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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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Fill #23


i>Prompt/errant comment</i>: You could have really been missing out, for some people the ear is a very intense erogenous zone.

Mini Fill : Landmines (http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=72486532#t72486532)

1. Sherlock meets the IT Crowd during a case, he and Moss become BFFs.
2. When he was younger, Sherlock got Irene Adler pregnant.
3. Lestrade has Mycroft love child/children. They get kidnapped during a case. Sherlock is called in to find the kids.
4. Their first time together, Lestrade lovingly undressing then making love to shy/self-conscious/nervous Sherlock.
5. NCIS crossover.
6. Death Note crossover.
7. Wendy Torrance is Sherlock’s mother.
8. Mycroft tries to make Sherlock confess his feelings to John.
9. Sherlock (or John) has Stendhal syndrome.
10. Sherlock either celebrates a different holiday each winter, or every winter holiday every winter. Just to keep things from getting boring.
11. BAMF!Sherlock.
12. Inspired by The King's Speech. Sherlock has a debilitating stammer. John is the speech therapist he hires to cure him.
13. Whenever Sherlock is being stubborn John just picks him up, slings him over his shoulder, and goes about his business.
14. "I would watch Sherlock, he tends to take things a bit too far. But it's John you have really worry about. John's crazy."
15. Sherlock gains some weight, and top!John worshipping the hell out of Sherlock's round arse.
16. Peter Pan Crossover.
17. Mummy Holmes is finally going to meet her sons' boyfriends.
18. Sherlock drowns in the Thames river and feels his spirit lifting up, but he can’t go; John is waiting for him.
19. Sherlock knows all too well that John wants to have sex, but he’s not ready yet.
20. Doctor Who crossover.
21. Sick!John in pajamas and slippers while in Sherlock is in his suit with his arm wrapped around John's waist as they watch tv.
22. Sally Donavon/Mycroft Holmes.
23. Sherlock gets a segway.
24. John and Lestrade have a one night stand while their other halves are away.
25. John dreams of fucking Sherlock's lifeless, cold body.

Mystrade Genderbender/Mpreg! Kid!Fic
Lestrade has Mycroft love child/children. They get kidnapped during a case. Sherlock is called in to find the kids.

Bonus points if Mycroft doesn't know about the kids (maybe coz it was all a power game to him?).

Make it long and angsty with happy ending please?

http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=73230468#t73230468 (parent for additional parts)

1. Molly is trapped in an abusive relationship.
2. John doesn't see the world in color. He see it in shades.
3. Lestrade/Moriarty.
4. Fem!Lestrade doesn’t notice when people hit on her. John makes it his mission to get her undivided attention.
5. Mycroft pinning Sherlock to a wall by the throat and stroking him off.
6. Sherlock and John have lived their entire lives in limbo.
7. Sherlock and John investigates serial killings that coincide with Greek and Roman Mythology and the Solar System.
8. Someone gets a bad idea tattoo after a night out drinking with friends.
9. Sherlock's first Oreo experience.
10. Video prompt.
11. John unknowingly becomes/is a criminal mastermind/head of a criminal organization through a serious of ridiculous incidents.
12. The people strapped into bombs in TGG were all people who had at some point called up "Jim from IT".
13. "Oh my God, did Sherlock do this to you?" "I deserved it."
14. John is a security operative tasked with protecting the emergency entrance to a top-secret research facility.
15. So John and Sherlock start getting it on and then John starts choking and hitting Sherlock.
16. Lestrade/Anthea picture prompt.
17. Molly Hooper has the ability to make anyone fall in love with her. Except Sherlock.
18. Jim accidentally becomes head of his criminal organization through a serious of ridiculous incidents.
19. The Sentinel crossover.
20. Sherlock confesses to John that for one second, one terrifying heart stopping second, he actually though John was Moriarty.
21. John is somehow killed in front of Sherlock, who completely loses it.
22. Sherlock shows up at Baker Street covered in glitter.
23. Picture prompt.
24. Twilight crossover.
25. Jim kidnaps John, sends a text to Sherlock about a mystery he has to solve, Sherlock solves the mystery and gets John back.

Fill for #1

Sherlock helps Molly out of an abusive relationship.


If there is one thing I am proud of the Sherlock fandom for, it's the way you guys have treated asexuality as a legitimate orientation. But something I haven't seen much of is asexuality with a physical basis rather than a psychological one.

Okay, I can't think of a nice concise way to say this so I'll just blab a bit. Basically I'd like to see a character who lacks a sex drive for a clear physiological reason. Whether that be hormone imbalances, birth defect, physical trauma, etc. I'd like to see how they deal with or don't deal with this about themselves. Do they try taking medication or contemplate surgery? Do they have a condition where it's simply not feasible for them to have a functioning sex drive? Were they angry or disappointed at any point that they could never hold any interest in what most of the population deems a standard human need?


Fill #3

Prompt: I just need Moran sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper or otherwise minding his own business, when Moriarty comes up, grabs him by the hair and yanks his head back to kiss him fiercely.

I don't even care if it's established or first-time, as long as they both enjoy it.

Link: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=72661124#t72661124

1. Dark!John conditions Sherlock to associate pain with pleasure.
2. Sherlock attempts to experimentally invalidate the Twinkie Defense.
3. Lestrade is the Universal Captcha incarnate.
4. "You may be natural dominate in your personality and day to day basis but I still dominate the hell out of you every time in bed."
5. Sherlock. Sugar-stoned.
6. Double penetration.
7. Road to El Dorado AU.
8. Molly finally ends up in bed with Sherlock and it turns out that it's bad.
9. Angry!John sprouts a mustache.
10. "That's no reason to close the school. Students are always killing themselves these days. It's good for their health: it keeps the population down!"
11. Five times John saw Sherlock naked for completely non-sexy reasons and one time Sherlock saw John naked.
12. Sherlock dared to ruin the criminal ring of a goth!witch and have been cursed.
13. Sherlock must get John and Mary together to produce a new generation of tiny jumper-clad BAMFs.
14. "Been swimming in the Thames again, John?"
15. Harry and John get along with one another when Harry visits. To the point it's kind of creepy.
16. Video prompt.
17. John is traumatised after coming back from Afghanistan and doesn't speak.
18. Sherlock is Silas and John is Bod.
19. If Sherlock loves John, he knows he will thoroughly and utterly wreck his friend.
20. Lyrics prompt: World's Away, Summer At Shatter Creek.
21. Fighting with an anonymous troll on John's blog helps John get past his grief for Sherlock rather than sliding into a dangerously deep depression.
22. Lyrics prompt: Something to Calm me Down - Summer At Shatter Creek.
23. Dark is Rising crossover.
24. Harry Potter AU.
25. Stupid people trigger Sherlock's migraines.

Lestrade is the Universal Captcha incarnate.

Mycroft has no idea.

Mini Fill:

10tbej8g (Anonymous) Expand
1. Dark is Rising books crossover.
2. John Watson is the illegitimate child of Chuck Norris.
3. With his newfound security with Sherlock, John begins to lose his touch, so to speak. He stops thinking the way a solider would think.
4. Lestrade is a brilliant detective slowly but surely drinking his way to the grave. Sherlock saves him.
5. Lyrics prompt: Say It Ain’t So – Weezer.
6. People begin mistaking Sherlock and John for a closeted gay couple.
7. "Stop shooting at me!" "Stop getting in the way of my bullets!"
8. Lestrade is a brilliant detective slowly but surely thinking his way to the grave.
9. Sebastian Moran is Jake English.
10. Moriarty launched his life of crime the day he was rejected for the lead in the school production of "A Chorus Line".
11. Harry calls John, "Johnny Boy". John calls Harry, "Babydoll".
12. Sherlock/John roleplay. Sherlock is a naughty bee, John is a stern beekeeper.
13. Lyrics prompt: Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care.
14. On the (insert number) day of Christmas, Sherlock gave to me.
15. Sherlock lives on other people's secrets. Literally.
16. Mycroft moonlights as a nanny. Lestrade is a single dad.
17. Sherlock/Fem!John/Moriarty: consensual threesome.
18. Heroes crossover.
19. Three Continents Watson has only had sex once, and yet still qualifies for the name.
20. Lestrade has a heart attack, and John saves him.
21. Mycroft shows no obvious signs of being attracted to Lestrade, but his pupils dilate whenever he hears his voice.
22. One day, every single woman in the world dies. Except Joanna Watson.
23. Mod Post.
24. On a case it comes out John was called Three Continents Watson.
25. John, Sherlock, Mycroft and Lestrade play SBURB.

Fill #20

Original Prompt: Sherlock insults everyone multiple times, runs off, reappears, and keeps everyone in the dark as to what he's thinking....

Anderson and Donovan give him lots of grief and get in his way at every opportunity....

... and Lestrade has a heart attack.

John saves Lestrade, but there's a sh*tstorm of blame in all directions. Let's see everyone feel properly chastened, fully aware that they all need their DI back, and trying work together, even if it kills them! (Special love for John being protective of his "patient.")

Link: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=72785796#t72785796

12 - Fill: Naughty Bee RP (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Part 22 Page 39

#24 Original prompt:

TW: Past non-con, virginity

Sherlock's first time having sex was when he was raped at uni. He's dealt well with the trauma of the rape, but he's very annoyed at how much it still bothers him that his first time was not by his own choosing. He is objectively certain that virginity is nothing to be imbued with mystical significance.

John helps him re-establish his sense of control over his own sexuality with a made-up ceremony to set it firmly in Sherlock's mind that his first time will be whenever he chooses it to be, with whoever he chooses, never mind what happened in uni. Sherlock thinks at first the very idea is ridiculous, but when the ritual is over he feels better about it.

TLDR-The re-virginization of Sherlock. (Immediate de-virginization of Sherlock optional)



1. John is drugged and non-violently, sensuously raped.
2. Lestrade's CDI puts the boot down and has Sherlock banned from crime scenes. Sherlock goes on a hunger strike.
3. Sherlock and John meet and let fate decide whether they should be together.
4. John/Sherlock Romeo + Juliet style.
5. John starts dating Molly, and Sherlock is totally jealous.
6. Lestrade has a bad habit of abandoning half cups of coffee on random desks at the Yard.
7. John becomes ill and has to rely on Sherlock to do pretty much everything for him. Sherlock enjoys it, so he decides to keep John ill.
8. Prompt freeze.
9. Prompt freeze over.
10. Sherlock, John, and Mycroft in a relationship together.
11. Molly has unsent emails addressed to Sherlock. She accidentally sends them to someone else.
12. Molly/Lestrade, double cross-dressing.
13. Sherlock/John loving à la 'Baby It's Cold outside'.
14. The Case of the Sterile Dikdiks.
15. Molly fic based on an excerpt from "Tulips" by Sylvia Plath.
16. John is very comfortable with his body, and Sherlock is not.
17. Sherlock is kidnapped and raped while sensory deprived.
18. Jim just loves fucking Moran when Moran's got a high fever.
19. Fem!lock in one of those dresses that are super low cut in the back.
20. Dialogue prompt.
21. Sherlock is heavily pregnant and starts going into labor when no one but John is around.
22. John tells Sherlock he’s supposed to be his wife.
23. Throughout his life, a man always came to appease Sherlock when things got bad. This man is one day introduced to him as John Watson.
24. When Mycroft sees that something is happening between Sherlock and John, he decides to test John’s worthiness.
25. Irene/Sherlock UST.

Edited at 2011-12-14 01:02 am (UTC)

Sort of dark!Sherlock
John becomes ill and has to rely on Sherlock to do pretty much everything for him. Although he complains initially, Sherlock actually finds he rather likes being needed, and comes to relish his new role.
Only then John starts to recover, and Sherlock goes back to being bored. He decides this simply wont do, and there's only one possible course of action.

He has to keep John ill, and keep John dependent.


Fill #6 (Anonymous) Expand
Anita Blake fusion
I have no clear idea what I want from this, plot wise...just, plenty of hot paranormal abilities and intrigues, and lots of steamy sex? Pretty please?

(Some vague ideas I had while thinking about it earlier - feel free to use as many or as few as you like:
* Mycroft being the Master of the city, in addition to his more mundane place as an underestimated civil servant who runs the Government without them knowing.
* Sherlock trying to avoid vampire politics as much as possible because he finds it so incredibly tedious.
* Sherlock's animal to call is the honeybee, which he's kind of annoyed about because it's so small and there are no bee shifters, but it's really good for information-gathering.
* Lestrade runs the Met's Paranormal Investigations Taskforce.
* Anderson hates anything paranormal; Sally hasn't told hime, but she has (or has just gained) paranormal traits (a witch? a newly-infected shifter?)
* Molly is an animator as well as a pathologist.
* Rather than being shot in Afghanistan, John was attacked by a lycanthrope of some sort. He's now a shifter of some fairly rare type, so there's no pack to join in London, just him!
* Sherlock, John and either Molly or Sally somehow accidentally form a triumvirate - it takes a while for them to work through the various personal and interpersonal problems, but it all works surprisingly well in the end.)

Scatter of Scarlet

Prompt: Character A has a secret; their family can grow wings. The catch? They only grow when they meet their future mate. So there A is puttering along, living life laid back and easy (Or a little worried seeming how most of their family has their wings and they don't) until one day they wake up and realize oh crap I got wings. Awkward shenanigans around character B begin :D

Fill: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=74203268#t74203268

Fill #4 - Moaning Mycroft (Anonymous) Expand
S/J - The Good Night/Lucid Dreaming
After his return to London, John starts having lucid dreams about a tall, pale, dark-haired stranger who is an amazingly sweet and generous lover. John can't stop thinking about him and begins to rely on the dreams to get through his days.

It all comes crashing down when he meets Sherlock who turns out to be the man in the dream, but is nothing like him at the same time. John can't help being drawn to him but is constantly disappointed. It isn't until Sherlock gets John into his bed that all his ~dreams come true~.

sleep hath its own world

"And I myself find it a very soothing atmosphere."

When the dullness of the world gets to be too much for Sherlock, he retreats to the Diogenes Club where Mycroft precedes to take him apart and put him back together. In. Complete. Silence.

TW: Incest The Shape of Me Will Always Be You

Filled #5

Prompt: Sherlock lets all his ~feelings~ out when he's drunk. Like how he thinks Mycroft is the BEST BIG BROTHER EVA and his umbrella is REALLY COOL. Like how Mycroft and Lestrade together make him feel like all WARM AND FUZZY inside. And sometimes he thinks John's turned into another Anderson because he CAN'T THINK when John's in the room but IN A GOOD WAY - like all the air has been sucked out of his world and it's just JOHNJOHNJOHN.

- John and Sherlock aren't together; neither are Mycroft and Lestrade.
- He says all this while clinging to a long-suffering Mycroft.

Fill: http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=73936260#t73936260

1. Sherlock and John: one of them is sad, and the other cheers him up.
2. John can speak to cats. A la The Cat Returns.
3. Omega!John decides that his and alpha!Sherlock’s lifestyle isn’t good for a baby.
4. John and Sherlock are forced to get married/into a legal partnership.
5. Here's the typical pattern: first lust, then infatuation, then consummation, then jealously or boredom.
6. All Sherlock wants for Christmas is to spend the day with John.
7. Sherlock gets off on John solving a case.
8. Sherlock at the lowest part of his emotional state comes to the Diogenes Club.
9. Dialogue prompt.
10. Moran wonders if Moriarty will suffocate him to death just to come.
11. Sherlock always had a bit of a rape kink. But when it happens to him for real, not so much anymore.
12. John has sex with Irene while Sherlock tells him what to do.
13. Sherlock hears about Moriarty attending a fancy ball, and he goes undercover as a woman.
14. Sherlock self-harms by 'hooking up' with people and engaging in extreme sexual acts or risky sexual behavior.
15. Sherlock still has a teddy bear.
16. Mycroft/Harry.
17. Sherlock felt bad about leaving Mycroft alone on Christmas and set up a sort of surprise!Xmas for him.
18. Mycroft suffers from acute depression.
19. John knew Mycroft but didn't realize he was connected to Sherlock.
20. Sherlock trying to work a case with a miserable headache, Lestrade or John giving him a neck rub.
21. Poem prompt.
22. His brother Mycroft probably has schizotypal personality disorder.
23. What Sherlock deduced from John’s phone isn’t right.
24. Sherlock is a lonely petunia in an onion patch. John comes along and picks him.
25. Song prompt: Mother Stands For Comfort, Kate Bush.

Fill #16 -WIP

Prompt: Mycroft/Harry

Fill: When the Lights Go Out, Strangers Fall in Love - WIP - http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/13188.html?thread=73477764#t73477764