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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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Picture prompt: young doctor John

So I saw an amazing picture of John as a young doctor; link here; and I would love it if people expanded on it. Long fill, mini-fill, another art, I'm okay with anything, though preferably gen. Thanks :)

I'm so glad this is anon. Can I have a female character being reassured that her stretch marks are ok, and maybe they don't look as gross as she thinks they do.

Non-con. Brotherly H/C

Whenever Mycroft is hurt, he immediately seeks out Sherlock, because he never has to explain anything to Sherlock, Sherlock just knows and it's the telling that is the hardest thing for Mycroft. One day one of Mycroft's little warehouse kidnappings goes awry and Mycroft ends up being the kidnapped partner (maybe his people betray him?). He's tied down and raped (presumably by multiple people) and left cum covered on the floor of the warehouse. After dressing himself in what little remains of his clothing, he seeks out his brother and, while his walls shatter under the weight of what happened to him, he let's Sherlock try to fix everything for once. Sherlock is, surprisingly, very good at it. He puts pretty much everything else in his life on hold so he can try to fix Mycroft. He becomes so fiercely protective of Mycroft that not even John is allowed to be in the room with Mycroft if Sherlock isn't there.

If you have to add pairings, my preferred are Mystrade and Sherlock/Anthea(and wherever Anthea is when Mycroft gets attacked is up to you, though I would prefer her to not be in on the attack).

TL;DR: One of Mycroft's little Kidnapping Parties goes astray. Mycroft gets raped and immediately seeks out Sherlock to help him. Sherlock makes Mycroft his top priority and does everything in his power to make Mycroft whole again.

All the brotherly affection.

('You are happy', I will admit that hurting you makes me feel happy, Mycroft. But it also makes me feel all sad and guilty...)

John/Sherlock. A/B/O. In love, but not soulmates. Abuse, Angst. Possible Rape. Murder.

Omega!Sherlock doesn't ever want to bond and start a family. When he meets John, they become friends and Sherlock sees that John is not like many typical Alphas. They fall in love with each other. Problem is that they are not soulmates. It's not actually a problem at all before their real soulmates appear (well, probably not at the same time, of course).

Sherlock's soulmate is everything Sherlock has ever hated about an Alpha. The Alpha is possessive and abusive. He grabs the back of Sherlock's neck and otherwise abuses his (or her?) power in order to control "some cheeky, disobedient Omega". Sherlock never stops loving John and absolutely hates this Alpha, who has ruined everything. Rape and perhaps forced bond possibly take place.

If John meets his soulmate as well (an Omega or a Beta), it's not his type at all. Maybe they are quiet, obedient, clingy, cry a lot. He absolutely doesn't want them.

Turns out Sherlock and John's feelings are stronger than some shitty biological pull, and they are enough for each other without that hateful thing.

When John learns about the abuse (and rape, if it happens), he just grabs his gun and murders the abusive twat in cold blood. If Mycroft makes sure no one finds the body or have any evidence at all, I'd be absolutely happy.

Bonus points if John doesn't ever force Sherlock into a bond, since Sherlock has never wanted one (though I don't mind if he changes his mind about this part, eventually) or into starting a family and having children.


Remenber that scene where Sherlock and Mycroft are playing Operation instead of chess? And the one where John vows to never play Cluedo with Sherlock again?

Sherlock is bored. He comes up with the great idea of playing Operation against John as a way to measure John's hand tremor - mostly to see how pissed off John really is at him. (Maybe he purposely does a bunch of really annoying things first?)

What Sherlock completely fails to take into account, though, is that John used to actually DO operations. To save people's lives. To be useful. And to have his failure thrown in his face like that - for Sherlock to reduce this great life-ruining injury to a backhanded experimental response - is so far beyond Not Good it's bordering on unforgivable.

I'd love to see John finally give Sherlock the chewing-out he usually deserves, and a stricken Sherlock trying desperately to make it better.

Re: Operation

Oh my god, I would love to see this with a scene where John, in a fit of rage, actually takes out several pieces from the Operation board perfectly.

Man-cold Mycroft.

Mycroft is one of those guys who experiences Man-cold. It pisses Anthea off every time because she's the one who ends up having to look after him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid (like start a war) because he thinks the world is ending. She's all 'It's just a cold, sir! I had one last week!' and 'No, sir, you can't have tea with the French Ambassador, you'll probably sneeze all over him.' 'Sir, Sherlock isn't currently in danger, he does not need a protection detail at this time...' 'When would he ever need a driver? The cabs love him...' 'Oh yes, I'm sure that'll go over well. "I'm sorry, your Highness, I can't make our meeting because I'm putting Mycroft down for a nap!" Look, I'm going to be gone for an hour, maybe two! You'll be fine.' 'Sherlock, I swear upon all that exists, if you do anything that requires me to do damage control, I'm dumping your brother on your doorstep and going on holiday! What's wrong with him? He has a cold! Yes, yes, exactly. I thought you might see my point.' And when Mycroft finally gets well again he acts as if nothing happened, and Anthea just 'Sir, you asked me once if I'd ever think about settling down and having kids? The answer is no. Looking after you is quite enough excitement for me, I think.' and then she takes a few days sick leave to relax at a spa or something.

Mythea is welcome. As is Mystrade. Or Sherlock/Anthea. Or no pairings at all. I do not mind. :)

TL;DR: Mycroft experiences man-cold. Anthea gets stuck babysitting him, and is not at all pleased by this development. She keeps Sherlock in check by threatening to dump sick Mycroft on him.

Mystrade - Captcha

You know how we all get messages from Mycroft via Captcha?

I'd love to see how y'all think he could use that type of messaging with Greg.

Re: Mystrade - Captcha


OP here... (Anonymous) Expand

Alpha!sherlock public breastfeeding from omega!john

This idea just came to me yesterday when pondering the dilemma and discussion of mothers' breastfeeding in public, and then I just couldn't help myself!

Basically, they had a baby and Sherlock - for experimental purposes of course - want to taste the milk, both from a bottle and directly from John (for which he had to read up and learn a special technique to achieve). Surprised, he realises that the milk, when fed from John, helps him think and bring order to his thoughts when especially chaotic (sort of like the cocaine in fandom but better and without obvious side effects). Where this leads is pretty logical; Sherlock is stuck on a case and begs John for a sip which he grudgingly agrees to (but only this once!), and the case is solved. However it happens again, perhaps a case with children involved to really see John's resolve crumbling and before he knows it, it's become a common thing. We all know he has trouble setting boundaries for Sherlock. :-)

While John grumbles about it, he doesn't actually mind the feeding itself, just the appropriateness. In fact, after awhile it really turns him on, something that Sherlock is slow to realize as his focus is on the cases. Perhaps when Sherlock finally realize how turned on John gets he deliberately uses that for semi-public sex (just a suggestion).

Increasingly more public places and more and more turned on John. Perhaps first just Lestrade notices, then the middle of a crime scene and so on. Would really like on public transportation of some sort with offended (but intrigued) old ladies muttering.
The people watching to be turned on by it.
John to notice everything around him, being embarrassed and apologetic but still just more turned on.
Oblivious Sherlock missing all social cues and not caring about people watching...
Would also like if John's breastfeeding of the baby stops at the proper time but the lactation is kept up by Sherlock.

Changed characters due to omegaverse - i.e. no submissive john
More than necessary focus on the existing baby.

Otherwise, go for it! :-)

Re: Alpha!sherlock public breastfeeding from omega!john


Mycroft/Lestrade. sherlock finds out

where sherlock doesnt know that mycroft and lestrade are going out, for whatever reason you like, and then he finds out.
-sherlock flips out
-john already knew
-sherlock deduces either mycroft or lestrade in front of the entire yard
-sherlock gives lestrade the "break his heart and im not the only one who will kill you and also your incompetent team will never find your pieces"
-sherlock gives lestrade tips about how to handle mycroft

ya, so thats a lot of possible things, but thanks sm

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade. sherlock finds out

I am on this. Does op mind if Sherlock deduces it in frint of the Yard but keeps it to himself? Like he chooses not to comment on it in front of the Yarders? Since i have a headcanon about how careful Sherlock is with the knowledge of Mycroft's sexuality, knowing that it could break Mycroft's career and put his life in danger.

GEN. A/B/O Verse. Anthea takes care of her boss' safety and comfort when he goes into heat.

There's a prompt (with a nice fill) where Mycroft is rather caring towards Anthea during her period.

Now can we, please, have an omegaverse with Omega!Mycroft and Beta!Anthea, who makes sure he's safe and taken care of during his heats?

When Mycroft goes into heat it's a matter of national importance. Sometimes he keeps doing his work until the very last moment, and then people who work with him (mostly Betas), lead by Anthea, make sure to wrap up any important business/meeting he takes part in and deliver him to a safe location, where nobody can get to him and take advantage of his vulnerability. Anthea makes sure his work is taken care of meanwhile. She also makes sure he has sex toys, his favourite food and every comfort he can get for the next few days. Since she's a Beta, she's not affected, so she does her job well.

There are politicians, foreign ambassadors, leaders and such, who try to court pre-heat Mycroft, affected by his pheromones (there can be some insanely expensive gifts during that time, such as pieces of foreign national treasure. Also flowers, sweets, exotic food). Maybe Mycroft uses the attention to his advantage (I mean his work), and, while his body wants an interested Alpha very much, Mycroft is, at least for the most part, asexual outside his heats. But... I also absolutely don't mind (I actually would love to read it) if "for the Queen and the Country" Mycroft has allowed a couple of very important Alphas to take care of his heat if that was in behalf of the country (as a result said Alphas more readily agreed to his terms, generally became more agreeable, the following summit talks were quite successful for the UK, and so on, and so on). Meanwhile, Anthea was trusted to make sure no harm came to him (hidden cameras and such ;) ).

Bonus: If Sherlock is mentioned, he's an Omega, too, please. Implied John/Sherlock is very welcome.

Unrequited John/Sherlock, John/Mary. A/B/O. Mental health issues. Omega!Sherlock. Kidnapping. Trauma

Sherlock has been through hell during his time away. It has taken a bit longer than two years though. By the time he comes back John is already married to Mary (to Sherlock's dismay) and they have a baby.

Maybe Alpha!John and Omega!Sherlock were bonded before the fake suicide, but the bond is broken now, maybe there's never been any bond, just Sherlock in love with John (or some kind of a one-sided bond).

Sherlock tries his best to have a life he's once had, maybe there's a tense, awkward friendship with John when John at least tries to forgive him. They can have cases again. Also, Sherlock adores John's baby. She's perfect, warm and smells right. She's also John's.

But things don't go well at all. Sherlock has a serious case of PTSD and fails to fit into this new life (plus, the broken bond, if there's ever been one). He's dealing with serious mental health problems that he tries his best to hide.

One day he has a breakdown. He kidnaps John's baby and runs away with her. He considers her his now. He takes care of her properly though; she's always well-fed, clean and loved (though he probably gets scared and very upset if she starts crying. Maybe he cries with her). Bonus points if, due to his hormonal problems (which can partly be responsible for his mental problems), he starts producing milk and can feed "his and John's" baby properly.

Meanwhile, John and Mary, the panicked parents, are trying to find their girl.

Either Mycroft or John and Mycroft together find Sherlock eventually. Sherlock won't give the girl back, maybe begs them not to take her away. Please, understanding John when he realises what's going on. And even if Sherlock is placed into some mental facility, John keeps supporting him as a friend.

A lot of angst, please. I don't care if the ending is more or less okay or very sad.

Sherlock rapes Donovan?

John is away on a medical conference for a week. On the 3rd day he watches the news where its anounced that the consulting detective raped a police sergeant. He flies back immediately but when he comes to London the unbelievable really seems true: Sherlock has raped Sally. That´s what she says when he sees her with Lestrade and that what her medical file says as well.

Then suddenly Sally vanishes and Sherlock flees from prison soon after. It takes a while until they find out that Sherlock and Sally faked the rape because criminals ( can be Moriarty or whomever) had some leverage over them and that Sally couldn´t take it and went after the criminals alone...

Mycroft says black and white, maybe he likes it?

Interspecies sex

Well, reading certain fics (namely Riptide Lover by jinglebell - go read it!) I've started to love interspecies sex. Unfortunately there isn't enough of that around. So can I ask for some hot interspecies sex? (Of course I wouldn't say no to some plot around it either). I don't care what kind of species, but please let Sherlock be the one who's non-human.
Pretty please?

Re: Interspecies sex

Sorry, I forgot to write that I'd like Sherlock/John pairing here.

John/Sherlock. Their relationship never becomes normal. Virgin!Sherlock.

Sherlock is not normal (I don't mean it as something bad, it's not for me to judge ;) ), so why his relationship with John should be what's generally considered normal? I absolutely love this pairing, I don't even see it any other way, but more often than not, when I read stories about them as a couple, it just feels a bit wrong to me when Sherlock enters a relationship with John as if it's a usual thing for him. I tend to believe Irene's words about his virginity and Mycroft's words that sex alarms him.

So what I want is not quite a usual relationship. Sherlock and John rarely touch each other in a loving/sexual way on public (touching in friendly or protective ways are fine though). And when they have their privacy, Sherlock always has to brace himself for the first touches. He just needs time to calm and prepare himself for it every time (no sexual violence in the past, please, but maybe it has a lot to do with the asperger). Then he just slowly relaxes and is ready for more. Sometimes they just quietly lie in bed with some distance between them and there's no touching, and when Sherlock is ready, he just moves closer to John and they can snuggle up.

Most of those things never change even though they have sex on a regular basis. Bonus points if Sherlock is insecure and worried that John would decide it's not worth the trouble and leave.

The first time they have sex, John has to be very patient with Sherlock (maybe Sherlock gets overwhelmed and panicky a few times) and, afterwards, he needs quite some time to process the new experience. Sherlock is mostly asexual (though he can often get slightly aroused and enjoy their closeness anyway (maybe he also enjoys having John's semen inside him when it's over, the very idea of it feels... nice)), but sometimes he does get hard and it feels okay for him to come. They do have sex pretty often though. Sherlock doesn't mind that John is sexual, and is flattered that John wants him, and his body is a source of John's pleasure, John, in turn, is okay with Sherlock not-quite-asexuality-but-close.

Maybe at first it's a bit hard for John to get used to the whole thing (not to mention that he has to learn Sherlock's body language to avoid uncomfortable situations), but he can also see that it's hard for Sherlock, too; the both of them have to make adjustments and compromises. Also, John has long accepted that Sherlock is unusual, he's known it from the start, so...

Before their relationship start Sherlock also needs to come to terms with the fact that he's deeply in love with John, and this alone is a new and frightening experience for him.

Somehow they make it work and are happy.

Re: John/Sherlock. Their relationship never becomes normal. Virgin!Sherlock.

I need to read this fanfic. Could someone write it, please?

John has to perform an urgent surgery on Sherlock. H/C. Medical.

Any situation where John performs some serious surgery on Sherlock, on his own.

Maybe Sherlock is seriously wounded, has an internal bleeding, an organ failure, a ruptured appendix. Maybe it happens when John is at work and Sherlock barely manages to get to him (of course he'd do it instead of going to hospital/calling an ambulance). At this point waiting for about 20 minutes until an ambulance arrives is absolutely ruled out, so John immediately starts working. Maybe they've got a small kind of operating theatre at A&E and they keep it clean enough for patients who need a bit more than a couple of stitches. Still it's not exactly ideal, but John is used to performing surgeries in much worse circumstances. And maybe some tools they have would be his second choice or he even has to improvise, not finding what he really needs. (Sarah can assist if you wish, though she probably doesn't really have a required experience. John is good at instructing people though)

It can be another situation of your choice.

Anyway, he performs the surgery, saves Sherlock's life and keeps him stable until an ambulance arrives.

Bonus: Sherlock escapes the hospital as soon as he's even more or less capable of standing on his feet and comes back to John for medical care and comfort, both of which he only wants to get from John alone.

Platonic johnlock or pre-relationship is preferable.

Re: John has to perform an urgent surgery on Sherlock. H/C. Medical.

Seconded all the way! And ditto on the platonic request -- not enough platonic H/C in this fandom.


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