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Prompting: Part XI
Giggles at the Palace
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Ever since he stopped smoking, Lestrade has to satisfy his oral fixation in ifferent ways.

Or different ways, even.

Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1/5

5 Ways Lestrade Satisfies His Oral Fixation

1. Chewing Gum

At DCI Clarendon's retirement party, everybody gets pissed off their arse. Greg staggers out of the hot, crowed, noisy pub, patting his pockets for fags that he keeps forgetting aren't there, and not looking where he's going. He bangs up against someone in a leather jacket and nearly falls over. It's Sally. DS Donovan, he corrects himself. Sally… She laughs when she sees it's him, grabs him by the lapels and stops him falling over.

"You're legless, Sir," she says.

"I," says Greg. "Am indeed legless. And tragically fagless."

"That's because you quit, Sir."

"Yeah," he says. "Why did I do that?"

"So you can keep up with us young 'uns, Sir," says Sally, still laughing. She looks fucking gorgeous she does, her hair a wild billow, lips dark cherry red and glossy. Greg knows he's staring at her mouth, he licks his dry lips.

"I can keep up," he says and looks up at her eyes. Her laugh goes from sparkling to sultry without a blink.

"Right then," she says and, leaning into him she says low and ticklish into his ear: "Keep up."

She takes off at a sprint and Greg, after a stunned second chases after her. It's cool out, autumn bright, the world a brilliant blur out of the corners of his eyes. He catches her two blocks down and into an alley and they fall back against a wall. She's underneath him warm and soft and smelling of leather and gun oil and cigarette smoke and gin. Her lips are parted and he presses his mouth to hers. Her mouth tastes sweet, like peppermint gum and it makes him laugh and it makes him hungry. He kisses his way down her body, looks up at her when he's on his knees and his hands are on the button of her jeans.

"Yes," she breathes, her head falling back against the brick. He skims the denim off her hips. She's wearing one of those thongs -- a flimsy piece of pale mint green cotton that just covers a neat triangle, leaving bare, dark skin on either side. He puts his mouth on her through the cotton and feels her body tense. He can almost taste her, just the barest tangy scent of her here where the material is so thin he can feel the shape of her underneath. He breathes out through his mouth, a long, warm breath and her hips twitch against his hands.

"Ohhh god," he sighs, right into her mound. He licks at green cotton, licks at the smooth slickness he can feel underneath, licks around the elastic edges, his tongue half on cotton, half on hot thin skin that tastes so good.

Sally's hands are fluttering around his head like moths, mad with light. When his tongue slips underneath the elastic, though, they settle, strong fingers in his hair, short blunt fingernails run across his scalp giving him goosebumps all down his spine.

"I knew you'd be good," she says. "So good…" Oh how he wants to be good.

The cotton panties are wet through now with his saliva and her juices and he noses them aside and oh god...

Her cunt is so sweet and fresh, a thin oval of crisp black hair around her slit. He licks her, licks around and over and back before he has to dip his tongue in. Sally sucks air through her teeth, and then lets it out sharply when he tongues in again. The taste of her is rich and tart. More intoxicating than the gin and he tongues and licks and tongues and licks all around the slit and outside of her inner lips, and inside of her inner lips, until he's feeling her body twitch and arch steadily, trying to move him to her clit.

Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

He's easy enough that way, so he goes there, circles it with his tongue so she knows that he knows where it is. Then he makes his tongue soft and laps at it. Far too gently he knows, driving her a bit wild, her hands tightening in his hair until it' hurts.

"Stop fucking around, *Sir*," she gasps, giving his hair a good tug that brings tears to his eyes. Greg hums a laugh right up against her mound but he sets to. Licking with purpose until he finds the spot that makes her gasp and grind against his tongue. He's hard himself now, not getting any friction at all inside his pants which is probably a good thing. Sally's pushing up against him rhythmically now. Her juices slick his lips and chin as he sucks her clit into his mouth, nurses on it with lips and tongue before he lets it go.

"Jesus," Sally says. Greg slides his index finger into his mouth without letting up on the licking. When i't's slippery with spit he slides it into her, sucking her clit in again. Sally makes a muffled sound, high and broken through closed lips. It cuts right through him, makes him want warmth and wetness and pressure against his prick. He finger fucks her slowly in and out while he sucks on her, pushing in hard on some strokes to press up against that jut of hard palate flesh deep inside. Her hips are snapping rhythmically now, the right side free to move, now that he's not holding her there.

He slides a second finger into her, pushes and twists on every in-stroke and Sally comes apart, hips pistoning, legs spasmodic, saying "Oh, oh, oh" as her cunt squeezes and ripples around his hand, her clit throbbing against his tongue. He holds her there, while she shakes and shudders, until she loosens her grip on his hair, smooths it down in absent petting motions.

Greg rests his wet face in the crook of her thigh, breathing her in. Eventually she tugs him up.

"You're too good at that," she says.

"Benefit of my advanced years," he says. "One of the few." She grins at him. She pulls his face in for another kiss, then licks around his mouth, tasting herself. She keeps going, tongues his ear, nibbles the lobe.

"What do you want?" she asks. Greg shudders.

God he'd love to be inside her. Heft her up and slide in to that wet, tight little pussy and fuck her against the wall for days. Or god help him, in a bed, her legs over his shoulders or on her hands and knees... He rocks against her.

"God, anything," he says. "Do anything."

In the end she brings him off with her hand. It takes a while, he's pretty drunk, he's pretty not young anymore, but they kiss the whole time and when he comes, he has her mouth against his mouth and she swallows his every cry.

He doesn't remember how he gets home although he's relieved to find his car is still parked outside the pub where he left it. The next day at work the both of them work hard at pretending it's not awkward as hell because nothing ever happened. It's awful and he's hungover, but then the first case of the day comes in and by the end of the twelve hour shift, they're good. They stay good.

He doesn't crave a cigarette for nearly two days after that, but he does pick up a pack of Peppersmith's every couple of days for nearly a month.


Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

HOLLY FUCK THAT WAS HOT! I've been dying for some het with Lestrade and then you add Sally, and he's on his knees and so fucking good at it UNF UNF UNF

I need more!!! Who else will be as luck as Sally? Will she get a encore? ;D

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

hee hee. Thank your for the enthusiastic encouragement. More to come. No pun intended.

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

Ngh...That was so hot, I can't even find words to say how amazing it was. I've been looking for some really good het for some time on this meme and have to say, this one is the most delicious.

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

thank you!

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

Oh, that was good!

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5


Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

Thank god for Delicious, which led me here. I don't often read het but I love Sally-/Lestrade and this was both hot and... joyful? I'm looking forward to more!

(Mycroft says shangxin inchartn. I think he means the shag enchanted him too, but obviously left him a bit breathless.)

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

*snort* I am glad that Mycroft enjoyed this as he's up next. :)

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

Looooved this. You write brilliantly.

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

thank you!

Re: Fill: 5 Ways Lestrade Satisfied His Oral Fixation 1b/5

This is hot hot hot!

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