Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes."

"What the hell kind of name is Sherlock? Were you drunk when you pushed him out too?"

*I can't help it, every time I watch Archer I think "he and Sherlock have the same mother." Archer, btw, is the best show you're not watching. :D


Sherlock isn't a sociopath or emotionally absent, he's just...part Vulcan.

I'll leave it up anyone who takes this how much Vulcan (half, quarter etc), whether to include Vulcan!Mycroft, and characters and pairings, although it would be fun to have John or the Yarders find out!

Re: Vulcan!Sherlock


And have you read the one WIP where Sherlock is Vulcan and starts to go into Pon Farr?

Re: Vulcan!Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Vulcan!Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand


Sherlock has Yin Yang Yan.

How does this affect him?
Who finds out?
How do they deal?

Bonus points if:
The Skull talks back :D :D
This is what upset Mummy D: D:

OP: 阴阳眼

Forgot this:

Major Bonus points if:
Sherlock isn't ace, he's just too put out by seeing things to do anything.

When he finally gets over it, he gets put out halfway through when something interrupts him :D

No realiable link :< :< (Anonymous) Expand

reprompt from XXI

Original link:

Almost immediately after being invalided back to England, still recovering from malaria and barely able to move his left arm, limping something terrible, John leaves the hospital against medical advice and goes to the halfway house. He's ill and weak and depressed and takes to wandering aimlessly like a homeless person to keep from playing with his gun too much. Then one day he sees an old woman being mugged and the soldier inside of him jumps to attention; even though he's just a skinny slip of the man he used to be, he intervenes and manages to fight off the ruffians with his cane and pure adrenaline.

Pretty much right after it's over and he's made sure the old lady's alright, he nearly collapses from the adrenaline crash, too weak and hurt to go very far. The old lady takes pity on him and helps him back to her house for a lie-down since his cane got all bent out of shape. She's so grateful and sympathetic for the soldier that she offers him a place in her upstairs flat - well, he'd have to share with the young man who already made a deal on the place, but he's really a nice boy once you get past the fact that he's just been through detox and is going to an outpatient rehab program...

TL;DR Withdrawing!Sherlock and sickly!injured!John meet a few months earlier than in show canon. Lots of whump and h/c and general sickliness. Bonus points if at one point they have to support one another going up the stairs. Gen or S/J is good with me.

Re: reprompt from XXI

Oh man, I love detoxing Sherlock fics. I might be back for this one, if I can get my thoughts organized. Great prompt!

Re: reprompt from XXI (Anonymous) Expand
Re: reprompt from XXI (Anonymous) Expand
Re: reprompt from XXI (Anonymous) Expand
Re: reprompt from XXI (Anonymous) Expand
Untitled Fill (Anonymous) Expand
OP (Anonymous) Expand

Film & Frisson (reprompt from before S2)

John's tongue nudges at his lower lip as he glances at the video camera perched beside their bed.

"So, it's recording, then?" he asks.

Sherlock crawls over him, a low laugh huffing hotly across John's face. "Ohhh, yes."

That old fanfic classic.

Hypothermia. Lots. Anybody. Hell, everybody. Bring it on.

Minifill that's not exactly hypothermia as much as prevention...

"If John got my message, he should be here within an hour or two. Until then we'll have to sit together and share body heat."

Sally clutches herself, shaking like a stalk of grass in the wind, and glares. "No. Bloody. Way."

Narrowing his eyes, Sherlock continues to stand across the locked freezer with his arms held out wide. "Oh, get over yourself. I'm happily spoken for," he drawls lazily, rolling his eyes. Still, she glares and holds herself and sinks defiantly onto a bucket. Well, it would be more defiant if she weren't turning a bit blue around the edges. Sherlock sighs. "Honestly, do I have to make you vulnerable and more susceptible to touch? Do I need to make you cry?"

"You damn well don't!"

"Then come here."

"Bite me!"

"Your mother died when you were ten," he cut over her with an icy edge to her voice. "Your father was indifferent to you since before you were born. You moved in with your grandmother at the age of 14, not out of convenience or security for your upbringing but because she had the beginnings of dementia; someone had to look after her and, again, your father was indifferent.

"Throughout your teen and adult years you've left behind a strong of jaded lovers who almost all thought you were exemplary - which you really are if you let yourself be - but you left them behind because you didn't want to end up trapped in a relationship you regretted; you're still searching for a sense of comfort and belonging that's deeper than a lover. You're still looking for a home."

She is ready to scoff and turn away. Of course the Freak knows her whole family history; that much isn't surprising. She'd learned how to suck up her feelings and get over it.

But Holmes isn't done yet. He's only just about to deliver the final blow. "And Sally, I am sorry, because if there is anyone of those idiots on the force who deserves to have a decent life and family, it is you. You were an exceptional daughter and granddaughter, and you are an exceptional officer."

Dammit. She puts a hand over her eyes and hides from the Freak as he slides closer and wraps an arm around her shoulders. The surprising warmth of his skinny frame is...well, surprising. And it feels much better than the cold. She reluctantly pulls her arms around him and settles in for a long wait.


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