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Prompting: Part XVIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock/Finding Nemo fusion

Actually what’s the difference between a crossover and a fusion? idk

John Watson’s daughter Charlotte (or whatever) has been kidnapped and he’s being blackmailed for her release. He goes all army doctor BAMF and decides to go after her himself, but not without the help of a consulting detective so loopy from his drug days that he can hardly remember his own name.

On the way they encounter friendly Hell’s Angels (the sharks) who then decide “eh, maybe we’re not so good after all,” a psychotic homeless woman that lures them in with her beauty before trying to castrate them (that glowy fish), a group of Irregulars who are very insubordinate to John but like Sherlock very much (school of fish), a deadly booby-trapped warehouse (Jellyfish forest), some questionable hippies (turtles), the psychopath Moriarty who stole John’s daughter away (dentist) and is about to hand her over to Moran (Darla) to do whatever he likes with, and Sherlock learns that he really is a good detective, after all.

Meanwhile in Moriarty’s prison, Charlotte (or whatever) meets and becomes very good friends with the other hostages, Lestrade (Gill), Mrs. Hudson (Peach the starfish), Sally (Jagues the shrimp), Dimmock (Gurgle), Anderson (Bubbles), Mycroft (the seagull/whatever that bird is) and Molly (Deb/Flo)

Bonus points and all the hugs if you can make this NOT crack.

TL;DR Sherlock/Finding Nemo fusion with John as Marlin, his daughter Charlotte (or another name I guess if you don’t like that one) as Nemo, and Sherlock as Dory

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his role-models

who are Mycroft's rolemodels?

some examples" Sir Winston Churchill, Machiavelli, and Lord Vetinari

(no one said a role-model had to be a real person)

Re: his role-models

Malcolm Tucker
Douglas Richardson

...oooh - this is fun

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Re: his role-models (Anonymous) Expand
Re: his role-models (Anonymous) Expand
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stay here a little while

Sherlock and John decide to have a drink together after a particularly difficult case. They end up more than a little drunk.

When they get back to 221B, Sherlock explains - in flawed but impeccable-to-drunk-John logic - that John really should just fuck him and get it over with.

In the morning, he has to explain that yes, he really does like John that way and no, it wasn't just the alcohol talking.

tl;dr John/Sherlock first time

Re: stay here a little while


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Healing cock rape!fic, please.

I would really like an unrealistic rapefic.

You know what I'm talking about -- where John gets savaged by Moriarty and his minions, and staggers home all bloody and beaten to Sherlock, who immediately sees what has happened.

But instead of John reacting like ... any sane person who's just been violated would do, he welcomes Sherlock's sexual overtures.

Yes, I want the magical non-realistic healing-cock rape fic.

I am a rape survivor, and this is my kink. I want the fantasy that makes it all better. If you want to snark on this or argue with me, take it to the rant post and I will happily, HAPPILY meet you there.

Re: Healing cock rape!fic, please.

Pft, this place is for fun. Anyone giving you shit for wanting a FICTIONAL story written about this needs to take the pole out of their ass. Everyone with a sane mind knows rape is bad blah blah blah, and in real life isn't sexy or interesting at all. But still, like I said, this place is a place to just say "fuck it" and give in to weird kinky fantasies. I doubt anyone in the world has a fantasy of ACTUALLY being raped. Like, hangs around dark allyways in the bad side of town kind of thing. It's just interesting to think about. So, yeah. Just had to kind of rant about that quick. I hate people who have to start bullshit about shit. Haha.

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Steampunk Molly

Molly wears all those horrid, shapeless clothes to work because she spends all her money on materials for her steampunk costumes.

Bonus if she has to wear one to the morgue, or the boys have to come find her at a steamy event.

I just think Molly would look great in period-ish costume.

Re: Steampunk Molly

... I really like you.

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Re: Steampunk Molly (Anonymous) Expand

Nipple play

So, I just watched 'The Robinsons' and not only was Martin Freeman friggin' adorable but, um, I sort of liked how his character was so into having his nipples played with/sucked on...sooooo - yeaaaaah, I want that? With John and Sherlock and John being sort of embarrassed he likes it so much but Sherlock more than into it.

Thank goodness for anon!

Re: Nipple play

Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes

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The many a varied ways that his brother's relationship with his best friend & flatmate horrifies and irritates Sherlock to his very soul. And how he acts like a prat about it whilst Mycroft and John mainly roll their eyes try to ignore his tantrums and sarcastic remarks about what they have clearly been up to in that cab!

Bonus if for some reason someone else (a bad guy, Lestrade, Mummy, Mrs. Hudson, whomever comments negatively upon Mycroft & John's association and Sherlock rises to their defense and cuts said person down with logic and skill. And of course goes back to being irritated by them himself afterward.

Re: Mycroft/John

I love this prompt and the bonus! Seconded

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John? Tim? Molly's confused

John confuses the hell out of Molly because years ago she had a wonderful dirty weekend with a guy who looks just like him.

but she could have sworn he said his name was Tim...

Molly really has no idea how to even begin to start clearing this up.

hilarious misunderstandings and porny flashbacks, please?

tl;drMolly had a weekend with Tim Canterbury but John's resemblance to him throws her off completely

Re: John? Tim? Molly's confused

It doesn't surprise me that Molly was part of that orderly queue -- Tim is just so darn adorable!

Another slave AU (HUGE trigger warning!)

Waring: Non-con, character death, slavery, sexual abuse/abuse in general.

When someone is convicted or a really horrible crime -murder, rape, etc.- they are sold as a slave. They can get out of it through good behavior and a recommendation from their owner.

Jim was thirteen he was convicted for killing Carl Power's. (Maybe the police actually followed the leads Sherlock gave them?) When he turned sixteen he was sold since now, technically, he could face the adult punishment.

There aren't any laws saying a Master can't abuse their slave in any way they choose and no one has to come and check if their lying or not when they say their slave still deserves his punishment. Jim's Master takes advantage of this until the day he died of a sudden heart attack. To him Jim is a fucktoy or something to take out his frustrations on. He sees him as property and nothing more. Jim just... gets used to it and eventually sees it as perfectly normal. It's what he deserved, right?

After Jim's Master dies from the aforementioned heart attack he's sold off again at an auction or a slave market. He's bought by Sherlock Holmes, who needs to get a slave for a case. Since he can't sell Jim back he ends up back at 221B.

Post-John preferred, but pre is good too.

Anon says please and thank you!

Re: Another slave AU (HUGE trigger warning!)

Seconding based entirely on the fact that it's not like the rest of the stupid S/J regurgitated bullshit on this kink meme. I'd write it if I had any talent.

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What upsets Mummy?

I would like to know what Mycroft did to upset Mummy, in other words, what is Sherlock refering to in the end of a study in pink when he enphazise that HE wasn't the one upsetting Mummy.

Totaly blank, feel free to go wild!

I feel like I'm self-reccing *blushes* But I've written my take on this in a fic I wrote about Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship. I'll just post that scene here for you (it's a flashback, so you don't really need the rest. If you want to read the whole thing, its here:

Sherlock wouldn't talk to him, he just glared daggers at Mycroft when he visited and sometimes refused to see him at all. The therapist said it was normal, that Sherlock had to work through the loss of control and the errors he'd made, that he probably felt guilty for causing his family pain, and Mycroft wondered what game Sherlock was playing on the man. He doubted that his brother would ever truly admit that he was an addict and it was ludicrous to imagine him following twelve steps that even Mycroft found sentimental and religiously convoluted. The only thing Mycroft felt he could count on was Sherlock's pride, and that pride he had wounded severely, which was the first part of his plan. The hardest part and the one that had him hesitating so long, hoping against hope that Sherlock would get over it on his own.

Mycroft wouldn't talk either, because that would be showing his hand, but he found it uncannily hard with Sherlock looking at him like he had backstabbed him. Which, in a way, he had.
“You drugged me,” Sherlock spat one day and Mycroft had to fight hard to suppress a smile, then let it creep onto his face, well dosed and cold and mocking.

“That was hardly more than a drop in the ocean.”

Sherlock was seething, Mycroft could see, and for a moment he wished they were different, that they could do this together, but they weren't and they couldn't and it would have been too late either way. “You drugged me and brought me here,” there was so much anger in this one word it should have been enough to make the clinic go up in flames, but it faded against the next words. “You brought her here!”

Mycroft refused to look down, he refused to wince and he refused to feel anything. “Mummy was concerned about you.”

Sherlock didn't reply, probably couldn't with his jaw clenched so tightly, and Mycroft wondered if it was possible to pass out from suppressed anger. They had never had an argument, never. When Mycroft was fifteen, it had made no sense to argue with a toddler and when he was twentysomething it had made no sense to argue with a teenager, and after that Sherlock was just Sherlock and they never had arguments, so it had made no sense at all, never. It was always just the sniping and snarking, Mycroft being dismissive and Sherlock going utterly cold and still, because he couldn't trust himself not to say something childish.

It took a few minutes for Sherlock to compose himself, his hands the only moving things on him, twitching in his lap like he had to remind himself every few seconds not to clench them into fists. “You had no right,” he said coldly. “You don't-” he choked, he was so angry, “you don't get a say in this, in my life. You're not me, you don't have to be, you're just everything everyone expects and it's easy for you, you don't know what it's like and you don't care, you just-”

“I just stopped you from throwing it away!” Mycroft hissed. “Don't make yourself into a martyr about this, it's very unbecoming.” He stood and stroked some creases out of his suit. “It's good to see you're better.”

“Oh yes,” Sherlock sneered, “I'm splendid. And I'm so glad to see you're above everything I have to say, as usual.”

Mycroft smiled blandly. “Try to keep clean.”

“Try to keep your diet.”

Sherlock had never looked so hostile, not at Mycroft, and the worst part was that beneath it all he was terrified and alone. Show me, Mycroft thought desperately, prove me wrong. Show me it's your life and you don't need me to help you. You have to show me, because I'm not sure I could.

Thank you for reading. And please, do multiple fill, anons. I'd love to read other interpretations!

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PS, I Love You (warnings: deathfic)

Has anyone here seen or read PS, I Love You?

John dies of a terminal illness, but he left behind a series of letters/notes/packages to be delivered to Sherlock after his death. These letters are left for Sherlock to find exactly when he needs them (maybe the first one is something simple: Sherlock makes a deduction and looks for John, then finds a note in his pocket that says “Brilliant!” in John’s handwriting). The notes help Sherlock move on.

I’d love it if Lestrade or Mycroft or both were the ones John trusted to deliver the letters.

Make me cry and heal my soul at the same time. I need some bittersweet angst.

Re: PS, I Love You (warnings: deathfic)

B'awwwwwwwww! I love this so much. Seconded to all hell!

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Jim wants to torment Sherlock.
Mycroft, obviously, won't stand for it.
So Jim offers him a deal - he can be the target for all of Jim's... attentions instead.

Mycroft is not too pleased at first, but he agrees anyway. And Jim makes sure he doesn't regret it. ...and then they have sex? :D

Re: Jim/Mycroft

I am surprised with how much I want this.

Warnings: possible triggers for eating disorders

Warnings: possible triggers for eating disorders

Sherlock displays too many symptoms of an eating disorder to even list here…

What’s the history of his issues with food? When and how did it start? How has it affected his life? Maybe he was hospitalized at some point, maybe he spent some time in a treatment center…

Basically, I want snapshots of Sherlock living & struggling with an eating disorder, from his childhood/teen years/whenever til present day.

Re: Warnings: possible triggers for eating disorders


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“I’ve suspected it for a while...and I think you have, too.” Triggers?

Sherlock has always known that there’s a reason he’s unable to communicate properly with his peers or make any friends. However, Mummy was so fiercely protective of him that she refused to admit there was anything wrong at all, no siree.

Years go by, Sherlock and John move in together, Mycroft’s a dick, blah blah blah, but then Sherlock’s social shortcomings start becoming more and more pronounced (for reasons up to the author). After enough incidents at Scotland Yard to nearly get him arrested, with officers and witnesses/victims/family members, and countless shouting matches with John and Mrs. Hudson (to the point where John nearly moves out several times, but for SOME reason doesn’t), Sherlock finally realizes that maybe he should try to find help.

He sits John down one night and confesses that he’s been suspecting Asperger’s. John’s been suspecting it for a while too. They work through it together and get him the help he’s likely needed since his childhood.

I know this is a touchy topic, and I know I’ve likely offended about three dozen people with this prompt, and I’d like to say that my intention is not to make it seem like whatever Sherlock’s condition is makes him less of a person, or damaged in any way. I just know a friend who went undiagnosed for much of his life because his parents were convinced he was just a difficult child, and he was extremely relieved to know that there were, in fact, ways to cope. Please, please don’t get mad at me because I don't know how to word it in an inoffensive-sounding manner...

Re: “I’ve suspected it for a while...and I think you have, too.” Triggers?

OP, My brother is still going through this so I understand how this can happen. I would also love to read this, so I hope someone fills it!

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This song -- right here... Sherlock/anyone. Sherlock/Molly, Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Lestrade -- they just need to be really scared to kiss an impassive Sherlock.

Re: Sherlock Kiss Me

Seconded. I love this song.


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