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Prompting: Part XIII
Giggles at the Palace
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Reprompt and fill from Part IX (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

The prompt below already got a fantastic John/Sherlock fill (see original post), but I couldn't resist doing one with Jim.

"Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (possibly nonconsensual?)

I want to see Sherlock on all fours, tightly restrained so that the only directions he can move are backwards and forwards. Behind him, a cock or wall-mounted dildo is sticking in his arse, and for whatever reason he's trying very hard not to get aroused by it. Unfortunately for him, leaning forward just gets him another form of discomfort (he gags on another cock/dildo, chokes on a leash, gets his nipples/balls pulled, whatever)

He ends up rocking back and forth, desperately trying not to get turned on, until he's fucking himself helplessly, hard and leaking precum."

Jim/Sherlock (1/?) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

The room has mirrored walls and floor. Appropriate, since it houses a living work of art, and Jim would hate to miss the view from any angle. As it is, he doesn't know where to look first.

Sherlock is on all fours. He is rather naked. His hands are encased wrist-deep in translucent quick-dry glue--Jim can easily imagine how hard Sherlock is trying to move his fingers, but of course, it doesn't have the slightest effect. His knees, calves, and ankles are bound to the floor in a more prosaic fashion. His elbows are held straight by a pair of rigid cuffs, so he can't bend very far up or down.

And just to keep him from wriggling his lovely torso to either side, he's hemmed in by a pair of metal ballet-style bars. Jim has thoughtfully lubricated the bars so his pet can comfortably shift forwards and backwards.

A work of art in any position, Jim thinks. Even his navel is beautiful, an eye winking at itself in the mirror of the floor. And of course his cock, hanging soft and exposed between his spread thighs. Thanks to the mirrors, Jim can admire every inch of Sherlock, all at once.

The most significant part of the display stand is the pair of low, transparent Lucite barriers, one placed behind Sherlock and one in front of him. Each has a hole in it--one at the height of Sherlock's arse, the other at his mouth. Glory holes, essentially. The barriers are close enough to limit Sherlock's range of motion to less than two feet. He can push his arse backwards about eight inches before he collides with the barrier behind him, and he can lean forwards about eight inches before his head butts into the other barrier.

From the way Sherlock is eyeing his surroundings, twisting his neck around and peering into the mirrors, Jim suspects he has an inkling of what's going to happen to him. Just an inkling. In matters of this sort, Jim is a bit ahead of him.

Jim kneels and takes Sherlock's chin in one hand. The ring gag is already making a trickle of drool run down his lower lip. Sherlock's eyes remain sharp and alert, narrowing as Jim kisses him. Jim is all but chaste about it, not forcing his tongue in, just a seal of lips over lips.

When Jim lets go, Sherlock turns his head away with an icy aplomb that thrills Jim more than an open show of defiance would. Oh, no, he hasn't come close to breaking Sherlock yet--he has a long, delightful evening ahead of him. And he notes with pleasure that the drool is coming faster now, dripping off his chin--quite out of Sherlock's control.

Jim's opening move is to open his briefcase and produce a large, well-lubed dildo. It's modelled on Jim's own very sizeable equipment. (When you want the best, you can't afford to indulge in false modesty.) He sees Sherlock go still, hiding an impulse to flinch. Sherlock watches through narrowed eyes and manages to give a disdainful sniff.

"Predictable, you say?" Jim puts a hand to his chest in mock dismay. "Oh, my dear, we're only getting started. You'll have to put up with a few little banalities in the first act. Getting fucked in the arse, for instance."

Sherlock doesn't let himself react overtly, but Jim can see the pulse jump in his throat. For a moment, his eyes slide away from Jim's.

Jim smacks his lips. "I do hope we can keep you from getting bored."

And on the word bored, he inserts the dildo through the hole in one of the barriers, sliding the tip smoothly between Sherlock's buttocks.

Re: Jim/Sherlock (2/?) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Sherlock, of course, doesn't take it. Not yet. He jerks away, leaning as far forward as he can, his cheek bumping against the Lucite, twisting his head to give himself more room. When the dildo is fully inserted in the glory hole, so that its base is pressed to the barrier and fastened there, the lubed tip sinks less than an inch into Sherlock's arse, stretching it just slightly.

Sherlock is flushed now, his eyes furious, twisting and straining to get his body as far from the intrusion as possible. He actually wriggles, twitching his arse like a dog, as though he thinks he can shake the dildo loose. Then he checks himself. His eyes drop to the mirrored floor, his expression wooden, his breathing controlled.

He didn't mean to do that, Jim perceives--that wriggle. He was panicking. Interesting.

Jim admires the view for a minute. In a way, he wouldn't mind leaving Sherlock like this for a few hours. Maybe taping it and watching the footage at high speed. But not tonight, he decides. Tonight he has Plans.

He takes out another, identical dildo. (Again, you really can't improve on the best.) He steps around in front of Sherlock, seizes him by the hair, and manages to roughly line his ring-gagged mouth up with the second glory hole. The first inch goes in clunkily, bumping molars. Sherlock's neck jerks and Jim can tell he's gagging on the second inch. Jim slides it through slowly.

Sherlock's pale back is arching now--he's trying to take as little as possible in his mouth without backing up. Jim watches his panicky struggles in fascination. The dildo slips further and further into Sherlock's throat, making him convulse. Suddenly he stills, shutting his eyes in concentration. Jim hears and sees him swallow in rapid shuddery gulps. He's trying to suppress his gag reflex by sheer force of will.

It doesn't work. Jim pushes the dildo through to the base, fastening it too to the barrier. Sherlock chokes, gagging over and over, tears streaming down his cheeks to mix with the trickle of drool. His Adam's apple bulges. The muscles of his neck stand out. And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, he has inadvertently pushed back into the dildo behind him. It's slipped a good four or five inches in.

Slowly, unwillingly, his throat still convulsing, Sherlock eases himself backwards. A shudder runs through his whole body. In the mirror, Jim can see Sherlock's arsehole tightening and widening again. Sherlock has to open himself up and take it in, inch by inch.

Jim/Sherlock (3/?) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Jim tries not to be obvious about it, but he'll admit, he has been keeping an eye on Sherlock's cock. Jim is an observant guy, and the mirrors offer several luscious angles. And he cannot fail to notice that, when the first dildo is most of the way in and Sherlock is breathing thickly around the one in his mouth, Sherlock is getting hard.

Being an observant guy, Jim also notices the exact moment when Sherlock realises this. His dazed, tear-wet eyes go wide and shocked, and he makes a sick choked sound as he pushes himself forward again. Grim determination, now, in those eyes. His lips, stretched around the gag, seem to purse forward, welcoming the dildo in. Sherlock doesn't pause when it reaches the back of his throat, just keeps going. His eyes are streaming but narrowed, focussed.

Jim watches with real pleasure as Sherlock swallows. Jim knows Sherlock has never done this before--never deep-throated. But Sherlock is a quick study, and highly motivated.

However, Jim also knows something that may not have occurred to Sherlock yet. When you're first learning to suppress the gag reflex, too much enthusiasm can actually be counterproductive. Moving too fast makes you gag, and gagging actually reinforces the gag response Pavlovianly.

And that's exactly what's happening to Sherlock. He's swallowing too much too fast--his Adam's apple bobbing too rapidly, his eyes watering, his whole body shuddering as he inches forward. It may be taking some pressure off his prostate and other sensitive areas, but it's wreaking havoc on his sensitive throat. His brain must be screaming at him to get the intruding object out of his mouth.

When Sherlock's nostrils clog, Jim hears it. Sherlock has the dildo most of the way down his throat now. He's struggling to suck in air, but it's a losing battle. The panicky look in Sherlock's eyes says it all.

Jim debates pulling the immaculate silk pocket square out of his jacket pocket and dabbing gently at his lover's nose. That's what a gentleman would do. Probably. Jim hasn't had to act the part of a gentleman in quite some time.

He watches, fascinated, as Sherlock shifts reluctantly backward, fighting for breath, finally getting the head of the dildo out of his throat and inhaling stickily around that. Which means pushing back several inches.

Not coincidentally, Sherlock is half-hard again.

Jim/Sherlock (4/?) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Sherlock draws a deep breath through his mouth, holds it, and pushes bravely forward. The ring of his stretched lips runs up the dildo shaft, threads of saliva forming and breaking along the way. Suddenly he stops and what looks like a violent cough runs through him. The actual sound is soft, choky, almost inaudible. Jim can see he's in pain.

The pale torso eases backwards, almost all the way back, and Sherlock seems about to collapse, the dildo in his mouth the only thing holding up his head. He coughs around it, tries to clear his throat, then gives up and just pants. His arse has taken in the dildo nearly all the way, his buttocks a mere inch from the Lucite.

Then Sherlock seems to remember himself. He pushes forward again weakly. Jim smiles at the sight of his bobbing erection. It appears that every time Sherlock's arse is penetrated, he gets hard. It also appears that Sherlock isn't happy about this.

"Beneath your dignity, isn't it?" Jim says softly. He doubts Sherlock can even hear him at this point--he seems to have got one nostril clear, and he's breathing through it thickly and noisily. "That 'transport' of yours. Always wanting to sleep and feed and fuck. You like to think you can control your urges, don't you, Sherlock? Like to think your lovely brain puts you above all that, hm?"

Sherlock gives no sign he's heard. Once again, he's struggling to deep-throat the dildo in front of him. He can breathe now, with some effort, but he keeps gagging silently, his body giving tiny spasms, his muscles tautening as he fights not to move backwards. He's quivering all over, and he's only swallowed a little more than half the dildo, and that for only thirty seconds or so. His erection hasn't even started to subside yet.

When a perceptible rhythm begins, Jim times it with his Movado. Sherlock forces himself forward, gulping, choking, eyes tearing. Then he lets himself slide backwards, panting in relief, but reluctant, restless. Forwards again. Backwards again, the dildo sinking in deeper than before. Forwards. Backwards.

At first Sherlock spends a minute or two in forward position, then eases back to rest for mere seconds before pressing forwards again. Then he stays forward only thirty seconds or so, pushing back for almost a minute.

Jim feels a thrill the first time he sees Sherlock's hips tilt and circle slightly as he pushes back--he's actually grinding into the dildo behind him. Jim doesn't think Sherlock realises that yet, even though he's fully hard now, a drop of precum landing on the mirror below him.

Jim/Sherlock (5/?) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

It takes time, but Jim Moriarty is a patient man. Soon Sherlock is rocking back and forth. More back than forth, really. He keeps gasping for air, though he doesn't seem to realise how far back he is. And oh yes, the look in Sherlock's eyes is exactly what Jim wanted--mindless, shell-shocked, hungry. Hungry for the silicone cock sticking into his arse, hungry for the pressure on his prostate, hungry to be fucked.

Jim unfastens the mouth dildo from the Lucite barrier. He draws it slowly, carefully out of Sherlock's panting mouth and out of the glory hole. Jim can't stop smiling right now. This is like Christmas and his birthday all at once. Because the dildo that was forcing Sherlock repeatedly backwards is gone, and Sherlock doesn't notice.

Sherlock is fucking himself frantically now, grinding as best he can between the bars, his arse bumping against the Lucite barrier again and again and again. His eyes are wide and vacant. The wet O of his gagged mouth makes him look frozen in surprise. His thick breaths are changing into whimpers--a soft rhythmic moan, like the hum of a baby on a joggling knee. His stiff cock is leaking steadily now, thick drops of precum that splatter where they fall.

Jim unfastens the other dildo from the barrier. He pulls it out of Sherlock's arse with a wet sound like a kiss.

Sherlock whines, still grinding backwards against the empty glory hole.

"Missing something?" Jim asks.

It must be Jim's voice that snaps him out of it. Sherlock jerks his head up and gazes at Jim wildly, sweaty strands of hair flopping in every direction. Jim can see awareness dawning in Sherlock's eyes. And horror. And shame. And oh, yes, there's still lust there as well.

Sherlock shifts slightly forward again, his gaze dropping. He seems to be trying to recover some dignity, breathing more quietly, trying to still his quivering muscles. But his cock remains as hard as ever. A vein on it pulses at the breakneck pace of his heart.

Jim unzippers his trousers and kneels behind Sherlock. It feels good to pull his erect cock free. He eases it through the glory hole and, to his delight, Sherlock doesn't move an inch. Sherlock just stays where he is, head lowered, breaths steady. He won't give Jim the satisfaction of trying to get away.

Once Jim's hips are pressed to the Lucite barrier, his cock halfway inside Sherlock's trembling arse, he stops. And he waits.

Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

He can see Sherlock's face in the mirror--frustrated, puzzled. Sherlock must wonder why Jim isn't forcing him, isn't grabbing his hips and pulling him where he wants him. And then, belatedly, the realisation clicks.

With a strangled moan, Sherlock pushes back, easing himself down the shaft, grinding as best he can. He rocks back and forth, fucking himself on Jim's cock, pistoning hard and fast. His arse drums against the Lucite.

Jim holds still. He can't stop smiling. He's still looking in the mirrors, watching Sherlock's face, watching that desperate mixture of lust and shame. When Sherlock makes himself come, spilling all over the mirrored floor, Jim has the best seat in the house.

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

You, sir or madam anon, are an effed-up genius. It's the good kind of effed-up though. The sexy kind. <3

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

HOLY SHIT. This should not be so hot. God, the desperation... Guh!

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God. Hell yeah. GUH. UNF. And other incoherent words. YES. THIS IS SO HOT. YES. OH MY GOD YES.

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Jim's voice is so...Jim. Excellent fill. That last sentence is the icing on the depraved-cake.

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)



Poor Sherlock and all, but I do so love it when Jim wins.

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Nonny, this is darkly compelling. You should definitely write a sequel! :D

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Everything about this hot.
The set-up, Jim's inner monologue, Sherlock's desperation and the FINAL SCENE.
So so so so so good!

Re: Jim/Sherlock (6/6) (warnings: noncon, breathplay, creepiness)

Jim Y U No nice?

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