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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1. Sub!Mycroft at the Diogenes Club
2. Lestrade‘s smile takes people‘s breath away
3. Sherlock and John are hiding when John gets the hiccups
4. Sherlock insists it is possible to bite one‘s own face; he clones himself to prove it
5. John and Sarah‘s relationship dissolves to friendship; he finds out Sarah and Sherlock are together
7. Sherlock and John meet The Married Ones Next Door, who are a sweet, old couple
8. BAMF!Girl!John
9. Lestade has sworn off men; Mycroft starts flirting with him
10. Porn about Girl!Sherlock and her super sensitive breasts
11. John ties Sherlock down and sounds his cock
12. Sherlock is in denial about sleep-humping the furniture
13. Moriarty gets a Sherlock voodoo doll
14. Sherlock and John like really kinky D/s themed sex with hot wax and riding crops, while Moriarty and Moran are into vanilla with cuddling after
15. One or both Holmes parents is/are a supervillain
16. Sherlock and Mycroft are part of the Addams family
17. Sherlock has a thing for older men, so when he has sex with Lestrade, he makes him "talk dirty".
18. John finds out that Sherlock is a classically trained ballerina
19. John is bewildered to why Sherlock finds him attractive. He is told/shown.
20. "Not easy is it? Being clever. You look at the world and you connect things - random things - and think 'why can't anyone else see it?' The rest of the world is so slow."
21. Sherlock plays violin while John sits at his feet and sucks his cock
22. Mycroft chases away anyone who gets close to Sherlock because he doesn‘t like to share
23. Sherlock in QI
24. Non-con: Sebastian and friends gangrape Sherlock at Uni
25. Sherlock and John both fake their deaths at Reichenbach


Sherlock plays his violin while John kneels at his feet and sucks his cock.


On the meme.

Fill #11 (Anonymous) Expand
1. John makes Sherlock scream during sex
2. John is to be knighted and turns it down
3. John grows hair on his feet
4. John is having one of those days where every little thing either pisses him off or just makes him extremely depressed. Sherlock does his best to help.
5. Fem!John/Sherlock: She starts flirting with him, but he thinks she‘s just being cruel
6.Sherlock gives John head in the middle of a call with Mycroft
7. John/Sherlock: John has always wanted to get married and looks forward to married life with Sherlock
8. When Sherlock comes back from Reichenbach, John won‘t have anything to do with him
9. Moriarty clones Sherlock and adds his own DNA
10. At a certain temperature, Sherlock becomes homosexual
11. Sherlock is a screamer as a baby; Young!Mycroft is the only one who can calm him down
12. When they were children, a rumour started that Mycroft sucked someone off for a handful of gummy bears
13. AU! When they were teens, Sherlock had a ridiculous crush on his older brother's best friend John.
14. Sherlock decides to get rid of his unwanted feelings for someone by masturbating
15. To deal with all the frustration/insanity he seems to attract, John draws comics about his life.
16. Sherlock wants to taste the flavored lip balm on John‘s lips
17. When the Doctor comes to call, his companion of choice is not John, but Molly.
18. Sailor Moon Fusion
19. Mycroft/John: Nose porn
20. Sigerson Holmes
21. Uni AU, John must prevent Sherlock from killing himself during an experiment gone wrong
22. Sherlock in prison or an asylum, speaking to a visitor while restrained because he might become violent
23. Video prompt
24. Flight of the Conchords AU
25. What happened to John between leaving the flat and showing up at the pool?

Fill #14

Prompt: awkward-turned-hot masturbation by mostly!asexual Sherlock.

Summary: Sherlock spots Irene Adler out with Godfrey Norton at a restaurant, and afterward, he can't help, for the first time in years, experimenting with what "normal people" would do in response.


1. Sherlock groaning while John massages him
2. Bitchy Bridezilla Fem!Sherlock goes dress shopping
3. Mycroft dies of a heart attack and Sherlock has a non-reaction
4. Sherlock/John: Pride and Prejudice AU
5. John and Moran start having semi-regular Bitch About Your Mad Genius Nights
6.When Sherlock is abroad, he his rent boys that remind him of John
7. Sherlock falls asleep watching Chicago and dreams that he and Moriarty are in the movie
8. Mycroft‘s house is broken into; Lestrade offers him his couch, but the sexual tension is unbearable
9. John likes to have Sherlock disguise himself as a woman so John can show off his new “girlfriend“
10. Poker night at Baker Street
11. John snaps and kidnaps Moriarty, chaining him in the basement
12. New Scotland Yard Forensic Kit
13. Sherlock comes back from his Hiatus, and John notices that he‘s acting very oddly
14. When Sherlock comes back from his Hiatus, Lestrade feels betrayed by Mycroft and leaves him
15. Mycroft is kidnapped; when Lestrade finds him tied to a chair, he just wants to /do/ things to him
16. John is friends with all his exes
17. Sherlock has a son who lives with Mycroft
18. Single-mom Holmes was a call girl
19. Mycroft really hates Mondays.
20. While Moran is stiff and unyielding, full of strength and endurance, Moriarty is sensual and sinuous, able to bend and bend and bend without coming close to breaking.
21. AU: Sherlock is at Uni, Mycroft is dating John and is an abusive partner
22. Lestrade fakes his death, but keeps in contact with Mycroft
23. After Mycroft and Sherlock, there is a third Holmes brother, who looks and acts suspiciously like Simon Amstell
24. The Soloist Crossover
25. Sherlock/Lestrade: John dies during a case; Lestrade comforts Sherlock

1. Sherlock gets attached to the wall smiley and talks to it when John‘s not around
2. The reason Sherlock resents Mycroft: Mycroft killed their father
3. She is clueless at a crime scene and starts making things up
4. Sherlock in uniform
5. Sherlock makes Mycroft cry
6.Mycroft gets fucked in the Diogenes club and has to stay quiet
7. Pokemon Crossover
8. Sherlock and John as teenagers growing up on the Cornish coast
9. A Study in Emerald Crossover
10. How John keeps up his Three Continent reputation
11. Sherlock starts lactating when he‘s nervous
12. After Afghanistan, John Watson doesn't believe in God. After meeting John Watson, Sherlock, for the first time, does.
13. Sherlock loves nothing more than to cuddle John to his chest at night, and kiss him to sleep
14. Shelock and John go undercover as a couple; John is rather good at it
15. Mycroft grows a beard and it‘s ginger
16. Sherlock cannot get enough of sucking John's cock. He wants to do it all the time.
17. Lestrade is Moriarty's father, inspired by the song "Daddy's Eyes" by the Killers
18. John gave Sherlock his very first non-sex-caused orgasm
19. Sherlock thinks he's okay with the fact that John is bisexual, but over time gets more and more insecure about it
20. John really likes someone but Sherlock uses reasoning to point out that his feelings are not returned; John feels hurt and gives up
21. Sherlock‘s eyes change color based on his mood
22. Sherlock has always hated all kinds of social occasions, including weddings. However, he loves the idea of marrying John in front of as many people as possible and showing everyone that John is his.
23. Sherlock‘s mom has got it going on
24. Mycroft finds himself reminiscing nostalgically of a time when he and Sherlock team up to solve a case as kids
25. Scene from the movie “Closer“

1. Because of a calamity, Sherlock thinks John is dead and John can‘t communicate back right away
2. Lestrade/Sherlock: Sherlock gets Lestrade in serious trouble with his superiors
3. Sherlock and John on a deserted island. Sherlock sees John having shower under a waterfall and feels aroused and guilty at the same time for lusting after his friend.
4. John winds up in the mirrorverse
5. Wizard of Oz Crossover
6.Sherlock and John investigate a murder on Craggy Island
7. Mystrade: Lestrade falls in love with him without ever meeting
8. Sherlock is half human half cat
9. John writes crime novels under a pseudonym, which become very popular
10. John loves clubbing as much as Sherlock does
11. Fusion with the Beatles‘ Help!
12. Sherlock is a kitten, he stirs the soups, John is a squirrel, he cuts up the pumpkin, Jim is a duckling, he measures the salt. They live in a teapot in the forest, peacefully...until Jim wants to stir the soup
13. John-as-Moriarty from John‘s perspective
14. Sherlock is giving a blowjob, when he suddenly pulls away and lectures them about their diet
15. Sherlock/John from the POV of Sherlock‘s dick
16. "What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard“
17. A terrible, terrible day in John‘s life
18. John is wounded and bleeding to death. Sherlock isn't there. The Yarders are
19. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes Crossover
20. Sherlock and Mycroft are one mind in two bodies
21. John wets the bed because of his PTSD; someone finds out and Sherlock defends John
22. John falls unconscious in Afghanistan in the 19th century, then wakes up in the 21st
23. Everytime someone gets laid, Sherlock makes a big deal out of it by deducing it out loud in front of other people.
24. Sherlock/John: Sherlock is rendered mute
25. John finds out about Sherlock/Mycroft

Fill: #4 (current WIP)

Full prompt: In the course of a case, John picks up an object-of-power that bamfs him over to the mirror universe. You know, the one where all the good guys are badguys. Where he meets up with Dark!Lestrade and Dark!Sherlock and Dark!Mycroft, etc. Turns out Dark!John died not too long ago, after a long career of being evil like the rest of them, but they are all quite happy (if a bit surprised) to see him alive again, even if he's got his priorities a bit messed up.

John wants to find a way back to his own universe, where people are sane. Everyone else wants him to stay here and become what he once was.

Non-con totally acceptable, but just being gen-ly evil is okay too.

Fill: Living Double of a Single Fiction

1. The characters play shag, marry, cliff.
2. John defends Moriarty as insane
3. John beats Sherlock up so he won‘t be charged for murder
4. John fucks Mycroft so hard and so thoroughly that Mycroft can't sit at all
5. When Mycroft is on a diet, he likes to watch Lestrade eat
6.Moar Dark!John
7. Sherlock and John‘s first time is awkward and messy
8. Sherlock/John: Not While I‘m Around from Sweeney Todd
9. During the 3 years after Reichenbach, John has a son and names him after Sherlock
10. Molly's got an emotionally-abusive mother. Sherlock and John find out, and open up a can of big-brotherly-whoop-ass on Mrs. Hooper
11. Mycroft really would do anything for his little brother
12. Sherlock as John's (totally consensual) kept boy
13. Sherlock/Pushing Daisies. Beekeeping.
14. Sometimes Mycroft visits Lestrade at work just because he missed his pretty little bottom and he couldn't wait for him to get home to grab it
15. That‘s what she said!
16. Mycroft dressed as Lara Croft.
17. Sherlock has no problem scaring off the girlfriends John keeps dating... until Mary.
18. Prince Sherlock is cursed with a chastity belt that he can't remove until the curse is lifted
19. Sherlock finds all the audio recordings of John's sessions with his therapist
20. Sherlock gets overheated and John has to take off his clothes
21. Sherlock masturbates to the sound of John and Sarah shagging in the upstairs room.
22. Some of the Yarders say something that really hurts Sherlock‘s feelings
23. Sherlock/John established: Sherlock wants to bring in a third partner and John is reluctant
24. Asexual!dom!Sherlock + very-sexual!sub!John = good sex
25. Sherlock/Sarah/John: Double Penetration

Two fills for #6 (triggery--see warnings on fills)

Full prompt: "We have to have more Dark!John. We just do.

Give me Dark!John making Sherlock sleep on the floor. Or making him clean up a spill with his tongue. Or tying him up in a dub-conny way and teasing him to the brink of orgasm but never giving him any release. Or leaving him tied to a gyrating dildo for hours while John's at work.

Any of the above and more. Please and thank you."

Fill #1:

Fill #2:

Filled #24 (Anonymous) Expand
Filled #10 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Footrot Flats Crossover
2. Sherlock and John catfight over cleaning duties
3. Sherlock somehow convinces Anderson that he has an army of penguins in his flat
4. Lestrade and Sherlock are together when Mary Morstan dies
5. Sherlock, John and Mycroft investigate a crime together
6.Sherlock botches a case; John or Lestrade gets hurt
7. Picture prompt/a>
Picture prompt
9. Sherlock and John accidentally encounter the doctor who, when Sherlock was a child, diagnosed Sherlock as a sociopath. John tells him how wrong he finds the diagnosis.
10. Lyrics prompt: Matt White - Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)
11. Sherlock freaks out while John is having surgery; Mycroft gives Sherlock a hug
12. John and Sherlock meet because John is a medical examiner
13. Sherlock thinks about himself while he masturbates
14. People don't notice. They don't want to. They don't care
15. John Watson (a quiet, unassuming man who is Mycroft's most trusted advisor) was once this mastermind's (Sherlock’s) closest friend
16. "I'm mentally ill; not mentally deficient."
17. Sherlock and Mycroft capture Moriarty and torture him; John treats him nicely
18. Sherlock meets John Watson from forensics
19. Sherlock has epilepsy, and disguises his seizures as inattentiveness.
20. Sherlock/Lestrade: Sherlock is the world‘s only consulting violinist
21. Sherlock/Lestade or Mystrade: There is a discussion of boundaries
22. Mycroft/John non-con. In Mycroft's office
23. Tonight You Belong to Me
24. Everyone turns into half-human creatures of fantasy
25. Girl!Sherlock/John: She wants him to take her virginity in case she’s ever raped

prompt Okay, anyone who has ever had a roommate knows that there is constant negotiating about boundaries, etc. and that no matter how close you are, you reach points when all you want to do is kill each other. Now, judging from Sherlock's clothes it looks like he's clean, but very very messy. And experiments all over. We've seen John get exasperated and storm out, but there have to have been fights once in a while.

And let's face it, when we've seen Sherlock and John fight, they haven't been that good at it so far (see Golem's ease in disarming John). Plus they wouldn't actually want to hurt each other. So I'd like to see an argument/cat fight between the guys over one of the issues that comes up between roomies (particularly where one roomie puts decapitated human heads in the fridge).

TL;DR: John and Sherlock roommate issues

fill: Doing Dishes

Fill #25 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Video prompt
2. Lestrade isn‘t good with kids; Anderson is
3. No shit, Sherlock.
4. Benedict looks a bit like Hugh Laurie
5. People finding out that Sherlock doesn‘t masturbate
6.Sherlock‘s wife, Victoria Trevor, has a terminal illness
7. Irene Adler‘s father is Vincent Adler
8. John and Sherlock need a hug
9. "It's not a call; it's a text. My older brother is actually going to shag my boyfriend. I have to leave now."
10. Sherlock has a kink for John‘s dog tags
11. Lion King Crossover
12. Mycroft accidentally hires escort!Sherlock
13. Someone falls into a dumpster and gets hurt
14. The Yard starts calling Sherlock Twirly Sherly
15. Sherlock gently kisses John's tears away.
16. Sherlock thinks John and he are in a relationship; then John gets engaged to Mary Morstan
17. Community Crossover
18. Mycroft chasing John, while Sherlock is fake crying in the corne
19. John finds a photo of little Sherlock in a bee costume
20. Sherlock deduces that John likes him, realizes that John doesn't know that he is attracted to Sherlock, and proceeds to run around in a panic trying to figure out what to do about it.
21. John or Lestrade starts dating Mycroft and finds that he only talks about Sherlock
22. Pancake Tuesday
23. Mycroft/Moriarty's older brother. Hot hate sex preceeded by delicious food, the weakness of both of them
24. Mycroft has his own John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, and solves his own cases
25. TV mystery dramas infuriate Sherlock. Not because he always works out who the murderer is ten minutes in, but because he always, ALWAYS comes to the wrong conclusion

Everyone assumes Lestrade is great with kids (he has nieces, he deals with Sherlock in his most childish moments, he just seems the type), but it turns out he's helpless, don't know what to do and kids aren't his fans.
Everyone assumes Anderson (/Sherlock/Sally/anyone else who'd fit here) would be horrible with kids (because s/he's nasty, impatient, annoying), but in fact manages really well and kids love him/her.

idk, i just want lestarde out of his "perfect daddy" role for once no matter how much i love it getting anderson out from "the biggest jerk" role is just a bonus

Mini Fill:

1. Sherlock becomes blind and deaf and can only communicate through touch
2. Sherlock has a heart attack and has to start taking care of himself better
3. Anderson falls in love with Mycroft and Sherlock tries to prevent them from getting together by getting John to seduce Mycroft first
4. Sherlock says something very thoughtless and everyone turns on him
5. Sherlock and John have an unemployed hipster lovechild named Roger
6.Sherlock swallowing swords
7. John sitting in his chair and Sherlock sitting on his lap, desperately fucking himself on John's cock
8. The swordsman (TBB) defeats Sherlock and kidnaps him.
9. Molly doing Sherlock's sexual education
10. Sherlock is an amazing belly dancer.
11. John's family is scary. So when John meets Sherlock's family, it's like reading a children's book
12. Sherlock has nosebleeds when he's angry.
13. Molly pregnant with Sherlock's baby
14. John imprints on Sherlock
15. Sherlock/John's fortnightly date night
16. Sherlock/John: Scouting for Girls - This Ain't a Love Song
17. Sherlestrade: Lestrade dressed up in The Coat (tm) swanning around a crime scene pretending to be Sherlock
18. Mycroft could kick Chuck Norris's ass without breaking a sweat.
19. Sherlock deletes things that are unimportant. He also deletes things that hurt.
20. Modern Gregson/Lestrade with minimal angst
21. Molly asks him what Sherlock’s fav Janus song was and then belts it out note-perfect in the morgue
22. Who is Sherlock's Immortal Beloved?
23. Cat!Lock meets Dog!Watson
24. Lestrade rescues John and Sherlock
25. John and Sherlock reunited after he's sent off to war

1. John and Lestrade punishing Sherlock together after he does something erratic or stupid
2. Young Secret Agent!John
3. John is murdered by Moriarty. Sherlock is so upset he kills himself
4. Sherlock rides Lestrade in the backseat of Lestrade's car
5. John gets assigned to the death notification squad.
6.John is taking care of a victim/suspect/random bystander that has a shady/not so safe past and gets stuck with their dirty needle.
7. Sherlock has had a secret passion since childhood for monster trucks
8. Depressed Mycroft
9. Sherlock dun goofs big time, it is hilarious and everyone proceeds to laugh at him
10. Inception Crossover
11. Lestrade and Mycroft are both busy men with no partners in their lives, so why not make a deal and become fuck buddies?
12. Kid Sherlock has to go to hospital, and is being treated by the new intern John Watson. Sherlock develops his first crush.
13. Anderson is secretly in love with Sherlock, and it completely tears him apart.
14. Sherlock is circumcised, so he finds John's foreskin amazingly interesting
15. Molly and her boyfriend hanging out & being adorable, and her boyfriend calling her "Mollywobbles".
16. Sherlock is from the Upper Class and his parents don‘t like him mingling with John
17. John comes to Mycroft for advice of how to deal with Sherlock when he becomes extra infuriating
18. Lestrade goes undercover and gets hooked on drugs
19. Sherlock stopped seeing Mycroft as his role model when Mycroft started liking girls and Sherlock kept not being interested in anybody "that way".
20. Cuddle Pollen
21. John's little John has a psychosomatic limp.
22. Sherlock just teases John with touches and kisses and squeezes all through the day, until in the evening, John can't take it anymore and fucks Sherlock silly.
23. Sherlock is surprised by a rain storm.
24. Sherlock gets off on the humiliation aspect of D/s. He demands that a reluctant John humiliate him in bed, but it turns out that Sherlock hates it when John does it
25. "We don't have any chicken. Haven't for weeks."

John is murdered by Moriarty. Sherlock is so upset he kills himself. Moriarty didn't actually think he loved John *that* much. He'd just planned on playing with him awhile before revealing that John is indeed still alive. Now he has no idea what to do with John...

Splinter of Doubt

Sherlock & Mycroft / Lilo & Nani
Is it just me, or do these two remind you a lot of Sherlock and Mycroft.

Could I please have something (anything) inspired by these clips :) *gets on knees and prepares to grovel*

For All Good Men

Fill #22 (Anonymous) Expand
FILLED #13 (Anonymous) Expand
1. Moriarty‘s brother tortures Mycroft
2. Moriarty falls in love and becomes a good guy
3. Lestrade must choose between Mycroft, Sherlock & John
4. Jim sends Sherlock a mixtape full of lyrics about burning hearts out.
5. Sherlock follows Charlie Sheen on Twitter
6.Sherlock and his lover make John an inadvertent voyeur
7. After TGG, Sherlock plays dead and John had a meltdown
8. Everytime, Sherlock is being annoying, John threatens him to call Mycroft.
9. Sherlock teaches John how to type ala the movie Ghost
10. Sherlock tends to make up words when he explains things
11. While Sherlock is on Hiatus, John leaves the UK
12. Sherlock is a Cetra, though he doesn't often commune with the planet, the whispers are sometimes helpful.
13. When Sherlock starts to murder people, Mrs. Hudson is the first to notice and correctly interpret the signs, because it was the same with her husband.
14. Sherlock kept part of Victor Trevor
15. Bilingual/Multilingual Mycroft
16. John and Sherlock consummate their relationship and Sherlock is kidnapped soon after
17. Sherlock and John are looking for SlenderMan
18. Sherlock plays something on the violin, Irene sings.
19. Mycroft begs Lestrade to give Sherlock work
20. Dresden Files Crossover
21. John gets Sherlock to act more human-like and Sherlock ends up getting hurt
22. John/Sherlock: They didn‘t know they were dating
23. Stargate Atlantis Crossover: They‘re all on a Gate team
24. John tells Sherlock he's doin something socially unacceptable when he's really not.
25. John goes evil and then falls in love with Moriarty.

So I have this terrible thing for bad guys turning good because they fall in love (though I like them to still be badass and nasty and not really nice...just in a good kind of way...).

So... Moriarty becomes one of the good guys (or tries to be), because he falls in love with Sherlock or Molly or John or Sally or Mycroft or Anthea or even Anderson. Preferably requited love.

I would love whoever fills this and offer them my first-born or freshly baked chocolate cookies, whichever you prefer.

Change of heart

We've had Slave!John. Now I want Slave!Sherlock.

John returns from Afghanistan and gets punished rewarded with a slave. Sherlock.

Bonus if Sherlock is still Sherlock and that is why he keeps getting sold.


FILL #2 (Anonymous) Expand

#10, Sherlock wants Girl!John to have his baby...

Mini dialogue only fill

"John, I feel the need for a spot of sexual congress. I'll shower now, so please be naked and aroused in my bedroom by the time I'm done."



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