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Prompting: Part V
Giggles at the Palace
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:( 1/2


Sherlock is profoundly uncomfortable around children. They are small and vulnerable and easily led astray, and he hates being around them, because their very presence is enough to make something dark in him stir, and he hates it.

Dead children he can handle -- there's nothing left to hurt, so there's no fear of making a mistake, a misstep. It's the living ones he can't stand, Lestrade's boys, or primary school students, or the small figures walking with their parents through the streets.

He doesn't think about it when he's so high out of his mind that he barely remembers he has a body, let alone what it wants. He doesn't think about it when he has a case (only the case matters when he has one, and he pursues cases with a relentless, single-minded determination).

But when he's bored, it's the only thing he can think about, popping up as unwelcome thoughts while he's conducting an experiment, or stray ideas when he's fetching himself takeaway.

I'm too smart to get caught. They'd never find any evidence.

I could make them want it, beg for it.

I could take what I want, and they wouldn't be able to stop me, and no one would catch me, not even Mycroft. Mycroft wouldn't even suspect it, he's so blinded by filial loyalty.

Findings are ambiguous regarding the effects of viewing child pornography on a child molester's likelihood to commit an offense, and there are too many variables involved (differing reasons for viewing the material, differing motivations for molesting a child, the likelihood of child molesters to get caught and the correlation of that with the contents of their hard drives...).

Sherlock keeps his computer clean of illegal material -- well, of that sort of illegal material. He doesn't really care if Lestrade finds the illicitly obtained criminal database he keeps there, or the files that are confidential only to someone who can't guess an access password in thirty minutes.

But with anything else, he doesn't want to take any chances. Not of getting caught -- obviously he wouldn't get caught. But he doesn't want to be tempted.

No one else knows why Sherlock hates children, just that he does -- and there's a million reasons he can give. They're small and even less intelligent than adults. They're frequently sticky. They get underfoot and are incredibly bothersome.

But the real reason is that they frighten him, because they tempt him, and chip at his control. It would be so easy. And that is unacceptable, because while Sherlock's willing to allow himself to want (since everyone seems so insistent that he not spend his between-case moments under the influence of cocaine), he's unwilling to allow anything else.


John says to Sherlock, over a cup of tea, "I'm looking after my nephew for a few days. His mother was in a car crash and needs someone to take care of him."

"Your sister doesn't have a son," Sherlock replies absently, fascinated by the growth rate of the bacteria, once he's added an infusion of sugar and flour to the edges of the petri dish.

"My cousin does. He's her son," John says.

"Then he's not your nephew, he's your first cousin once-removed."

"Right, whatever. Anyways, he'll be staying here until his mother's out of the hospital."

"How old is he?" Sherlock asks neutrally. It doesn't have to be a child -- it could be thirteen, or better yet, fifteen, that snotty age that makes children wholly irritating and completely uninteresting.

"Born in '93. That makes him... Just turned seven, I think. What do seven-year-olds eat? Chips, yeah?"

"Unacceptable," Sherlock says immediately, focusing his gaze on the bacteria he's examining, even though his mind's as far from that as possible. "You can't bring him here."

:( 2/3 (fucking character limit)


"I pay half the rent too, you know," John replies with an edge of sharpness to his tone. "He's got nowhere else to stay, so he'll stay with us."

"No," Sherlock repeats again. "Send him to Harriet."

"Harry's worse at taking care of kids than I am. And our place is bigger. It wouldn't be that hard to child-proof the place, and I haven't seen him in years."

"Send him to Harry and visit him."

"Don't be an arse, Sherlock. It'll only be for a couple days. I know you don't like kids, but just this once -- I'll do all the taking care of him, and you can impress him with everything you know, and it'll be fun."

Sherlock considers it for a brief moment. How much damage could he do in a "couple days" without getting caught? Well, accounting for unsupervised access to him during the hours that John's at work, coupled with a child's natural naivety and Sherlock's rather good acting skills... Plus the eagerness of children to please adults, and their lack of comprehension about what is and isn't appropriate behavior, not to mention Sherlock's skill at subterfuge and deception...

It would be so easy. No one would ever know.

“Unacceptable. You are forbidden from bringing a child under the age of thirteen into this flat.”

“I'm doing this with or without your permission, Sherlock. I was just letting you know, so you could be ready for it. You can't stop me.”

“Then I'll stay at a hotel while he's present. Let me know when he's left.” Sherlock does the math -- he has enough cocaine lying around (well-hidden of course) to last him a week or so, more if his tolerance has decreased at the average rate. That'd be plenty of time, though the withdrawal would be really rather inconvenient.

John's staring at him incredulously. “You can't possibly hate children that much. They're really not that bad when they're playing by themselves. What's this about?”

Sherlock purses his lips. “It's nothing.”

“Doesn't sound like nothing, the way you're going on. It sounds like you think if you're within fifty feet of a child, something terrible will happen.”

I am the terrible thing that will happen, to it,” Sherlock says. His hands are clenched into tight fists, and his nails dig into the base of his thumb. He has to tell John. He has to, because John is his conscience, or as close to one as Sherlock has, and he knows John won't let up until he knows -- or until Sherlock gives in.

Sherlock can't give in, so.

“Oh, that's not true,” John says dismissively, lightly. “I'm sure you'd be great with children. Have you even tried?”

“John.” Sherlock stares fixedly at the petri dish, but it blurs in front of his eyes. “You can not leave me alone with a child.” His nails in the base of his thumb, the sharp spread of pain up his wrists as he hits the right nerve. “I am not safe for children.” I'm sorry. I'm sorry. “I will say this once, and only once.” Please don't hate me. I couldn't bear it if you hated me. “If you give me unsupervised access to a child, I will hurt it.” The pain flares, stinging, and wetness wells up under his fingernails. “And I will enjoy it. And you will never know, because I am much cleverer than you, and know how to hide my tracks.”

John is silent for a very long time. Sherlock watches a drop of blood well up, then slide down his wrist. It falls onto the table.

John's voice, when he speaks, is closer now, and very neutral. “Have you done it before, then?”

“No,” Sherlock says, but honesty propels him to add, “But if I had, I'd still say no, and you'd have no way of knowing if I was telling the truth.”

A hand touches Sherlock's back. “I believe you. Is this uh... a recent development?”

“Since puberty.”

“So, you fantasize about...”

“I'm not well-rested enough to fantasize. I haven't the time. It's worse when I'm bored, especially so once that Lestrade forced me off the cocaine.”

“But you'd never really, you know--”

“I might. I don't give myself the opportunity to find out. I'd appreciate if you helped me do the same.”

John sighs, and the hand disappears from his back -- a rustling, John running his hands through his hair. The hand returns, on his shoulder this time, and squeezes. “Okay. Yeah, I can do that.”

3/3 (fucking character limit)


They send the child to Harriet, and John never brings it up again.

But when the case comes where the only eyewitness to the murder is a mute ten-year-old girl, John offers smoothly to do the questioning on his own while Sherlock searches the victim's flat, and the flats of all the attendees at the party the victim held, for the murder weapon.

He's grateful.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

Oh man, that was so good. I work with people who struggle with an attraction to children, and often they don't have any kind of support or anyone willing to look beyond the instinctive horror or it to see someone who doesn't want to hurt kids and needs help. I loved the hand on the shoulder, and the silent way John helps Sherlock after he finds out, it's just really great. Thank you for writing this respectfully!

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

Can we talk off-meme? I often work with people who have been convicted, and I would like to know more about the other side of the issue.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

This is very good. I'm proud of both of them.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

Ouch, but very good.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

This is so amazingly well written, I've read it twice in a row and I'm still rather speechless. *bows*

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

Oh man. Oh man. I literally held my breath during parts of this. Like another anon said, Sherlock comes off really sympathetic here - as someone fearful of his own desires. This is all kinds of well done.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

You took a very difficult prompt and created something unbelievably painful but so good with it. Great work.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

Wow. That is... wow. Well done.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

My God, that is so fantastic. Just... yeah.

Right level of uncomfortableness. And loved Sherlock's confidence that he wouldn't get caught and how he makes sure he isn't put in that position as a result.

Re: 3/3 (fucking character limit)

...oh. my struggles are different, i always wanted to hurt people. to bend them and break them and kill them. to kiss tear-stained cheeks and listen to them cry.

i got lucky. i have support, not from my family, but from my boyfriend, from the twins. sherlock doesn't even know how lucky he is.

you write so well, and you have so much respect for your subject matter. i'm crying, now.


Re: :( 1/2

Amazing. I can't believe how incredibly sympathetic Sherlock is here, and how much I beleive John's response. Bravo/a.

One thing, though: a child born in '93 would be 17 now, not 7. Or, more to the point for this fic, the child ought to have been born in '03, not '93, in order for him to be 7 years old.

Re: :( 1/2


i'm bad at math

Yeah, I meant '03 and now can't edit it. :< Ugh, sorry.

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