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Prompting: Part IV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock plans it so Mrs Hudson will open the door to Sarah, who will go up to the flat to find Sherlock fucking John on the floor.

Bonus points if Sherlock isn't wearing a condom and pulls out of John so Sarah can see that. I want to see all their reactions.

I'm going to hell aren't i?

If you are, I'm probably joining you.

I third that ride to hell so hard,we're gonna need a bigger handbasket!

Fill! Couldn't Resist

Hope this works for you, OP

“Thank you, Mrs. Hudson!” Sarah smiled brightly as she passed Mrs. Hudson and bounced up the stairs. Mrs. Hudson hoped Sherlock was doing as he’d planned. She disliked this Sarah girl that John was dating. She knew Sherlock and John were intimate with each other; she’d walked in on them a few times and heard them many more. What she didn’t understand was why John insisted on having a female companion. Wasn’t her dear Sherlock enough for him?

Sarah couldn’t wait to see John again. The man was…troubled, by the war, but what girl doesn’t dream of turning a troubled man around. Sarah counted the stairs as she went up them, 1…2…

3…4…Sherlock counted the stairs as he heard Sarah come up them. John was panting underneath him, wrapped around him like a snake. One arm was stretched across his back, hand hooked on his hip; the other was wrapped around his shoulders; knees raised, bracketing his hips. 5…6…John moaned, his body quivered hard. Sherlock grabbed John’s thigh, the one presented to the door, and shoved it sideways – flat to the floor. The motion caused John to arch slightly, until Sherlock dug his thumb into the hip joint; John bucked so hard he nearly unseated Sherlock.

7…8…Sherlock aimed for John’s prostate and felt the doctor’s muscles begin to tighten. 9…John’s body tensed so hard it shook Sherlock’s body. 10…John came so hard he got semen on his own throat. Sherlock lapped at it and felt his own orgasm rock through him as the door opened. Sherlock grinned to himself when he pulled out of John’s body, his naked cock glistening with semen. John tiredly reached for Sherlock, not realizing the door was even open. He kissed Sherlock softly, trembling legs still open.

“John?!” The doctor’s eyes widened slightly and he curled in on himself.

“Sarah?” He said sheepishly.

“What are you…how could you…why?” She didn’t wait for a response, just bolted out the door. John turned to look at Sherlock. He noticed the smug look.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you? I was going to break up with her tonight you know.”

“Of course I knew,” Sherlock kissed John’s forehead and strut into the kitchen.

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

ah crap, forgot to go ANON

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

who cares?

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

I just wasn't ready to de-non yet at the time I posted this, but it's all cool now

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

Mmm this is hot, and I have much love for the way you've portrayed Mrs. Hudson! ♥

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

OP here

great fill

i love Mrs Hudson in this :)

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

There is some seriously hot porn in very few words here.

Which is 100% approved by me.

Mycroft says, "harbers actions." Yes, it does, Mycroft, yes it does.

Re: Fill! Couldn't Resist

That much hot in that few words is practically criminally awesome. My favorite part has to be Sherlock grabbed John’s thigh, the one presented to the door, and shoved it sideways – flat to the floor--he didn't just want Sarah to get the idea; he wanted her to get an eyeful! :D

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