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Prompting Part XIX
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: Chance Meetings - 1/2

Hi! I think this went a bit sideways from what you were looking for, but...well, hopefully it's at least some fun. :)

When John glances around the cafe over his cardboard cup of Earl Grey, the man's there like he just materialized. 1.9 meters of broad-shouldered, sociopathic ex-Green Beret, hand out to accept a wax-paper-wrapped almond horn from a cashier.

Moran turns his head, feeling eyes on him, and blinks with mild surprise.

Shit. John just dropped off the laundry. He doesn't have a gun. He doesn't even have a pocket knife. Maybe he can slip out and make a break for it, lose Moran down the back alleys...

Moran slides the little cafe table's other chair back before John can lever himself out of his seat, and grins. He has an unaccountably charming grin. John's been treated to it before, when he was being wedged into a semtex vest with those big square hands. It's the kind of grin a person wants to return. This man, it tells the world, is content with life and his place in it. Like everything he sees is just too damn wonderful not to beam at.

Maybe he is that happy. If John's learned anything from working with Sherlock, it's that there's nothing in the world so horrific that at least one psycho won't delight in it.

"Watson," he greets pleasantly. "This I was not expecting. You following me?"

The question, not to mention the blunt approach, startles a laugh out of John. "No. No, I was actually wondering the same thing about you."

"Christ, no." Relieved of what was apparently his sole cause for concern, Moran settles comfortably and takes a hearty bite out of his pastry. The chair is cheap, compact, and looks comically small under him. "Just as happy to keep my arse clear of you two, to be frank. You're bleedin' poison, not that I can get the boss to listen to reason."

Lacking any reply to that, John occupies himself with a sip of his tea. "Why did you sit down here, then?"

Moran shrugs. "Seemed easier than chasing you through alleyways. Or vice versa. The Saville Row Scarecrow around here anyplace?" The question is sudden and pointed, his brown eyes hard on John's.

John stares back, ceding no ground. He doesn't know offhand how he'd fight, but he'll think of something if it comes to it. "No. Jim?"

"Yeah, right." Moran waves it off, relaxing again. "If he were in London, things would be exploding. He cannot leave that idiot of yours to his own devices." John can't help rolling his eyes, and it makes Moran laugh. "Sad, isn't it?" he agrees. "They're the two stupidest geniuses I know."

"Know a lot of them, do you?" John did not mean to ask that. The small amused smile he can feel on his face is also against his better judgement.

Moran flashes his teeth in response. "I've met a few," he admits. "Nothing like Jim, though. God almighty, the horror I felt when I found out there were two of them. You have no idea."

John is halfway tempted to inform him that, in point of fact, there are three of them. But no, let them be surprised by Mycroft if they're ever unfortunate enough to cross his path. He raises an eyebrow so dry it could desiccate the Thames. "I might."

"Yeah." Moran snorts a laugh. "You might." He takes another chunk out of his almond horn, chews thoughtfully, then leans forward on his elbows to peer more closely at John. "There's something I've been wondering."

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

His tone indicates this is an entirely personal kind of curiosity, and John can't help wondering in turn what about him could catch the attention of a professional assassin. He tilts his head in something like invitation.

"Why do you do this?" He meets John's eyes earnestly. "I mean, I'm here because I'm an unrepentant killer wanted on five continents, I work for a brilliant psychopath who lets me do anything I want, and I make ungodly amounts of money doing things that civilized society would like to put me in a box for. You, on the other hand... Jim says you work as a substitute doctor and spend your evenings off making tea for Holmes when you're not saving his oblivious hide or getting kidnapped for him." He spreads his hands at John's resigned sigh. "Yeah, see. Not exactly spotting the allure of insane risk-taking in return for the privilege of playing live-in housekeeper for a high-maintenance borderline maniac. You're not even getting paid for this, are you? I've kinda been wondering how you two make the rent."

John stares at him flatly, wondering why the hell Moran thinks he would answer that. Then he looks down at his tea, wondering if maybe he wants to, and gives himself time to think while he pops off the plastic lid that's laughably meant to protect against spillage in cars. All it does is get in the way and cause steam burns.

"You've got it backwards," he says at last, carefully engrossed in squeezing out his scalding hot tea bag with bare fingers.

Moran makes an odd questioning noise that draws John's eyes back up. He's horrified to be met by an expression of rapt fascination. Oh god, not another one. Why?! "What?" he snaps.

"You hang out with him because he's exciting," Moran says slowly, like he's testing the words. John shoots him a warning glare that has nothing to do with psychotic killers and everything to do with punching the other man in the throat if he tries to be funny. But instead Moran's eyes tick down and sideways to John's damaged shoulder. It's slower, but John can see him walk through the same progression as Mycroft went through, once upon a time. Went to war, nearly died, came back and found another one. "John," Moran breathes in awe. Got kidnapped, strapped in a bomb vest, nearly died, brought a gun along for next time. "I do believe you're the most batshit crazy man I've ever met."

John's spine snaps stiff as an offended cat's. "Excuse me?"

One meaty hand knocks that objection out of the air. "Oh, he doesn't count. He doesn't think like people." Moran smiles at him, eyes shining with truly terrifying cheer. "You know what? Fuck it. Those two can manage by themselves. We ever do the dance again, lets you and me have some real fun."

"You're serious." He is, that's the hell of it. John's chair creaks under him as he shifts his weight, trying to get a handle on this conversation. "Really. Just...let's us hare off and try to kill each other while the mad geniuses we came in with burn themselves down along with London." He frowns, at that level of bemusement where he can't really help but find it all funny. "D'you think we can trust them together without adult supervision?"

Moran guffaws. "I expect somebody'll die or they'll shag. Either way it'll break the tension." He crumples the wax paper in one big fist, crumbs spilling out across the table, and gets to his feet. "Well, this's been fun, but I've got errands to run." He raps his knuckles affably on John's shoulder as he walks past. "Catch you on the flip side, Watson."

John waits just long enough to see which way Moran is going, then leaves by the other exit to clear off in a different direction. He spends the whole trip home telling himself he's not looking forward to it.

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

Oh this was great! I really loved your Moran, and poor adrenaline-junkie John. He is a little bit mad, isn't he. I'd really love to read a sequal to this, the interaction between the two was just so entertaining!

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

Moran is so much fun, because we barely know anything about him even in canon (he's a badass with management skills and a respectable background). But I liked the idea of him being a convivial, level-headed kind of crazy. Moriarty sure as hell isn't going to be the people person in that organization.

I think I do want to do at least one sequel to this--one where they do actually get together and bitch about their geniuses.

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2


Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

Eee, thank you! In my considered opinion, there is far too little Moran on this meme. XD

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

This was a great take on the prompt, IMO. It's interesting the way that John and Moran interact because it's so different from Sherlock and Moriarty's interactions. Plus it shows that the four of them are all, to some degree, unusual (since you would have to be if you ended up in the situations they do).

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

:D I'm so thrilled, because that's exactly what I was thinking here!

I remain fascinated by how John manages to be so normal and yet so...completely not at the same time. It occurred to me that Moran must be very similar. Borrowing from the original story, I figured, he's ex-Army (and you can bet he could do the political dance to be able to make Colonel), from a good background, with good management skills, and he's one of Moriarty's most trusted lieutenants. So that's people skills, education, reliability, enough stability to hold a steady job... Like John, I figure him for a guy who can blend in with normal society. But between the crazy hunting hobby and his happy employment with Moriarty, he's also most likely quietly out of his freaking mind.

You know I'm kind of tempted to write an actual fight between these two? Because John and Moran aren't off their rocker the way Sherlock and Moriarty are, but they're comfortable with physical violence in a way that I think the chessmaster geniuses would be aghast at. :D Ever read the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game?" In my head, Zaroff and Rainsford totally = Moran and John. (And here I never thought I'd get any use out of the three times I had to read that story for classes.)

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

I completely agree with you about Moran. I think "blend" is a good term for what both he and John do. John looks benign with his 'sweater' and 'politeness' but Sherlock texts dangerous and he runs right in.

YES. I read "The Most Dangerous Game" in high school but that's nearly the only story I vividly remember. If you wrote the John vs. Moran piece I would die to read it.
Sherlock vs. Moriarty is like five pips and traces of bacteria on shoelaces whereas John vs. Moran would be fucking Burmese tiger traps.

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

Oh dear, this is too delightful!

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

Thank you! I enjoyed writing Moran so much I really want to do more with him. Maybe the actual bitch session about their respective geniuses.

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2

HAH, oh, man, I can just see Sherlock and Jim if John and Moran ever went off on their own little game of tag. Bullets start flying, traps laid out all over, lots of running and dodging and shooting, and the brainiacs just staring like "WTF just happened?"

Then go off in a sulk, cause their pets are playing without them. >:(

Re: Fill: Chance Meetings - 2/2


Also they look like they're having so much fun. Like the world's most explosive game of capture-the-flag, to which super-geniuses who talk too much are not invited.

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