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Prompting: Part XIV
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Sherlock, Sherlock loves it when his hair is pulled, enough to appreciate it as foreplay. John (or a third party, in his presence) doesn't know this and winds up pulling his hair (accidentally?) in public/at a crime scene.

oh god yes

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES YES

Pigtail Pulling is Appreciated


I have long hair, so I only let people I trust tug at it. I suppose this would be something I'd want to read. :D

unnnhhhh, this forever.

Mine 1/?

Sherlock loved having his hair pulled.

Not jus loved it, craved it!

It almost made him cum every time John grabbed at it. He would pull it when Sherlock sucked his cock, use it to yank him closer to him while fucking him, grabbed at it while about to cum while Sherlock was thrusting into him.

It was actually beginning to be a problem, it got so every time John ran his hands through his hair he would sport a half hard cock for the rest of the day (or until he could convince John to take care of it.)

It was because of this fetish that had gotten him into this situation now….

He was in the middle of yet again having to tell Anderson he was an idiot (seriously why hadn’t he figured it out yet) when in a very childish move Anderson pulled Sherlock’s hair.

In a flash not only had Sherlock shoved him face first into a nearby brick wall, but he had also shoved his hard on up against his ass. Sherlock hated Anderson for not only somehow turning him on, but for putting him and John in this uncomfortable position. Sherlock backed away and started to head toward the police tape, shouting behind him for Anderson to please not do that again when he heard a thud and a groan.

Sherlock turned around to see Anderson on the ground with his mouth and nose bleeding with John standing over him glaring, huffing his breath from the exertion.

It was easy to tell John was about to hit him again when Lestraud finally made an appearance and taking one look at Anderson and John then at Sherlock, told Sherlock very sternly to take John home, and for Anderson to clean himself up and get inside.

“Don’t ever touch him again.” John whispered between clenched teeth.

After that John marched toward Sherlock grabbing his arm and practically dragging him behind (and considering Sherlock’s rather longer gazelle like legs, it was quit impressive) to hail a taxi.

John didn’t speak to Sherlock the entire way home. Sherlock could tell he was still tense and actually slightly aroused so he just sat back and waited, either John would tell him what was wrong, or things were going to get really not boring when he got home.

He wasn’t wrong.….rarely is.

Mine 2/?

The second the door was closed to their flat John had him shoved against the wall, those delicate doctors fingers entwined in Sherlock’s black curly hair jerking his head to the side and attacking his neck with his mouth.
John slowly ran his tongue up and down Sherlock’s neck eliciting moans from the taller man.

“god I could have killed Anderson today” John says pulling away and loosening his grip on Sherlock’s hair. Sherlock moans his annoyance at this making John’s mouth curve up into a mischievous smile.

“Sherlock look at me”

When Sherlock refuses John grabs his hair again and turns his head toward him all the while shoving his legs in between Sherlock’s making the man almost straddle them. Also putting him at the perfect height for kissing. Sherlock is very nearly smiling at his hair being tugged while John penetrates his mouth with his tongue, circling it around Sherlock’s until he moans and then sucking it into his own mouth setting a rhythm his hips soon begin to follow.

“Oh god” John grunts at the delicious friction Sherlock creates between them as he starts to buck against him. John ends up having to grab Sherlock’s hips in an almost bruising grip to try and get him to slow down.

“You have on too many clothes” John says while Sherlock tries to fight John’s grip

“So do you”

AT that Sherlock begins to tear at John’s shirt ripping nearly all of the buttons trying to get at John’s skin as he again latches onto John’s lips. When Sherlock finally has John’s shirt open he shoves that and his jacket to the floor then slips off his own jacket and adds it to the pile.

Before Sherlock can go for John’s belt, John grabs Sherlock’s hair in his fist and pulls his face towards his chest, making Sherlock latch onto John’s nipple eliciting an almost animalistic grunt from the shorter man. John uses Sherlock’s hair to slowly guide him down to his now extremely tight pants. When Sherlock again reached for John’s belt John stops him.

“No…use your teeth.”

Keeping hold of Sherlock’s hair with both hands John begins to stroke Sherlock’s head as Sherlock’s very talented mouth not only undoes his belt with a tug from his teeth but uses his tongue to undo the button of his trousers and pulls the zipper down with his lips. Without once raising his hands from John’s thighs were he placed them Sherlock then nuzzles into John’s pants and removes his cock with his lips and face. He doesn’t waist anytime licking down the shaft once it is free then practically shoving it down his throat.

John lets out a groan once again grabbing Sherlock’s hair in a tight hold to set the pace. Sherlock sucks and tugs on John’s cock with his mouth making John tilt his head back and pant with lust. Sherlock then wetting his lips curls his lips over his teeth and bites down with his lip covered teeth causing an extremely invigorating suction and pressure on John’s cock. Sherlock begins to hum his approval as John’s cock twitches in his mouth making him taste pre cum.

“oh…Sherlock stop…I’m gonna…ah…wanna finish,,,,inside,,,”

John yanks Sherlock up by his hair and the roughly shoves Sherlock face first into their door. (Much how like Sherlock did to Anderson John notes, which only make him even more energized) He then frantically rips Sherlock’s shirt from his back and licks up his neck.

“don’t move” John practically growls into Sherlock’s ear, making Sherlock shake with anticipation. But then John’s body is no longer pressing against his and is slowly sliding down his back. When John is on his knees in front of Sherlock’s arse he orders him to spread his legs. Apparently Sherlock did not obey fast enough for John’s liking and bites Sherlock’s inner thigh through his pants causing Sherlock to spread his legs further. John then reaches around Sherlock’s thin hips and undoes his belt and jerks down his pant as far as Sherlock’s spread legs will allow, making them come just below Sherlock’s arse.

Mine 3/3

(Forgot to say it was a fill in the title *facepalm*)

John then nuzzles against Sherlock’s bare arse raking his tongue along Sherlock’s cheeks slowly making his way to his hole. Sherlock tries to bat John away with his arms from the sensitivity but John just grabs Sherlock’s wrist and placing both of those thin delicate wrist into one of his own hands keeps them behind Sherlock’s back causing Sherlock to have to lean his chest and cheek against the wall to maintain balance.

John then continues to lick Sherlock’s cheeks until he finally reaches his hole. Instead of just laving it he runs his tongue from the top of Sherlock’s crack right to the sensitive skin between his balls and his arse. Sherlock moans and begins to try and push against John’s teasing tongue.

“John please” Sherlock huffs in his breathy deep voice. “Please”

John just pulls away and smiles up at Sherlock

“tell me Sherlock and you’ll be rewarded”


“Tell me, or I’ll make you watch me get myself off and I won’t touch you again for a week”


“Fine” John says as he stands, turns Sherlock to face him and shoves Sherlock’s hand above his head and begins to whack himself off.
“No, John, I’m sorry. I’ll tell you, I’ll be good. Just please”

John stops. “Then say it”


“Yes” John says

“I’m yours”

John crushes his lips to Sherlock’s and lets go of his wrists. John then pulls Sherlock’s pants the rest of they way off his body and stands lifting Sherlock by his thighs causing Sherlock to wrap his legs around John’s waist. John lets go of one of his thighs to spit in his hand and rub it over his cock and Sherlock’s hole. He places himself at Sherlock’s entrance then stops.

“Again, god say it again.”

John pushes just his tip in. “Again”

John begins to shove himself all the way in as Sherlock says I’m yours I’m yours over and over again until John is all the way in, his balls slapping against Sherlock’s arse.

“Lets see if I can make you remember that” John says and then sets a bruising pace that has Sherlock keening against him, their sweaty chests rubbing against each other with each thrust, tongues and teeth and lips fighting for any purchase on any surface of skin.

“Fuck” John cries as his legs can no longer support their combined weight and ha falls to his back causing Sherlock to land perfectly on top of him to ride him.

Sherlock begins to rise and fall impaling himself on John’s cock moaning over and over in incomprehensible statements. John loved this, loved that he could turn this brilliant man into a muttering imbecile, and that was before he began to pull and toy with his hair.

John could feel the tightening in his stomach start as Sherlock rode him faster and faster. Before cumming, John sits up wrapping one arm around Sherlock’s back and using the other to grip his hair bringing Sherlock to a messy kiss as John grunts into his mouth while cumming. John falls back to the floor just as Sherlock finishes on their stomachs and collapses against him.

As their breathing slows, Sherlock goes to move off of John.

Where do you think your going.

“Tired, hot. I want to go to bed”
With that John rolls on top of Sherlock, actually causing the other man to let out a slight grunt at the movement.

Sherlock’s brows furrow in the way they do when they are confused about a case and just looks at John.

“I’m not done with you yet” John says smirking.

“Your mine” John whispers into Sherlock’s ear as he curls his fingers into the world’s only consulting detective hair and pulls.

Re: Mine 3/3

Yum dominant John!

Re: Mine 3/3

Wow, that was HOT!

Re: Mine 3/3

Mmm, nice!

Nothing quite as good as dominant John! ;)

Also love this bit: loved that he could turn this brilliant man into a muttering imbecile because John SO could!

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