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"we get all sorts around here."

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Fill! Part 1.

(This is my first ever fanfic and the first story I've written since I left school! So be nice pleasums :D)

The day had been a long and stressful one. What had first started out as a simple 5 minute observation of a murder scene had ended in a mad dash around London. Due to various unforeseen events which had dragged the case out to last the entire day, both John and Sherlock had come back home to 221b completely knackered and soaked to the skin thanks to an unwanted dip in the Thames.

Sherlock had been silent during the long cab ride home, thoroughly embarrassed with himself for having John to dive into the water after him when it had become apparent that his meagre swimming skills were not enough to keep his head above the water.

When they had finally arrived at their doorstep, Sherlock had thrown the door open so forcefully that it had banged against the wall, run up the doors and locked himself in their bathroom before John could even finish paying the cabbie. Trudging wearily up the stairs, John heard the shower going already and decided that he'd rather wait in his bedroom for the bathroom to be free than to wait outside in the hallway and risk an angry glare from his flatmate.

Eventually he heard the sounds of the shower being turned off, the shuffling noise of someone drying themselves and getting dressed, the sound of the door being opened and then the living room door slamming shut as Sherlock stomped his way around the flat.

Heaving a large sigh of frustration at his flatmate's childish nature, John grabbed a clean pair of pyjamas and his bathrobe before he exited his room and made his way to their shared bathroom. After an hour long scrubbing of dirty river water from his (now almost rubbed raw) skin, John redressed himself and moved towards the kitchen to make one last cup of tea before going to bed.

Re: Fill! Part 2

Despite Sherlock’s infuriating bad mood, John thought it best to try and call a truce by offering his friend a cup as well. However when John poked his head round the arch way that separated their kitchen from their living room, he was so surprised by what he saw that he quite forgot what it was he was about to say.

Dressed in his usual blue dressing gown and pyjamas, Sherlock had obviously been so tired by the day’s (and previous week’s) events that he’d fallen fast asleep whilst watching some cop show on the television. He’d evidently not meant for it to happen as he was still sitting up in a corner of the sofa, his neck looking horribly uncomfortable with his head resting on his left shoulder and the telly remote being held, albeit loosely, in his pale right hand.

Smiling gently at the rare view before him, John finished making up two mugs of tea, brought them through to the living room and set them on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Worried that his friend would wake up in an even fouler mood due to the odd angle that he’d fallen asleep in, John sat himself on the sofa next to Sherlock, reached out to rest one of his hands in the mad nest of dark curls and called his flatmate’s name quietly so as not to startle him.

“Sherlock? Come on mate, let’s get you up to bed, you really need to sleep somewhere proper one for once, these last few weeks must have finally caught up on you!” a few quiet snuffles and a slurred murmur of “’m tired, jus’ let me sleep” was all the warning John got before he had a lapful of Consulting Detective who had taken it upon himself to draw his bare feet up onto the sofa and find a more comfortable position by using the Doctor’s thigh as a pillow.

Re: Fill! Part 3 (End!)

With a second large sigh that evening, John began to card his fingers through the soft, dark hair that was now resting in his lap. He was glad that he’d obviously been forgiven for the events that had occurred earlier in the evening but was also slightly annoyed at knowing that Sherlock could sleep like a log after a string of cases and therefore he would now be stuck there on the sofa for the remainder on the night.

With a third sigh, John used his free hand to snag a knitted blanket that was draped over the sofa behind him and tucked it in over his now softly snoring friend.

Shifting slightly to gain a better position so he could rest his own head on the back of the sofa, John settled himself down for a mildly uncomfortable night. He knew he’d wake up in the morning with stiff limbs from running his hand soothingly (it was much like having an large lap cat, quite comforting) over a dark curled head until he drifted off himself but he also knew it would be worth it to see his best friend so well rested, for once, come the morning.


(A.N: Sorry for crappy grammar/spelling/paragraphing/whatevers, I just thought it was a really sweet prompt, hope it makes the OP happy :D)

Re: Fill! Part 3 (End!)

Cute! John certainly does fall in the Thames a lot.

Re: Fill! Part 3 (End!)

Aww, that's so lovely. I'm a sucker for caring John. :) and good job on your first fill! :D

This was really good :D I'm a sucker for domestic fics

Loved it!

"Author" of fill!

A tremendous thanks to all your kind words (: Much love my dears (: x

Re: "Author" of fill!

This OP is super, super, super happy! I'm really glad you started writing again- it's the perfect thing to combat my hormonal bitch-of-a-brain that I was suffering from. I loved the 'carding'/wool metaphor... :D

Re: Fill! Part 3 (End!)

John and Sherlock can never fall in the Thames enough times, IMHO. It should be a bi-weekly occurrence.

This was really lovely - perfect for such a cute prompt.

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