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Prompting Part XXXVI
Giggles at the Palace


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I'm weird like that... Mycroft/Sherlock brother relationship

So, this is based off a really weird dream I had last night. Seriously... It's weird.

Mycroft takes forced vacation time every year. He hates to be idle, so he volunteers at a local fire station or brigade or something. He does volunteer work, ya know. Anywho, he keeps his Ice Queen persona and doesn't really get on well with the other volunteers, but he works hard so no one really tells him anything about it. Sherlock calls one day freaking out because John is like REALLY sick. Like can't get out of bed, running super high fever kind of sick. He doesn't know what to do and wants Mycrofts help. Mycroft calls Anthea and has her deliver medicine and food (maybe chicken noodle soup or wonton soup or just a broth). When he turns around, there are some of the other volunteers staring at him strangely.

+ if he doesn't tell Sherlock that he expects anything in return

++ if you use this line "John Watson is the only guarantee I have that my brother will not return to the drugs" or something like it.

+++ if Johnlock ending with Anthea unable to keep a smile off her face as she tells Mycroft about the progress of their relationship when he returns to work.

Re: I'm weird like that... Mycroft/Sherlock brother relationship

If you are weird, than I am joining the club. This sounds like it could be an awesome story and if someone doesn't pick this prompt up I might try to write it.... some day. Maybe once real life stops getting in the way; its really annoying like that.


Mycroft & Sherlock, Mycroft is proud when his little brother grows to be smarter than him

No slash, just epic big bro Mycroft, proud to be the one who taught Sherlock everything and helped him harness that magnificent intelligence.
Just that.
Thank you!

Mycroft asks "Lunch tuesday?"
Sure, will there be cake?

Slash or Gen, Sherlock's child (warning: past rape/non-con)

John is a bit shocked one day to discover Sherlock has a kid.

-You had sex?! With a woman?!
-Not willingly.

Mother and age of child and who is looking after him/her is up to you. Take the story any way you like, so long as the core holds true: Sherlock was raped and has a child.

Bonus 1: Sherlock doesn't actually remember the moment of conception. A part of him doesn't fully believe it happened.

Bonus 2: The child is not a genius. Not even close. Perhaps the mother's bad habits even damaged the child in some way.

Bonus 3: Misinformed Yarder's reactions to Sherlock having a child.

Someone takes control of Sherlock's transport. Kidnapping. Force-Feeding, Enemas, Catheters. Trauma.

A villain (Moriarty? Magnussen? Someone new?) wants to take Sherlock's control from him, to destroy and humiliate him. They kidnap him, restrain him so that he can barely move at all (maybe he's placed onto a pressure-redistributive mattress to avoid bed sores), and pretty much take control of his transport. Maybe they don't do it on their own since they are busy, so they hire someone to make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Sherlock is intubated, so his breathing is under control (they can play with it when they feel especially sadistic). He's fed and hydrated through a tube in his nose and stomach. He gets relieved not when he feels any urge, but only when they give him an enema. There's a catheter in his bladder, so he can't control this either. They regularly make him sleep by giving him a sleep medication and waking him up when they see fit, and there's no other way. He can develop an addiction because of the medication (though they probably don't give him any recreational drugs, because it would be an escape for his mind, which they absolutely can't allow).

It lasts for months. Mycroft, John and Lestrade do their best to find Sherlock (maybe they have to work together at some point). Bonus points if they fail and the baddie just lets Sherlock go after a year or so when he thinks Sherlock is broken enough. Maybe he just leaves Sherlock near the 221B one day. Or he just allows John and/or Mycroft to find the place where Sherlock has been kept the whole time.

Sherlock is terribly traumatised. He can hardly start breathing on his own and needs a lot of help and support (including medical). There's probably an infection (being catheterised and intubated for such a long time has consequences) and a painful withdrawal. He can't eat on his own and probably has accidents that lead to him having to wear nappies.

Bonus points if he's afraid of medical workers (maybe the baddie's assistant was a medic, which seems logical here) and only trusts John to take care of him.

Re: Someone takes control of Sherlock's transport. Kidnapping. Force-Feeding, Enemas, Catheters. Tra

I didn't know that I needed this... someone fill this please

Sherlock has to "earn" the right to be a terrible flatmate

Everyone is shocked at how tolerant John is of Sherlock's quirks (if you can call leaving body parts in the fridge a quirk). Nobody realizes the real agreement between Sherlock and John - for every rude thing Sherlock wants to be able to do, they've negotiated a "payment" in the form of top!John humiliating/using sub!Sherlock in some kinky way. Could be as simple as John gets to demand a blow job every time Sherlock does X, all the way up through "if I ever catch you dissecting things in the tub again I will [insert painful BDSM thing here]".

Non non-con or dub-con, please - I'd prefer these to be mutually negotiated beforehand and it's up to Sherlock whether or not he does the whatever-it-is that results in "payment."

Miscommunication and angst, TW for suicidal thoughts.

A case goes badly and John gets seriously injured. It can be temporary or permanent, but we're talking serious with long time rehabilitation. It prompts Sherlock into slowing down. He takes less cases, he takes more file-only cases, he'll only go out on cases with John if they're relatively safe, if they're as dangerous as their usual cases, he'll go alone. He thinks he's doing the right thing, because he'll do anything to keep John safe and alive.

But it just makes John feel useless. From his point of view, if he can't go out on cases with Sherlock anymore, then Sherlock has no need of him anymore. His rehabilitation is slow, and he hates it, and he can feel his friendship with Sherlock falling apart around him as he's recovering.

There's parallels to his life in the army and he's not sure he could take being invalided out of everything he knows and loves again.

Gen or build up, please.

Adderson is one of a few Omegas in NSY. Sexual harassment, Sexism. Bullying. Humiliation. Omegaverse

Police departments, armies and other places like that mostly consist of Alphas, sometimes Betas. Omegas are rare in those areas. Anderson is one of a very few Omegas in NSY. Lestrade is not prejudiced, so he has no problem working with him. Others, however...

Anderson is a frequent victim of sexist jokes and mockery. He even has an experience of being sexually harassed at work. Someone calls him a wet-arsed bitch, knotslut or anything of that sort. Or maybe there are jokes like: "Don't slip on your own slick". Some people joke that he does have something common with the Freak (Sherlock is an Omega as well) after all: both of them always want to prove something or just want to be surrounded by as many Alphas as possible, which explains the choice of work, of course, so the both of them are simply attention whores. Anderson doesn't like Sherlock (which is perfectly mutual), so he doesn't want to be compared to him. He just wants to keep doing the job he likes without someone's dirty jokes, someone staring at his arse, or someone catching a sniff of his upcoming heat and discussing it with others.

It's up to you how he takes the whole situation.

Implied John/Sherlock is very welcome, too. But I wouldn't want Anderson and Sherlock to become friends or anything like that at all just because they share the same gender.

Bonus: Sally is not good. She's an Alpha, but he thinks she's different when she starts courting him, seems protective, and finally seduces him. But, once she gets what she wants, she tells everyone about fucking and knotting him, with details. And maybe it was a bet, too.

Girl Problems.

Anthea having one of those periods where your uterus decides to be your biggest fucking enemy ever. And Mycroft at first being really very confused as to why his PA is curled in a ball crying under her desk, and then, because he's obviously very observant, realizes what is wrong and goes off to get her pain medication, chocolate, and a heat pack. I don't even care if he's in a relationship with Anthea, or if he's just sympathetic to her pain!

(As you can probably tell, I am experiencing this phenomenon called MBFHM 'MY BODY FUCKING HATES ME!' and it happens once every month. -_- I have spent literally the entire day crying because I am in pain. And I just want someone to have to share it!! Why are we out of chocolate?!

Re: Girl Problems

As another lady who can totally relate(and absolutely ADORES Mycroft/Anthea fluff in any form), I am seconding this until hell freezes over.

They crowned him king

All children know about nightmares and monsters Mycroft is no exception when he turned ten he became their king.

John Watson's exhaustion

I'd love to have a story dealing with John's exhaustion - he works fairly long hours at the surgery combined with helping with Sherlocks' cases... That combined with a fairly constant ache in his shoulder. He must be exhausted so much of the time.

All the internet cookies if someone writes something to do with this? Maybe he ends up getting sick or something? Just lots of comfort and that kind of soul-deep ache that complete and utter exhaustion lends itself to.


Greg/Mycroft. Omegaverse. Possible Dub-Con.

Greg and Mycroft are trapped somewhere. Eventually, Mycroft goes into heat and his fake Alpha scent evaporates. Greg knew Sherlock was an Omega, but he never would've though the older Holmes is an Omega as well. And being an Alpha next to an Omega in heat... Well, it's a nightmare.

Whether he manages to take care of Mycroft without fucking and bonding with him or not is up to you. Happy Mystrade in the end is welcome.

John/Sherlock (possibly unrequited). Angst. Mycroft sees more than everybody else (as usual).

Anything with Mycroft observing Sherlock heavily pining over John over the years and never falling out of love, no matter if John is close or not. Others may suspect (after all, some people think John and Sherlock are/were a couple), but Mycroft sees the actual situation in detail.

I prefer unrequited love, but it can end happily with John and Sherlock getting together as lovers. No Sherlock with others, please (I just don't understand stories where Sherlock is unhappily in love with John, but, out of he blue, absolutely needing to start a relationship (temporal or otherwise, for sex or comfort or whatever) with another person/people while he's been okay on his own, "married to his Work", without this kind of relationships before falling in love, thank you very much).

Sherlock, John, Mattais, otter, hedgehog and mouse. (Redwall xover)

Sherlock and John, otter and hedgehog.

Sherlock had managed to burn down the shed he and John had been living in. Naturally that was the last straw for Mrs. Hudson, their landlady. She was an old cat, after all.
Naturally, she kicked them out with some home baked cookies, like they'd help them find some new accommodations, and an 'I'm not the kitten I used to be'.
Naturally, John decided that he'd repay Sherlock for finding the last place, get some payback for him burning it down, and be the one to get them a new home.

Cue John leading Sherlock to Redwall abbey, where he introduces Sherlock to his old friend and brother-in-arms, Mattais the Warrior.

As it turns out, John's little-spoken-about military experience was against Cluney the Scourge. And he had (naturally) kept in touch with his old friends, who were more than happy to let him live with them for a bit.

+Sherlock is still a detective, and John chronicles their adventures in a series of notebooks

+ Sherlock is jealous of John's friends, so to get his attention he does some things that are a Bit Not Good

Sherlock gets very frightened while high. Bad Trip. Hurt/Comfort. Drug Addiction.

Sherlock secretly starts using again and does his best to hide it from John. He's both ashamed of himself and can't stop, so he feels trapped and hates himself. One day, after shooting up yet again, something goes terribly wrong. His hallucinations are terrifying and he nearly pisses himself due to the fear (or he actually does). He hopes it's going to stop soon, but it doesn't let go (it can be anything. Maybe there are voices coming out of his unplugged earphones, saying frightening things, voices out of electric sockets, drains in sinks and so on). He's really affected. This is how John finds him. Crying, Sherlock confesses everything and asks for help, and John, too worried to be properly angry with him, takes care of him.

Implied johnlock with no developed relationship would also make me very happy.

After Sherlock's fall John becomes a Dexter-ish killer

Okay this going to be a bit wordy and weird so bare with me. I want an AU where after Sherlock's fall John becomes a Dexter-ish killer. Basically, a serial killer who only kills other serial killers and bad people in general. He does this because he's torn between the parts of him who want danger and to feel useful again, with maybe a little bit of revenge on the side, and the parts of him who still want to help out the Met and be moral and good. When Sherlock comes back he can almost instantly see John's handy work in all the bodies appearing in London but he doesn't want to believe it. Author can go wherever from there.
Bonus: John has become a bit unstable and actively believes that Sherlock would be proud of him and/or is certain the bodies will bring his supposedly dead flatmate back to him.
Extra bonus: Lots of focus on morals and inner dilemma!


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