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Prompting: Part IV
Giggles at the Palace
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Renaissance Italy!fic.

WHY! do i love this prompt so much!??!?!


Shit YEAH! Yes! In Florence!

The Medici would have NOTHING on Mycroft. Hell Maybe he is one of them. Mycroft de' Medici anyone?

I can't help but see Sherlock as a muse. Renaissance Florence! Art! Come on people! Just look at that face!

John? Maybe he is the artist commissioned to immortalize Sherlock's beauty for the ages? Or is he the Medici family physician?

*FLAILS* IDEK! I just love the prompt!

Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

I fail at Renaissance clothing because DESPITE studying it I thought the fashion was atrocious, lol. ANYWAYS, this is so not accurate at all. I should have done more research but HEY I figured this was for fun, no stress right? I had fun doodling this, now I want to draw them all Regency era...

Also I apologize, I couldn't bring myself to make their hair period-compliant. slkdfj I SUCK AT PROMPT FILLS, SORRY. *LAME*

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

oh my god they're gorgeous. <3

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

Thank you! I am so glad you like it! :)

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

Ohmygosh. You do not suck at prompt fills. You own them.

This is fantastic!

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

GLORIOUS! I love both the prompt and the fill because I'm an art history major who studied abroad in Florence. Yaaay!

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

now I want to draw them all Regency era


I would drool over a picture like this of them in any era. Hot damn. My inner fashion historian just jizzed it's pants a little.

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

OH MY GOD. REGENCY ERA ahhhhhhhhhh seriously I get so geeky and pleased when it comes to Regency fashion.

Also, I use to not care about period fashion until I took costume design classes and turned into a giant fashion nerd. I love researching this stuff! I am always pleased to meet a fellow fashion history fan! *_*

So yeah anyways, I want to draw Sherlock looking all disheveled and in a waistcoat or tailcoat or something, all open and rumpled with a riding crop. I AM TOTALLY DOING IT.

And sorry this is a really really long comment. D:

PS: Your icon is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen in my life. <3333

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

So yeah anyways, I want to draw Sherlock looking all disheveled and in a waistcoat or tailcoat or something, all open and rumpled with a riding crop. I AM TOTALLY DOING IT.



Mycroft says: patriotic troalin. O_o

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?


Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

Holy fuck- this is bloody fantastic!

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

Wow. I actually found this during a history lesson... on the renaissance. XD I had to stop from giggling out loud. But, I'm sure my history teacher appreciates my renewed attention due to now happily imagining them as private physician/detective to the Medicis. :D

Re: Prompt Filled w/ Fanart...hope thats ok?

This is my new desktop background. Harrr. <3

If anyone writes out a fic-fill, can we please, please, PLEASE have a language barrier? I'm sick of reading historic pieces that take place in Italy where everyone speaks modern Italian. Can't we have;

Anselmo/Sherlock; /speaking Napolitan
Anselmo: /speaking Tuscan? How about Fiorentino? Do you know Sicilian?
Giuseppe: Dude, just speak Latin.

As an Italian, I find the idea of Sherlock speaking Napolitan hilarious. XD

PS It's not Giuseppe, it's Giovanni. ;)

Sherlock speaking Napolitan hilarious

Can you explain why, please?

My Sicilian great-grandmother used to say people should "Affa Napoli" which was a bastardization of "Go to Naples" or "Go to Hell".

She hated people from Naples. I know that Naples has a totally different dialect, but is there a connotation? to being Neapolitan?

(but wouldn't it make more sense that the Holmes would be from Rome or Florence if it was the Renaissance? You could totally swap them out for the Medicis or the Borgias/history teacher mode.)

Re: Sherlock speaking Napolitan hilarious

I simply find the Neapolitan accent funny, like I find the Venetian accent funny. I love dialects and these two always crack me up, even if I don't understand what's being said. (My dialect is completely different.)

A lot of people hate Naples and its citizen. Italy has a long tradition of North-South hate, and Naples is, so to speak, the centre of it. Maybe because it was the capital of the old Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and used to be a rich and splendid city, whereas now it's extremely poor and full of problems. There are also a lot of prejudices about its inhabitants: "Neapolitan" has become a synonym for someone cunning, typically a thief, or a lazy slob who'll do anything to avoid work.

As for Renaissance, yes, Rome and Florence were definitely the richest cities, and most of the art and literature masterpieces of the time come from there. I don't thing language was such a huge barrier, though, unless we're talking about very poor people who couldn't read and only spoke dialect. That's the time when the modern Italian language was born: the Divine Comedy does sound funny to a 21st century ear, but it's still understandable.

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