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Prompting Part XXI
Giggles at the Palace
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There have been a few fics where John loudly tells someone off for being rude to Sherlock. I'd like to see one where he takes the offender to the side and quietly tells them off in a calm and classy way.

Sherlock overhears and finds himself feeling oddly more touched than he would have if John had done it in public, because it proves that John isn't doing this to impress Sherlock, or for any other reason than to make a genuine attempt to get the person to knock it the hell off.

And perhaps John is willing to vouch for Sherlock by saying things he won't actually say to Sherlock's face, for fear of inflating Sherlock's ego or making a fool of himself.

Seconded! Because John is a gentleman XD

Anon is neither calm nor classy, and so thirds this with a FUCK YEAH JOHN WATSON IS AN OFFICER AND A FUCKING GENTLEMAN.

Yesss. I'm marrying this prompt!


seconded like wooOOAAAAH



John The Gentleman BAMF

In other words, I NEED THIS LIKE AIR!

*Pitches tent*

Fill: "An Officer, a Gentleman and a Friend", 1/1, PG

Here you go :)

An Officer, a Gentleman and a Friend
by Laura

Sherlock is so engrossed with the particularly creatively murdered young woman, that all he hears, from both Sally and Anderson, is: “…freak…”

They’re followed by the equally familiar sound of John’s exasperated sigh. “Right, that’s enough,” he hears John mutter, under his breath. And then his flatmate’s saying, in a more audible voice, “Detective Inspector Lestrade, when we’re done here, could I have a word with Sergeant Donovan and Dr Anderson, please?”

Oh. Emphasis on rank, title, profession. Intriguing. Why would John make a deliberate point of using them? Sherlock is suddenly rather less engrossed with the murder victim. He turns his attention away from the geometric pattern cut into the woman’s torso, and glances up, watches the two police officers look over at Lestrade. And as he turns to the DI, Sherlock sees the man is hiding a smile, even if it is a rather resigned one.

“Is back at the station all right, Dr Watson?”

“Yes, of course,” John replies.

“You got anything for me yet, Sherlock?” Lestrade then asks.

“Oh, yes,” Sherlock says, “five ideas, so far,” and the game is on, once again.


Later, at Scotland Yard, Sherlock’s heading back to Lestrade’s office with two cups of vending machine swill that passes for tea, when he passes an interview room, and hears, from behind the slightly ajar door, John’s voice.

“I know Sherlock can be a pain in the arse,” his flatmate says, “but, listen to me, please, you two, he is not, and never has been a freak.”

Sherlock stops walking, pays attention.

“His brain is wired differently, that’s all. He’s always the cleverest man in the room. He sees far more, far more quickly, than we do. He’s on your team; you’re supposed to have his back. Constantly calling him childish names is not having his back.”

Different sounded like freak, sometimes, Sherlock knew. But not from John. Never from John, no matter how much he made him put up with. Also, he was making his point through the trust that soldiers must have in each other in order to function effectively as a group. That would explain the use of titles, earlier, then.

“Has he got your back, Dr Watson?” Sally asks.

Sherlock doesn’t miss the sexual insinuation in her tone.

“Of course he has, Sally. Always. And I’ve always got his back, too. He might not be my shieldmate, but he’s certainly my best mate.”

He doesn’t miss the steel of friendship in that reply, either. But, John, there’s very little chance of either Donovan or Anderson having heard of The Sacred Band of Thebes.

“You don’t get that one, do you?” John asks, with a slightly bitter chuckle. Sherlock knows how very blank their faces will now be. “Right, OK.” John takes a breath. “This is how it is. Sherlock Holmes is not a freak. I’m asking you politely to stop calling him one, please? If I have to ask impolitely, I will, I promise you. Lestrade, as your CO, should have already put a stop to this, long before now.”

Sherlock finds himself agreeing with that. And he finds himself touched at John’s… Oh, what’s the word? Ah, yes: sensitivity. One of the many things he find somewhat tedious.

Well, he thought he did, anyway. Data apparently needs to be re-evaluated.

“Like I just said, Sherlock Holmes is my friend, and I’m his. Friends protect each other, all right?”

There’s a strange lump in Sherlock’s throat that he has to swallow. A sip of the dreadful tea helps. He hears the chair legs scraping the floor, and hurries down the corridor, before the three of them exit the room, and spot him eavesdropping.

Sherlock decides that later, back at Baker Street, he’ll make tea for the two, offer a mug to John, and give the game away by saying, “Thank you for not telling me to piss off, Dr John Watson.”

“Someone had to, Sherlock Holmes,” John will most likely reply, now knowing that he’d been overheard. “Thank you for helping me forget my cane,” he might continue.

“Someone had to, soldier,” Sherlock would then say.

Friends do indeed protect each other, and they did that right from the start.


Edited at 2012-02-05 04:57 am (UTC)

Oooohhhhhhhhhh, this is just lovely and perfect and and and! *gives you hugs* This is exactly what I wanted! The very end is particularly wonderful. Thank you so much for filling!

Thank you, OP!

any chance of links to a few fics of 'John loudly telling someone off for being rude to Sherlock'?

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