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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?


“I suppose.” Sherlock’s gaze frantically darted everywhere but in the direction of his flatmate’s body. John stepped aside to let him in. “How should we do this?”

“It’ll be easier if we both get in shower, that way the water doesn’t spray everywhere. I’ll bend over to keep the dressing from getting wet.”

Sherlock reluctantly shed his dressing gown and pajamas. He got into the shower and grabbed the detachable showerhead, pointing it directly downward to minimize the spray. John stepped inside and bent his waist at a forty-five degree angle.

Sherlock mentally recited amino acid compounds as he wetted his flatmate’s hair. He had a number of sexual fantasies about being naked in the shower with John, but an erection at this moment would only serve to make the situation even more uncomfortable.

He put away the showerhead and squirted a blob of shampoo into his palm. He rubbed it between his hands, then reached for John. Oh dear God. He had his fingers in his friend’s hair and the man’s face was only a foot away from his cock.

He tried to keep the movement of his hands businesslike and impersonal. He would not get an erection. He imagined his penis in its flaccid state. You will stay that way, he told it sternly. He finished lathering the shampoo, then turned to get the showerhead. As he turned, he saw John’s hands clutching at his lower stomach.

“Oh God, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Let me see.” Sherlock knelt and yanked John’s arm out of the way, only to be confronted at eye level by a very aroused fully erect penis. For an instant, his baser instincts won out. He imagined himself leaning forward, taking that beautiful cock in hand, rolling back the foreskin and pressing his tongue to the slit. He forced his mind back the present, but it was too late. His cock was already half hard.

He rose, yanked on the showerhead, and gave John’s hair a cursory rinse before shutting off the water and racing out of the shower. Of course John had gotten an eyeful of his own, ahem, biological reaction, and was likely coming to some disturbing conclusions.

Sherlock’s mind raced. Part of him was thrilled. He had already reached Step 2 of his plan with almost no effort! The other part was terrified. He knew that what happened next was vital. John had to talk about this while the feelings were still fresh, before he found reasons to explain them away.

He yanked on his dressing gown. It stuck to the damp parts of his skin, making him feel itchy and hot. He needed to be tactful and persuasive, but not manipulative. John would see through that in an instant. He needed time to make a strategy.

His flatmate had his back to him and was in the process of wrapping a towel around his waist. The back of his neck was crimson with embarrassment.


John turned and looked at him in confusion.

“I’ll get you some clothes. Stay put.”

Sherlock raced up the stairs to John’s room. His mind worked on a plan.

Step 1: Persuade John to hold a conversation.
Step 2: Present supporting evidence for John’s gay-ness.
Step 3: Propose experiment to allow for the collection of additional data.
Step 4: Snog John senseless.

He retrieved a vest, button down shirt, boxers, and a pair of jeans, and returned to the loo.

He passed them through the door, giving his flatmate a measure of privacy.

“John, we need to talk.”

“Oh God, Sherlock, really? I’m not gay!”

Sherlock sighed and leaned his head against the door. He assembled his argument.

“It will only take five minutes. We can talk in the sitting room, have the most uncomfortable conversation of our lives, and never revisit the issue again if you don’t want to.”

John’s tone was resigned. “Why do you have to be so reasonable all of a sudden?”

His flatmate emerged from the loo clothed, but still a little damp.

When Sherlock sat in the chair across from John, he realized that he was about to have the most important conversation of his life while wearing nothing but a blue silk dressing gown.

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?

omg this is way too hilarious and cute for something that will have so much angst

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?

Thank you! I'm seriously having to suppress some evil laughter right now. Poor John doesn't know what's coming to him.

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?

OP here! Adoring this fill so far, looking forward to reading more!

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?

I'm so glad you like it so far!

Re: Fill: No Refuge from Memory: 4b/?

I love this - Sherlock's step-by-step plan truly reflects his scientific approach to everything. John's unexpected reaction throws Sherlock's steps out the window - and I love Sherlock's sudden attack of being reasonable!

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