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Prompting: Part VII
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill - 1/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

It was probably Sherlock's fault, John had thought, after Lestrade had burst into the flat and shown his search warrant. But then it had got a little more complicated.

"Why would I have a gun?" John said. "That's ridiculous."

Lestrade gave him a hard look, a world of cynicism in his eyes, and didn't bother to answer. It made John's chest tighten. Lestrade was no one's fool, not even Sherlock's. There were dark rings under his eyes and pale silver stubble lining his jaw. His hair was askew and he looked incredibly pissed off. He was haggard, like a man who had been lacking in sleep for days on end. Sherlock would pin it down to the exact number of hours, probably.

"Don't try my patience. Turn and face the wall."

"Which wall would you like me on?"

"Any bloody wall."

John felt sweat start to spread across his palms. He put his book down and went to stand in front of the wallpaper. He stared at it. It seemed to stare back. "Put your hands on it," Lestrade ground out.

"Fine," John said, but he was beginning to know that this really wasn't fine. Lestrade clearly wasn't in the mood to be nice, or even merely grumpy. Danger radiated from him like poison. He heard the thud of Lestrade's feet coming closer and he tensed all along his spine, even the muscles of his buttocks tightening.

"I haven't got a gun," he said, more soberly. "Honestly."

"Just shut it. I know what you did."

The hairs on his neck stood up. Fast breath behind him. Lestrade wasn't dangerous, he knew that, or thought he had known that, but now all his flight or fight instincts pinged into high alert.

"What's this all about then, really?" John asked, trying to slow his breathing. The rustle of Lestrade's coat, then there was a hand on his hip, then two hands, rude and hard. Lestrade ran them ran down John's outer thighs, palms flat, over his knees, calves, then one hand inside each leg back up, all the way up to his balls.

Lestrade was silent as his fingers brushed the thick central seam of John's jeans, right between his legs.

"Oh my god," John said. "Is that… necessary?"

"Sorry," Lestrade said, but he didn't sound sorry, or much of anything. Worse, John's cock began to harden.

Fucking no, not know. John pressed his forehead to the wall.

"Got a problem?" Lestrade said, close by his ear.

The heat of the man was behind him, all along his back and shoulders. His breath warmed the back of John's neck, and his hands… Oh god, his hands closed tight on John's hips, then slid up his stomach, flat and searching.

They'd kissed once. It'd been at 3am, at the foot of the stairs of 221b. Lestrade had bought him home in his car and dropped him off after a case, seen him in safely. John had felt like a rescued damsel, and maybe Lestrade had thought he'd looked like one, because he'd kissed him long and slowly against the wall until John was hard and almost moaning.

This was the time to tell Lestrade to stop, clearly. Or something.

"What are we doing, exactly?" John said, looking down between his spread arms. Lestrade had pushed his palms up further so that they were flat over John's nipples. His hard hands with blunt, hard-working fingers.

"I'm looking for a gun. Why, don't you like it?" Lestrade said.

"I don't have it. I don't."

"I can't tell if you're as bad as Sherlock," Lestrade said, lips against John's ear, then he leaned against John with his full body weight. "Getting off on danger." His cock was hard and very obvious. He slid his palms up along John's arms, pressing and digging into muscle. He reached John's wrists and curled his fingers around them.

John shuddered and pushed back against Lestrade's cock. He was answered by a soft low grunt.

"I knew you'd go for this," Lestrade whispered in his ear. "Dirty boy."

John laughed and pressed his forehead harder to the wall, pushing back harder. "Do this with all your suspects, do you?"

Fill - 2/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

"Only the ones I really like," Lestrade said. "Or don't like."

John swallowed hard. "What does that mean?"

But Lestrade didn't answer him. He left one hand on John's wrist. He undid John's belt buckle with the other, then his own, yanking them open and then both their jeans and underwear down in short sharp efficient tugs that made John's stomach clench.

"Can I fuck you?" Lestrade said, against John's jaw. He was already working his own cock, John could feel it, could feel the smooth slide of the damp head against his skin. His knees wobbled.

"Like this?" John said, his hot breath rebounding off the wall. He was crammed against it, hemmed in by Lestrade. "Here?"

Lestrade was breathing so heavily it sounded like he might come at any moment, like he was hot and desperate and hungry. John's cock stuck out, aching and tight and untouched. He squirmed back, wanting more contact.

"Best place to fuck," Lestrade said, and oh god, that voice<./i> right in his ear. "Good and hard against a wall. Don't tell anyone I said that. Don't want anyone thinking I'm a perv."

"God forbid," John said, as Lestrade took hold of his cock and began to stroke him. He took John to the edge, then let go.

"Oh," John said. His palms were slipping against the wallpaper.

"Keep your hands were I can see 'em," Lestrade growled, and pushed two fingers into John's mouth. "Suck on those."

John tipped his head back and let Lestrade slip them in further. He ran them over John's teeth and tongue while John tried to suck them, trying to tighten his lips around them like he would if he were sucking cock. Lestrade whispered obscenties in his ear. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them over John's hole, then pushed them in, both of them. John squirmed, pinned.

"Oh, you're tight," Lestrade said. He stilled his fingers, struggling to move them. "Really fucking tight."

"Are you big?" John said, and just tried to breath. He gasped a laugh. "I don't even know that about you. This is crazy. Madness."

"Yeah, but you like that," Lestrade said, and pushed in deeper. "Yeah, I'm pretty big though."

"Just do it." John bent his head, focusing on the sharp sensation of being stretched, waiting for the main event.

He heard the sound of Lestrade spitting, then felt more wetness, then the blunt, smooth head of his cock pushing up into his hole. He felt huge. John moaned all the way through it, lifting onto his toes, until Lestrade was mouthing at his jaw and stroking his cock, one arm wrapped tight around John's waist, moaning himself. They both stilled when he was fully inside.

"I want to do you hard," Lestrade said, hot damp breath all over John's cheek. "Fuck you hard. Can I?"

John had to admire a man who spoke his mind. "Please," he said, turning his head so that their mouths could meet.

Lestrade bit at his lip as he fucked him. He lifted John's hips and slammed in in long straight thrusts. His hand was steady and hot around John's dick, pulling him to orgasm in a few short strokes while Lestrade still fucked him.

Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

"Ohh," John moaned, pushed and pressed against the wall, his ships canted up and back, still on his toes. Pleasure suffused him. Lestrade slid into him, hips working faster and faster until he stopped, deep inside John, cock swelling thicker and pulsing.

"Oh, fuck," Lestrade whispered, kissing John's jaw, making a couple more lazy thrusts. "You're so good."

They leaned against the wall, propped up as Lestrade softened and slipped out. It was a minute or two until John could manage to bend down to pull up his trousers.

Halfway through, he turned round and slipped down the wall until he was sitting on the carpet, his trousers still round his knees.

"Knees are a bit… weak," he said.

There was a rustling of cloth and then Lestrade was kneeling down between his thighs. He put his hands on John's knees and then kissed him. It was just like before in the hallway. His mouth was warm and soft, and he was a good kisser. Very very good. John tipped his head back against the wall and put his arms around Lestrade's neck, holding him close.

After a little while there were creaking sounds, which could be the floorboards or could be Lestrade's knees. They pulled apart, but not far.

Lestrade was glowing; he didn't look haggard any more. Instead he looked sleepy and soft. He stood up, then tugged John to his feet. They held hands for a second, until they let go a little awkwardly. Lestrade buttoned up his coat and ran a hand through his hair.

"Good job Sherlock's not in," John said. He'd got come on the wallpaper. It was flock. That was going to be a bugger to clean.

"Yeah. No. I mean. I know he's in Essex. Look, er. I don't do that with everyone," Lestrade said.

"Only those people you think are carrying weapons."

There was that glint of cynicism in Lestrade's glance again, of knowing more than he let on. "Yeah. Well. Let's just let that lie."

"Interesting seduction technique though."

"It worked, didn't it?" Lestrade said, then kissed him once more. It was more gentle and tentative, but still so good. John found that he stopped thinking.

God only knew what it said about John that it had worked, but John wasn't going to worry about that now.

His knees were still shaking; he had forensic evidence to remove from difficult surfaces before Sherlock came home; Lestrade was still kissing him. Lestrade, who, somehow, seemed to know an awful lot about him in some particular ways. But then Sherlock had always said Lestrade was a good detective.

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17


oh god bunk NOW

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

OH FUCK that was hot!!! The tightness and minimal preparation just about killed me...

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

I just got out of the shower. I think I may need to go back in again.

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

Holy CRAP, I am dead. You have killed me.
Sweet Jesus, that was hotter than the sun, I don't even...

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

Bunk! Now! But I also liked that the ending was also sweet :)

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

Wow, that was a hot piece of detective work!
I like how Lestrade was all BAMF and how John got off on it <3 And I also like those more tender moments when they were kissing.


First off: Another fill! WOO!!

Secondly: OMFG. That was... um... nice. Yeah. Really quite...

Fuck it, I'll be in my bunk. Oh, and thank you, Authour!Anon, for this deliciousness. It's exactly what the doctor ordered ;)

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

U-unf. Umm. Bunk.

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

First of all: UNF!

Second: "He'd got come on the wallpaper. It was flock. That was going to be a bugger to clean." That line brought a hell of an inappropriate "Semen is such a persistent stain" to my mind.

Third: God, is there more? John/Lestrade is not my fav pairing but it's so damn hot and under-used...

Re: Fill - 3/3 - Detective work, John/Lestrade NC 17

Damn. This is a thing of beauty, anon.

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