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Prompting Part XXXV
Giggles at the Palace
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    Omega!Sherlock is proud of his Alpha!John

    I imagine there's this sort of unspoken contest between omegas. It's common for them to brag about certain aspects of their alphas to try to show up other omega (a bit like stereotypical housewives).

    "My alpha just bought us that new tv set we've been eyeing."

    "My alpha's so virile, we just found out we're having twins!"

    When Sherlock and John get together, Sherlock is so proud of John that (even though he hates the idea of the competition and finds the other omegas tedious) he finally joins in but (in usual Sherlock fashion) chooses the oddest things to brag about.

    "John produces [high but realistic for an alpha] CCs of semen when he ejaculates, even when I'm outside of heat."

    "John's knot expands to [number] millimeters which is perfect considering [number + 2 or 3] is the number of millimeters he could expand to without actually damaging me."

    "John's semen contains [high number of an alpha] [whatever measurement sperm counts are measured in]."

    Every time he brags, people are shocked to silence because they aren't quite sure how to react. Sherlock takes this to mean he's won.

    TL;DR - Omegas commonly brag about their alphas when they get together. Sherlock and John get together and Sherlock chooses slightly inappropriate (but very Sherlock-like) things to brag about. People are shocked to silence, Sherlock takes this to mean he's won.

    OP here
    Don't know if this has already been reprompted, but:

    Sherlock is kidnapped by Moran/an associate of Moriarty's/Jim himself.
    Under threat that John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade and Molly will all meet a very specific awful end if he doesn't comply, Sherlock does not attempt to escape.

    His captors try and force him to by treating him cruelly - trying to provoke him, sleep deprivation, humiliation, abuse whatever.

    Sherlock may go a bit mad.

    Bonus if he shows up on one of his friend's doorsteps three years later, completely mute and catatonic.

    Bonus if someone (Mycroft, etc) pushes to have him sectioned.
    I don't even know what I'm prompting, I just want a nearly beaten Sherlock that needs his friends very desperately.

    Even if the original filler is still around and would like to finish, that would be awesome.

    Sherlock is a teen dad

    Similar to the No Intentions (by KeelieThompson1) series:

    Sherlock got a girl pregnant when he was in his teens. However he believed she had an abortion. Several years later (after he's met John - no slash please) he discovers the truth.

    + if this is somehow a part of the reason mycroft and sherlock don't get a long.
    ++ if you include everyone's reactions (especially johns!!)
    +++ if sherlock actually wants to be a dad

    A child is an only witness to a crime and the police are trying to get him/her to talk. Someone gets the child to start talking about their favorite things (its not about the crime, but the kid's talking at least) and says something against pirates.
    Sherlock and the kid get into an argument about pirates vs ninjas.

    Reprompt- J/S/L, Slavery AU, TW: non-con, child abuse

    Slavery AU in which the rising abolitionist movement has been chipping steadily away at the slavery laws. A new set of regulations allows for slaves who'd been sold as minors, with no pre-enslavement criminal history, to gain their freedom. Among the newly freed are John, a frontline medic, and Sherlock, a bed slave. They wind up moving in to 221b together while they try to get on their feet and find their way in this new world. Somehow, they wind up getting involved with a serial killer case where they meet Lestrade. During the course of the case, Sherlock finds his path as a detective, and Lestrade finds himself falling for both of the ex-slaves.

    Bonuses: Mrs. Hudson was a house slave, who Sherlock helped free years ago. Lestrade is against mistreating slaves, but isn't really against slavery all together until he gets to know John and Sherlock and really hears about it from their POV. Mycroft and Harry (who were not slaves) try to reconnect with their siblings with varying degrees of success. Sherlock gets briefly stalked by an old owner who's romanticized their relationship and want Sherlock to be his lover.

    Sherlock drugs Mycroft again (incest)

    After hearing what Mycroft said to him while drugged during HLV, Sherlock decides to put Mycroft in that state again and see what he does. He has the mixture adjusted to put Mycroft into a similar state without actually knocking him out and slips it into his tea during a normal conversation.

    Confused and completely without a filter, Mycroft becomes really affectionate, letting it slip that he has been lonely without Sherlock around, trying to hug him like when they were children, etc.

    And then Sherlock discovers that Drugged!Mycroft is willing to do pretty much anything his little brother wants if he thinks it will make him happy...

    Lestrade/Mycroft - Second Chances TW: Child-abuse, Drug OD

    Inspired by a Mystrade story I read a while back, because I didn't like the ending.

    Teen!Sherlock is rescued from OD'ing in some back-alley by a beat cop, Lestrade, who then takes the surly teen back to his place because Sherlock tells/tricks him into believing that he is a homeless orphan. Not a week later, Lestrade is visited/threatened by an up and coming bureaucrat, Mycroft, who claims to be Sherlock's brother. From Mycroft, he learns that their parents were absentee and/or abusive, and Sherlock hates his brother because he thinks Mycroft abandoned him to go to Uni and/or is the reason their parents abused him.

    Mycroft and Lestrade slowly start falling in love... but before they can break the news to Sherlock, he catches them together, raises hell, blames Mycroft for once again interfering and taking away what family he has made with Lestrade and relapses. Because Mycroft and Lestrade love Sherlock too much to lose him to his addiction, they decide to break it off.

    Eventually, life happens. Lestrade gets married, Mycroft becomes "The British Government", and Sherlock and Lestrade start working together...
    Then maybe Sherlock meets John, they hit it off and start dating. Lestrade gets a divorce and now that he is back on the market, he and Mycroft resume their awkward not-mating-dance, both too wary to actually DO anything about it for fear of hurting Sherlock.

    John notices the so-thick-it-can-be-cut-with-knife tension between them, and ultimately, learns the whole story... Then convinces Sherlock to let the feud to rest, because it's been too long and the two people who love Sherlock the most are hurting so bad because of him etc etc. Finally, Sherlock relents and gives them his blessing... And they all live happily ever after.

    Tl;Dr - Lestrade saves Teen!Druggie!Sherlock and takes him in. He meets Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, and falls in love with him, but Sherlock's not exactly thrilled about it. Sherlock relapses and Mycroft and Lestrade break up. Few years later, John convinces Sherlock to give Mystrade his blessing.

    Bottom!Mycroft please :)

    If you have any recs for Parent!Lestrade or Mystrade raising kids/kid!Sherlock, please link them also.

    Edited at 2014-03-30 06:56 pm (UTC)

    Johnlock, Saying the wrong name during sex

    Mary is gone, Sherlock and John get together. It's Sherlock's first sexual relationship and he is overjoyed that his love is returned, he finally has the man he wants, but for those reasons, he's also emotionally vulnerable.

    Then John calls him "Mary" in the heat of passion.

    Angst . . . maybe a happy ending when John suitably makes it up to him?

    Complications H/C, non-con

    Sherlock gets called onto a kidnapping case that leads to a rather massive trafficking ring.
    Like himself, he goes in alone and probably gets overwhelmed by the gang.

    They don't believe that Sherlock isn't a cop, but instead they decide maybe this "pretty boy"/"pretty girl" will make them some money.

    Sherlock eventually fights his way out/ is rescued.
    Most of those in charge of this ring are arrested.

    What follows is the court case and Sherlock has to deal with the fact that the children being scared/hurt disturbed him as well as his own suffering.

    Lots of comfort from John and difficulty with testifying after a traumatic event.

    Mycroft has drinking issues

    Mycroft is dependent on alcohol. Needs it in his system to function. Drinks it like water. But he mostly hides it well and Sherlock hates him for it.

    Then one day Lestrade finds out--it tips the the balance Of power in their dynamic.

    Mycroft does not know how to handle Lestrade's attention and his obvious worry.

    Eventual Mystrade please!

    Sherlock/Moriarty, John/Mary, Assumed Past Moriarty/Mary

    Sherlock 'subdues' Moriarty with a extremely S&M-heavy sexual relationship, allowing him to take out his twisted pleasure in the bedroom so long as he refrains from killing people (and, secretly, Sherlock enjoys it XD). John and Mary have moved on from their S3 issues and are trying to start fresh. They decide to have brunch.

    Cue awkwardness when Jim and Mary immediately but heads and start to fight in a catty, low way - kinda like an old married couple. From the way they are trying to out-do one another with their current relationships, Sherlock deduces that they once dated and it didn't end well.

    +1 - They never actually did have a relationship. They just really don't like each other.

    +10 - John is totally freaked out by imagining Jim and Mary in bed together. Like, worse then finding out that his wife is an ex-CIA agent and an assassin... well, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the point.

    +100 - Mary makes a remark about how easy it would be to get into Sherlock's pants if she had wanted to (and didn't love John), and Jim gets extremely territorial. First time 'I love yous' are totally welcome!

    Sherlock/Moriarty, John is out of the loop

    Can I have something revolving around these lines:

    "How come I'm always the last to know about every bloody bloke that you invite into your bedroom?!"

    "You say that as if I'm some sort of manwhore, John."

    John is a super soldier. (Possible crossover with Captain America?)

    So after the Captain thawed out they started recruiting people for another crack at creating super soldiers. John at the time was an army medic and jumped at the chance to follow in the footsteps of one of his childhood heroes (perhaps his granddad served with him? Or his grandmother helped in the war and liaised with SHIELD and he was told stories about him?)

    Maybe it worked for some, maybe it didn't work for everyone but it was quickly disbanded and was hushed up (by Mycroft maybe?)

    Either way, John and Sherlock met and went on as in BBC canon with John hiding whatever powers he had until the incident in New York (Avengers Assemble.) and the whole Norse God in London thing (Thor 2?) / *invent something here* the UK decided to follow suit and set up a team of superheroes and what do you know, John's name was at the top of the list.

    "John's a superhero? So that's why he's not boring like everyone else!"

    Whatever happens next is up to the author.
    Maybe Not!Anthea is the UK's answer to Black Widow, and Mycroft is it's answer to Nick Fury?

    Bonus points if Sherlock had no clue about any of this and is seriously surprised that everyone around him (including Mrs Hudson) is being recruited.
    Double points if other Marvel heroes are mentioned in passing (I.E Captain Britain?)
    Triple bonus points for John refusing to wear a lycra like super suit but agrees to a sort of uniform.
    Super mega points if Anderson is in fact a genius that gets recruited or is a Coulson like agent (that hero worships John/ Sherlock)

    (Why yes, I did see the Winter Soldier, why did you ask? And no, nothing there is a spoiler for the new film as far as I'm aware.)

    AU Stanford introduces John to Jim instead of Sherlock

    John, after being invalided home from the army, is walking home from his therapy apointment when he runs into his old friend Mike Stanford- they chat, and John mentions absently that no one would want him for a flat mate- turns out he's the second person to say that to Mike that day.

    So, Sanford being the great buddy he is, introduces John to Jim (or Richard Brooks, I like using that as his real name and Moriarty as a stage name of sorts). one thing leads to another, and they end up as flatmates- more things happen, and the next thing adrenaline junkie Watson knows, he's shot a copper by the make of Jeff Hope to keep Jim from being arrested, and he's quickly becoming tied up in Moriarty's complex web, and his games with one detective Sherlock Holmes.

    And Watson /knows/ it's wrong, and bad, and he's getting in way over his head- but he /likes/ it. And Jim doesn't even have to manipulate him into helping- not really anyway.

    Bonus: John becomes what the fandom has made Sebastian Moran.

    Bonus 2: John is 'kidnapped' (the same as he was by Mycroft) by Jim's older brother James Moriarty- a math professor at Cambridge who is the true 'spider' behind the web.

    Re: John is a super soldier. (Possible crossover with Captain America?)

    Seconded! like major.

    P.S. Frack you fracking British Fracks getting to see Captain AMERICA before we Americans


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