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The Filled Prompts Post #1: Parts 1-23
Giggles at the Palace
Welcome to the Filled Prompts Post for Parts 1-23.
If you filled a prompt from Parts 24 and up, please use the FPP #2.
If you filled a prompt from the Spoiler-free post, use this FPP instead.

This is an archive created to make it simple for people to browse through both filled and unfilled prompts.

Let me explain how this works:

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1) Sherlock is a Vulcan who had his ears done to blend in.
2) The ghost of Sherlock Holmes returns to London yearly to resume his adventures with John Watson and with no memory of having died.
3) Puberty hits Sherlock full on. Mycroft tries to give advice.
4) Mycroft tickles Sherlock to take him down a peg.
5) 'Anthea' comes to John for some no-strings, stress-relieving sex.
6) What Dreams May Come, Sherlock's perfect world.
7) Sherlock and John drift apart after not living together anymore.
8) Sherlock and Mycroft's father is The Most Interesting Man In the World.
9) People smacking bottoms.
10) Married John has an affair. John/Sherlock.
11) Someone adapts John's blog entries into a gay romance detective novel.
12) Final Problem/Empty House-based prompt.
13) Mummy was a flowerchild.
14) Mrs Hudson can't be having with this.
15) Retirement fic where Sherlock's life isn't dull as dirt and he isn't alone.
16) Sherlock initiates a relationship, John thinks Sherlock is using him, it's all resolved in the end with love.
17) Teenage!Harry abuses child!John.
18) 4 times Sherlock was beaten and 1 time he decided the game ended in a draw.
19) Sherlock and John are asked to help solve a high profile murder case, that of Paul The Octopus.
20) Inventive Use Of Pseudo Asexual Sherlock & Sexual Artist John.
21) Sherlock is younger than everyone who knows him thinks he is.
22) "Mycroft, it's not even raining!"
23) Totalitarian government tracking down everyone clever or dangerous enough to be a threat.
24) Crossover Sherlock/Sleepy Hollow.
25) Sherlock/Irene/John.

Filled - 12

Sherlock's presumed dead after his confrontation with Moriarty (but is actually wandering the continent), and Mycroft has recruited a devastated John on a series of increasingly dangerous and morally questionable missions to clean up the remainder of Moriarty's syndicate in the UK. Lestrade knows what's going on, and objects mightily to John doing Mycroft's dirty work. Unbeknownst to everyone (except maybe Mycroft -- he's practically omniscient), Sherlock and John are both working their way toward a final confrontation with the upper echelon of Moriarty's gang, and it's going to be one hell of a reunion.

For bonus points, include any of the following:
1)John's been seriously wounded when Sherlock finds him, and just sort of assumes that they're both dead.
2)Lestrade gets to punch a Holmes brother. Either is fine.

Fill - Time is On Our Side -

Fill #21 (Anonymous) Expand
Page 4 fills - 5, 8, 11 (Anonymous) Expand
1) Sherlock is bored so he builds a time machine out a DeLorean.
2) John has become Sherlock's compass when it comes to social interactions.
3) John is a submissive, and loves the feeling of being owned and controlled. Dom!Sherlock takes over him completely.
4) Holmes and Mycroft are actually members of the Slippery family.
5) Song prompt. John/Sherlock.
6) Secretary based AU.
7) When Sherlock teases John, a mustache sprouts on John's upper lip.
8) Taxi Cab confessions.
9) Harold and Maude crossover.
10) Sherlock/John/Mycroft, or any other 3 characters. Based on the song Apple Candy.
11) Five habits Sherlock was able to break and one he just doesn't want to give up.
12) John says something that is so upsetting for Sherlock that he punches John in the face.
13) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang crossover.
14) Sherlock and John are in New York City. They wind up on Cash Cab.
15) Video prompt.
16) John and Sherlock decide to make a go of it romantically. It's a disaster.
17) Disney Princess AU.
18) Irene and Sherlock not-quite-friendship fic where they talk about music.
19) Sherlock is an up and coming monster from Halloween Town, bored out of his mind.
20) With nothing to do on a dreary night, John gives an unwilling Sherlock a manicure.
21) 5 times Sherlock cried himself to sleep all alone and 1 time John was there to dry his tears.
22) Mycroft/John. John is injured saving/protecting Mycroft, who then cares for him.
23) Left 4 Dead crossover.
24) John grows a moustache for "Save a bro, grow a mo!"
25) Mycroft stops worrying about his weight and gets a wee bit of a makeover. Lestrade wants to shag him now.

#13 WIP fill: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Sherlock gets paid a good amount (low on money, John convinces him) to go solve something for some client in America. LA, California to be exact.
You see where I'm going with this.
It just so happens two other detectives are working on the same case. Perry Van Shrike and Harry Lockhart.

WIP fill, part 1:

3 (Anonymous) Expand

Page 6 fills - 5, 7, 16, 21

5) Sherlock finds the "Look Around You" series and doesn't realize it's a satire.

7) Mummy force-adopts John

16) Sherlock is a vampire.

21) John comes home to a very drunk Sherlock.

1) Jim Moriarty/John Watson and Sherlock Holmes/Sebastian Moran. "If you steal my soldier, I'm seducing yours."
2) Sherlock has a TiMER, Video prompt.
3) John doesn't meet Mike Stamford that fateful day, instead meets Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.
4) If John can't manage his own money without Sherlock, that's one more reason for him not to leave.
5) Moriarty making Sherlock use a knife on John, because at least that way there's a chance John'll survive.
6) Grizzly crime/murder set in a call centre.
7) John and Sherlock, post-coital, and Sherlock says "I love you".
8) Royalty!AU.
9) Sherlock becomes a vampire.
10) Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me, to turn yourself in?
11) John working with the other Holmes brother on a case.
12) John is a BAMF. Flirty, chauvinistic, clingy, stinky and teleporting.
13) Mycroft is claustrophobic.
14) Sherlock is one of the Fae.
15) 5 times Sherlock hurt John accidentally, plus 1 time he did it on purpose.
16) Sherlock doesn't like to sleep, because he knows he sleepwalks.
17) Sherlock asks for Jim's help restraining a criminal he's failed to lawfully charge.
18) Sherlock expresses himself to John by way of touch, not words.
19) John drugs Sherlock's tea with Viagra. Sherlock drugged John's tea with E.
20) Before John went off to war, he frequented a few fetish clubs, where he met Lestrade and they had some awesome D/s sex.
21) Sherlock forces John (consensually) to have 168 anal orgasms in under an hour.
22) Sherlock needs to submit for sex to be interesting.
23) John and the day he was a complete slut.
24) Sherlock works in porn, started consulting business on the side.
25) First time Lestrade had to help Sherlock through a sensory overload and how he helps to prevent them in the future.

Fill #7

Full prompt:
john and sherlock share a moment of lazy post-coital bliss, and sherlock says "i love you". john is all surprised/confused/stunned/simply cannot believe that sherlock actually say that
john *carefully*: you know, i’m not asleep yet...
sherlock: yeah. i know.
john: oh. oh.

and all of a sudden everything is right in the world

well, something like that. sorry)


1) Moriarty kidnaps Sherlock and plans to burn him in a bonfire for Guy Fawkes night
2) Magic School Bus crossover.
3) John and Sherlock are Starsky and Hutch.
4) John is kidnapped to be a pleasure slave for the new Sultan, Sherlock
5) Sherlock and John explore the heath in Hampstead for it's other infamous nature
6) Sherlock has beautiful hands. John notices.
7) Girl!Sherlock
8) The Melancholy of Sherlock Holmes
9) Mycroft/Molly
10) Sherlock is concerned for John's innocence
11) What Mycroft does when he’s bored.
12) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy crossover. John explains to Sherlock that he’s really Arthur Dent
13) Sherlock and John become telepathically bonded.
14) Frantic kissing in torrential rain
15) Sherlock only ever eats John's divine sandwiches.
16) Mycroft has John over a barrel about something and he uses it as an excuse to get John to submit
17) Anderson and Sherlock get pregnant at the same time, and end up in the same birth classes and stuff.
18) Harry Potter crossover. Mycroft’s thoughts on the murders of Downing Street.
19) Sherlock becomes super protective of his mpreg-nated John and yells at anybody who dares touch his bump.
20) Sherlock slips while naked and his ass lands on a phallic object. He has to explain to his doctor.
21) Mrs. Hudson is a ghost haunting 221B.
22) John and Sherlock dress up for Halloween. As each other.
23) Mycroft has a spy camera in Sherlock flat and ends up watching him have sex with John
24) Sherlock being surprised over John's answer to the question: "Marry, Shag or Cliff. Sherlock, Lestrade and Mycroft".
25) Mycroft and Lestrade are at school together and fall for each other after both having to look after Sherlock.

Prompt: girl!Sherlock

Fill: Here

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16: 'Dylan Moran. That's my prompt.'

Fill: And then the CAGE COMES DOWN!!!

Page 9 fills - 9, 22 (Anonymous) Expand
# 21 (Anonymous) Expand

Page 10 - 3, 24

3) Someone runs into Molly outside Barts and thinks she looks gorgeous all dressed up

24) Lestrade putting his kids to bed with a story about a crime he solved with Sherlock

1) Mycroft takes a viagra and gives Sherlock the fucking of his life.
2) Emo!Sherlock cuts himself whilst listening to showtunes. John tries to clean the wounds with his tongue. Sex to the showtunes ensues.
3) Harry Potter x-over talking about their school days. Mycroft is in Hufflepuff.
4) Harry, who has no shame, chats up Mummy.
5) John/Sherlock's first and only time
6) 'Swinging With The Finkels' inspired fic
7) Crowd of people go silent just as Lestrade says "I don't want a relationship right now, I just want a big cock up my arse."
8) Vampire!Holmes. John comes from a long line of Vampire hunters.
9) Sherlock hates sports, but watching John play rugby is the best thing he's ever witnessed
10) Lestrade gets turned into a child and someone (Sherlock? Anderson? Mycroft?) has to take care of him.
11) Because he's so smart and full of sex appeal, everybody wants to be Sherlock's fuck buddy.
12) Sherlock has hayfever and can't think as a result. He proceeds to drive John mad.
13) Mycroft asks female!John to be his assistant. Sherlock, suffering from a massive unrequited crush, objects. Eventual Sherlock/John
14) Mycroft and 'Anthea' write an epic John/Sherlock Space Opera AU. What does John think when he finds it?
15) John is doped up on cold medicine acting like a total loon, and Sherlock has no clue what to do with him.
16) Sherlock takes a potato chip... AND EATS IT!!!
17) [picture prompt]
18) [errant comment]
19) One of the boys has a stutter that re-asserts itself during an investigation
20) John is extremely stressed and decides to smoke. Sherlock thinks it's the hottest thing ever.
21) Harder, better, faster, stronger.
22) The characters meet other character that were played by the actors, but not the funny ones, the artsy Van Gogh ones.
23) Sherlock deduces from the deteriorating meaningfulness of the captcha that Mycroft is reaching the late stages of Creutzfeld Jakob Disease
24) Donovan and Anderson make a fake OKCupid profile for Sherlock. Lestrade and John find it and make it better
25) Sherlock/John. Sherlock as a merman

#12 Prompt: Sherlock has hayfever and can't think as a result. He proceeds to drive John mad.

Fill:How it began with the Bees

#16 Prompt: Sherlock takes a potato chip.... AND EATS IT!!!

Fill: Curious Cravings: The Half-Baked Alibi

#24 Prompt: Fake OkCupid Profile

Fill: Sherlock's okcupid profile

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1) John sets up Harry and Irene so he and Sherlock can have some peace
2) “A friend will bring you a big surprise soon" bed.
3) A slow developing relationship
4) Sherlock/John Outside POVs
5) Video prompt, Sherlock and Mycroft being smart-asses
6) Fallout 3 crossover
7) John has twin on the police force. He has a desk job, and is kind of a prat. Sherlock and John team up against him
8) Everyone wants John and Sherlock together. And everyone has their own little matchmaking schemes.
9) John leaves Sherlock at a crime scene.
10) Mycroft is Dr. Henry Killinger
11) Sherlock has never been able to orgasm, John tries to change this.
12) Mycroft suffers from constant suicidal impulses. The only reason he's still alive is Sherlock
13) John has to operate on Sherlock's hands
14) Sherlock is psychic; he can hear people's thoughts, but touching John makes it all go away
15) Sherlock has the letter ‘M’ tattooed onto his skin.
16) Sherlock breaks into a car, barefoot
17) Sherlock and John meet Dexter Morgan
18) John and Lestrade were together before the war. Years later, they both fall for Sherlock
19) Anthea is busy writing her nanowrimo novel on her smartphone, that's why she doesn't have time to talk to John.
20) A plain mystery story, told from John's POV
21) While hospitalized, Sherlock notices signs of a cover-up--a murder and runs amuck trying to solve it.
22) Errant comment
23) Sherlock does stand-up comedy
24) Sherlock and John have sex on Mycroft desk as revenge after he interrupts them.
25) Ultraviolet crossover

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#12 Prompt: Mycroft suffers from constant suicidal impulses.

Fill: Untitled Longfic

1) Bringing Up Baby quote/prompt.
2) Mummy' is dead, Mycroft carries the ashes around in an urn.
3) Sherlock murders Mary/Sarah to keep John/get him back. John asks him to solve the case.
4) John storms out temporarily, and Sherlock tries to forget about him for good.
5) John is a Real Doll Sherlock ordered off the internet.
6) John teaches Sherlock control so he's better at sex.
7) Sherlock takes a bullet for John from the angry husband of the woman John's sleeping with.
8) John finds out that Sherlock is related to John Holmes, porn star.
9) Why Sherlock wears such expensive clothing.
10) Sherlock is high but it's not his fault.
11) Sherlock/John. Sex in pajamas.
12) Obsessive!Sherlock and BAMF!John.
13) "I like my Doms inexperienced and a bit reluctant." Sherlock.
14) Sherlock takes on more than just the 'normal' sorts of cases. Supernatural.
15) "John once punched Sherlock out of a coma."
16) Lestrade bottoming.
17) Hellblazer crossover. Watson and Constantine keep running into each other.
18) Sherlock and John as students on University Challenge.
19) Officer 'Inserted Song Titles During Inquest'.
20) Legend of Zelda AU. John is Link, Sherlock is Zelda, Moriarty is Ganon.
21) Moriarty watches Sherlock smoke. And gets off on it.
22) Sherlock is Cinderella. Moriarty is the evil stepfather. John's the prince.
23) Sherlock, John, Lestrade and the whole team performing Inception.
24) Sherlock giving up drugs because his younger sister asked if supporting habit w/ prostitution.
25) Sherlock/Moriarty, Some men may follow me, but you choose death and company.

11) FILL, pyjama sex!


Sherlock/John. Sex in pajamas.

Fill: pyjama sex! sex in pyjamas.

1) Sherlock doesn't like sleeping because he can't figure out the fucked up story dreams he has.
2) "You put moths in my food?" "For science!"
3) Are you dead or are you taking another 13 hour nap? You need to let me know ahead of time.
4) John's father left when he was very little, and he asks Mycroft to for a favour.
5) Girl!Sherlock really wants to do it with John without a condom.
6) Moriarty meets GLaDOS, or use on of her speeches.
7) John is literally a depressed potato.
8) John and Sherlock have sex in the living room in shoes, scarves, coats and jackets.
9) Please confirm you are a human below.
10) Song prompt, Runs in the Family.
11) Dr BAMF!John can haz a snake.
12) Sherlock!trap.
13) House and Wilson are figments of Sherlock's imagination that help him cope with the fact that John is dead.
14) His mom found me in the closet hiding and the only thing I could think of was to sit there and wave.
15) Sherlock makes John hard in public until John fucks him.
16) ghost!John.
17) John teaches Sherlock how to deep throat.
18) Mycroft is a genie that Sherlock freed from his bottle and now just won't leave him alone.
19) Sherlock shutting himself in a box to think and John having a conversation with him.
20) Sherlock and Sally friendship, they're kidnapped.
21) Lestrade as a man with transsexual history.
22) Lestrade gives Mycroft a lift across town on his motorbike. Mycroft enjoys it a bit too much.
23) Sherlock considers John to be a part of himself.
24) John is increasingly late to work because he's wanking. Because he's thinking about Sherlock.
25) Brain-inna-Jar!Sherlock, Sherlock/John.


John died in Afghanistan. He's a (very corporeal) ghost. No one knows, especially not Sherlock. Certainly not Jim.

But he always feels uneasy around Molly in the morgue...


Filled #4

Full promt:
John is drop dead exhausted and comes home to find Sherlock hopped up on some new designer drug that heightens libido and lowers inhibitions. Cue Sherlock not taking "no" for an answer and fucking poor John through the mattress, taking him every way he can think of.

Yes, I want non-con people. Regrets in the morning non-con. Horror and misery non-con.

Fill: Here (

Fill #6

Full prompt: John was drunk/angry/desparate for a shag and propositioned Mycroft on a lark. To his surprise, Mycroft accepted. And the next day John discovers that one simply doesn't dump Mycroft. Not when Mycroft thinks he's his boyfriend and is making all kinds of long term plans for him.


1) Sherlock whump.
2) Sherlock has a switch at the back of his neck. John flips it.
3) Sherlock/John H/C - Fear of Flying.
4) Mycroft spanks Sherlock when he's being a brat.
5) Sherlock/John medfet, John receiving.
6) John/Sherlock, morning after Sherlock thinks it's love, John thinks it was a mistake.
7) John comes out of the shower and Sherlock's waiting to have sex with him.
8) John and Sherlock at John's school reunion, John didn't have any friends.
9) Lestrade thinks Mycroft is only occupying a minor position in the british government.
10) Harry and John are both bisexual, and have the same taste in men and women.
11) Sherlock has toothache but refuses to have it looked at.
12) John gets a text from Sherlock with an error in it.
13) Nose porn.
14) Sherlock/John, Sherlock being loud.
15) The biggest weakness of the British goverment? Alcohol.
16) Fill from Part One. A double date.
17) The cabbie in ASiP is just the most depressing man in the universe.
18) "Think I left my riding crop in the mortuary. If Molly steals it again, I'll have to buy another one."
19) (John/Sherlock preferred) where one of them goes completely nonverbal/nonresponsive when things go wrong during sex.
20) Mycroft loses his umbrella.
21) Sherlock with vampire gloves.
22) genfic about ace!Sherlock and ace!Lestrade!
23) h/c. The Doctor is tortured/humiliated, with Sherlock and John being forced to watch, then comfort.
24) Bunsen should be 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Cue cute glow in the dark dog.
25) Mycroft is on the vegan diet because it gives him superpowers.

Number 9


Lestrade thinks Mycroft is only occupying a minor position in the british goverment.

He knows him only as a kind, well-mannered, understanding man as opposite to his younger brothrer.
Mycroft tries his best to hide the fact that he's the british government.


Number 19 (Anonymous) Expand
1) h/c. John's afraid of heights.
2) Sherlock's shirt is inside out in The Great Game. Explain.
3) Sherlock as one of those 'relationship makeover' shows, deducing the guests and reducing them to tears. John is his long suffering PA/Producer.
4) Misfits x-over, Sherlock/Nathan. Nathan moves into 221c Baker Street.
5) Moriarty was in suit at the end. You KNOW what is means. He suited up. And nothing suits him like a suit.
6) Fic inspired by the 'Benedict Song'. John smells like ham.
7) [picture prompt: relationships guide]
8) John deduces something, and Sherlock is amazingly turned on by it.
9) Sherlock is part of a Truman Show-esque TV series. John is written in as a love interest but eventually busts him out into the real world.
10) Wizards of Waverly Place x-over. Mycroft won the magic, but Sherlock got to fall in love with a mortal.
11) To save money, John takes Sherlock shopping for clothes in Marks&Spencer. Sherlock is mortified.
12) Virgin!Mycroft/Anthea
13) Sherlock reading a bedtime story to his and John's adopted son.
14) The Soctland Yard team think Sherlock volunteers at the soup kitchen for selfish reasons. John tags along and finds out they're wrong.
15) Art request, Sherlock wallpaper.
16) A Sherlock/John fic entirely in French
17) The characters of Sherlock are on Big Brother.
18) Dexter/Sherlock x-over.
19) JW/SH looks like 'Jewish'.
20) John rims Sherlock to the point of coming, ties him up and fucks him, then leaves him to go to a party at Mrs Hudson's while Sherlock tries to get off.
21) The Hound of the Baskervilles is a computer virus affecting the British Government. Anthea and Mycroft are baffled and call in Sherlock and John.
22) Sherlock and John in a remote snowy area, Sherlock falls into freezing water. How far will John go to keep him warm?
23) Sherlock and John's past lives were Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee
24) Asexual!Sherlock finds himself a sex symbol wherever he goes.
25) Past Moriarty/Mycroft, Jim was abusive. Mycroft seems to side with Moriarty in TGG, but is actually drawing fire away from Sherlock.

#4 Prompt: Misfits Crossover. Sherlock/Nathan

WIP Fill: White Lies

#5 Prompt: Moriarty was in suit at he end. You KNOW what is means. He suited up. And nothing suits him like a suit.

MiniFill The Bro Code, Article 72: A Bro never spell-checks.

#16 Prompt: A Fic written in French

Fill: Ficlet

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