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Prompting: Part IX
Giggles at the Palace
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Advance apologies, I know little about the culture, and I am truly sorry if this prompt is extreme in the 'failing to get it' department. I don't wish to offend anyone.

A three-way Dom/sub relationship, with John and Lestrade both as Sherlock's doms. Simultaneously, because it seems like a guy wound as tight as Sherlock needs a tag team to take him apart.

Re: D/D/s?

Lucky OP, I believe I've found two recs for you that are both wonderfully awesome. =D

Re: D/D/s?

Thanks, but not really what I was hoping for. Those are threesome fics, and I like the second one, but there's a psychological/dynamic aspect that's missing from those that I'm hoping to see from a fill for this prompt. :)

Re: D/D/s?

*nod* I see what you mean.

Well in that case SOMEONE PLZ FILL THIS!

Those recs are much appreciated, dear anon!

Re: D/D/s?

Would also love to read this!!!! :D

FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

They don’t do things the normal way. Although John’s not sure what normal is.

John and Lestrade usually get together and plan. He doubts that’s what other doms do. But John doesn’t know, and he doesn’t have time to find out, between work at the surgery, running after Sherlock, and occasionally sleeping. He’s sure most doms don’t have a three-way tag team system set up for their sub, who happens to be smarter than the both of them put together.

John enjoys the domination certainly, loves having that with Sherlock, and sharing it with Lestrade, but he can go without that aspect of a relationship. He thinks Lestrade can too, although he's proven quite adept so far. But Sherlock can’t go without it. And John intends to make this work, no matter what.

So John goes to Lestrade’s flat on a Wednesday evening, after a text from Lestrade, who has nothing more pressing than paperwork. Which John is already aware of, because Sherlock is sulking on the sofa.

Sherlock ignores John as he leaves.

Of course Sherlock knows what they’re up to, but he never comments. John and Lestrade never touch each other, not when Sherlock’s not around, and John’s sure that Sherlock knows that as well.

John brings a few beers to Les – no, it should be Greg. He’s in the man’s home, after all, and they turn on the telly.

He hands Greg a bottle of Newcaslte.

“Thoughts?” Greg asks.

“A few, actually.” John takes a slow drink. “So far, we’ve kept this simple. We’ve given him exactly what he expected of us.”

“What do you mean? I thought that was the point.” Greg sinks further into the sofa cushions, shaking his head. “Christ, last time.” He blinks, apparently lost in the memory.

John nods. They’d put Sherlock over Lestrade’s knees, wrists handcuffed behind his back. John had pulled Sherlock’s trousers down, just under his arse. John had spanked Sherlock with his bare hand while Lestrade had kept two fingers in Sherlock’s mouth. It had taken both of them to hold him still.

John shifts, ignoring his growing erection. He really doesn’t want to get blindingly hard, not right now. “That was nice, yes.”

“Nice isn’t a word I’d use,” Greg says, laughing.

“No. I don’t suppose nice is appropriate. And I don’t want to be nice this time either,” John says. “Which is why we should surprise him.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“That’s the part I haven’t figured out yet,” John says. “I’m not sure about role play. Once we find out how he feels about that, I have a whole list of ideas. But for now, I’m thinking of a train.”

“A train?” Greg rubs his hand over his face. “God help us.”

John smiles. “It’ll be private at least. No alley ways, nothing to explain at work.”

Greg adds a smile of his own. “That’s the last thing I need. Caught with my pants down.”

“With Sherlock,” John adds. “You’d never hear the end of it.”

They work out details. Time, place, anything they might need.

“I’ll be seeing you then,” John say, dumping his empty bottle into the bin before making his way to the door. It’s odd. He’s attracted to Greg, likes looking at him, likes his voice. Greg is easy to be around. Easy-going in their arrangement, and John would miss him horribly, if their situation changed. But Greg is not Sherlock. John needs Sherlock. He imagines that Greg needs Sherlock too. He can only hope that Sherlock continues to need the both of them.

“Friday evening,” Greg says, and squeezes John’s shoulder.

Re: FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

*is hooked*

Re: FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

This... I mean... I am so happy you are filling this.

Re: FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

This looks promising.

OP Re: FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

OMG YES!!! I am squirming in anticipation!

Re: FILL (1/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock



FILL (2/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

On Friday, John and Lestrate are both waiting for Sherlock when he waltzes out of the morgue.

“Get in the taxi,” Lestrade says.

Sherlock quirks an eyebrow. “This isn’t for a case, I presume.”

Lestrade’s voice is low, but stern. It’s the same tone he uses for interrogating criminals. “No questions.”

John’s pretty sure Sherlock’s breath quickens at that, but he recovers in a flash, and like always, he keeps talking. “I do hope, that between the two of you –“

John circles Sherlock’s wrist with his fingers, right there on the sidewalk. He doesn’t add much pressure. Just presses down a tiny bit, against Sherlock’s bones. “No talking either.”

Sherlock lifts both eyebrow this time, but he doesn’t protest. John keeps his fingers wrapped around Sherlock’s wrist.

By the time John’s pulled Sherlock into the cab, and Lestrade’s followed behind them, Sherlock is practically vibrating. Sherlock is between them, as usual, and John leans forward, looking at Lestrade, just like they’d planned. “Did you watch the latest Strictly Come Dancing?”

They’ve worked this out ahead of time too. Sherlock hates it when they talk about television programs. So far, they’ve indulged him, but not tonight. John’s sure that Sherlock knows that neither he nor Lestrade actually like that show – they picked the most obnoxious show imaginable, in John’s mind -- but that doesn’t matter.

Most people in this situation, shoved into a tiny space with their gorgeous sub, might talk about sex. Some people might try and titillate, but they’ve gone the opposite route. It frustrates Sherlock, so that’s why they do it. It also provides them with an opportunity to punish Sherlock. Without his frustration, and without a punishment, he stays untouchable. Distant and aloof. John and Lestrade have learned that much.

Sherlock huffs. “A doctor and a Detective Inspector who view that tripe -- the people of London should require a refund on their taxes, for --”

Lestrade turns to Sherlock. “Did we ask you to speak?”

Until now, they’ve kept the punishments to things Sherlock would like. Spankings. Orgasm denial (for an hour only), things like that. But this time, they’ve decided that they’ll come up with the punishments, and they’ll be real, something that will get Sherlock’s attention.

Because up until now, Sherlock’s been handed what he wants from them, and there’s a distinct possibility that he’ll grow bored, unless they take care. Now all they’ve got to do is stay with the plan, no matter how breathtaking Sherlock looks with his exotic eyes and his disapproving smirk.

“Are you going to punish me?” he asks, lips curling into a hint of a smile.

“Yes,” John says. “You will no longer sit there.” John points. “Over here, on the other side of me.”

Sherlock’s surprise shows – a brief flicker in his eyes. He isn’t happy about being moved from the center, but he doesn’t complain. He moves, gracefully, pulling his long legs over by the taxi door.

Once Sherlock’s settled, John can tell that he’s nearly ready to start making deductions, and that’s not on. If he starts picking them apart, considering their motivations aloud, then both John and Lestrade could lose momentum.

John rubs his hands together. “Sherlock. I want you to listen to me. If you speak again, while we are in this cab, neither of us will touch you tonight. We’ll take Lestrade home, you and I’ll go back to Baker Street, where I’ll spend an hour emailing my cousin in Wales. But you’ll be free to speak all you like.”

Lestrade puts one finger under Sherlock’s chin, just barely titling his head back. “Is that what you’d like to happen?”

Sherlock shakes his head no. He’s giving them both a death glare, but there’s something else underneath – interest, curiosity. He twists his entire body away with a dramatic flourish and stares out the window.

Re: FILL (2/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

Oooo, evil, and perfect.

FILL (3/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock


Lestrade makes a face as he pulls his phone out. He looks perplexed, which John completely understands.

John has to suppress a smile when his phone buzzes, and he sees that it’s from Lestrade; Sherlock must be rubbing off on him.

[ Is this working? ]

[ Hell if I know ] John types back. [ Never thought I’d text someone who’s practically on top of me. ]

[ Don’t I know it. What’ve we been reduced to? Bloody hell. ]

John snickers, and that gets Lestrade wound up too, until he’s pretending to cough into his sleeve.

Next to John, Sherlock is stewing, and for John, being stuck in the middle of the cab is not all that comfortable. All three of them prefer for Sherlock to be in the middle, the absolute center of attention, but they’ve got to make him follow their rules, for this to work. It’s what they agreed to originally, all three of them.

Once Lestrade’s got control over himself, he nods at John – a signal that he’s ready to forge ahead. Lestrade bends his head closer to John and gets his mouth right next to John’s ear. “Christ, this is fucking hard,” he says, which is not part of the plan.

“Careful,” John says.

“Careful? You know he could tell us word for word what we’re saying, even if he were 100 feet away.”

“I know, but that’s not the point.”

Lestrade sneaks a glance at Sherlock. “He’s livid. Thinks we’re over here, having a bit of fun.”

“Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing,” John says. “It’s what he’s going to be doing soon enough.” They’ve accomplished goal number one, which was to get Sherlock punished. Next up, make Sherlock focus on what’s coming. John clears his throat, and says out loud, “But do you think he should be on his knees for that part?”

Lestrade responds perfectly. “Knees for the duration.”

John can feel Sherlock stiffen against him. He’s gone from feigned disinterest and anger, to being outright captivated. He loves it when they talk about him, even when he pretends to hate it.

“Can’t think of anything better,” John says, “than looking at him kneeling.”

“Right,” Lestrade adds. “With his head bowed, all those curls covering his face.”

John knows without looking that Sherlock is hyper-aware of both of them, and he can feel Sherlock almost relax against him. The closer they come to the actual event, the calmer Sherlock seems to grow.

They arrive at the train station seconds later, and John keeps Sherlock’s ticket in his hand while Lestrade guides him through the ever-irritating boarding process and into their private sleeping cabin. It’s cramped, of course, no room to move around, but it’ll do.

John pushes Sherlock inside and locks the door, and immediately Lestrade has his handcuffs out, and he’s got Sherlock over to the opposite side of the cabin, next to the edge of the bottom bunk bed. “On your knees. Hands behind your back.”

Lestrade leaves him fully clothed, and Sherlock folds himself down, watching them.

Once he’s secured, John speaks to him, in a soft voice. “You’re still being punished. No talking.”

He leaves Sherlock there, then goes to stand in front of Lestrade, who’s leaning back against the cabin door. John and Lestrade have never touched each other with intention before, and John’s a little nervous. He’s certain that it shows, at least to Sherlock, but he shakes it off. Lestrade looks good, and John wants him. John yanks that white shirt out of his trousers. He leans in and licks the side of Lestrade’s neck; he mouths at the line of his jaw, smiles at the stubble -- Lestrade’s neat and clean, but not fastidious like Sherlock.

Lestrade lets his head fall back, while John works one hand under Lestrade’s shirt, brushes his fingertip over a nipple. “Didn’t know you’d taste this good,” John says, making sure it’s loud enough for Sherlock to hear.

Lestrade meets his eyes. “Yeah? You think I taste good?”

“I do.” John nuzzles his ear until Lestrade moans.

OP Re: FILL (3/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

I'm quietly trying not to whimper and melt into a puddle at work here. God you're good!

Re: FILL (3/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

...marry me...

Re: FILL (3/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

GAH. Words? Okay, words: I CANNOT WAIT to see where this is going.

FILL (4/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

Oh god. John’s never made Lestrade moan before, but he drags his eyes open. They can’t leave Sherlock alone in this. “What’s he doing?” John whispers.


“Does he look angry?”

“No. No, he looks… fascinated.” Lestrade turns his focus back to John, to John’s lips, licking first, across the bottom one, then nipping before pulling away to stare at Sherlock again. “You should see him. His cheeks are flushed. He’s got his mouth open, and he’s leaning forward. Like he can’t wait to have us. And god, look at that, he’s so hard,” Lestrade says, this time louder, so that Sherlock can hear them.

John closes his eyes. The way Lestrade’s talking has him reeling. The words aren’t dirty, but the fact that he’s saying them, that he’s describing Sherlock… “I want to see,” John says, letting go of Lestrade.

John spins, flattening his back against the wall. The train is moving now, rattling along the tracks, rocking all of them, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Sherlock, who looks absolutely spellbound.

John’s never seen anything hotter, not in his entire life. “God, you’re right,” John mutters to Lestrade. “Just look at him.” Sherlock’s whole body is leaning to the left, with his shoulder propped against the ladder that leads to the cabin’s top bunk bed. It’s obviously not easy to stay upright on his knees with his hands behind his back, not with the train rumbling along, but Sherlock is managing.

His lips are wet. His eyes are half closed, but as always, he’s watching John and Lestrade intently, eyes transfixed, not missing anything. His cock is straining against the front of his tailored trousers.

John can feel his own heartbeat speeding up, just from looking. And Sherlock’s not even naked yet. He feels Lestrade’s elbow, right in his ribs. “Pull yourself together,” Lestrade says, under his breath.

John inhales. It’s time to move on. “Lestrade, unbutton his shirt.”

Lestrade steps over to Sherlock, joining him on the floor of the cabin. He starts by pushing Sherlock’s black jacket from his shoulders and it falls down his arms, and hangs behind his back, caught by the cuffs still on Sherlock’s wrists.

Sherlock closes his eyes briefly, and when he opens them, he’s staring at John.

John swallows. It’s all he can do not to rush across to them and rip Sherlock’s clothes off. He doesn’t. The payoff – Sherlock wanting, needy, for them – is worth waiting for.

Lestrade tackles the shirt finally. One button after the next until he’s pulling it off Sherlock’s shoulders, where it falls, pooling behind his back, right on top of the black jacket.

Sherlock is a sight: his lips are parted even more now, his chest is heaving. He looks like he’s being restrained by his suit jacket. Then Lestrade bends his head to Sherlock’s chest, and he closes his mouth over one of his nipples.

Sherlock’s head goes back, and he sways, knocking his temple into the bunk.

“Undo the cuffs,” John says, and Lestrade fights the expensive fabric for a few seconds before unlocking the metal from around Sherlock’s wrists. Lestrade catches Sherlock as he tips forward, and John comes to stand over them both.

“Sherlock. You may speak now,” John says, as he helps Lestrade maneuver Sherlock into a sitting position.

John looks at the spot where Sherlock knocked his head, touching it gently. There’s a red spot, but it doesn’t look like he hit it too hard.

“Sherlock. You’re feeling all right?”

Sherlock’s lips curl into a half-smile. “Mmm. Quite.”

“All right then.” John points. “On the floor. Lying down, on your back.”

Sherlock’s voice is smooth, but slower than usual. It's obvious he's trying to wind them up. He sniffs. “The floor is filthy.“

Lestrade chuckles. “As if you haven’t jumped at the chance to throw yourself into any old skip, given the opportunity.”

“For evidence,” Sherlock says, narrowing his eyes.

“This is a better reason,” John says. He looks at Lestrade. “You think we should put our blanket down first?” John asks.

Lestrade hums. “All right. But if he’s not good, we’ll take it back.”

John spreads the blanket over what little floor space they have. “Now, Sherlock. Or you’re back in the corner, no speaking, no touching, just watching while Lestrade and I have all the fun.”

Re: FILL (4/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

nnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhh. *ded*

OP Re: FILL (4/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

Seconding the above anon's *ded* I love the slow build of tension!

Re: FILL (4/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

YAY! Oh, this is FUN. *bounces*


FILL (5/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock

Sherlock glares and grumbles at them, but he complies, spreading himself out on the blanket, knees bent, arms by his sides, his bare chest a striking contract against his black trousers.

“You’ve been so mistreated, haven’t you?” Lestrade says.

“He could be a character in a Dickens novel,” John adds, which gets him an eye roll and a put-upon sigh. Time to get serious again. “Lestrade. Do you think we should take his trousers off?”

“How’s he going to get off, with his trousers on?” Lestrade asks, barely suppressing the smile that’s curling at the edges of his mouth.

“I don’t know that he will get off. I haven’t decided.” John says.

Lestrade nods. “Fair enough. Christ. Look at that. He’s getting harder, just listening to us talk about him.” Lestrade kneels on the floor next to Sherlock. “There’s a wet spot, right on the front.”

Once again, Sherlock’s breathing gets faster. This is something Sherlock clearly enjoys – hearing them talk about him, as if he wasn’t there. John didn’t really understand it himself, but there you go. Takes all kinds.

Lestrade lifts his hand up and lowers it, stopping just before it touches Sherlock’s cock, which is straining against the thin fabric.

Sherlock arches his back, seeking contact, and John gets to his knees, joining them both on the floor. “Time for the blindfold,” John tells Lestrade, who pulls the soft black scarf from his back pocket.

They haven’t done this before, and Sherlock’s eyes widen, but he doesn’t protest.

“Can you see?” Lestrade asks, after he's secured the scarf.

Sherlock scoffs. “Would I tell you if I could?”

“Cheeky,” Lestrade says. “Prat thinks he’s funny.”

“Hmm,” John says. “I have a solution to that.” He digs in though the bag he’s packed, pulling out the small pieces of metal.

“Nipple clamps.” Lestrade says, speaking clearly, while John watches Sherlock’s face to make he’s heard Lestrade.

Sherlock takes a sharp breath in, but doesn’t use his safeword.

“Yes indeed. Brand new,” John says. “I think we need a gag for this. Wouldn’t want to upset any of the other passengers.” John once again digs in the bag, and pulls out the fabric gag, handing it to Lestrade, who fastens it around Sherlock’s head.

“Bloody gorgeous,” Lestrade says, running his hand down Sherlock’s thigh. Sherlock responds by gasping around the gag.

John places a heavy metal key in Sherlock’s right hand, in the center of his palm. It will be the substitute for his safeword, while he’s gagged – they went over this, weeks ago. Sherlock’s fingers close over the key tightly, like he’s afraid of accidentally letting go.

“Now I think it’s time to restrain him,” John says.

“Brilliant. I’ll do the honors.” Lestrade pulls Sherlock’s hands over his head, but instead of handcuffing his wrists, the Inspector uses his own hands to hold Sherlock’s wrists together, making sure Sherlock will still be able to open his fist and drop the key, if necessary.

This is new – they’ve used the handcuffs before, but not their own strength. But Sherlock likes to fight them, sometimes, so this should prove interesting.

“I think I will take these trousers off,” John says, undoing the button and zip, and sliding them down to rest, just under Sherlock’s hard cock.

Then John straddles Sherlock’s thighs, making sure to lift up enough so that Sherlock can’t rub his cock against John’s body. He leans forward and licks over Sherlock’s right nipple, gets it wet, and without hesitating, opens the clamp and positions it, then lets it snap into place.

Sherlock howls, most of the sound smothered by the gag. He thrashes and writhes, but doesn’t let go of the key, and Lestrade doesn’t let go of Sherlock.

“Next one,” John says, repeating the action. Sherlock twists his entire body, bucking up, screaming into the gag, while Lestrade holds onto him tightly.

John moves off of him, satisfied with the results: Sherlock’s cock is leaking all over smooth white stomach.

Re: FILL (5/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock


Would have commented sooner but my brain leaked out my ears when it melted from the hotness...

Lucky, lucky Sherlock.

More soon, please!

Re: FILL (5/?): D/D/s -- John/Lestrade/Sherlock


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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