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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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prompting part XXIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a little prince with a heart that was just too big for his chest.

It was strong and it was sturdy, and it pittered and it pattered. Sometimes it raced, sometimes it dropped, and sometimes it skipped, but it always continued on beating, firm and full of blood. And sometimes, it even felt like it would overwhelm his mind - which was strange, because that felt like it was often too big for the world itself. It was quite the anomaly.

One day, however, the little prince learned something. He learned that other people didn't have such reliable hearts. Sometimes, their hearts...stopped. That...well, that just didn't seem right to him. Hearts shouldn't do that; hearts should give life, not take it away. And, oh, that little prince, with his mind too big for the world and his heart too big for his chest, he figured out quite the solution.

Surely, he thought to himself, surely my heart's strong enough for others. Surely I have enough pieces to spare.

His brother scowled and scolded, and told him he shouldn't treat his heart so carelessly. But what did he know, anyway? All he had was a belly too big for his body.

The little prince, well, he was helping people, wasn't he? Even though sometimes their bodies still stopped working, their souls were saved and soothed with all the love and kindness his heart gave them. And that was enough...wasn't it? So, the little prince kept breaking his heart. First in halves, then fourths, then eighths, and so on, and he gave out the pieces to those whose hearts weren't working right.

Until, whilst standing in front of the mirror and seeing a chill in his eyes he'd never seen before and feeling an emptiness inside he'd never imagined possible, he realized he didn't have any more pieces to give.

He still had his mind, though, he thought hopefully. There was plenty of that to go around.

Wasn't there?

Yes, this actually is a prompt, not a story. I'm sorry I can't figure out a way to shorten it or think of an adequate TLDR. I have absolutely no idea where this came from or what to do with it, so I'm passing on the torch.

Make it literal and write a fantasy/magic AU or make it metaphorical and do a character study... Whatever you want authors.

Re: Once Upon A Time...

Oh lordy lord, I think my heart just went pitter-patter. This is beautiful all on its own--you sure you don't want to take it on yourself, OP?

Re: Once Upon A Time...

Holy Christ on a cracker, this prompt is practically a story on it's own! Seconded!

Twice Upon A Time...

And so the little prince broke his mind into pieces. Tiny ones, small ones, fractions of his mind that he was willing to share and scared to lose. Every little piece shined bright as a star, cut like a diamond, burned like lightning.

People turned his gifts away. They didn't want pieces of mind great mind, they wanted more of his heart, and they wondered where it had gone.

A great anger grew where his heart once was. Who were they, to ask for more of what he couldn't have? Why couldn't they give back, when they had pieces of his and their own and the hearts of many others? What was wrong with his mind that they wouldn't accept it?

He refused to give anything else, and then people stopped asking, and people ran away from the prince.

Years went by, a year and a year and a year and a year and a day. The little prince grew and grew, and the anger in the hole where his heart used to be burned the earth about the little prince. The prince claimed this land as his kingdom and became its king, and defended his little land with his mind and the fire that burned where his heart used to be. Others looked on from the borders and wondered, "Who is this king with no heart? Should we claim his land? Should we kill its king? Is he some beast that replaced the real king?" and never came close unless they needed the scorched earth or his diamond mind to execute criminals. The Little Prince learned he was useful, not loved, and he was no long a little prince, but a Heartless King.

More years went by, a year and a year and a day, and a stranger came from a distant place. An old soldier, down to one arm and one leg and one piece of gold. An old soldier without an army, and a doctor without a patient, the stranger seeked out warmth and shelter from the bitter cold of the world. He seeked and seeked for the warmth of a heart, but instead came and found the fire of the Heartless King. The old soldier knew not to fear heartless things, however, and stepped into the kingdom, asking for shelter.

The Heartless King took a piece of his mind and sliced open the soldier's chest and found his heart. It was strong and it was sturdy, and it pittered and it pattered. Sometimes it raced, sometimes it dropped, and sometimes it skipped, but it always continued on beating, firm and full of blood. The Heartless King felt a great fear, and told the soldier to run far and run fast. For the world was full of those that ate hearts, took them piece by piece and kept them all to themselves, and soon he would be without heart to warm his and without mind to defend himself.

Thrice Upon A Time...

And the soldier, looking into the eyes of the Heartless King, said "If you know the dangers so well, then you may have half of mine. I trust it in your care in exchange for a place to rest and warmth for the night."

The Heartless King sat up all that night while the soldier slept, and all that morn while the soldier cooked breakfast with his one piece of gold. His mind puzzled and puzzled and cut and clashed against its diamond self until the edges were dull and the fire was all but put out. The soldier stayed close, watching his heart within the King, tilling the earth that his anger had scorched, polishing the mind where in had blemished and scuff, all while the King puzzled and puzzled.

And the once heartless King looked within himself and saw his heart had grown back, and looked out and found new subjects to his kingdom, which had grown wide and prosperous with the help of the old soldier. They offered their hearts and minds, their bodies and brethren, their apologies for the heart-eaters that had taken his first heart. The King turned to the soldier and said, "Now I have my heart, and the hearts of many others. Surely you must have yours back?"

The old soldier torn open his chest, and found a whole heart there, and said nothing.

And the King said "Surely I must give you my mind, for yours is not as sharp or strong."

The old soldier opened his head, and found a whole mind there, sharp like iron and formed into a perfect machine to run the old soldier.

And the King said "I have only my heart and my mind to give, and yet you refuse. How shall I reward you for the gift of your heart?"

The old soldier said "The best gift you gave me was accepting my gift to you."

And the King felt puzzled, but loved, and found being loved was much more fun than being puzzled, and his subjects grew to love him, and they called him not the Little Prince or the Heartless King.

They called him Sherlock.

(... I read WAY too many fairytales...)

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

I'd say you read just the right number of fairytales if this is what you can do with them. Your story is fantastic!

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

goodness gracious, that was beautiful.

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

I cried. I don't usually do that, but I totally did. This story was awesome.

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

Oh, this is just lovely! Thank you so much. It gave me a serious case of the sniffles though.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with reading fairytales. Where do you think this prompt came from?


Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

There's nothing to really say except...this is a fairy tale. It's beautiful, engaging...I would read it to my kids as a legit fairy tale. Well done.

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

Oh, this was adorable. Absolutely wonderful. I have a weakness for fairy tales, I admit, and this was just beautiful.

Thank you, anon, for blessing us with it. <3

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

Ohhh, this is glorious.

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

Wow. That was just. I have this image of Sherlock and John aged about five swearing they'll be bestest friends forever now. This was really good <3

Re: Thrice Upon A Time...

Very beautiful story, I was just looking around and have to stop and read...

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