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Prompting: Part IV
Giggles at the Palace
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Can we have Sherlock coming from just prostate stimulation please? Like if John is all up in there being all 'tell me how I should touch you to get you off' but Sherlock is long gone and already tipping over into orgasm and can't respond. John is all 'holy crap! O_O'

Re: Prooooossstatttteeee

Nnnnggghhh Yes!

Filled - Part 1/4

...because the idea was just *so* hot... OP, I never knew I wanted to write this until I read your prompt!

Concentrate, Sherlock told himself. You can do this if you just concentrate for God’s sake!

Determinedly, he cast his eyes around the small bedroom. Think about something else. Those hideous curtains…I don’t know how John puts up with them… The scratches in the paintwork on the radiator…they suggest that the bed used to be on the other side of the room…

Beneath him, John moved slightly and Sherlock squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. Concentrate! Don’t think about it!

But there was staggeringly little in the small room to concentrate on, as though John had yet to leave his military habits behind and realise that in civilian life he was allowed to stamp his personality on his living quarters, and Sherlock found his mind returning helplessly to the physical sensations that were threatening to drag him under.

Kissing John for the first time, half an hour ago, had been as exhilarating and terrifying as anything he’d ever done. Breathlessly divesting John of his clothes, hampered by John’s refusal to stand still and his insistence on getting Sherlock out of his clothes, had been oddly endearing. Feeling John’s fingers pushing slickly inside him and unhesitatingly finding his prostate as John suckled at his lower lip had been arousing in the extreme. But this? This was devastating.

John had shoved his pillows up against the headboard and was half-sitting, half-lying back against them with Sherlock sitting in his lap, his face at the perfect height for Sherlock to lean down and kiss him. As their mouths connected and slid messily against each other, Sherlock shifted position fractionally, making them both groan as John’s cock slid out of him a few inches.

Sitting back up and settling himself further onto John’s erection, Sherlock dug his hands into his own spread thighs and took a deep breath. Breathe… he reminded himself. You can do this if you breathe slowly.

He knew that it wasn’t an uncommon habit – the first time many men slept with a new partner, the sensations and excitement proved a bit too much and stamina generally went out of the window. After a few times, of course, everything settled down and became a lot more…well…under control.

But Sherlock had never before met anyone who would come just from being fucked, without a hand laid on him, and judging from the amazement of his former partners, neither had they. It only happened the first two or three times he slept with someone – after that, the initial overwhelming intensity passed and he was better able to contain his reactions.

(Which was just as well. Getting off like a teenage boy was frankly embarrassing, he did like to show his partners that he had some control over himself.)

However, the knowledge that this was only happening because it was their first time wasn’t a lot of help right now, not with John buried inside him and staring up at him with pupils blown wide.

‘God,’ he said unsteadily. ‘You should see your face, Sherlock.’

Sherlock couldn’t answer. It had been – how long? He couldn’t remember. Too long, anyway – since his last fuck, and two minutes ago John had reached behind Sherlock to hold his erection steady as his other hand guided Sherlock gently back and down, and now Sherlock was gulping for air and already shivering at the feeling of John pushing into him, stretching him open with only the thinnest, barely-there barrier of latex between them.

Filled - Part 2/4

Sherlock wondered distantly if John ever stopped being conscientious. Like now – he could feel John trembling faintly where his thighs rested either side of him. John hadn’t moved since Sherlock had settled his weight fully onto John’s hips and moaned aloud at the feel of him, and Sherlock imagined that by now John was almost insane with the desire to thrust up, to start fucking him in earnest, but John wasn’t moving. John was rubbing Sherlock’s waist with a steady hand and murmuring, ‘Tight… Christ, you’re so tight, Sherlock… not hurting you, am I?’

No, you’re not hurting me, and your observational skills are even worse than I thought, Sherlock wanted to say, since he hadn’t even lost his erection while John was pushing into him, inch by agonisingly slow inch. But what came out was an embarrassingly slurred: ‘Nnnnngh.’

‘Right then.’ Amazingly, John laughed at him – a short, rough exhalation of air that made John’s body stomach muscles ripple and tighten, and made Sherlock gasp as the movement shifted John inside him again, ever so slightly. Conscious that John was possibly half an inch away from coming, begging (which, Sherlock thought, might be an option to pursue another time), or swearing, Sherlock braced his palms against the headboard behind John’s shoulders and tried rocking forwards and back.

John’s mouth fell open a little in a very satisfying manner, and Sherlock tried it again, biting his lip to the point of pain in order to distract himself from the heavy throbs of pleasure between his legs every time John’s cock slid over his prostate.

Christ, you’ve got to love a medical man. Knows exactly what he’s looking for and where it is…

‘Oh God,’ John moaned, shifting his hands from their relatively chaste grip on Sherlock’s waist to clutch at his arse. ‘Yes…like that…oh…’

After a few minutes, John was lifting his hips off the bed and shoving upwards every time Sherlock rocked down, his hands leaving damp palmprints on the varnished wood of the headboard. Seeking better leverage, John brought his knees up and braced his feet against the mattress, and his next thrust made Sherlock cry out.

Don’t think about it, he told himself desperately, closing his eyes to block out the sight of John’s flushed, sweat-damp face as he felt his balls lift and tighten. You’ve barely started…not yet…not yet!

He leaned back, feeling John’s thighs warm against his spine, resting more weight across John’s hips and trying to prevent any more thrusts like that one even as the small, lizard part of his brain told him to lean forward mindlessly and brace himself and let John have at it.

Think about that crack in the windowsill… think about the way the hair on his legs is tickling your back… look at the pillowcases – that shade of nondescript grey, only available from–


Against all reason, John had managed another toe-curling thrust upwards and, as Sherlock arched his back and moaned, he felt warm fingers close around his erection, now slick with pre-come and sliding easily through John’s expert grasp.

‘No!’ he said sharply, reaching down and clawing at John’s wrist. ‘Don’t…don’t touch it…’ It’ll be over too soon if you do.

Filled - Part 3/4

‘You’re so wet,’ John murmured throatily as Sherlock dragged his hand away. ‘You’ve been leaking for ages. I want to get you off…tell me what I need to do to get you off.’

‘Nothing,’ Sherlock said tersely. ‘Just…no. Don’t touch me.’

John didn’t look fazed in the slightest. In fact he thrust upwards again and held his position, lazily grinding his hips into Sherlock’s prostate in a way that made Sherlock bite down on his tongue to keep from screaming, and he watched Sherlock narrowly.

‘This turns you on, doesn’t it?’ he asked breathlessly.

‘Obviously,’ Sherlock managed credible sarcasm, feeling quite proud for dredging up words, given the circumstances.

‘No, I mean, your prostate,’ John persisted, shifting his hands back to Sherlock’s arse and spreading him wider for his next thrust. ‘You’re really sensitive, aren’t you? God, can you come just from this?’

‘No,’ Sherlock panted, lying through his teeth. He most certainly could, in fact he was about to in (he estimated) less than two minutes. Better stamina than he’d hoped for, given that it was John who was six inches deep inside him, but still embarrassingly fast for a grown man.

‘Right then,’ grunted John, renewing his grip on Sherlock’s hips and holding him steady. ‘Well, if you’re not going to come without me touching you, then you won’t mind if I do this…’

Without any more warning than that, John began to jerk his hips up hard, fucking Sherlock in a fast, driving rhythm that sent pleasure ringing through him even as it made him squirm and lean down hard against John, trying to still him. But Christ, John was stronger than he looked – he merely huffed a bit with exertion as he tightened his hands on Sherlock’s hips and hitched him up.

Bracing his hands against the headboard, Sherlock tried, ‘John…you – ah! – you really don’t want to be – oh my God

John wasn’t listening to him. John was staring hungrily up at his face as he pounded into him, and growling, ‘You’re sexy, God, you’re so bloody sexy…look at you…’

And that was all Sherlock could stand. The pleasure that had been coiling tighter and tighter in his groin suddenly snapped and he was coming, entirely untouched by either of them, and crying out loudly as he splattered John’s stomach and chest. As he struggled for breath through his orgasm, he was dimly aware of John’s hands tightening painfully on his hips as John gasped, ‘Yeah…that’s it…fuck, Sherlock, that’s so hot…’

That’s not what people usually say, Sherlock tried to say, in a sudden, slightly-hysterical desire to tease John, but what actually came out was ‘Ttthhhhhhgh’ because John was still fucking him, holding his hips at the perfect angle for him to drive into Sherlock, hitting his prostate again and again, wringing out a few more spasms and even a helpless whimper that Sherlock would later deny.

Filled - Part 4/4

‘Jesus,’ John breathed, when Sherlock had managed to draw a full breath, and his white-knuckled grip on the headboard had relaxed fractionally. He readjusted his grip on Sherlock’s hips and drove upwards. ‘Jesus, I can’t believe you just did that. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.’

As John sweated and panted for breath beneath him, clearly moments away from his own finish, Sherlock braced his arms against the headboard and tried to offer some resistance, pushing back against John’s increasingly erratic and frantic thrusting. He could feel himself starting to slide into a limp, post-orgasmic state, but tried desperately to hang on, to stay upright for a few more minutes and to try to give John a fraction of the pleasure that John had just given him.

It didn’t even take a few minutes, as it turned out. John hadn’t been exaggerating when he said that the sight of Sherlock coming without being touched was a huge turn-on, because it seemed barely half a minute before John dragged in an impossibly deep breath and slammed up hard into Sherlock, coming with a strangled noise.

Afterwards, Sherlock allowed himself to collapse forward onto John’s chest, feeling John’s hand come up to settle at the nape of his neck and tug gently at the damp strands there. He could feel John’s cock softening inside him; in another few minutes it would slip free but for now there was something strangely intimate about still being joined like this, while their heartbeats stopped pounding and breaths gradually came more slowly.

John’s breath tickled his ear as he lazily asked Sherlock, ‘Do you always do that?’

‘No, not usually. Although you’re right that I’m quite…sensitive.’

There was a loaded pause, and then Sherlock could hear the grin in John’s voice as he answered, ‘Yes. Yes, I think I deduced that for myself, thanks.’

Sherlock swatted at John’s ribs half-heartedly, too drugged with pleasure to put any real force behind it. ‘Oh, shut up.’


Re: Filled - Part 4/4

so hot unf just *collapses*
I don't even usually like John topping but but *relocates to her bunk*

Re: Filled - Part 4/4


Re: Filled - Part 4/4


So awesome. I loved this.

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

Holy moly!

*off to bunk*

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

This was really excellent. No, really. No but REALLY.

off topic inane question: Anon, are you by chance the same anon who did the positive dirty talk fill? Just curious.

Re: Filled - Part 4/4 (Anonymous) Expand
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Author!Anon (Anonymous) Expand

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

Farrrrrrrr out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*collapses in a pile of goo*

That was so hot!

Re: Filled - Part 4/4


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm sorry I'm so late! The fact that someone filled one of my prompts fills me with such happiness I can barely contain myself. It's almost 5 am here and I'm squealing like a kid. Best fill I could have hoped for. Did you also do that awesome dirty-talk fic too? Your style seems familiar. Anyway, very hot. Thank you so much!

Sorry, can't be bothered to anon.

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Re: Filled - Part 4/4

Is GUH an acceptable response?

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

-twitch- Dayuuuuuuuuuuum.

Re: Filled - Part 4/4





...I'll be in my bunk.

I think you fried my brain. Thank you.

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

Unnnnfff! *Adds another fried brain to your collection!*


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Re: Filled - Part 4/4

*dies a very very happy death*

Christ, that was hot.

Re: Filled - Part 4/4

Good god, woman. How can I decently go to dinner and sit amongst all my hallmates now with thought like this swirling round in my head?

Also, you being the same Anon who wrote the reverse dirty talking fic, I just want to thank you for making my evening. If you ever feel comfortable with it, please de-anon and share this with the other comms, incredible fic like this deserves more recognition!

In short - wow, and thank you! :D

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(Deleted comment)

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