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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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"I used to think I was an idiot"

Mummy Holmes would never be deliberately cruel or unkind to her son Sherlock, her boy. She'd of course turn absolutely monstrous if anyone attacked him, physically or in words. She adores him. She loves him with all her heart. To be perfectly honest -- and she'd never admit this aloud -- he's her favorite.

But she has no compunction about matter-of-factly telling others, in front of Sherlock -- when he was a child and even now that he's an adult -- that he's, well, the slow one. He's such a dear boy, but he's always had a bit of trouble keeping up. Intellectually, you know. Of course she'd never allow herself to get cross with him about it, but she remembers that allowances have to be made, he has to be given a bit of extra time and sometimes a little coaching perhaps. But he's such a sweet boy and he does try so very hard.

(Mycroft, what's with all the numbers lately?)

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Re: "I used to think I was an idiot"

I so second this.

Lestrade spanking Mycroft

Spanking fic.

Lestrade has a thing for spanking his lovers. He doesn't expect Mycroft to like it as well.

Anything goes.

Bonus, if the two have an arguement and Mycroft assumes Lestrade is going to use spanking in a punishment way and gets edgy because he's not into that. Lestrade finds out that he thinks that and immeadiately reassures him that spanking is for fun and pleasure, not punishment.

Super bonus, Lestrade with Mycroft sprawled across his legs watching tv. Lestrade alternates between stroking and fondling Mycrofts ass, to giving it a swat or spanking while he relaxes.

Super, super bonus, they do some experiments to see how long it takes Mycroft to come from spanking alone, do he cum faster of Lestrade uses his hand, or a paddle, slow spanks or hard ones. Etc.

Any other kink welcome.

Mystrade on the run

For whatever convient plot reason, Mycroft and Lestrade wake to find themselves in a strange p,ace together. Together they have to escape and get to the bottom of who kidnapped them and why.

They can't turn to the police or the government, they are completely alone.

Whump, and adventure and anything goes.

Along the way they fall in love with each other.

Mycroft is castrated, Lestrade finds this very sexy

Hate me if you must.

Mycroft gets castrated, either willingly or unwillingly, for Lestrade. I want Lestrade to find this increadibly sexy, and a lot of talk about how Mycroft can now focus on pleasing Lestrade rather than himself. Lestrade fucking him and fondling his limp dick.

Basically the more Mycrofts sex drive drops, the more Lestrades grows, he touches Mycroft more, and whatever. And while Mycroft isn't really interested in sex very much any more, he wants to please Lestrade.

Make it work people!

Re: Mycroft is castrated, Lestrade finds this very sexy

seconding the hell out of this!

Depressing Irish drinking songs

It turns out that Jim is a not a happy drunk. He may act high when he's sober, but get some alcohol in him and he starts singing "Dear Old Skibbereen" and "The Parting Glass" before eventually getting angry and starting such cheerful tunes as "Bugger Off."

By the end of the night he's weeping and there's at least three buildings on fire.

"Skibbereen": youtube com watch? v=V7unN-aHLnw
"The Parting Glass": youtube com watch ?v=4Np_Ud4KA08
"Bugger Off": youtube com watch? v=jrXP5zoFxss

Sherlock/Moriarty, Accidental Voyuer!John

John, somehow (miraculously), misses out on the big reveal that Moriarty is alive.

He's visiting Sherlock's flat one afternoon when he hears a familiar ringtone (how could he forget it, after it saved him from a psychotic madman?), followed by furtive curses. Sherlock is disappointed because good sex was interrupted by business.

Bonus - John is surprised by whoever is bottoming (positions up to anon), and Sherlock calmly justifies it... whilst totally naked.

Sherlock/Moriarty and John/Mary, Moriarty Mpreg

Moriarty's pregnant with twins. He is secretly excited, whilst also planning Sherlock's slow and painful death for ruining his favorite Westwood (the material can only stretch so far...). As the big day draws nearer though, he can't help but be a little nervous.

Mary, a new mom herself, gives him some helpful tips.

Say Cheese and Die

Could somebody write a fic based on this photo:
I would love if it followed the plot of a R.L. Stine book, "Say Cheese and Die" where an evil camera took your picture of how you would soon become (supernaturally). I would like somebody to take a picture of Sherlock and John with this and then for Sherlock to slowly lose his intelligence while John slowly loses his emotions. They must fight to solve the case of the camera before they lose what they each value most!

Re: Say Cheese and Die

Seconded so badly

Re-Prompt for Angsty Holmescest

Mycroft lived most of his life with his mother, never knowing about the father and brother he had due to a messy divorce both parents had when he was very young and had separated taking the other child with them.

He's fine with his current life, rising to big things and getting an important position in the government, even though he finds it gets a little tiring being a social outcast. He then meets a dark curly haired man by chance who's been able to deduce things by just looking at them.

He's impressed to meet someone who can do the things he can do and they strike up a conversation with each other. As they learn more about the other, they discover how much they have in common and how they both can see things others can't and how they are outcasts to their peers. The more he hangs out with that man the more Mycroft starts to feel strong feelings towards him.

It gets to a point where he confesses and much to his delight the man feels the same and they share a kiss.

It isn't until he brings him home for him to meet his mother where things go wrong. She reacts by screaming happily upon the sight of his new boyfriend, "Sherlock! You are here! Mycroft, this is wonderful! When did you meet your brother?"

tl:dr: Mycroft falls in love and dates Sherlock without either realizing they're brothers until Mycroft brings him home.

. . . with your number.

So, what was that unfortunate ex thinking when Sherlock gave him the grin from hell?

It will last 72 hours instead of the usual 48. In the meantime, happy filling!


Looks as though you might need to put the warning at the top of the page as well.

Please make your way over to Part 35!

Johnlock with trans!Sherlock

Canon compliant Johnlock with fem!Sherlock who realizes she's a male trapped in a female body.Give me angst, insecurities, confusion and fluff with Sherlock worrying about John's reaction, the transformation she has to go through in order to become a male and the way it affects her relationship with John (who up to this point identified himself as straight)

Happy Johnlock ending please.

Re: Johnlock with trans!Sherlock

yesss this sounds amazing!

Filled here:

(I was totally tempted to take this in a smuttier direction, since that's most of what I write, but I kept it rated G! At least, until I get bored and come back to write a second chapter . . .) :-D

This is so beautifully tragic, especially the way Irene laid bare Sherlock's soul as well as his flesh. She really knows what she's doing, doesn't she? Those guys don't stand a chance.

Mycroft porn preferences: abnormal (TW: noncon)

Magnussen knew Mycroft's secret: that he (Mycroft) been brutally raped by a fellow student while at university. Magnussen also knew that Mycroft's sexual life since then consisted of watching violent dubcon porn and even sometimes hiring male escorts to basically recreate the initial assault. Mycroft thought this was "coping" but knew it would ruin him if anyone else found out.

I would love a story where Sherlock and John discover those facts somehow (either before or after CAM's murder) and how they deal with it (preferably without incest or magical healing cock).

The Glass Slipper fusion, etc

Cinderella!Sherlock and Prince!John or Prince!Lestrade

Complete with Sherlock being defiant of his step-family and the insulting townspeople.

Bonus for Mycroft being the "fairy godmother"/ "loner" etc.

My god I don't care how you do it, just give me "I don't care if nobody likes me!" Sherlock, and Princely!John or Lestrade, if you please

This should be fun! :)

My Dear Lady Disdain (part 3)

Sherlock didn’t give Sally more time to dwell on his scars. He rolled on top of Sally, causing her to laugh as his body weight pressed down on her. She tried to push him off, but Sherlock pinned her hands to the mattress and proceeded to trail his mouth along the underside of her jaw. Sally couldn’t supress a moan and she heard Sherlock chuckle against her neck.
‘Looks like I’m not the only one who’s been missing this.’
‘No one’s missed you being a smug asshole, Sherlock. Are you going to play games or are you going…’
Sally gasped as Sherlock’s mouth covered her right nipple and sucked. Her head flew back and she writhed beneath him. She felt his tongue flicker against her erect tip. Sally bit her lip. This was a power struggle. A game.
Well, you know the old saying.
Two can play.
Sally pulled her hand out of Sherlock’s loose grip, while he continued nuzzle her breast. She drew her hand slowly downwards between his legs and wrapped her hand around his slowly stiffening cock. She gave it a firm tug. Sherlock suddenly stopped, his whole body shuddering at the sensation. He looked up at Sally from beneath his eyebrows.
‘That’s not exactly fair, Sargent.’
Sally gave him the most innocent look she could muster.
‘Since when have we ever done fair?’
Another stroke. Her thumb ran over the tip of his penis. Sherlock began to pant. He buries his head against her collarbone.
Third stroke. Forth. Sally began her steady rhythm. She felt Sherlock’s breath on her chest coming in fast, harsh bursts.
Suddenly, against her clit, she felt the pressure of Sherlock’s thumb.
‘Oh, you bastard.’
‘The feeling is mutual.’
‘In more ways…’ Sally bit back a cry as Sherlock traced two of his finger through her folds and pressed them into her opening, her voice came back but nowhere near as strong. ‘In more ways than one?’
Sherlock laughed. A genuine laugh of someone who thought the woman he was with was clever and funny and skilful with her hands. Sally may have been teetering on the edge of falling apart but her hands were still moving. He was now fully erect now - not exceptionally long but thick – and as his fingers stroked inside her and against her clitoris, he could feel them becoming slicker and slicker. Both of them were in this struggle against and for each other; who would be the first to come, to make the other come? Who would break and who would be the breaker?

Re: My Dear Lady Disdain (part 3)

Sorry. Please delete.

For the Earth to Swallow Me

Sherlock pursed his lips as he stared at the ceiling.
Sally Donovan was lying next to him, her face buried his her hands.
'Don't what?'
'Say what you were going to say.'
'You don't know what I was going to say.'
'I know it was going to be something dickish and I really can't do dickish right now.'
'A huge one.'
'Me too.'
Sally pulled the pillow out from under her head and covered her face with it. 'I am the stupidest woman on the face of the earth.'
'No you're not. You have slightly above average intelligence. In terms of IQ which I find a highly spurious method of determining a persons intellectual capacity...'
'What did I say about dickish?'
'Was that dickish?'
'Sorry. Unintentional.'
Sally and Sherlock lay there quietly for a moment. Sherlock broke the silence.
'Is this your place?'
'No. I'm house-sitting for my brother while he's away for his fifth anniversary.'
'His his wife the lawyer, or him.'
'They both are.'
'Ah. Makes sense.'
Another long silence.
'Do you want to know how I deduced...'
'I swear will smother you with this pillow.'
Sherlock sighed, and glanced around the room.
'Do you know where my pants are?'
'I don't know where my pants are, let alone yours.'
'Do you remember...'
'Huh. Neither do I.'
'How can you remember 798 different forms of tobacco ash but not what happened last night?'
'My point still stands.'
'You can't remember either, Sargent Donovan.'
Sally removed the pillow from her face as she sprang into the sitting position. 'Oh shit! Did we use protection?'
Sherlock sat up too. He looked around the side of the bed. 'I can't see anything.'
'Oh fuck. Fuck it fuck it fuck fuck fuck it.'
'Okay, calm down.'
'Calm down!? There is no "Calm Down" Holmes. I just had unprotected sex with a man who has made my professional life a misery for almost a decade on some sort of alcohol induced bender! Don't tell me to be calm!'

Re: For the Earth to Swallow Me

Yes! More of this interaction


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Ok-I would love to see a John/Mycroft story. I want it along the lines of Mycroft wanting John and has for a while so takes advantage of Sherlock being "dead". MPreg with John carrying the baby would be awesome. My croft manipulating it to where John can't leave him would be awesome and also Mummy explaining to a frustrated and heartbroken Watson that sometimes it's better to have someone who loves you more than you love them.

Med-fet Proctalgia Fugax H/C any two characters.

Did you know theres a medical condition called Proctalgia Fugax Which is a painful cramping of the Rectal Muscles? It mostly happens at night and the spasms can last up to 20 minutes.

During an episode, the patient feels spasm-like, sometimes excruciating, pain in the anus. Simultaneous stimulation of the local autonomic system can cause erection in males. In men, twinges sometimes occur shortly after orgasm. Sometimes pain is so severe that that may cause loss of consciousness.

It has several causes, some cases are related to sexual trauma.

There is no cure but it can be treated with enemas, baths and massaging the anal area or the perineum. Along with careful stretching.

You know what to do people. Any characters or scenarios are welcome but I want to see H/C.

Re: Med-fet Proctalgia Fugax H/C any two characters.

Yes, please! +1

D/s! AU Mystrade

Lestrade is a sub attracted to Mycroft who's a Dom. However he is reluctant to act on their mutual attraction because of bad experiences with powerful Doms in his past. Mycroft is committed to collaring him and keeps going about it the wrong way.

Bonus cookies if Lestrade doesn't make things easy and Mycroft has to learn how to earn Lestrade's trust.

(Please no omega!AU dynamics)


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