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Orphan Post
Giggles at the Palace
The Orphan Post is a trial experience. This is a place where you can post your WIPs that you don't plan to finish, with the hopes that someone will pick up where you left off and finish them. Authors may only submit their own works, and original authors and authors who are picking up the WIPs should be respected. No flaming, please. If the post degenerates into anything wanky, it will be deleted.

Any questions should still go to Page-a-Mod.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, I love what you've done with 'Wanderlust' and would like to try to finish it. :)

Bless you! "Wanderlust" is one of my favorite orphans.

Prompt: Mycroft/Lestrade - Mycroft is unwilling to have a relationship because of the potential danger it would put Lestrade in. But he wants Lestrade, and knows he feels the same way. Which of course leads to insane amounts of UST and almost!moments.

Link to the prompt and fill here:

I love this fic, I really do, but nothing I write does the prompt any justice anymore, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to do something with it. You have my permission to do pretty much whatever with it. Feel free to delete/change/re-arrange scenes as you wish. I'd like to have some mention in the author notes if it does get finished. If you'd like the word doc file than please contact me :)

Scrolling through this trying to get inspiration and saw this post. Read it and I love what you've done so far...

If no one else has claimed it, I would love to give it a go. It will probably take me a little while because I have advent challenges and another fic I have to finish...but I really like this idea.

Let me know! You can PM if you want too. :)

The Heart of the Matter

Prompt: Would love to see a Bones/Sherlock crossover (possible as the Bones team has come to London before). They have a lot in common - one super-rational and emotionally distant and the other ex-army and down-to-earth. Would love John/Sherlock Booth/Brennan.

Link to prompt and fill:
Link to the fill continuation on Overflow post:

I got into one of those situations with this fic, where I knew exactly how I wanted it to end, but just couldn't find the path. So hopefully someone will be able to do what I couldn't with this, because I absolutely adore the idea of this Cross and would love to see it honored! If potential authors want more information on my ideas/methods, feel free to contact me.

Re: The Heart of the Matter

You accidently double linked instead of linking to the overflow post.

I'd planned on having Sherlock bring John off by playing the violin, but... I don't know. Just hit a block. Really, it was just going to be porn anyway :/

Aaaaaand here's a link to my post in the concrit page (see! I totally tried to finish it!), since I'm anonymouse and cannot be reached for questions regarding the story.

This is a fill for a request that wanted slightly dub-conny prostate milking with an asexual Sherlock as the bottom. I wanted to go for creepy med!fet John who's getting off on Sherlock's humiliation, but I couldn't concoct a reasonable scenario where Sherlock would request prostate milking for health reasons and John would push it into buttfucking.

Orphaned for whomever wants it.


"I'm requesting your medical expertise," Sherlock says calmly.

John becomes aware that his mouth is hanging open, and shuts it with a click and a swallow. "Okay," he says. "Why me? Why not ... just a doctor?"

The look Sherlock gives him is equal parts pity and disdain. "There are few people to whom I trust my well-being," he says haughtily, but John can see the slight downward twist to his mouth and realizes Sherlock must really need it if he's forcing himself to have this conversation.

John's cock throbs once, thickening slowly in his pants, and John swallows. "I'll meet you in your bedroom."


John takes care not to snap the latex onto his hand. He knows how unnerving that sound can be, and Sherlock already looks a little wary. Better not to scare him off just yet.

"Okay," he says to Sherlock, who's seated on his bed, which John has covered with a dark sheet and a few old, ratty towels. "Hands and knees, please."

Sherlock turns over silently, and John feels his cock twitch in his trousers at the sight of that pale, rounded ass. He takes a deep breath and reaches for the lube.

"I'm going to go as slowly as possible," he says. "You're going to feel pressure, and likely some discomfort if you don't keep your sphincter relaxed." He bites the inside of his cheek. There is no reason to say what he's about to other than pure, selfish motivation. But he should get something out of this too, right? "I know you don't find manual stimulation pleasurable," he says, "but trust me when I say that it will relax you."

Sherlock doesn't move for a moment, and then shifts until he's braced his shoulder on a stack of pillows and reaches back between his legs. John watches him wrap those long fingers around his soft cock and nearly groans at the sight. "Okay," he rasps. "Take a deep breath."

He rubs his lube-coated finger around the tight pink pucker of Sherlock's anus. He's squeezed himself shut so tightly that John can't even slip the tip of his finger in. John braces his other hand on the small of Sherlock's back and rubs in slow, soothing circles. "Push back," he says. "Like you're on the toilet." Sherlock makes a pained, embarrassed noise and squirms slightly. John's cock starts to throb and he feels his face redden. "I know," he says, his voice low. "Trust me, Sherlock."

He has always found those worse useful.

Sherlock covers his face with his free hand and lets out a low groan, but opens up around John's finger. It slips in slowly, and Sherlock squeezes down tight around it. John's mouth falls open, breathing coming quicker -- he can almost feel that intense pressure bearing down on his cock.

"Good," John says. He takes his hand off Sherlock's back for a moment to adjust his cock in his trousers -- if Sherlock leans back at all, he'll brush against John's erection and John can't have that. He shifts so that there's no chance of that happening and pushes his finger in a little further. "Keep stroking yourself," he instructs, and Sherlock gives his flaccid cock a few desultory tugs. "No, come on, nice and steady. You'll feel better, I promise."

Sherlock mutters something that John can't hear, but John ignores him and starts to prod at his anus with his middle finger. Sherlock stiffens up. "I don't believe that's necessary --" he starts, but John pushes his free hand down on his back again.

"Trust me," he says. "I know what I'm doing."

I trust you, you seem to know what you're doing.

LOL this is a hilarious comment!

I couldn't concoct a reasonable scenario where Sherlock would request prostate milking for health reasons and John would push it into buttfucking.

Easy peasy. Sherlock doesn't request it. He comes to John with some sort of difficulty in the area - maybe he fell awkwardly during a chase, hit something, and bruised his perineum? - but it's worrying for him since he's never given this kind of thing any thought - AND JOHN SUGGESTS IT.

"This is the only treatment for that. Trust me."

Captcha says "THE THISTOY" which is frankly disturbing.

Prompt: Sherlock and John, locked up in a room by Evil Thugs, and left there to die. They don't have any water, they don't have any food, it's cold, there aren't any windows, they're getting on each-other's nerves, and nobody knows they're here.
With a side of claustrophobia, please. (because even if you're usually not, being locked up for hours or days in a little room will very much make you claustrophobic).
Up to the author if someone finds them before it's too late, or if they find their bodies.

Fill so far:

I really wanted to read this, so I thought I'd have a go at writing it, but muse abandoned me. I didn't have a specific ending in mind, so anyone who wants it can feel free to take this wherever :)


It's pretty scary trying to finish someone else's fill, especially with such a good start. I hope it's alright!

And I appear to have de-anoned for the first time ever... I feel naked!

I'm so sorry to see this one go. But, I feel worse for the OP and everyone left wanting to read since I'm such a rubbish filler. For anyone who picks this up: thank you.

So I don’t care much how you pull this off, but I want more than anything a fic where John gets possessed. Preferably by Moriarty, but I’ll take Sherlock or /anyone/ really.

It can be because of magic or science or maybe Moriarty died in that explosion and now he’s an evil spirit and Sherlock goes home with him thinking it’s John :D The more disturbing the better.

Points if there’s some John/Sherlock sex where John is torn between really wanting to be with Sherlock and really NOT wanting it to be when he isn’t in control

DOUBLE points if someone other than Sherlock or Mycroft figures it out.


Withnail & I crossover


Wherein Withnail is Sherlock's uncle and begs a favor of him.


If anyone wants to, they can pick up wherever. Or start a new fill from scratch if it makes more people happy.

Prompt is John/Fem!Sherlock. He takes her in after finding her homeless and five months pregnant. Things get quite nice and domestic for a while, and John comes home and realizing that he has dreams where's he's the kid's father and Sherlock is his.

Only, Sherlock's possessive ex-boyfriend Jim comes by, and John realizes that Sherlock didn't run away just from her parents.

Dragon!Sherlock and human sacrifice!John

Set in modern times, where people know there are dragons living with them.

Dragons are not excatly rare, but the strong ones are. The government gives human sacrifices to these powerful dragons as gifts (for whatever reason).

That year, John, just recently returned from Afghanistan, volunteers/is chosen to be the sacrifice to the great black dragon which no one really knows about as it's rarely seen by anyone. This particular dragon usually takes a look at its human sacrifices for a second, before snorting and flying away. So John is not really worried about himself because this dragon has a history of never taking his sacrifices (even if it does, the human would be returned at random places the next few days).

Dragon!Sherlock just can't be bothered with the sacrifices because they're boring. But when he sees John, he realizes this particular human is not as boring as he seems.

And so he decides to keep John for good. Imagine John's surprise.

Bonus: People do not know the strong dragons can transform into humans so they can blend in with the crowds.

I started but seem unable to finish it. Before it never gets written, please someone pick it up or write something new, because it's a great prompt.

Re: Dragon!Sherlock and human sacrifice!John

I'd really love to do this omg

Re: Dragon!Sherlock and human sacrifice!John


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