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Sherlock BBC Prompting Meme

"we get all sorts around here."

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Prompting: Part XVII
Giggles at the Palace
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S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

The wizard detective Sherlock, after searching out and observing many were!dragon in the wild expanse of forest, has captured a draft horse sized dragon who is named "John" to train as his mount and transport him quickly to places of interest. Sherlock originally chose John for his strong, agile flying and his ability to win against bigger dragons in a fight. However, once he see's John's struggling, growling human form in bondage, Sherlock can't help but want to fuck him into submission.

Re: S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

tracking this to the ends of the earth

Re: S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

Oooooooooo my god, YES PLEASE!

Re: S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

this prompt. perfection.

will forever second this.

Re: S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

Oh god, I love the way you lead up to that last line!

Yes I want this.

Re: S/J- were!dragon, Sherlock captures John, non/dub-con

This may fill itself against my will....

(Mycroft says "involved inverici"? Oh, fine, I won't anon...)

Re: temporary art sketchy sketch fill

This... Is.. AMAZING! Yes, please finish your dragon!John!

Re: temporary art sketchy sketch fill

Oh man, the Coat became an awesome Cloak! And it's pointy! And their faces and the slitted pupils and the hands on his chest and yes oh yes do finish.

PS: post here more often because I love you now.

Re: temporary art sketchy sketch fill


Oh, poor John, he looks like he know he's in way over his head. :)

FILL -- 1/?

"I did say the only 'consulting wizard detective' in the world."

Sherlock sighs after he casts a final enchantment on the large metal chains that are wrapped quite loosely around both leathery brown wings (wingspan: 20 meters, relatively short even in comparison with other full grown males of this species; material: bears a number of similar characteristics as leather, with the exception of being 4.75 percent lighter and 5.35 percent more durable) and a scaly hide (Scarred, some fresher than the others; definitely a veteran fighter but not mated although there are indications of attempts. Oldest scars indicate a sibling who is nowhere near the immediate territory).

He tugs at the chains without much force, but they tighten around the creature and grow much heavier in his palm all the same. The collar he had managed to attach on the dragon's neck at the end of their struggle (which lasted admittedly eighteen minutes longer than Sherlock had anticipated due to the sheer speed at which his target flew; the sun had already set by the time he got the dragon to stop breathing fire at him) earlier glows like the embers at the heart of a traveler's camp.


"Do keep up, John."

John the Dragon, for his part, gives a defiant growl that reeks of sulfur and seems to rumble from somewhere all the way in the depths of his chest. His amethyst eyes stare unblinking and he keeps his posture straight despite the obvious tension and fatigue in his shoulder and limbs, talons digging into the damp forest undergrowth as he attempts to keep his head in level with Sherlock's. The lanky wizard is at least a good four inches taller.

Sherlock lets the edge of his lips turn upwards as he brushes his fingers over the glowing collar. He'd observed John, of course. What idiot wouldn't? He had wanted to be sure. Compact as John was, he could do a lot more than just stand his ground when other, much larger dragons of a different species challenged him for his territory. Sharing was an option for him; Sherlock had witnessed and heard both female (expected) and male (uncommon, but not rare) dragons alike pass through John’s portion of the forest without causing so much as a single tree to catch fire.

In fact, Sherlock’s observations revealed a calm if not gentle demeanor. Dull. Had it not been for that one incident with the Ridgeback (wingspan: 37 meters, material: thick and leathery, demeanor: aggressive), Sherlock would have probably gone on to a different forest to search for his dragon. But John took care of the Ridgeback regardless of its size; his speed put him at a large advantage and Sherlock noticed that he seemed to be in his best condition during fights. He enjoyed the danger.

"We'll stay here for the night."

Sherlock lazily starts casting more enchantments around the cluttered camp (He hadn't spent all his time observing John, after all. A month spent at the forest gave him opportunities for experiments he couldn't perform quite accurately anywhere else.), enough to secure the area from wandering creatures but nothing more. When he turns back to John, the dragon hasn't moved an inch. His eyes seem to track Sherlock, assessing his every move; they glow with hostility, curiosity, and just a drop of respect.

Sherlock sits on one of his trunks and eats a quarter of a loaf of bread, not giving any indication that he is aware of the dragon's eyes lingering on him. After dinner, he rises to open his trunk -- which seems to hold an infinite amount of things for something so small -- and digs around for something.

For roughly three hours after that, Sherlock closes his eyes and plays the violin for the moon.

He stops when he hears the Change.

AN: I know someone already indicated that they might fill this, but this prompt wouldn't leave me alone. XD I hope your prompt gets more fills, OP! :)

Re: FILL -- 1/?

Oh God YES, I'm glad to see someone filling this! Great beginning too!

Re: FILL -- 1/? (Anonymous) Expand
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Glad you got a proper fill on this, because this one got away from me like whoa.

How to Tame Your Dragon, 12k, NC-17


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