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Prompting: Part XV
Giggles at the Palace
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Anything based off this!

Hahahaha, yes.


(Are you sure that was Mycroft?)

Fifthed! I wanna see how one does that accidentally.


There is case where the victim and two suspects were in a poly-amorous relationship. Sherlock insists one of them got jealous and committed the crime, Lestrade thinks they're missing something and that it was someone else entirely, John thinks the guy killed himself but arranged it to look like a murder so his loved ones would get the life insurance.

Sherlock and Lestrade both ignore John and keep arguing about it. Sherlock insists that it isn't possible to love two people equally in the context of a sexual relationship, Lestrade insists it is, Sherlock asks him to prove it, John gets fucked six ways to sunday.

(Also, as it happens, John was right about the suicide.)

Re: *ponders*

Well there goes my brain dribbling out my ears.

Re: *ponders*

John knelt between Lestrade's legs, the detective's arse resting on John's thighs and his knees in the air. John fucked his hole in a steady rhythm that left them both on the edge of ecstasy. Behind him, Sherlock was balls-deep in his own hole, fucking in the same maddeningly wonderful rhythm.

Sherlock growled out, "Feel like killing anyone yet?"

"Only if you stop," his partners responded simultaneously.

Re: *ponders*

um ok I'VE DIED

Re: *ponders*

Uhhhhhngggh! Bunk. Bunkbunkbunkbunk.

Re: *ponders*


Re: *ponders* minifill minisequel

John was kneeling on the bed, face resting on his forearms, knees spread and arse arched high and (he thought) inviting up in the air.

"But you always get to fuck him," whinged one Scotland Yard detective.

"Your penis is larger," responded one consulting detective, in his maddeningly reasonable but still unbearably sexy deep baritone. "His hole isn't accustomed to it. Besides, I love to see his mouth stretched wide around your cock whilst he tries to suck as much of it down as he can," his voice deepened further, turning sultry and persuasive.

John's cock, already hard, twitched and jumped.

Lestrade still wavered.

"One of you please God just fuck me already!" one consulting detective's assistant doctor finally burst out, waggling his arse. The victim didn't kill himself out of love, he thought, but out of frustration!

micro-fill of the morning after your micro-fill

It really wasn't very often that Lestrade woke to someone rather enthusiastically sucking him into hardness. Less often still that that wonderful pressure would be accompanied by someone licking and nipping at the incredibly sensitive spot just below his ear.

"Sherlock, he's awake." The person kissing him murmured. In response, the one sucking him stopped.

"Ah, good."

The next thing Lestrade knew, someone was holding him by his hair and feeding their cock into his mouth while someone else, wet and hot, sunk slowly onto him.

He thought, for a micro second, that he could get used to waking like this. He really, really could.

Assuming, of course, that Sherlock didn't descend into a jealous rage the second they actually stopped long enough to get out of bed.

One more (Anonymous) Expand
Re: One more (Anonymous) Expand
Re: One more (Anonymous) Expand
Re: One more (Anonymous) Expand
Eeeeheehee John is READY

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