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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

FULL EXPLANATION UNDER THE CUTCollapse ) NOTICE: All links on the meme are now being screened because of spambot issues. When you submit a comment containing a link, it will be marked as spam. Please don't worry, the mods will unscreen it as soon as they can.

1. One of the fans of John's blog refuses to accept Sherlock's 'death' after Reichenbach.
2. Not only was Sherlock wrong about it being the sugar, he was wrong about how John would react.
3. Mycroft tap dancing with The Umbrella.
4. When John and Sherlock come back from Dartmoor they have to spend the night in Exeter.
5. Sherlock wakes up every night to nightmares of Moriarty that slowly become waking hallucinations.
6. After Reichenbach and Moriarty's death Moran captures Sherlock intending to make him into a replacement for what he's destroyed.
7. While snooping around inside Baskerville, John and Sherlock discover a Stargate.
8. Gladstone is the hound.
9. John thought he was the only werewolf. Then he and Sherlock met Henry.
10. One day, someone starts abusing/harassing Sherlock and John for being a couple (even if they’re not).
11. Sherlock experiments on John and the results actually turn out to be in John's favor.
12. Sherlock saved Irene Adler purely so he could be the one to kill her.
13. Lestrade's first name isn't Greg. It's something much weirder. Sherlock knows this, and it's why he uses Lestrade in public.
14. Mycroft carries the umbrella because he wants to like his idol The seventh Doctor.
15. Sherlock having an obsessive need to scrub himself.
16. Sherlock/John, the sex pollen cliche, but with Sherlock being asexual.
17. Fem!Mycroft.
18. Mycroft killed everyone in the plane.
19. John and Sherlock take home one of the glow-in-the-dark rabbits.
20. Irene (while naked) gives Sherlock (who is also naked) an erotic full-body massage. John watches.
21. Picture prompt.
22. Errant comment.
23. Sherlock takes a time out during sex.
24. Crime AU.
25. The reason it felt good for John to pull rank? Sherlock doesn't let him in the bedroom.

Filled #2

Full Prompt: Not only was Sherlock wrong about it being the sugar, he was wrong about how John would react.

His "do you see it?" the taped dog noises, none of it works on John. John has a very severe reaction(he was drenched in the stuff when he walked in the "get a cold" room) to the gas. He has a complete breakdown and begins to injure himself trying to "escape".

Whether John is trapped in the war, or something that is dark(abuse or the like) from his past comes back to haunt him is completely up to the filler.

Sherlock, as he runs towards John, tries to access his "mind palace" so he can remember everything about John, about how to comfort someone.

Sherlock is able to comfort John, to release him from his nightmare but it takes time. He also bandages John's self-inflicted wounds in their "double bed" room afterwards and tries to apologize.

Fill: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/14213.html?thread=79651973#t79651973

1. Sherlock is entered into a contest of "London's Most Attractive Male Celebrities".
2. Post-Reichenbach Mrs Hudson.
3. Jim didn't just sneak around the flat with a camera. He went into Sherlock's bedroom and wanked all over the sheets.
4. Sebastian Moran was a normal guy until he hooked up with Jim.
5. Protective, angry, covered in John's blood, holding injured John!Sherlock.
6. Sherlock/Irene.
7. Mycroft plants cameras in Sherlock's apartment, and Sherlock starts being a tease.
8. When Moriarty broke into their flat, the Slenderman was there too.
9. Sherlock didn't know Lestrade's first name because the only names he ever called him are 'Lestrade' and 'Dad'.
10. Ace!Sherlock and Lesbian!Irene bathe together platonically.
11. Corporal Lyon gets leave in time to celebrate his birthday with his boyfriend, Sexy Ginger Police Extra.
12. Alpha & Omega verse Sherlock John/Sherlock fic where there is no past abuse.
13. Baskerville Research Facility is a front for the Umbrella Corporation - the place that experiments on bunnies.
14. One of Sherlock's biggest fears has always been that he would always be alone/never have any friends.
15. Sherlock texts John a picture of his cock to lure him back into the hotel.
16. Johnen Vasquez's Johnny The Homicidal Maniac fusion.
17. Sherlock can't smoke so he convinces John to smoke for him.
18. Sherlock's a Werewolf from the London Pack. John doesn't know.
19. Moriarty makes John give him a blowjob while Sherlock watches, under the threat that he'll blow John up if he doesn't obey.
20. Sherlock, Molly, and sex pollen, and they both know it's just the drugs talking. But in the aftermath, their friendship is stronger.
21. Sherlock/Molly/Lestrade.
22. Sherlock is manic, bored, and restless for days. John has to sedate him.
23. Irene has sex with John and/or Jim while Sherlock watches, aroused.
24. Moriarty is actually Carl the Llama from Llamas with hats.
25. Sherlock is not attracted to men or women... when they are alive.

Ace!Sherlock and Lesbian!Irene bathe together platonically. And maybe wash each other's hair XD

better than a rubber duck

#17 (Anonymous) Expand
1. People dominate John for money.
2. Genderbender AU threesome with incest.
3. The world is full to brimming with logical, scientifically analytical people who see and observe everything.
4. Sherlock, or someone close to Sherlock, was used for CP as a child.
5. The five times that John thought he saw Sherlock after the Fall... and the one time he finally did.
6. Irene Adler playing the violin, and using it as another means of seducing Sherlock.
7. Genderswapped Sherlock and John take on Genderswapped Irene and Moriarty.
8. Supernatural crossover.
9. How this episode might have happened if Sherlock had gone up against Ivan Adler.
10. Mummy and daddy Holmes are utterly ordinary.
11. Sherlock, Lestrade, and Mycroft all attempting to woo John and John being completely oblivious to all of it.
12. Five times John got dumped because of Sherlock, and one time he dumped someone for Sherlock.
13. Song prompt: Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis.
14. The characters reacting to the show, and the commentaries, the behind-the-scenes, etc.
15. Sherlock/River Tam.
16. The Devil's Foot rewrite.
17. Mycroft and Lestrade are together, and they have a somewhat lax D/s relationship.
18. Song prompt: Me, You, and Steve – Garfunkel and Oates.
19. The reason John doesn't get along with Harry is because she use to molest him when he was younger.
20. One of Sherlock's enemies captures Sherlock and John and imprisons them in a small, empty concrete cell.
21. The realization that you'll never leave someone no matter what they say or do isn't as comforting as you'd think.
22. Bottom!Sherlock just loves it when John fills him up with his spunk.
23. Sherlock is only a virgin because he doesn't want anyone except for Mycroft.
24. Sherlock is brooding and moody when complaining about being so alone, when John right on the couch trying to talk to Sherlock.
25. Professor Layton crossover.

Filled #5

Prompt: the five times that John thought he saw Sherlock after the Fall, and the one time he finally did.

Fill: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/14213.html?thread=80674949

1. During Sherlock's experiment on John during HoB, John "sees" Sherlock's body mangled by the hound.
2. Sherlock has more than one sibling. Mycroft is just the only one who still talks to him.
3. Instead of paying 221B a little visit as was his initial plan, Jim puts his best man onto it. With a camera.
4. When Sherlock confesses his love, John thinks he’s being manipulated.
5. When Sherlock comes back after his hiatus, John tells him he wishes he had died instead of Mary.
6. Sherlock not very sexual sex toys have been stolen.
7. Sherlock walking in on Mycroft/Lestrade.
8. Irene/Sherlock/John/Molly- One big, naked, happy booze and pot fueled orgy in Amsterdam.
9. Molly/Jim inspired by Garfunkel and Oates’ Gay Boyfriend.
10. John is very sensitive to the drug in THoB, and he experiences paranoia and homicidal rage.
11. You can tell everything about a man by his relationship with his mother.
12. Song prompt: Heartlines by Florence and the Machine.
13. Mycroft/Sherrinford.
14. Sherlock is undercover. He's undercover as a woman/crossdresser. He's on a plane. His left breast has just exploded.
15. Sherlock and Irene become friends.
16. John grows out a secondary cock one day.
17. Any excuse for Sherlock to do the Boombox scene from SAY ANYTHING with the song COME ON EILEEN.
18. Merlin is Sherlock and Mycroft's Mummy. Arthur is long suffering.
19. Five times Sherlock thought he found his father, and the one time he realized his dad, had been there all along.
20. To everyone's surprise, it's Sherlock who gets married, not John.
21. Mycroft starts to think of John as another little brother.
22. Sherlock has been waiting for Johns return experiment and is wondering why it's taking so long, that's what family does after all.
23. John is a sadist, and his ultimate turn on is tears.
24. Quote prompt.
25. After Lestrade returned from his holiday, he decides to ask Mycroft out, which he has only dreamt in his wildest dreams.

Edited at 2012-01-11 06:38 pm (UTC)

Fill #3 - The 221B Joyride

Instead of paying 221B a little visit as was his initial plan, Jim puts his best man onto it. With a camera.


Title: The 221B Joyride
About: Jim sends Seb to 221B with the camera. This is Seb's on-running monologue as he films the boys' premises for the Boss. Gen; some implied Seb/Jim.
Warnings: Seb's commentary is occasionally offensive or crude.

Note: This is inspired by the recent entry in John's blog where Moriarty films his own uninvited tour through 221B.
If you're outside the UK, a kind person has uploaded the video on the chatter post:

1. X-Files AU.
2. Mycroft/Sherlock: handjob with optional voyeurism on John's part
3. Historical and genderbent AU.
4. Sherlock and John wake up on a mysterious ship, The Holmes/Watson. They learn it is now their responsibility to defend the "ship".
5. Henry/John.
6. Dimmock is in a silent relationship with Anthea.
7. Sherlock is the one who really dies in Reichenbach and Moriarty is the one to fake his own death.
8. John faints when Sherlock comes back after the hiatus. But when John wakes up all he says is, "It's your turn to get the milk."
9. Sherlock's been prescribed medication that screws with his entire way of living.
10. Either of the boys is progressively losing mental faculties.
11. Sherlock's 'experiment' on John goes very very wrong.
12. Sherlock/Jim, shotgunning cigarette smoke.
13. Mycroft clones John.
14. John/Henry: John wants a sugar daddy.
15. Molly shows off her blowjob skills to Sherlock.
16. Vampires want to turn Sherlock, and the only thing stopping them is Dr. John Watson's love, weapons and a doorway.
17. John is immortal.
18. When Sherlock was a young teenager his new sexual desires made feel disgusting. So he sublimated them into his violin playing.
19. The very face of Moriarty he's seen at the moor during his Hound case is still fresh in Sherlock's mind and gets nightmares of it every night.
20. The man whom John kills was Sherlock's rapist years back who never was convicted due to the lack of evidence.
21. When Sherlock thinks he sees Moriarty under the gas mask in THoB, he shouts: "Not you! Not yet!" He knows something’s coming.
22. All the characters are cute little pixies.
23. Watson and Holmes live with John and Sherlock but things don't go smoothly.
24. Jim is a giant killer mouse in a human suit, and Dr Stapleton only just realised he'd escaped.
25. Fem!John and Sherlock were in a relationship, but fem!John leaves after Sherlock saves Irene.

Prompt: In ACD!canon, when Holmes returns from Reichenbach, Watson faints.

Same scenario in BBC!verse. But when John wakes up all he says is, "It's your turn to get the milk."


FILLED #2 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Sherlock dyes John’s hair while he sleeps. It’s for a case.
2. "John Watson sometimes has a bad habit of killing people."
3. Song prompt: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds.
4. When Sherlock falls ill and just wants to curl up and be miserable in peace, he's driven mad by John's doctoring and Mrs Hudson's mothering.
5. Sherlock has a pet rat named Science.
6. Sherlock and John get in a escalating prank war, to kill boredom.
7. John is something supernatural, he tells Sherlock after seeing him freak out in THoB.
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover.
9. Harry comes to stay at 221b and everyone finds out that John is super affectionate, but only with family.
10. There’s a spider in the bath.
11. Sherlock sleeps naked.
12. John is Jim’s brother.
13. John and Harry Watson were never born, they simply came to be, the beloved results of a wish.
14. Dialogue prompt.
15. Harry Potter version of the Hound episode.
16. Someone sees John, kidnaps him and puts him in a cage.
17. Mrs. Hudson has a bit of a feeding kink and has been secretly feeding her boys up.
18. Sherlock is waiting for John to return from the Tesco when he gets this text from John: Sherlock. I've been stabbed. Don't know where I am. Help.
19. In the Hound episode, Sherlock knew he was about to fake his death.
20. Sherlock thinks that he imagined John, but actually- John is quite real.
21. Jim has all kinds of nicknames for Seb.
22. Mycroft teaching Sherlock how to drive.
23. When John arrives to see Henry ready to blow off the back of his own head, he remembers the taste of a gun.
24. How would The Woman go about seducing each character in the show?
25. Moran comes home after an assassination with a kitten.

# 11 - Sherlock sleeps naked

prompt: I just had a big "duh" thought, but really, let's emphasise the fact that Sherlock apparently likes to SLEEP IN THE NUDE. WITHOUT PANTS. Please, meme, do something with this information.

fill: The Naked Truth

#13 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
1. It gets around London that Lestrade is going to be single soon.
2. Merlin crossover.
3. Moran is a woman.
4. Sherlock is Asthmatic, yet doesn't know that he is until he suffers a massive attack shortly after the confrontation with Moriarty at the pool.
5. Irene Adler is John Watson's alter ego.
6. In a parallel universe Sherlock and John never meet.
7. Sherlock is lightning, John is thunder.
8. Sherlock and Irene end up becoming lovers to help heal each other's trust issues.
9. Virgin!Sherlock.
10. It's the End of the World, and they're wandering the Garden while they wait for the Last Bus to take them to the new one.
11. Chuck Norris is related to John.
12. Mycroft suffers from morbid obesity and is bed-bound nearly all his twenties.
13. After HOUN, John is sick and having nightmares of his hallucinations.
14. Lestrade's holiday was a last ditch attempt to save his dying marriage.
15. John takes Sherlock's pulse.
16. Quote prompt.
17. Sherlock wakes up to find himself drugged, tied and with Moriarty between his legs.
18. John going "oh, fuck it, it's true" and just not bothering to correct people anymore.
20. Sherlock has selective mutism.
21. Someone helps someone else breathe or breathes for them.
22. Dialogue prompt in which someone is having a heart attack.
23. Hurt/comfort following the scene in the pub.
24. Lestrade gets hurt on the job and needs someone to look after him.
25. Sherlock is rather seriously injured while working a case. Lestrade comes to the rescue.

Merlin crossover
Merlin is the third, the youngest, Holmes. He's as intelligent as Sherlock and Mycroft, except maybe not in the same field; he can't do brilliant deductions like his brothers, but he's one of the best scientists of his generation/in his field.

This being Merlin, he's not a cold snarker, an emotionally detached thinking machine like the older boys, but a slightly awkward, kind-hearted geek we know from the show we know from all the fics, and as such, he's loved by everyone (oh, btw, I can so see him becoming BFFs with Molly), including Sherlock and Mycroft.

I don't have a specific plot in mind, I'd just like to see how he'd fit in and interact with the other characters in Sherlock (esp. with Sherlock and Mycroft, I think he'd kinda serve as a buffer between those two).

Runs In The Family.

Re: Part 23 Page 69

#10 While Sherlock is in his mind palace, Dr. Stapleton makes John a cup of tea that she promises isn't laced with anything.

1. When Sherlock fakes his death and leaves, he steals John's dog tags and wears them.
2. Jacob Sowerby's real name is Sebastian Moran.
3. When Sherlock was little, he decided that he had to be a proper little brother, so he did research.
4. Sherlock and John, as Mythbusters.
5. "Mary Morstan" is an alias that Lisbeth Salander has been using in London to protect herself from the Swedish and Russian underground crime scenes.
6. John is confined to hospital (or 221B), traumatized and deluded, fabricating the entirety of Season 2 in his head.
7. Lestrade was a poor abused rentboy who never wanted to be with a man again but now there is Mycroft.
8. How did Lestrade learn about John’s gun.
9. Kids Sherlock and Mycroft are witnesses on a case Lestrade is working on.
10. Lyrics prompt: Videotape – Radiohead.
11. Sherlock is left brain damaged after short but severe illness.
12. Irene heard through the grapevine that Sherlock died, and she's paying John a shiva call.
13. "Faith sustains us in the hour when reason tells us that we can not continue, that the whole of our whole lives is without meaning."
14. Sherlock survives the Falls, but severely injures his head. When he wakes up from the coma, he starts thinking he's Mycroft.
15. Sherlock makes hairstyles out of bubbles when in the bath. One day, John walks in on him mid-styling.
16. Batman fusion.
17. Sherlock riding John bareback.
18. Sandman crossover.
19. The universe is driven by the complex interaction between three ingredients: matter, energy, and enlightened self-interest.
20. Sherlock only swears during sex.
21. John really does catch a cold from that scary room in Baskerville.
22. Moriarty taunts Mycroft.
23. Moriarty has had his goons kidnap everyone close to Sherlock, and Sherlock must save them by deciphering clues.
24. Moriarty can tapdance.
25. Sherlock gets a pet that equals him animal intelligence wise. An African Grey Parrot.

Prompt: Sherlock gets a pet that equals him animal intelligence wise. An African Grey Parrot he names: Dupin. He teaches it to say: "obviously" among other things.

Good news now Sherlock has new companion who never bores him. (those birds are MAD smart!)

Bad news the bird is lose in the flat and HATES JOHN, attacks John, poos on his things. The parrot sees Sherlock as 'his'.

Sherlock thinks this is funny.

John googles how long African Grey's live naturally, and fears he must murder Sherlock's new pet in order to have peace.

Fill: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/14213.html?thread=80095365#t80095365

Fill #4 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Mycroft wants nothing more than to submit to the DI but Lestrade feels too guilty about Mycroft's youth to enter into a relationship of any kind.
2. Moriarty has evil secret network of street performers, including killer ninja mimes.
3. Mycroft used the Hound paranoia gas on Moriarty in the cell. Moriarty saw Sherlock.
4. Molly and Lestrade start having sex. They both think the other wants a casual thing, and they both want something more serious.
5. Hannibal Lector is John and Harry's father.
6. Across the moors, the ravening beast gave out a fearsome cry. "POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN!"
7. During those long three years after Reichenbach, Sherlock finds a new John.
8. "I need to see a man about a dog". Which is why they are coming back from Devon with Gladstone.
9. Molly’s new supervisor told her that the only way she could keep assisting Sherlock without getting fired was to sleep with him.
10. Supernatural crossover.
11. Mycroft is fatally injured and his brain is transplanted into dead!Molly's body.
12. Sherlock thought he saw his mother killing his infant sister as child and it destroyed their relationship.
13. Moriarty has an Evil Memory Lapse.
14. Unknown to John, Jim Moriarty was Sherlock's first and only boyfriend/lover.
15. Sherlock must marry, and it must be someone Mycroft approves of.
16. Sherlock Holmes doesn't know he's a robot.
17. Secrets from Mycroft's childhood come back to haunt him via involuntary hallucinogen.
18. Mycroft has a heart attack during an argument with Sherlock.
19. I don't just do what your brother tells me. A gen take on this.
20. Sherlock/John at the birth of their surrogate child.
21. Ironman crossover.
22. How did Sherlock get into drugs?
23. Angst.
24. Sherlock and John have a huge fight, and John says things he regret.
25. What does Mycroft wear when he isn't working?

FILLED #23 - Angst

Prompt: Next Sunday is going to be very very angsty guys. I need to prepare myself. Any characters, any pairings. Just make it angsty.

Fill: (Art - Sherlock and John) http://oelm.tumblr.com/post/15629615950/im-slowly-trying-to-build-up-an-immunity-to-angst

1. “Look-wherever giving a fuck is, I’m like, totally past that right now. Here’s fucks, and like, far off in the distance, is me.”
2. John and Mycroft friendship.
3. Someone has to visit the Diogenes Club. A private naturist club.
4. Sherlock comes back from the Reichenbach Falls a woman. Moriarty comes back a bunny.
5. Deleted comment.
6. Mycroft is a huge Horror Movie buff.
7. Irene, I’m begging of you please don’t take my man.
8. Why Sherlock thought he should wear his yellow jacket when he met Irene?
9. On a case, the suspect pulls out a knife, stabs John, killing him. Sherlock is devastated. When Sherlock wakes up the next morning, John is alive.
10. Lestrade doesn't fail, he simply succeeds at finding what doesn't work.
11. Sherlock's mind palace is the House On The Rock.
12. Before Reichenbach Sherlock gets John a dog because he doesn't want John to be alone.
13. In which Moran is in fact a lamp that Moriarty just talks to and interacts with like it/he's a real person.
14. Fluffy Mycroft/Sherlock.
15. Sherlock likes Chelsea Buns. Because of raisins.
16. Following Reichenbach, Sherlock is "dead." Moriarty is left in a coma. Who visits him?
17. Rizzoli & Isles crossover.
18. After the events of Hound, Sherlock and John are both so freaked out that they go and sleep in Lestrade's bed with him.
19. Jim is a very intelligent mentally ill man in hospital.
20. Sherlock as Elphaba. John as either G(a)linda or Fiyero.
21. Sherlock now only signs his texts “S”.
22. Sherlock and Mycroft's father was a criminal mastermind.
23. John is one of the Lost Boys.
24. "Could be dangerous" is Sherlock's own version of "I love you."
25. Mycroft and Anthea are married, legally. That doesn't mean that they're together.

Fill: #1 (The Kid's Alright)

Full Prompt:

someone, any one, drunk or hung-over, says this:

“Look-wherever giving a fuck is, I’m like, totally past that right now. Here’s fucks, and like, far off in the distance, is me.”

because drunk/hungover fics are some of my favourites and there just aren't enough of them

bonus points if it's Molly


24 (Anonymous) Expand


Prompt: Borrower!John falls in love with Human!Sherlock.

John always watched Sherlock from a far since they were children, only ever borrowing from him to see if the human would ever notice him. Until one day Sherlock is now an adult and is about to move to Baker Street, he discovers John.

Fill (Parts 1-11+): http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/14213.html?thread=80166533#t80166533

UPDATE of FILLED #6 (Anonymous) Expand
UPDATE of FILLED #6 (Anonymous) Expand
UPDATE of FILLED #6 (Anonymous) Expand
Fill: #2 (Anonymous) Expand

John holding Sherlock's coat sleeve

Hi, this is my first prompt, so hopefully I posted in the right place. :)

I want someone to write a story where John is holding on to the sleeve of Sherlock's coat as they walk. I saw an actual picture of this in the Fall episode when they ran, and I'm in love with the concept. So my prompt is John holding on to the sleeve because he can't keep up or doesn't want to lose Sherlock in the crowd or needs to feel that Sherlock is actually alive or is uncomfortable- just something that makes him clutch at Sherlock's coat sleeve. The setting can be anytime- it doesn't have to be the Fall episode at all. Either general friendship between Sherlock and John or slash between them. Both are amazing. Any genre- from fluff to angst; everything is fine except actual character death.

Thanks to anyone who wants to have a go at it! :)

Re: John holding Sherlock's coat sleeve

You didn't quite get the right place, alas. Go here: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/21766.html




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