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Prompting: Part II
Giggles at the Palace
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Sentient captcha, of sorts

Okay, if anyone's requested this, please let me know. (And it's kinda long)

Since captcha was commenting my last association ramble with "plectic1) laws" I'm convinced this thing is sentient. Or, in fact, Mycroft.

Let us have some Mycroft who for any reason has access to the internet and needs help to get out of trouble but cannot draw attention to himself in the normal ways. So he is lurking on John's blog or anywhere else where some kind of captcha is in use and first tries to arouse John's and his brother's attention by unusual words or phrases, then leaving little hints as to his situation and location or whatever. Of course he can't post too open hints, either, so there's loads of guessing what could make sense.
Actually this hasn't to be Mycroft who's manipulating captcha, maybe it's Sherlock. But I desperately want some Mycroft gen or getting it on with John, pwease?

BONUS: The boys (and Lestrade's team) are flooding some ridiculous forum somewhere just to get enough captcha contact. :D

To all this captcha says: "seem millowd" - I'll take that as encouragement.

1)Murray Gell-Mann on whatever he does: "What is most exciting about our work is that it illuminates the chain of connections between, on the one hand, the simple underlying laws that govern the behavior of all matter in the universe and, on the other hand, the complex fabric that we see around us, exhibiting diversity, individuality, and evolution. The interplay between simplicity and complexity is the heart of our subject."
Yep, that does sound like my brain's ramblings and connections inside and between fandoms

Re: Sentient captcha, of sorts

That's too funny. I was thinking about the captcha the other day when one of my words was "SJoHolmes". Seriously. Now, it makes sense that it would be Mycroft of awesomeness.

I heartily second this prompt because Mycroft is watching.

Re: Sentient captcha, of sorts

Captcha knows far too often what's going on and makes no sense whatsoever far too little. *nods*

Oh yes. And maybe Mycroft has even more nefarious purposes than just getting rescued. Who knows? Maybe Mycroft and Moriarty and Moran and Anderson are responsible for most of this meme? XD

I lovelovelovelove your icon! Is there a bigger version available, let's say, big enough for some t-shirt stencilling? *puppy dog eyes*

Re: Sentient captcha, of sorts

Seriously? Wow. Yes, I have a bigger version of it (it's 15 inches at 72dpi) but it's really rough because I just banged it together for icon size. You are more than welcome to it though.
Captcha is booffle covering. Really, Mycroft? Booffles?

Re: Sentient captcha, of sorts

Bonus points if the boys get SO BLOODY CONFUSED when they receive super/sub script and/or foreign letters?

Because seriously, Mycroft. Wtf.

Re: Sentient captcha, of sorts

And of course all those vertical miniature text things.

Now I'm tempted to refer to captcha as Mycroft. XD

Captcha: "stachow audit" - stachow's the name a guy with a stones cover band. *eyebrow* Are you trying to tell us you like the stones?

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