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Prompting: Part XIII
Giggles at the Palace
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dildochair NON-CON reprompt

Not OP. But shouldn't this be filled??

virgin!Holmes gets kidnapped and tied onto this chair:

make it a bigger dildo and make him suffer.

Re: dildochair NON-CON reprompt

I still have the original prompt bookmarked, so very seconded.

Re: dildochair NON-CON reprompt

that's hot. seconded.

Re: dildochair NON-CON reprompt

Just... what.
I never knew I wanted this until you came by and re-prompted this.

Re: dildochair NON-CON reprompt

That picture made me LOL. But yes this should indeed be filled!

FILL: Venice (1/?)

Sherlock congratulated himself. His studies of Europe’s best-known places turned out to be useful again. He had always thought about Venice as an interesting place. At first he had concluded that a city in which you have to use boats constantly was just stupid, but he fell in love with its complicated map. He was on his seventh visit in Venice and it was the first time he went there for a case. There had been an idiotic art collector who had stored a twenty million pounds worth sculpture in a house with a ridiculous security system. Of course, it had been stolen and they had asked Sherlock to solve the case.

The case hadn’t sound interesting, but Lestrade had locked Sherlock out for at least four weeks after a minor incident. In Sherlock’s opinion. Baker Street had been empty and boring too, because John had promised Sarah to manage the surgery while she was on holiday. So the doctor worked full-time and did significant hours of overtime. And he hadn’t even thought about Sherlock’s suggestion to go to Venice together.

“Sherlock, I promised that she can relax for ten days. She relies on me, the patients rely on me. I’m in charge and I can’t leave now,” he had explained. “I’m usually the most terrible locum you can hire. I don’t have to explain why. I want to prove that I’m able to do this. That’s it. No cases for ten days.”

“We could work at night,” Sherlock had suggested. “There’s no need to worry, you don’t even want her to be your girlfriend anymore.”

John hadn’t liked Sherlock’s arguments and had gone to bed early. Sherlock had sulked for a few hours and finally accepted the Venetian case, even if it had been to give John the cold shoulder. He had decided not to send John any texts during his absence. John had wanted the surgery, he should have it.

The theft itself had been incredibly dull, but it had taken him a surprisingly huge amount of time to figure out how they had been able to remove the sculpture unseen. It was way too large and heavy to transport it without several helpers and a crane. He even needed to do some research about boats to find out how they had managed. After he found out about how it had been done, it was child’s play to find out who had done it. Now he was storming towards his target, a palazzo close to Piazza San Marco. He thought that the thieves must feel very secure to stay in such a public place. It took him some time to reach the entrance, because it was very well hidden nevertheless.

Sherlock was so used of his armed friend by now that he ignored the appropriate carefulness. He suddenly remembered when he found himself surrounded by six men who didn’t hesitate grabbing him. There was no John this time. Sherlock struggled as hard as he could, but that only earned him a stiff kick to his solar plexus which knocked all air out off him. They took advantage of his desperate gasps and pressed a wet cloth on his face. He tried to pretend to be unconscious immediately, but they saw through it and held the cloth in place. His world went black and he didn’t notice that they carried him into the house.

He woke slowly and blinked a few times until he was able to see properly again. He lay on his stomach and it throbbed, but nothing seemed to be seriously damaged; the kick had been hard, but not hard enough to do serious harm. They had tied his wrists on his back, interestingly by using some sort of leather shackles with soft linings. He found out that they had closed them with additional locks; he wasn’t able to open them and they were too tightly closed to slip them. He finally realized that he lay on top of a huge desk. His ankles were bound too, but they had parted his legs and each ankle was secured to a corner of the desk. He swallowed when he noticed that he was naked.

The room was dimly lit, he assumed that he was alone until a man emerged from the corner and left. Sherlock felt still slowed down by the drug. His survey of the room and his situation was still incomplete when the man returned accompanied by a tall, beautiful woman who showed a wide smile.

“Good evening, Sherlock,” she greeted him. “I’m allowed to call you Sherlock? You don’t mind, do you?”

“Miss Adler, I suppose,” he answered.

Re: FILL: Venice (1/?)


OMG! Sherlock/Irene non-con fic...
This is beyond awesome. You are so having my first born baby, nonnie.

Re: FILL: Venice (1/?)

Oooohh. Very promising so far.

Oh my goodness - set in MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. Yay!

Re: FILL: Venice (1/?)

Squee! I'm hooked.

FILL: Venice (2a/?)

Thanks for your lovely comments. I'll try to go on quickly. :)


“Irene Adler,” she replied with a small bow. “I was told that you were hired to find the sculpture and I was sure that you’ll be able to track me down. So I decided to be prepared. You were terribly fast, I haven’t expected that. But I had expected you to bring your companion.”

“Why don’t you just kill me? Your explanations bore me to death,” he interfered.

She laughed softly, but didn’t reply; she moved out of his field of vision. He could hear her opening a drawer; nervousness crept through his body. He had already known that she didn’t want to kill him. He’d be already dead in that case. But he didn’t understand what his current situation was for. He felt vulnerable and insecure. Only Mycroft and Mummy knew him naked, even John had never seen him fully exposed. He was ... he didn’t want to admit it, but he was scared. He tried to turn around, but the henchman held him down with a hard grip. Sherlock stopped fighting and lowered his face to the dark wood again. The fingers didn’t leave him alone and they had their reasons, because Sherlock started to yell and struggle when he suddenly felt gloved fingers which rubbed cold gel across his cleft.

Nobody had ever touched him there. This time he fought with all of his strength. A second henchman emerged and helped to hold him down. They forced his bound wrists upwards which caused too much pain in his shoulders to go on. He kept still then, but screamed from the top of his lungs to leave him alone. More and more gel was added and the fingers stroked across his anus.

“Relax, this doesn’t have to be painful,” she murmured and pressed a finger inside.

Sherlock didn’t want to relax; he wanted to kill her and he didn’t want anything to enter his body in such a way. He stiffened as hard as he could to keep her out, but it wasn’t enough. The finger entered him nevertheless and it felt like he was torn apart.

“It’s your fault,” she said. “I tried to give you a soothing conversation before, you declined.”

“Fuck you,” he hissed.

“I was sure that you’re no ladies’ man, but I had never assumed to find out that you’re nobody’s man,” she chuckled. “This is a virgin arse, isn’t it? Tell me.”

“Fuck you,” he yelled again.

“Just a simple ‘yes’ is enough. No need to be ashamed,” she told him and used her second hand to squeeze his balls.

Sherlock screamed; a finger in his arse and bloody fingernails which tried to destroy his balls were too much. The pain was unbearable. He suppressed any tears and managed a raspy “Yes”.

“That wasn’t hard, you see. Oh, he’s blushing, isn’t that nice? Have you ever stuck your nice cock into someone else? Have you ever allowed someone else to touch you? You didn’t. I just know it. Tell me,” she went on.

Another squeeze to his balls and Sherlock shook his head. He wanted John, Mycroft, Lestrade, anyone to enter and end this now. He could always survive a beating or a bullet, but he wasn’t able to endure this treatment. Sexuality has never been a part of his life; he has never been interested in it and what she did to him now brought him close to a breakdown.

“A real virgin. So cute” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you how good it can be.”

Her fingers left his balls, but she started to penetrate his arse now; he hated the feeling and wasn’t able to relax enough to make it less painful.

FILL: Venice (2b/?)

“I plan to have some hours of fun with you,” she explained. “I’ve always wanted to meet you in person. I follow your work for a few years now. It’s necessary to stay informed in my business. You’re an adequate opponent. Nobody was ever able to track me down before. I’m impressed. My flight is already planned. The sculpture is in a secure place and I’ll leave the country in about ten hours. So there’s enough time left to prove that I’m an adequate opponent too. I won’t kill you; I won’t even hurt you physically. I just want to prove a point.”

He needed a few seconds to concentrate until he was able to answer. “How you stole it already proved that you’re good. No need to do this.”

“Thank you, I love compliments,” she smiled. “I’ll be so good to you in return.”

Sherlock started to yell at her again when another finger was pressed inside. He felt his anus loosen around it, but he would never accept what she did to him. She slapped his buttocks a few times and gestured a henchman to get something out of the drawer. Sherlock wasn’t able to keep them from pressing a huge ball gag between his lips. Hands grabbed his curls and forced him to be still until the gag was securely locked behind his head.

“That’s better. You don’t want to insult me; you want me to go on. You don’t know yet, but you’ll beg me for more later, little one,” she told him, her evil grin perfectly audible.

Sherlock bit down on the gag. Yelling had been his last possibility to stay reasonably composed. Now he could only bite the rubber, close his eyes and pretend he wasn’t there. But her fingers inside of him made sure he wasn’t able to. His whole body clenched when her fingers started to stroke his prostate; he knew immediately what she did, his knowledge of anatomy was remarkable, but a part of him didn’t want to realize. The most alarming result was his hardening cock. He knew that it was only a reaction to mechanical stimulation, it didn’t mean that he’d enjoy it; but he hated his body for betraying him.

“Lock at that. Doesn’t it feel good? You should ask your doctor to do it for you. He’d be good at it, I suppose,” she said. “Your cock is beautiful. Let’s see if I can make you come, wouldn’t you like that?”

Sherlock shook his head furiously; he wanted to ignore her, but he had to fight her nevertheless. And a part of him was ready to beg her to stop yet. He didn’t want to admit his weakness, but he couldn’t stand that for long, especially not with her henchmen holding him down and observing. She grabbed his cock which was trapped between his stomach and the desk and stroked it firmly. He fought it, he really tried, he tried to concentrate on corpses, on John, injured after their meeting with Moriarty, on ... on ... He tried so hard, but he could feel that unknown pressure in his balls and knew he wouldn’t make it. An immense tremor moved through his body when he finally climaxed. He screamed and sobbed; she didn’t let go of him and worked him until he finally stopped fidgeting around.

Her laughter was high-pitched, almost a little girl’s laughter. “You dirty boy, what a mess. Luckily, this isn’t my desk; I’d have to punish you otherwise. You came so hard; you must wake with a hard-on every day, don’t you?”

Sherlock just lay there, limp and shaking, he cried. He hoped, she’d just go now, but his inner clock worked as good as ever. It told him that she hadn’t tortured him for more than an hour and she had spoken about ten hours. Someone had to miss him. Would John call Mycroft? He hadn’t texted him all day. Maybe John would be worried after he went home? Had Mycroft sent someone to keep an eye on him here?

“Ah, ah, don’t sleep. Answer my question,” she insisted and added pressure to his balls again.

Sherlock was back to his current situation in an instant. It had been a distraction to think about John, Mycroft, home, but it didn’t work while that fucking bitch squeezed his balls. He didn’t want to play her game, but it was too much pain to ignore it. He shook his head.

“Never? Poor boy! I’ll help you catching up,” she whispered.

FILL: Venice (2c/?)

He started to count the scratches on the desk’s wooden surface. Distraction, he just needed another distraction, something which helped him leaving the room, something which made sure, that he won’t be insane. He winced and whined when she put her fingers back inside, two of them, three some minutes later. She fucked him deeply and widened his muscle further. He didn’t even pretend not to cry anymore. She knew it anyway.

“This is for your own good, little one. I have something special for you. You won’t survive it without a loose hole. You’ll love it. Your body tells me that it wants to be fucked. You need it, you need a large cock in your arse,” she sounded amused and pleased with herself.

The fucking went on and on until she finally pulled her fingers out. She made a satisfied sound and slapped his buttocks a few times. The henchmen got orders in Italian. They untied Sherlock’s ankles and lifted him up. They let him stand, but held him in place too; his legs were too weak to carry him. Sherlock looked down on himself, his stomach was covered in semen and ... he gasped when he looked further down.

“Ha, brilliant,” she laughed. “Brilliant. You didn’t even notice.”

Sherlock’s face changed into a deeper shade of red. His pubic hair was gone, all of it.

“I like my ... hm ... toys soft, I shaved you while you’re unconscious. And ... ha ... it’s almost too good to be true, you had an enema too. I wanted you clean for me. You don’t mind, do you? Don’t look like that; you’re only angry that I don’t do it now. You want to know what it feels like. You dirty boy. I pressed so much water inside, you got a little tummy,” she beamed with joy.

Another order to her henchmen and they turned him around. She pushed her fingers inside again and made sure that his muscle didn’t close. Sherlock barely screamed. To know what she had done to him during his unconsciousness made it even worse. He would never know what she did in detail. Maybe she did even worse things.

“You’re dead, Irene Adler,” he thought. “You’re already dead.”

“Enough,” she cooed and pulled out.

She patted his back and led them to a door which had been hidden behind a tapestry.

“Time for your little surprise. You arse is so eager, you’ll love it.”

Re: FILL: Venice (2c/?)


please tell me there will be pegging, oh please oh please

FILL: Venice (3a/?)

Sherlock tried to struggle, but he was already weak, the drug still slowed him down. They dragged him across the room and pushed him through the door until they stood in front of a chair which ...

No, that was impossible. Sherlock didn’t realize that he held his breath. He gasped when they pulled him towards the chair and started to force him down. The chair looked like a centuries old model, but it had a clearly modern item in the middle of its seat, a huge black dildo. Now he understood why she had opened him up that much. That thing was too large, it would split him. He kicked and resisted as much as he could, she needed four of her men to overpower him. He stilled when he felt the dildo’s head in his entrance. He allowed them to push him further, too scared that he’d be seriously injured if he’d struggle now.

“That’s a good boy. Take it, little one. All the way,” she praised him.

It was still impossible for him to believe that something obscenely large could fit into him, but it obviously worked, because he felt the chair’s cushion on his buttocks soon later. Three of them held him while the fourth man shackled his ankles to the chair legs. He added three wide leather straps too. One went around Sherlock’s shoulders, the second around his waist, the third strap connected his thighs to the chair firmly. Sherlock tested his bound wrists again and again, but it was futile. He wouldn’t escape without help.

That thing inside of him ... it felt horrible.

“Oh yes, how sexy you are,” she cooed.

She sent her men away and stood in front of him like a child who just got a birthday present.

“Oh, of course, how rude. I’ll clean you up in a second. I should have noticed, you’re such a mess,” she said and went to get a wet cloth.

He wanted to flinch away, but the restraints and the ... dildo inside of him made it impossible.

“Such a good boy, so good,” she sounded so pleased, she almost sang her words. “You’ll get a reward soon. You love that cock, don’t you?”

Never before had Sherlock felt such a huge urge to kill someone. He needed all of his strength to stay somewhat composed. She wiped his tears away and he managed not to cry again immediately, but he had no idea how long he was able to stand it. The gag didn’t suppress his scream when she straddled him; her weight pressed him further down.

“Greedy,” she said. “You’ll get more soon. But now I want you to listen. I’m Irene Adler and I’m as good as you at least. Let me think about it. It seems to me that I’m better than you. Think about what I did to your arse, what I’m doing to it now. Your eyes tell me that you feel it too. The great Sherlock Holmes, a crying little piggy.”

“Don’t listen, you’ll kill her, she’ll be dead soon. Don’t listen, you’ll kill her, she’ll be dead soon. Don’t listen, you’ll kill her, she’ll be dead soon...,” Sherlock thought. It didn’t let him forget his situation, but it was a start.

She slapped him and got up, because she realized that he had found a way to escape.

“No, you’ll stay right here,” she said and grabbed his balls again. The pain was too intense to be able to sustain an illusion. He opened his eyes again and saw her evil grin in front of him, sadly too far away for a headbutt. She went to a small table and fetched a remote.

“I wanted you to try my chair, now I want you to learn more about its special equipment,” she teased. “You can have option one, two or three, your decision. I’d highly recommend one or two.”

Sherlock didn’t intent to answer. It would earn him another go on his balls, but he couldn’t give in. He had to resist. He just had to. He felt that his mental health depended on it.

“No choice? Pity. I’ll choose for you. Let me think about it. It’s ‘three’ then.”

She pressed a button on the remote and Sherlock immediately felt a pulsing buzz deep inside of his body. It was unpleasant, but not painful so far. That changed as soon as she pressed another button. His whole body shook and his guts seemed to twist inside of him, he thought he’d lose his mind, the pain was unbearable. He screamed, the gag wasn’t able to suppress it. He even drowned her stupid giggle. A faint started to form inside of his head, he tried to embrace it, a safe place to hide, but she made it stop to soon.

FILL: Venice (3b/?)

“Well, you don’t seem to like a nice electric shock,” she decided. “Maybe you didn’t notice, but the dildo has little metal wires all over its surface.”

Sherlock sobbed. Tears trickled across his cheeks. She could destroy him with that. Easily. He wasn’t able to endure electric shocks. He had never felt them before and he’d do everything to make her stop.

“I promised not to hurt you physically, I remember. Just a short reminder who’s in charge,” she chuckled. “If I want you to choose, you’ll choose. Got it? I’ll take that gag away and you’ll be a good boy. No insults. You’ll get option three for every mistake.”

She reached behind his head and opened the gag. Sherlock’s jaw felt stiff, he moved it slowly.

“Okay, let’s start again. Option one or two? Tell me. You’ll like both,” she promised.

“One”, Sherlock doubted it, but he answered nevertheless. He’d do everything to avoid another electric shock.

He understood immediately. Slow vibrations set in, he didn’t like it as well, but it was much better than before. He hated that he was hard again in an instant. The dildo had direct contact to his prostate; of course it would cause another hard-on. He ignored her laughter and tried to stay unaffected. She just pressed another button, the vibrations became much faster. He moaned. His cock already leaked fluid, he hated it.

“Yes, such a good boy. So well-behaved. You like this much better, don’t you?” she said.

Sherlock didn’t answer. He didn’t want her to hear tears, lust, and stress in his voice.

“Are you too lost in thoughts or are you ignoring me? Answer or I’ll have to punish you, you don’t want punishment,” she teased.

“It’s better,” he managed.

“Do you want to come? Or try option two first?” she asked.

He felt it again. He had loathed it before, but he wasn’t able to fight that feeling. His climax was close; the direct stimulation of his prostate was too much. It wasn’t as terrible as before, because she didn’t touch his cock this time, but he knew, he wouldn’t be able to hold it back for much longer. And she knew too.

“Two, please,” he answered quickly.

The vibrations stopped. He was horrified a second later. The dildo started to move, it started to penetrate him. It was pulled out until only the head remained inside and rammed back forceful. Every push hit his prostate. It was so much worse than the vibrations, so much worse than her fingers. The bloody dildo fucked him deeply and he wasn’t able to flinch away, the restraints held him in place.

“Yeees,” she laughed. “I knew that you’d need a cock. Don’t deny it, you’re a slut. Your eyes look so desperate; every picture of you I got in the past told me that you just need a good fuck. Don’t look like that. I pushed so much lubrication in your arse, it can’t be painful. Just admit that you like it. Tell me that you love my cock!”

“No,” he hissed.

“So stubborn,” she sighed and shook her head. He pressed the remote again and sped the dildo up.

“No,” he moaned. “Don’t, please, don’t. Make it stop.”

“Well, back to vibration mode then? Or just slower. You’ll ...,” she wasn’t able to finish, because one of her men entered and whispered something to her.

“Of course,” she said. “Time for business. I have to leave you alone, I fear. I’m so sorry. I didn’t tell you that it’s possible to combine the options. You just get both. Enjoy yourself. I’ll be right back. Oh, don’t worry; just come if you want to. I don’t mind.”

She pressed another button and turned around. She switched the lights off when she left the room and cooed to him to concentrate on himself.

Re: FILL: Venice (3c/?)

Sherlock had to cope with penetration and vibration at the same time. He almost wasn’t able to breath, it was sensory overload. His anus felt vulnerable and sensitive, every move was painful and exciting. His reason told him, that it was only a reflex; his erection didn’t mean that he was enjoying this. His next climax was close, he didn’t want to. He had always thought that he had control over his body, now he had to learn that he had only as much control as that bloody woman allowed him to have. He’d kill her.

But at the moment he was too busy to avoid another orgasm. He tried to concentrate on something else, but everything around him was black and he couldn’t find a clear thought. He heard somebody’s scream and finally noticed that it had been his own. His cock was shooting sperm all over him again. He even felt a sticky amount of it on his chin. He wanted it to stop, no vibration, no penetration, nothing inside of him, but he was alone and no one listened to him.


So sorry, I wanted to post this much earlier, but LJ didn't work.

Re: FILL: Venice (3c/?)

this was sooo worth the wait

Re: FILL: Venice (3c/?)

Perverse. Dark. Disturbing...

love it!

Re: FILL: Venice (3c/?)


MYCROFT says "evitati nayaril" and i think he doesn't wanna read this anymore. I saw screw him, I'm staying!

I can't believe a) how twisted this is and b) how much I'm enjoying it. I can't wait for more!

Captcha says: owie ethicists - yes, Mycroft, this does sound sort of painful, and it's definitely unethical.

FILL: Venice (4a/4)

His eyes snapped open when somebody switched the light on. His body was covered in sweat and body fluids he loathed thinking about.

“Oh, darling, you got another climax. And I wasn’t there to watch, I’m so sorry. Such a slut, I knew it. If I offered you to buy my chair, you’d want it. Would you put it in front of your desk? Hard working consulting detective with a cock in his arse,” she laughed again, he hated it. “You should find yourself a nice boyfriend, if you need it that much.”

He tried to pretend to be much more composed than he was. He feared that his mental state was clearly visible. He didn’t want her to know how close to the edge she had already brought him. It was impossible to ignore the chair. Luckily, he wasn’t hard at the moment.

She stopped the dildo and let it vanish under the chair’s cushion. She freed him of the huge leather straps which forced his body to the chair and untied his ankles as well. Only his wrists stayed tied. She went on and on with pointless tattle and Sherlock was able to recover for a bit. He sat slumped across the chair and panted for air. Normally, he’d observe her and predict her next step, he’d even run for the door, but he was way too exhausted to give it a try. His eyelids felt heavy and dropped bit by bit. He was almost asleep when she poked him in the shoulder.

“Get up, love. You’re ready for today’s highlight now,” she teased.

Sherlock forced his eyes open. He was already convinced that she couldn’t do anything worse to him than the chair, but he had learnt this afternoon to be more careful with his assumptions. He hated her with all of his heart, but he had to admit that she had been able to surprise him and she even did it now. He really wasn’t prepared to find another dildo in front of him, this time it was part of a strap-on which she had closed around her hips and thighs.

“No,” he stammered, “don’t, please, don’t.”

“But, of course, you’re waiting for it. Everything else was just a starter. Time for our main course, darling,” she told him with a sweet smile. “Get up.”

“No,” he answered. “Just ... no.”

“You can get up and walk to my bed yourself or my men will force you. You should already know better. With or without audience this time? Your decision. Do you like an audience? Do you want them to see? Just tell me, I’m already convinced of your slutty nature anyway.”

Sherlock swallowed. He didn’t want to obey, but he didn’t want her henchmen to watch again as well. It was a much bigger humiliation with an audience.

“O ... Okay,” he finally managed.

“Such a good boy. Come on. Just a few steps,” she pulled him to his feet and pushed him across the room.

Sherlock tried to switch his autopilot mode on. “Just survive this, you won’t become insane,” he told himself. “Don’t make her punish you again.”

She shoved him onto the sheets and positioned him in the middle. He lay on his stomach and tried to prepare for whatever she’d do now even if he already knew. You simply didn’t wear a strap-on if you didn’t plan using it. His ankles were secured to the bedposts in an instant; he moaned when she parted his legs widely, but he was beyond caring for such a minor thing by now. He noticed far too late that she had opened his wrist restraints. She was able to fasten the leather shackles to chains which were closed around the headboard. It was almost nice to lie again. The sheets were soft and felt much better on his skin than that bloody desk. He didn’t even dare thinking about the chair.

“Oh, this is beautiful. Spread like an eagle for me,” she cooed again. “Bad joke, I know, but I can never resist. Did you notice that we have almost seven hours left to have fun with each other? Great news, isn’t it? I’ll ride you now, my little eagle. Maybe I’ll let you rest afterwards. But you won’t mind a bit more lubrication before. I’ll be right back.”

FILL: Venice (4b/4)

Sherlock hid his face in the sheets and was glad that she didn’t expect him to answer her stupid chitchat this time. He was neither in pain nor in too much stress at the moment and that was better than everything what he got so far. He expected his anus to be still open enough to endure her strap-on without a problem. At least it wasn’t as obscenely large as the chair’s dildo had been. He whimpered when he felt her fingers on him again. She was able to push four fingers inside without resistance. He could to this, but seven hours sounded like hell. Someone had to miss him. Mycroft, John, they had to. He’d be mentally disturbed forever if this went on for another seven hours.

“Please, please, find me,” he thought desperately. “I want my clothes, I want water, my body aches, everything aches, I can’t cry anymore, I can’t scream anymore, my throat is sore, I want painkillers, I want to know that I don’t have lasting injuries. Help me, find me, hold me, keep me warm, please. If this is what a nervous breakdown feels like, I already have it.”

“Here we go, little one,” she purred and pressed it inside in one single push. “Fly for me, little bird.”

Sherlock moaned and felt that he was still able to cry. She covered him with her body and just circled her hips; he felt her clothes on his back which was drenched in sweat. He sobbed loudly when she stroked his curls softly. Nobody was allowed to stroke his hair except for Mummy, John and Mycroft. He’d punch everybody else who’d try to touch his hair. She just laughed, grabbed his hair firmly and pulled his head back. She positioned herself more upright now and fucked him earnestly. He was almost grateful that she hadn’t managed to hit his prostate so far.

“Do you like that? Tell me that you like my cock,” she said.

“Fuck you,” he groaned.

“Oh, relaxed enough to be rebellious again? I’ll punish you. Would like me to cut your balls off? No need to carry them around after all. You never use them anyway. Your parents should have done that. You’d have been a brilliant castrato, love,” she answered. “But I wouldn’t be able to squeeze them anymore. No, I don’t like the idea. But what about another go on my chair? Option three?”

Sherlock wanted to yell at her again, but she pounded him hard now and stopped every answer. She repositioned herself to fuck him in a different angle, but was interrupted by one of her men who brought a mobile. Sherlock was alarmed immediately. They wouldn’t bring her phone, if it wasn’t important. Maybe it had something to do with him. She just listened and didn’t say a single word. She sighed deeply and pulled out.

“Such a shame. I have to leave earlier. I’m so sorry, little one. I was told that there’s not much time left until the cavalry arrives. Police? Your doctor’s army mates? Oops, not enough time for another talk, I fear,” Sherlock noticed that she pretended to be unconcerned, but she wasn’t.

“She knows about John, but has no idea about Mycroft. Interesting,” thought Sherlock. “Not so well informed. Bitch.”

“I’ll take the locks away, you should be able to open your restraint within a few minutes, I suppose,” she told him. “Your clothes are next door. You’ll find water there too. It’s not drugged. Well, this is all a bit hasty, but I had great fun today. Bye, Sherlock. We’ll see each other again.”

The henchman untied Sherlock’s ankles and left. He turned his head slowly; she simply waved at him and had almost left too when he replied.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

Her back stiffened, but she didn’t turn around. He heard that she started to run as soon as she thought that he wouldn’t be able to notice it. It made him smile. It took him only seconds to free his wrists; he threw the restraints away and got up shakily. He managed to stand, his legs felt weak and wobbly but he wanted it and was able to do it. He had to support himself on the walls; he was so much weaker than he was ready to admit. His body felt sore and ... abused. He would try to delete most of today later in the evening, but he wasn’t sure, if it would be possible or rational to do so. He hadn’t deleted his information about Moriarty yet, even if this guy was dead. Sometimes a memory was a good thing to make him more alert in the future.

FILL: Venice (4c/4)

He found the water and downed the whole bottle in a few gulps. It made him whine, all that screaming had made his throat sore. It was a clear case that he wouldn’t tell anybody what she had done to him. He didn’t want pity and he was perfectly capable of dealing with it alone. It didn’t mean anything; it didn’t have to affect him. It just ... it ... he felt another tear on his cheek and wasn’t able to stop more of them. Maybe this would be harder ... He shook his head and tried to make his mind stop. He didn’t want to think about it at the moment. He just wished that somebody would hold him now. His dreadful nakedness, especially his missing pubic hair, popped into his mind again. No, nobody should see him like that. Nobody.

He got dressed quickly enough to be presentable again when the cavalry finally stormed the place. Mycroft was right behind. One elaborate look told him everything about his younger brother. Sherlock knew that it was impossible to hide it from him. Mycroft stepped close; he hugged and supported him tenderly. Sherlock allowed his head to rest on Mycroft’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms around him and started to sob quietly.

“Let’s go. There’s a boat outside, you need to see a doctor,” Mycroft said.

“Two conditions. First, I want you to kill her for me. Second, I want ice cream for my throat, pistachio and woodruff,” Sherlock whispered.

Sherlock felt Mycroft’s nod towards his PA and grinned.

“We won’t see each other again, Miss Adler,” he thought.

The thought pleased him.

Maybe Mycroft’s PA was able to postpone some of Mycroft’s meetings. Sherlock wanted his brother to accompany him to a couple of museums. And Sherlock felt in the right mood for a boat trip. It didn’t really matter what they’d do as long as Mycroft stayed with him. Maybe they could invite John too. Sarah was about being back in London soon. Sherlock closed his eyes and snuggled closer to Mycroft. The elder man stroked his curls lightly and kissed his forehead.



Notes: Had to add a bit of comfort, just had to. I should hide now, for the next ten years at least. Mycroft will get me for this anyway, I suppose.

Thanks for your comments. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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He sobbed loudly when she stroked his curls softly. Nobody was allowed to stroke his hair except for Mummy, John and Mycroft. He’d punch everybody else who’d try to touch his hair.

Oh, that detail just breaks my heart.

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