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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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werewolf x hunger games

I was watching illegal dog fights and got a plot bunny.
Vampires have werewolves as pets/guards/slaves. there is a yearly competition for the top vampires' werewolves like Hunger Games where there's bidding, bragging rights, status, freedom, or wealth involved. Holmes brothers' werewolves Lestrade and John got in to investigate some case or under-the-table stuff going on.

Based on a Tumblr post

No idea if anyone has done this yet, but I saw a post with a prompt and can't find a fill but I need it badly. So.

AU! in which John is merely a delusion created by Sherlock. Please include the lines:
“There is no John Watson. There never has been. You invented him.”
“Leave me alone.”
“You are alone.”

no one but each other- polygamous sentinel guide

AU. sentinel and guides are secret. Greg was almost sherlock's , and even mycroft's, guide but they all agree bonding is inconvenient so they don't bond but just help each other anyway. John comes in and becomes sherlock's guide in one way or another because of Moriarty. and moriarty- and crime- related things bring them together.they all help when someone swoons/zones and realize how important they are to each other because, really, they have no one but each other.

sentimental in-denial holmes brothers
BAMF understanding comrads greg and john
Moriarty knows and wants to destroy them all

the silver fox

Greg wasn't their silver first fox.
When the Holmes were boys it was just them, Victor and Sherlock's Redbeard. Now its them, Greg and Sherlock's John.

At first Greg was so much like Victor, Mycroft only calls him Detective Inspector so he won't slip. Sherlock intentionally says other names so (1) he won't slip, (2) he won't be as attached again.

nostalgic or snippets of Holmes childhood and how the Holmes' brothers "adventures" continue or reminisce from Victor to Greg.

Young Sherlock fell from a tree so Victor has to carry, treat, and reprimand him in that order while Mycroft makes sure parents are distracted or make excuses and leeway for them

Old Sherlock falls from a tree (IT's for a case!) so Greg has to carry, treat, and reprimand him in that order while Mycroft fixes hospital papers and cover's up Greg for being absent at work or compromising a civilian(Sherlock of coarse)

this could also be a werewolf/werefox AU

Sherlock/John kidnapping AU

Moriarty learned about John and gets to him before Sherlock. He takes Johns sister hostage and makes John kidnap sherlock (who he doesnt know yet) and bring him to Moriarty.

So like maybe Sherlock goes with it for a while and then deduces why John, a good samaritan, would be kidnapping someone and helps John defeat moriarty and get Johns sister back.

I dont actually care how it ends, that was just a suggestion. I just want a happy ending and john being a badass while kidnapping Sherlock.

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This is an old promt from November, 2013.
I don't know who posted it. All credit to them.

Some bigwig in the police system comes down to Scotland Yard for some reason.
Maybe head of Interpol or something.
Anyway the tough no-nonsense women with her guard dogs and bodyguards (because she actually is good at her job and someone constantly tries to asassinate her, may be used for comedy)
starts cooing over her cute little godson.
Who's actually Sherlock.

The following is my addition to the prompt.

The yard finds out that the rest of Sherlock's family is also full of high iq geniuses with importabt jobs.

Bonus if the family is protective of him because he is the youngest child.

Repromting: Holmes family takes a stand

Repromting an old prompt. All credit to whover came up with it.

After Sherlocks death the family doesn't let things lie.
I'd like for them to very publicly come out of the woodwork to everyones shock and make life of the people hell who hurt one of their own.
For example sueing the Sun and Kitty Reilly for libel with the best lawyers in the country being Holmes.
Or showing up at the inquest into Sherlock to testify and when they give their occupations it becomes clear to everyone "Fuck! They own England!/The World"

The follwing is my addition.

The yard finds out Sherlock was actually MI6 agent who solved cases as a past time.

Bonus mummy holmes is M and is extremely protective of her children both of whom are Mama'sboys.

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Hey there, anon! Just letting you know that a fill is in the works for you! Thanks for the amazing, inspiring prompt. Definitely challenged me in terms of how to navigate this prompt within a sexual relationship. ^^ I hope I don't disappoint!

Between Shooting Stars and Satellites for my 30 Day Sherlock Challenge.

Hope you like, anon! Thanks again for the wonderful prompt! ♥

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