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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock sends John over to Lestrade to borrow his uniform for a case. Lestrade feels that John should offer certain... favours, in exchange for the uniform. Cue sexytimes

I blame Stella AGAIN. Yes I do. hahaha XD
And sorry that I made two post tonight ~~ TuT

'cause nothing isn't free in this world ::: D

Re: John/Lestrade XDD

I love how it's becoming a sort of norm for you to blame me every time you prompt something slightly kinkier XDDD

*is proud*

Re: John/Lestrade XDD


Re: John/Lestrade XDD


Re: John/Lestrade XDD



Re: John/Lestrade XDD

Your prompts are their own reward Sadyna!

You should only apologize if you DON'T post lots of naughty pictures.

Re: John/Lestrade XDD


Re: John/Lestrade XDD

Do you mind if there's background John/Sherlock?

Re: John/Lestrade XDD

not op but please please please fill this!

Re: John/Lestrade XDD

Oh of course not! :D they are my OTP after all <3

Re: John/Lestrade XDD

Right, give me a few days? :)

Yes! I can't wait! (Not OP, but excited for fill :))

Re: John/Lestrade XDD

If you do this... YOU CAN TAKE A WEEK IF YOU WANT * U * <3
heheh x'D But no any pressures <3 take your time :)

Fill: Nothing is Free (1/4)

I...may have inadvertently created a dark!Lestrade. And the bamf-but-headfucked sub!John from my other fic kinda crept into this one. And, um, porn?

WARNING: slight dub-con

John knocked on Lestrade's door and hoped he didn't look like he had just been shagged.

Because he had. Really quite thoroughly. Not that he minded. In fact, it was something he approved of quite heartily. But on this particular morning, Sherlock had barely pulled out of him before John found himself being manhandled into his clothes and shoved out the door.

"Go to Lestrade's, I need you to pick up his old uniform," Sherlock had said. "Don't come back without it."

John had spent a long moment standing right outside their flat, staring blankly at the "221B" on the door, as his brain tried to process going from full of cock to fully dressed in less than a minute.

Which brought him to the present: shuffling outside Lestrade's flat and silently hoping the man wasn't in, because as much as Sherlock derided his intelligence, Lestrade was a good copper. And it wouldn't take a good copper to notice that John had just been fucked six ways to Sunday.

Lestrade, of course, answered on the second knock.

"Dr. Watson." Lestrade gave him a friendly, if somewhat quizzical, smile. "This is a surprise."

It was. While they were on relatively friendly terms, it was on a purely professional basis. This was the first time John had ever seen Lestrade outside of crime scenes, and he felt a bit awkward and self-conscious.

"Yes, um." John rubbed the back of his neck. "Sherlock set me to pick something up. He said you were loaning him a uniform?"

Lestrade blinked, looking startled for a second, before his face smoothed into impassiveness. "Did he, now?" he murmured, almost to himself. He eyed John, almost speculatively, and John felt the hair on the nape of his neck rise.

Coughing to cover his nervousness, John ventured, "So you have it?"

"Hm? Oh, right, where are my manners? Do come in, Dr. Watson."

John did, and regretted it the moment Lestrade closed the door. It hadn't been really noticeable outside, but now that he was in Lestrade's flat, John became very aware that he smelled like sex. Sweat and semen and Sherlock's heavy musk, covering every spare centimeter of his skin and wafting over him like a banner, until he might as well wear a giant neon sign that said, "Property of Sherlock Holmes."

Under certain circumstances, John would have been aroused and a bit pleased. Under Lestrade's raised brow and slow look over, John was just mortified.

"It's in the bedroom. I'll go get it, yeah?"

Blushing furiously, John nodded and avoided Lestrade's eyes.

With a little smirk, Lestrade left the sitting room. John took the opportunity to look around. Small flat, a kitchen off to the side, minimal furniture. Very clean and spartan; wasn't likely that anyone else lived there.

John started as a heavy arm draped across his shoulders, and only the last minute realization that it was only Lestrade kept him from lashing out in a debilitating way.

"Sorry, Watson. Didn't mean to startle you," Lestrade drawled, amusement curling at the corners of his mouth.

John would have bristled, but he was distracted by Lestrade's proximity. The man was all but pressed up against him, warm and solid; much closer than a best made would be, much less a professional college. Clearing his throat awkwardly, he pointed at the bundle of cloth in Lestrade's hand. "That it?"

"Yeah." Lestrade pushed the heavy constable uniform into John's chest. "Here. For you."

"Thanks," John muttered.

He took hold of it, but Lestrade didn't let go. In fact, he leaned in even closer, until his lips brushed John's ear.

"The uniform is up for loan, but I require a little favor from you in exchange."

John went very still. His blood pounded in his ears and he was clutching the damn uniform to his chest like it could shield him. He couldn't- Lestrade couldn't possibly mean what John thought he meant, could he?

A hand settled over his hip, hot and heavy. John swallowed hard.

Fill: Nothing is Free (2/4)

"Detective. Lestrade." John coughed past the dryness in his throat. "I, uh, I'm flattered by your interest. But I'm in a relationship. Right now. With Sherlock, that is."

Lestrade chuckled, and John could feel the vibrations from where he was pressed up against John's back. "Yeah, I know. Why do you think he sent you?"



"Sherlock's a pain in the arse. My own personal headache, and he knows it," Lestrade said, and those low gravelly tones right in his ear made John's stomach clench. "I'm not inclined to do anything for him unless he gives me something in return."

"Give you- Like what?"

"Usually a solved cold case or two. But he's shared his partners before."

John stood stock still, mind frozen in shock, then horror, and finally fury, because just who did Sherlock bloody Holmes think he was, that he could just loan John out like a goddamn library book, and when John got back to the flat he was going to punch him in the head. (Even if it did send a perverse warmth through his belly, because it meant Sherlock considered John his, something he owned and possessed.)

He didn't have time to think further on it, because Lestrade reached for his belt. John hissed and grabbed Lestrade's wrist. "Don't."

"No negotiation, Watson. If you want the uniform, you'll do this."

"There are other coppers. I can ask them."

"Yeah, good luck with that. Sherlock's alienated all the police officers in the greater London area. I'm the only one who'd even consider it."

"There are costume shops. I can get buy one."

"And Sherlock will know it's a fake the second he sees it." Lestrade tapped his fingers on John's belt buckle. "He wouldn't be very happy with you, would he?"


And it said something about John, that even furious as he was with Sherlock, he still desperately wanted to please him. He knew what he should do. He should tell Lestrade to piss off and get out of there. Sherlock could either stuff whatever mad plan he was concocting or spread his own legs, the arrogant git.

He should leave. He should.

With a long shuddering breath, John let go of Lestrade.

"There's a lad," Lestrade said soothingly. He tugged the uniform out of John's lax grip and tossed it on the sofa.

"Get over the table. Arse up."

Blushing furiously, John bent himself over the kitchen table, pressing his cheek and chest flat on the wood. He stayed silent and still as Lestrade unbuckled his belt and tugged his trousers down to to his knees. And when Lestrade pressed up against him, his erection a hard line of heat against John's arse. But he couldn't help jump as a large hand cupped him through his underwear.

"Relax, Watson." Lestrade gave him a friendly rub, and John's breath hitched. "You'll enjoy this."

John squirmed as Lestrade fondled his prick through the thin fabric, stroking along the shaft and rolling the head around in his palm. Then back down, tapping his fingers along John's perineum, sending sparks of pleasure to his bollocks and arse. John felt his cock thicken, despite his best efforts to remain unaffected, and Lestrade easily coaxed him into full arousal.

A squeeze to his trapped balls had him arching his back, and he didn't even notice Lestrade slipping a hand up the left leg of his boxers until two fingers slid into his arse.

"Fuck!" John lurched up, trying to get away. Lestrade quickly let go of his cock and grabbed him by the scruff of his coat.

"Hold, Watson!" Lestrade barked out, sharp and commanding, and John immediately snapped to attention.

Fill: Nothing is Free (3/4)

There was a moment of silence, broken only by John's harsh panting. Lestrade slowly let go of his coat collar, and when John didn't bolt, rewarded him with a stroke of his hair.

"Shh, good boy, good lad, it's my fault, sorry, I should have warned you." John trembled as Lestrade removed his fingers and wrapped an arm loosely around his chest. "You're not used to having someone back there, are you?"

John shook his head. God, his heart was racing. "Only Sherlock. We haven't been together long. Few weeks."

"Wouldn't know it from the feel of you. Christ, you're so wet and loose. I don't even have to stretch you, just stick my cock right in."

John's face turned scarlet. Lestrade laughed and gently gripped his half-limp prick through his pants, started stroking him. "I bet you've still got his come in you."

John wriggled in Lestrade's arms, cheeks burning, because yes, he did. He had felt it trickling down his balls on the way to Lestrade's flat.

"He never shares his partners without filling them up first. Likes to remind me that they belong to him."

An unexpected bolt of lust shot straight through him, and John's cock twitched. Lestrade slid his free hand under his shirt and lightly traced one nipple. John shivered and squirmed as he tugged lightly on it, sending shards of pleasure straight to his groin. A sharp pinch had him yelping and involuntarily bucking his hips. Chuckling, Lestrade gave his other nipple the same treatment. The entire time, his hand worked busily between John's legs.

Gradually, John felt himself rising back to full arousal, and it wasn't long before he was slowly fucking Lestrade's fist. His prick was full and heavy, tenting the front of his underwear. Pre-cum leaked from the tip and started forming a large wet spot, the damp fabric dragging along the sensitive head of his cock and sticking to Lestrade's hand.

Lestrade rumbled approvingly and rubbed his own erection against the cleft of John's arse. "I'm going to fuck you now, Watson."

John didn't freak out this time, to his own great relief. "Do you have a condom?"

"Check your coat pocket."

John was confused, but did as he was told. To his surprise, he found several condoms and a small tube of lube in his right front pocket. "How-"

Then he remembered. Sherlock, pulling him into his coat. He must have slipped them in at some point, must have planned this, that utter bastard.

The sudden draft on his backside interrupted his train of thought. Lestrade had pulled his pants down, just under the curve of his buttocks. Large hands squeezed his cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing his cleft. "You ready, Watson?"

John swallowed hard. He lowered himself back onto the table, stretched out on his belly and chest. "Y-Yeah."

There was a blunt pressure at his entrance, then Lestrade was pushing in. John sucked in a breath. Lestrade was thicker than Sherlock, stretching him more than he was used to. But he had used plenty of lube, and John was loose. His cock slid in smoothly and it wasn't long before he was buried balls deep in him.

"Christ, you feel good. Snug. And hot."

Lestrade withdrew and slammed in again, ending with a sharp snap of his hips. John buried his face in his arms, rocking with Lestrade's hard, driving thrusts. He felt Lestrade part his cheeks, probably watching his cock slide in and out of John, and the thought made his own prick jerk.

He was usually quiet during sex, but he couldn't help the soft grunt as Lestrade found his prostate. Lestrade must have realized, because he went after John's hot little button, again and again, until John was panting and scrabbling at the table. He reached for his erection, but Lestrade grabbed his wrist and pinned it beside his head.

"Don't you dare touch yourself," Lestrade ordered.

John whined and humped back desperately. "Lestrade," he pleaded.

Lestrade pulled him up, bringing him back against his chest. And oh, John hadn't appreciated their height difference before, because he was forced to stand on his tiptoes, speared on Lestrade's cock.

"Oh god," he choked. "Oh god."

Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)

John nearly sobbed as Lestrade took hold of him. It was the first time he felt the man's bare hand on his prick, and the feel of the warm, calloused thumb rubbing pre-cum over the head nearly made him shoot.

Lestrade wasn't fucking him anymore. But he was thick and hard inside John, pressed firmly against John's prostate, and every little movement sent hot flashes up his spine. And John was moving, squirming and writhing on Lestrade's cock as the man jerked him off.

"Do you want to come?"

"Yes. Please." John shuddered and arched his back, hips thrusting frantically. "Please, Lestrade, please."

Lestrade shoved him back down onto the table and started pounding into him. The hand on his cock sped up and John was finally pushed over the edge, blinding and hot and so good.

John slumped down, lying passively as Lestrade kept going. The friction of a cock sliding in and out of his oversensitive channel was just shy of painful, and John was relieved when Lestrade finally stopped and came with a hoarse curse.

After that, it was wiping himself clean and pulling his trousers back up. Lestrade walked him to the door, one hand on the small of his back, the uniform tucked firmly under John's arm.

"I want it back in good condition. Make sure Sherlock knows that."

John snorted. "I'll tell him. I doubt he'll care."

Lestrade spun him around and clamped a hand around the nape of his neck. John jumped, then froze as Lestrade leaned in close. "Then tell him," Lestrade said in a low husky tone, "that if anything happens to my uniform, I'll expect you to make reparations."

John stared up at him with very wide eyes.

With one last pat on the shoulder, Lestrade gently pushed him out the door. "Have a good day, John."

In a strange moment of deja vu, John spent an embarrassingly long moment staring at the door to Lestrade's flat. Somewhat dazedly, he turned and started trudging towards home.

He was still going to punch Sherlock in the head.

Forgot to mention, borrowed the title from the last line of your prompt, sadyna. Sorry, I'm absolutely pants at titles.

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)


Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)



I'll... sorry, what? Yes, bunk, umm... Yeah.

Sweet mother of God - why is there not more dark!Lestrade? Fuck - that was insanely hot.

Sherlock-"accidentally"-does-something-to-the-uniform sequel, please?

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)

THANKS FOR FILLING THIS! ://D You are great <3<3<3
Very hot indeed ~~ hehehe I love the part where John is trying to argue that he can borrow the uniform somewhere else too or he can die trying LOL
You made Lestrade very bamf but still I can see his lovely kind side too <3<3 amazing.

This is like day late birthday gift! THANKS! ilu <3

Forgot to mention, borrowed the title from the last line of your prompt, sadyna. Sorry, I'm absolutely pants at titles No worries, it's all yours ~~ ; D

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)


*wipes off drool*

Huh. Dark!Lestrade is apparently my new favorite thing. Ever.

...ohgoodnessthiswasutterlyfantasticthankyou! *cough*

With a side-allusion to dark!Sherlock, what with him offering John up without even asking. And now I'm thinking of dark!Sherlock and dark!Lestrade double-teaming John, and if that isn't brilliant I don't know what is.

And can I ask what your other sub!John fic is? I can never get enough of sub!John

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)

Love this. So. Frigging. Hot. :O

Sherlock-"accidentally"-does-something-to-the-uniform sequel, please?

dark!Sherlock and dark!Lestrade double-teaming John

And these two anons put together have an excellent idea. Please? *puppy dog eyes*

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)

ohmygod- That was one of the hottest fics I have ever read- it hit so many of my kinks

Re: Fill: Nothing is Free (4/4)

Wow. Yes. I like this Lestrade.

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