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prompting part XXIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Show Time [Fill]

Jim is on his knees, looking coyly up at Sebastian through his lashes. It strikes Sebastian as wholly unfair that Jim doesn't look utterly absurd, like any normal thirty something should and would.

(He says thirty-something, but he has nothing to base it on, not really. Expensive suits and a receding hair line. Hardly definitive. But Sebastian has the good sense not to ask.)

Speaking of suits, Jim is still wearing his. Still wearing a £5,000 suit as he kneels on the dusty floor of a back room that hasn't been cleaned in weeks. Usually, he's more particular about this sort of thing. He'll push Sebastian away with surprising force (which, really, isn't all that forceful, but Sebastian likes to forget that Jim isn't as delicate as he looks) and make offended gasping noises whilst he undresses, as though outraged that Sebastian might ask him to crumple his suit for something as insignificant and unnecessary as the rough slide of Jim's tongue or the firm grip of his fingers.

Not that Sebastian minds Jim in his underwear, or naked. Far from it. But there's something nice about seeing Jim, always so pristine, so above it, get down in the dirt on his knees. Something nice about seeing him roughed up.

His hand shoots out to grab a fist of shiny black hair and he jerks Jim's head back, hard and sudden. Jim grins up at him, slightly feral. His hair is soft under Sebastian’s fingers, and he knows if he leans in it will smell like peaches, or some such shit. Nothing but the best for Jim.

(Idly, he wonders how he knows what Jim’s hair smells like, because he’s never used Jim’s shampoo. He’d probably get murdered in his sleep. He supposes that it’s the kind of thing you get to know, living with somebody.)

Show Time [Fill] Part 2

Slowly, keeping Jim’s head back, he raises his other hand. He’s holding a gun. A hand gun, semi-automatic. Heavy and black. He rests the tip of the barrel against Jim’s temple and trails it down a smooth white cheek, featherlight. Just to see what reaction he’ll get.

He’s not disappointed. Jim’s eyelids flutter and he leans into the caress of cold steel, tilting his head. Even in the relative gloom, Sebastian can see his pupils dilate and hear his breathing quicken. So he drags it down to Jim’s lips (Jim’s pink, swollen lips), and presses it against them. Releasing Jim’s hair, he thumbs his lower lip and taps them with the barrel.

“Open up, gorgeous.” He says it mockingly and Jim laughs delightedly, opening his mouth and flicking his tongue at the tip of the gun. The sight goes right to Sebastian’s cock and suddenly he’s aching hard, aching to have Jim’s pretty lips wrapped around him. He palms at himself though his trousers, rough fabric doing nothing to alleviate the want he feels.

Before Sebastian knows what he’s doing, he’s unzipping his trousers, unable to spend another second watching Jim sucking on the barrel of his gun like it’s a candy cane whilst looking up at him with doe eyes.

He strokes himself roughly before pulling the gun from Jim’s mouth (he hears his teeth scrape against it) and jams it against his temple, lifting his cock to reddening lips.

“Suck.” He commands, his voice rough. Sex is the only time he gets to command Jim without receiving a dirty look and (if Jim’s in a good mood) the threat of flagellation in return. But for some reason, Jim, if he’s in the right mood, will be gleefully pushed onto his knees and follow just about any order Sebastian gives him. Sebastian would try to analyse it, but it would probably get him killed.

Jim’s mouth is hot and damp and his tongue is rough on the head of Sebastian’s cock. Sebastian groans quietly, and goes back to grasping the hair at the back of Jim’s head with the fingers not wrapped around his gun. He’s tugging Jim forward onto his cock and Jim is moaning loudly around him. Worked up as he is, he can tell he’s not going to last long. Not when he can look down and see Jim’s perfect mouth around his dick, cheeks hollowed as he sucks Sebastian back inside past glistening lips. His eyelashes are dark and thick on pale cheeks made angular by suction.

Show Time [Fill] Part 3

Sebastian brings his index finger up to the safety on the gun and, just for fun, flicks it off. He watches as Jim looks up at the gun through his lashes, alerted by the sound. He watches and Jim’s irises contract and his pulse quickens, thrumming through the thin, pale skin of his neck as realisation comes. It wouldn’t take so long, not normally. But Jim isn’t at the peak of his deductive powers right now. Sebastian smirks down at him, enjoying the immense and dizzying rush of power that comes with the pleasure of having somebody like Jim fucking Moriarty down on their knees in front of you, their life in your hands. Jim, to his credit, looks far from bothered. In fact, if anything, he seems encouraged by it, because his cheeks flush slightly and his eyes flicker shut and he sucks twice as hard as before so Sebastian can feel the smooth skin of the inside of Jim’s cheeks pressing hard against his length.

And Sebastian feels like his entire body is on fire, every nerve connected to the burning heat and brilliance of Jim’s mouth and Jim’s tongue and the gentle but definite scrape of Jim’s teeth on the underside of the head of his cock-

Before he knows it, he’s coming. He’s coming with his cock buried in Jim’s throat and his left hand forcing Jim’s head down. He can feel Jim’s throat convulsing around him, and when he looks he can see tears spilling onto Jim’s cheeks as he chokes, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not right now when it feels so good

Sebastian pulls out of Jim’s mouth with a sigh and Jim’s knees collapse from under him, leaving him on the dusty floor, wiping at his mouth with the sleeve of a McQueen suit jacket. Sebastian leans back against the wall for a second, chest heaving as he comes down. He tucks himself back into his trousers, zips up, and then looks at Jim.

Jim’s cheeks are flushed and he’s looking up at Sebastian with an expression that, if he didn’t know better, he’d call desperation. Looking down, he’s pleased to see a bulge distending the front of Jim’s trousers, stretching soft grey fabric. He looks at Jim for a bit longer, and when it becomes apparent he’s not going to do anything, Jim starts talking.

“Seb, God, Seb, you taste so good. Please make me come, please. I want your fingers inside of me. Fuck me with your fingers, Seb. I need it.” Jim is squirming on the floor, head thrown back. Sebastian knows it’s an act, of course he does. Jim never begs, not really, and aside from that he’s smirking smugly up at Sebastian, the corners of his lips quirked. But at the same time, Sebastian can see that Jim is desperate. He does need it.

Taking a chance (because Jim himself hasn’t been too careful with it), Sebastian grabs a fistful of Jim’s collar, hauling him up and shoving him against the door. Jim winces slightly, but stares at Sebastian nevertheless, his expression half turned on and half challenging. So Sebastian surges forwards, stowing the gun back in its holster before rushing to unbuckle Jim’s belt and push down his trousers and briefs so that Jim’s standing before him, naked from the waist down, slender legs glowing in the darkness.

Sebastian doesn’t waste any time because God knows what will happen if he tries Jim’s patience and keep him waiting longer than he enjoys (it will probably involve knives, and not in a good way). He slips a small tube from his pocket and slicks up his fingers. The lube was Jim’s idea, but Jim refuses to ruin the line of his suit, so Sebastian carries it. He’s not complaining; it’s come in bloody useful a few times.

He pushes two fingers back and rubs them at Jim’s hole, pressing firmly over but not entering. After the 6th time, Jim’s face contorts (he’s never had that much patience) and he snarls.

Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

“Get the fuck on with-“ He falters. Before the last word, Sebastian has pushed two fingers straight in. Jim claws at his back, mouth falling open in a silent gasp of surprise. Sebastian grins and crooks his fingers as he pulls them out, enjoying the slow slip and drag. His fingers aren’t by any means slender, not like Jim’s, and if the half-anguished expression on Jim’s face is any indication, he hasn’t practiced at all in the interlude between the last time Sebastian fingered Jim and now. Jim is almost painfully tight around his fingers and for a second he can’t stop himself imagining just hour wonderfully tight Jim’s arse would feel clenching around his cock instead of his fingers. And then he remembers that he only came three minutes ago and he’s far too sensitive and it would hurt like hell. So he satiates himself by pushing three fingers into Jim. Hard.

Jim’s head falls back against the door with a thud, and his fingers tighten in Sebastian’s shirt.
“Seb,” he groans, “Seb, I need your hand or your mouth or- something. Something.”

So Sebastian holds up his palm for Jim to lick, before wrapping it around his cock. Something that sounds suspiciously like a whimper comes from Jim’s mouth. Counting it as a victory, Sebastian thrusts three fingers in and out of Jim’s hole, slippery with lube, his other hand spit-slicked on Jim’s dick. Jim is squirming, pressing himself down onto Sebastian’s fingers.

And he must have found that spot inside of Jim because Jim suddenly shrieks and, quite without warning, comes into Sebastian’s hand. Jim slumps against the door, pauses, and then pulls his trousers up. Sebastian looks around for sometime to wipe his hand on, and finds a loose sheet from a report, all numbers and names.

When he turns back around, Jim is back to order, looking like nothing ever happened in an Alexander McQueen original. The only giveaway is the dust patches on his knees.

“How long before the guards find us, d’you think?” He asks, conversationally.
Sebastian grins, and straightens his shirt.

“One minute. Two, if we’re lucky. The disc showed guards at every other floor near the stairs.” Jim, if possible, looks even more delighted that he did a few seconds.

“Mmm. And will they be armed?” He almost purrs the question. Sebastian snorts.

“Jim, we’re in the headquarters of Deustchbank, right next to the director’s office. Yes, I think they’ll be armed.”

A slow, Cheshire cat grin spreads across Jim’s face, and Sebastian reaches for the gun in his holster.

All of a sudden, the door bursts open, and they’re staring at five guards in uniform, all pointing guns at them.

“It’s show time!” Jim sings.

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

omg, anon, this is perfection. I have a serious weakness for fic with Jim recklessly pushing all Seb's buttons like this, where everyone knows who's really in control but Seb is pushing right back anyway. This is really well-written and so hot. And the ending is hilarious. Well done, anon, well done.

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

I. Hnnngh. I love you. *twitches*

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

Anon, that was everything that Jim/Seb should be in a nutshell. The characterisation was perfect. Oh, and it was mind-blowingly hot.

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

jim probably makes really girly sounds when he comes

oh myyyyyyyy

this was literally what i joined the fandom looking for

i want just this foreverrrrrr

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)


Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)


Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

hey, if you're still up, i posted some fic.

Re: Show Time [Fill] Part 4 (Last Part)

I feel like I should probably tell you: This is literally my favorite MorMor fic of all time. And fuck, have I read a lot of MorMor. This one has RUINED ME though, because I have yet to find one that's as hilarious, as perfectly characterized, and as incredibly, ridiculously, mind blowingly HOT as this one.

So curse you, anon. Curse you, and at the same time, thank you so very much.

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