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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sunday 3/4

AN well frickety frack. I accidentally posted the same part twice before. Ignore that. Read this! Sorry about that mess up. I've never used this website before and I'm kinda terrible with technology. Enjoy! (?)

John pushes the offending wool from Sherlock’s shoulders and kisses his neck as it falls to blanket their legs. Sherlock’s lips fall open and he bites at his bottom one, hips stuttering slightly as John lets teeth drag over the length of Sherlock’s neck.
“We should - mmm - we should move to a bed,” sighs Sherlock.
John pulls away and sweeps a thumb over the damp, light spot he’s made on the pale expanse of Sherlock’s neck. He kisses it sloppily one last time - no hickeys - and leans back to let Sherlock up. “Your place or mine?” he asks, smile lazy.
“Yours,” replies Sherlock without thought, and kisses John over to the bed.
Its not until John has been deposited on the bed, kiss hazed, panting, and hard, that he voices his objection, “It was my bed last time.”
“You shouldn’t have asked, then,” hums Sherlock lightly and tugs at John’s shirt until its over his head with slight effort from John.
“Its only because you’re a spoilt prat.”
Sherlock kisses him again, dark and wet and leaving needy whimpers between John’s lips, leaning over his body. Later, Sherlock will deny them and John will get hard in his hand and feel the desperate need to kiss the memory back to life again.
Graze of teeth against lips, long, stolen inhales and heavy breaths on separation.
Lips wet, swollen, wanting, they take each others air, foreheads pressed together in resting.
And then Sherlock sits up, straddling John’s waist, and pulls off his own shirt, but not before removing the glasses that John places beside the bed for him.
Once his shirt is off, Sherlock reaches up to tug at his hair slightly, arms self consciously hanging in front of his chest. John leads them away lightly. Touch reverent, lips light, teasing slightly.
“You’re beautiful.”
Sherlock smacks him across the head lightly.
John grins and Sherlock knows he means it but they don’t linger on it for too long.
Instead, Sherlock leans on his elbows, either side of John’s shoulders, and kisses him, open mouthed.
Wet kisses, brushed lips and drags of tongue are what Sherlock leaves down John’s neck. A flick over the right nipple and John tries to cover up a gasp. Sherlock giggles and John drags him up again to kiss it out of him.
Distraction dealt with, Sherlock leaves three kisses on the smooth of John’s stomach, smiling softly, and then mouths across his hips as he pops the button on John’s jeans.
“Lift,” he says.
John lifts his hips and brackets Sherlock’s waist as Sherlock shuffles back to get them completely off along with his pants.
And then Sherlock leans down, propped up on one elbow, and takes the head of John’s dick into his mouth, watching as John parts his lips for a moan and bucks into the wetness.
Sherlock moves back, off of him, and glares.
“Sorry. But fuck, Sherlock.”
Sherlock glares some more, and then, having given John the message, gets comfortable again.

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