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Prompting: Part X
Giggles at the Palace
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Ghost!John Prompt

Lestrade calls Sherlock to a crime scene. Captain John H. Watson, an invalided RAMC soldier, is the corpse on the floor.

Bonus points if:
1) Sherlock refuses to believe that Ghost!John's a ghost until Ghost!John does something only a Ghost!John can do.
2) Only Sherlock can comunicate with Ghost!John
3) If you can keep it non-slash

Things to consider would be:
Sherlock can't see Ghost!John but can hear him and John can move stuff.
Sherlock can see John just fine, but John can't move anything corporeal.

Please fill and make this anon and many other anons very happy! :D

Possible relevance. ^_^

Have you read this:

Or this:


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Genderswap! Bonding?

it could be fem!john and fem!lestrade or the Holmes sisters, but can we get some sisterly love? perhaps discussing their respective partners' quirks and the proper dealing of them?

*bonus points and virtual cookie pizza for femslash*


John or Sherlock get ECT, and they completely forget about the other since ECT can wipe anywheres from a few days to years from someone's memory.

I would perfer gen or pre-slash please! 8D
And if you include Sarah, feel free to make her a whiny pig and the one who doesn't have the memory loss can tell here to stick it where the sun don't shine. >D


While I don't mind the rest of your prompt, I am honestly wondering why you feel that Sarah needs to be a "whiny pig" who's told "to stick it where the sun don't shine"?

Seriously? Why the Sarah hate? It's possible to have slash without hating the women characters who "get in the way" (even though that's a troublesome way to put it too, I admit).

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John's the Medical Examiner, not Molly. He's replacing her or something and newbie at St. Barts.
And he thinks Sherlock is awesome.

Take it and fly away my precious!!!

Oooh Interesting! Does he end up dating Jim from IT? I wonder what the equivalent of the lipstick scene would be :P

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BBC brothers Holmes meet Granada brothers Holmes


Cumberbatch!Sherlock and Gatiss!Mycroft meet/encounter Brett!Sherlock and Gray!Mycroft. John/Watson can come play too, but I'd love to see the BBC versions dealing with the fact that they are even more effective if they get along. XD

John has a son/daughter from my widower marrige with Mary.
Sherlock didn't know and is grumpy that he didn't deduce it.
Sherlock found out because the son/daughter is staying in London for a bit and needed a one or two place to stay till the plane takes off.

OP spell fail

change the -my- to -his- please.

I fail SO much. DX

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Misfits crossover, Anthea/Shaun, or Sherlock/Shaun

Shaun the probation worker's mysterious girlfriend is really Anthea. Or it's Sherlock, because they both can be jerks, and he just likes to talk a lot of shit.

... X_X anon fail

AU - Sherlock adopted John

Sherlock is nearly two decades older than John, and John is in his very early teens. John Watson isn't Sherlock's flatmate, he's his adopted son. John's entire family was killed but he survived, providing key evidence for Sherlock to solve the case and bring the murderer to trial. John stayed at Sherlock's flat for protective custody. They got along better than anyone ever thought, Sherlock providing an acerbic emotional support that John took to rather than being coddled, and the adoption was agreed to mutually after John wouldn't stay anywhere else.

(Not a Batman thing, more of a Darkwing Duck thing. Please, NO slash between Sherlock and John for this scenario.)

TL:DR Dad!Sherlock, son!John, and yet John is still the responsible one.

Re: AU - Sherlock adopted John

so, sort of like Russian Holmes and Watson?

Long sad prompt:

Sherlock and Irene were envolved a few years ago, when they were both going through really rough times in their lives. Even though Mycroft liked her and could see how happy they were together, he noticed that what really bound them was his self-destructive nature and her carelessness for her life and safety. When he tries to convince them theirs is a harmful relationship and that they shouldn't be together, Sherlock doesn't wanna hear about it, but Irene realizes Mycroft's right and leaves.

TL;DR: Mycroft broke up Sherlock and Irene because the relationship was a danger to themselves.

Sherlock becomes a good man when John stops being one.

One day, John has an epiphany about himself, and stops caring. Not so quickly that Sherlock would notice right off the bat, but with each passing day, he. As he becomes less compassionate and less empathetic, he pushes his mind to be more sharp and quick, like Sherlock's.
Then one day Sherlock witnesses for himself the extent of his friend's transformation while at a crime scene, and for the first time he is thoroughly alarmed. When he confronts John and tries to get to the bottom of things, John effectively turns the tables on him, leaving Sherlock horrified.

Can be gen or slash, don't really matter to me, so long as it has Sherlock confronted by a much darker, more sinister reflection of himself in someone considered to be his better half. Would prefer Jim M. NOT be a factor in this one.


Someone please fill!

sofazilla rises

Having been exposed to so many chemicals, experiments and depredations over the years, the 221b Baker Street sofa comes to life.

Re: sofazilla rises


(Deleted comment)
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John and Sherlock meet Watson and Holmes of the original canon. Modern day John and Sherlock are surprised to learn that Holmes and Watson are in a committed long term relationship.

Sherlock finds the kink meme and... starts trolling it. Correcting people grammar and being his arrogant impolite self.

But then, he starts reading some porn here and there...


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Sherlock's fic recs.
John's fic recs.
Mrs. Hudson fic recs.
Not!Anthea fic recs.

...What fandoms?

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One night, at three in the morning, fem!Moran shows up on Sherlock and John's doorstep. She's hugely pregnant with Jim's child, and last night she finally decided to run away for good, for the safety of her child.

What happens next?

Bonus points and cookies for established Sherlock/John, because I'm a sucker like that. ;)

ILU marill_chan.

I actually have a picture of fem!Sherlock that could fit for this... If I could find it... (^_^);

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Tied To Your Nightmare

Moriarty has created some kind of substance (or curse, or something more realistic which I can't think of) that causes the subject infected with it to be physically drawn to the nearest person they hate the most, unable to break away from them within a few feet before forcefully getting drawn back to where the other person is.

Naturally Sherlock gets infected and ends up stuck with Anderson of all people. They're stuck together like this while Mycroft tries to find the cure with John's help when he isn't busy with his job and trying to stop Sherlock and Anderson's constant fighting with one another.

Can go the cliched route where Sherlock and Anderson are forced to work with each other over a case or something and they start to understand the other a little more in the, "You might not be so bad after all" kind of way... but once they're apart they totally go back to the way they were before, hating each other, and learning nothing from this experience.

Sherlock reads Agatha Christie.

XD I'm imagining him MST3K-ing them

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Inspired by the rant post

Someone ranted about their father not only not accepting their homosexuality, but declaring them dead to them. So, in honor of this person I was inspired:

John declares his love for sherlock to his parents. Johns parents are horrific beyond imagination. Sherlock defends john, tells his parents off, tells the parents what an amazing man john is and then, when they return home, lets john know how important he is to sherlocks life.

Dedicated to the anon in the rant post and all those who have to deal with the horrifying actions of bigoted parents, friends and others.

My Meta, Let Me Show You It

Instead of John blogging, he chooses to write down his adventures with Sherlock as Books/Short Stories. Only he chooses to set them in the 1800s. And he publishes them under the pseudonym Arthur Conan Doyle. These books make John ridiculously famous.

Anon would especially like to see things like Sherlock's reaction to his 19th Century self, how John deals with being ridiculously famous, maybe even Moriarty's reaction XD

Bonus if the books become so popular they decide to make either a movie with RDJ and Jude Law in it or a T.V. series in Russian

Re: My Meta, Let Me Show You It

BEST META JOHN WRITING PROMPT EVER. Round of internets and cookies with proposal urge garnish.

This is a kinkmeme, I don't have to be ashamed, this is a kinkmeme, this is...

Hell, I have to be, but that's what anon is for.

I haven't seen any band AU yet. Any musical style, any mood, from angsty glammy rock band to cracky boyband or whatever. Just-- I need band AU.


That being said, the first thing that popped into my head was Sherlock in The Cure XD XD

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When John Watson entered Mycroft Holmes's brothers life, he was....well....relieved.
And, although he was loathe to admit it, he was impressed when John refused the offer of payment. It meant that John actually cared about the man he lived with.

An ocasional kidnapping and observation over CCTV only solidified his admiration for John Watson.

So, one day, he notices that John Watson is walking oddly. It's not his usual strained-by-sherlock's-antics limp. Another day, he sees John being pulled aside by a rather ordinary fellow while he is returning from shopping. A while later, he returns into the camera's view.

But he is visibly shaken and bruised.

Mycroft discovers that John has been protecting Sherlock in the most selfless and destructive of ways.

Mycroft shows how pure power, manners, perfectly chosen words, a slight grin and even a leather bound book can destroy a man.

Mycroft makes sure John is well, healed and that his brother....if he ever can....knows how important the man sharing his flat really is.

Sorry, to be clear, do you want random baddie abusing John? or do you mean Jim, or something else?

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Sherlock's, John's, Mrs. Hudson's, whoever's inbox.


Based off a somewhat silly conversation with a friend, a silly prompt!

"Despite the fact that I don't really want to know, John will be displeased if I don't ask - how is he doing?"
"Mycroft. Holmes."
"Which one's he?"
"Who's Mycroft Holmes?!"
"That is what I asked…"
"My brother, your boss."
"Oh. Him."
"Yes, him! How do you not know who Mycroft is?!"
"I don't remember people's names."
"But how do you keep them straight if you don't know who they are?"

Conversation between Sherlock & Anthea or similarly between anyone and one of them - they're the two I could see replying something like that last bit (though really, I would love a conversation about this sort of thing between those two).

LOL. Anthea's cell phone entry for Mycroft just says "Umbrella guy."

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Sexy, passionate Sherlock wants to shoot his load so intensely

It's funny I never prompted this because it's been a major turn on for me to imagine for quite sometime.

I think about it jacking (or would it be jilling?) off and it almost always sends me over the edge.

Sherlock is intensely fucking someone, John, Lestrade, OC woman (HET! SHOCKING! HUSH MY MOUTH!) It's definitely a love fuck though.

He's groaning and he pants into the fuckee's ear, "I want to come so hard into you that my ---- (load? Can't picture BBCSherlock saying that. Sperm? Semen? Anyway....) writes (or 'etches' I change it up sometimes.) my name on (or under) your heart."

Okay . I put so many parenthesis qualifiers in that it's lost its effect. Main focus of prompt:

Sherlock whispers into the ear of the person he is fucking, "I want to come so hard in you that my sperm writes my name on your heart."

Re: Sexy, passionate Sherlock wants to shoot his load so intensely

Now there's a greeting card! Seconded!

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