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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Johnlock, proposal

the first same sex marriages will be taking place in England this weekend so it got me thinking

John or Sherlock proposing to the other.
Somewhat in character for our boys because a big romantic, flowers and candles and down on one knee proposal was never going to be their way.

If John is the one doing the proposing, maybe Sherlock doesn't even realise what John is asking him/doesn't beleive it at first. Think Sherlock's reaction to the 'you're my best friend/I want you to be my best man' scene.

Really anything at all around this.

This just makes me really happy and i would like to celebrate in some way

Johnlock, past Sherlock/OFC, warning for mention of past noncon

Sherlock was raped by a woman. He appears unaffected, pretends like it never happened or that it doesn't matter. He does struggle and mull over it for a while but he's a busy man, he forces himself to move on. Things get better, returns to normal, he has his job, he has John. He never even considered pressing charges.

One day the woman shows up and dumps a newborn baby, clearly the baby is unwanted. Sherlock is at a loss. He doesn't know how to react. He thinks he doesn't want the baby, he can't bring himself to even touch the baby or be near and eventually, it becomes clear to John that Sherlock never came to terms with what happened between him and the woman. But at the same time, it's his. Sometimes, he pretends everything is fine and there is no baby.

John finds himself with his arms full taking care of the baby and Sherlock. sometimes, he gets mycroft to come over when things are well, who urges Sherlock to at least name the baby and complete the birth certificate. it's not the baby's fault for existing, so everyone does their best while Sherlock comes to terms.

BDSM that isn't deathly serious all the time

There's a tumblr called Happy BDSM (easily googlable) and I would love to see a BDSM scene with John and Sherlock that is not all self-serious, at least not the whole time.

Mycroft; OCD

Mycroft has really, really bad obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The rest is up to anon

Reactions to hearing about Jim

So, what did the guys in IT do when they learned about Moriarty? I mean, finding out that the guy who worked in the cubical next to you is a mentally ill mob boss in his spare time must be pretty shocking.

Super Crack Bonus: When Jim returns, he goes right back to working in IT. Cue entertaining panic from coworkers and open death threats towards anyone who calls with a dumb question.

Mary has Sherlock's kid through Mycroft's meddling

So. First of all, Mycroft is the one actually pulling the strings behind Mary. He needed someone to look after John, after all.

He also has Opinions about Holmes DNA and the need to spread it.

So Mary's carrying Sherlock's child through AI. Sherlock doesn't know. John has no clue. Maybe Mary doesn't even know.

Until it's born, of course.

Why am I prompting this why am I awake why hasn't someone taken my keyboard away by now


Given young Sherlock's ambition, there are sad few ruthless pirate AUs.

Maybe Captain Sherlock boards a ship transporting something (or someone) valuable and, in the process, also kidnaps the ship's doctor.
Maybe because a Dr would be useful, or maybe because the seemingly unassuming Doctor Watson is hiding a secret and Sherlock recognises him as someone worth ransoming. Either way, Dr Watson is not willing to give up his freedom without a fight.

Do whatever you like, just give me rum, buggery and the lash.


I was just thinking about it! We need an adult pirate Sherlock who is a total bamf.
So seconded!

Re: PIRATES! (Anonymous) Expand

Who done it

Classic, who done it murder mystery event, make it as cliché as possible with Sherlock solving the crime.

Bonus: Someone goes 'well Sherlock how do we know you didn't do it?' And Sherlock logics them.

Bonus 2: Watson is the killer

"No shit Sherlock"

That is all

Re: "No shit Sherlock"

seconded for sure

Two line mini-fill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Two line mini-fill (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Two line mini-fill (Anonymous) Expand
So I've been writing this fic for my friend turning Sherlock and John into women. In the story I've also made Mycroft a woman, which has made me want a fic where she is one.

I would love to see fem!Mycroft kidnapped or hurt in some way (can be rape if the authour anon wants to go down that route), and Sherlock, Joh and Lestrade are the one's charged with finding out who did this and why.

If you could squeese in some worried brother Sherlock I would be most grateful, and as for pairings, I'd prefer Mystrade is possible.

I would rather Mycroft not become a simpering damsel in distress (or if she behaves in this way it is a carefully calculated plan to aid in her own escape).

Super bonus for if she does break down it is done in a way that doesn't make her seem weak.

Teen!lock Mycroft coming out

I'd really like to see something with Mycroft coming out as gay to his parents- I'd prefer Sherlock to be either strait or Asexual and heteromantic.

Bonus: Daddy Holmes' response is litterally to turn to Sherlock and go "Welp! Looks like you're in charge of grand kids!"

underage, Holmescest, bestiality


Re: underage, Holmescest, bestiality

I was just about to request something like this. Seconded!

Magical Au Johnlock

Magical Au Johnlock

The "damsel in distress" (Sherlock, but John would be fine too) turns out to be more bamfy than she looks and ends up having to save her "knight in shining armor" (John).

I want something that toys with fairytale cliches and where the girls save the day for once!

Mary's baby isn't John's

John doesn't fully trust her, so he has a DNA test run after it's born. Someone he really trusts to keep quiet (Mike Stanford, maybe?) runs the test under the table and goes through all the lists of known criminals whose DNA is on file, lots of men in the secret services of the UK, US, and Russia, and all of Mary's known acquaintances prior to meeting John. No match.

Except in two cases. Brothers can be hard to tell apart in DNA tests. 99.99999999 percent chance it's either Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes.

Writer's choice whose it is, and why, and how.

Mycroft/Any, Forced Bonding & Aftermath. Potential noncon/dubcon.

I'd love to see a fic in which Mycroft is somehow bonded to someone without his consent, be it unplanned heat in A/B/O verse, finding his destined soulmate, a spell misfire, strange marriage law, what-ever-floats-your-boat.

While I'm not specifically looking for angst (though I'd certainly welcome it), I really want this to not be what he planned, for him to not be all that enthused about the sudden change in his life, and for him to either not know the other person all that well, or just actively hate the idea of being bonded to him/her. I really just want to see the "oh crap" that can occur in universes with forced bonding of some kind.

Any pairing's fine, including Holmescest. Any genre's fine, from crack to Absolute Darkness. Doesn't have to turn into love by the end.

Please no genderswap. It's just not my thing.

Bonus: if Mycroft's "partner" is equally unenthused.

Extra bonus: Mycroft having to explain to him/her exactly what it is he does for a living or trying to keep it a secret.

Extra extra bonus: Having to meet Sherlock and/or the rest of the family.

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Re: Mycroft/Any, Forced Bonding & Aftermath. Potential noncon/dubcon.

Seconded SO MUCH.

(Especially if Absolute Darkness but anything works, really.)

Sherlock and Molly - drugs, spanking

Molly gets into drugs for some reason (maybe one relationship led her down a bad path or something) and Sherlock finds out.

He decides to "return the favor" of her smacking some sense into him, so he locks the doors of the morgue, pulls Molly across his knees, and gives her a good solid spanking to make her rethink her life choices.

+Sherlock's really worried that she'll end up like him and doesn't want to see that happen
+Lestrade's reaction

Jim confessing

Based on ; Jim goes to Confession just to fuck with the priest.

Re: Jim confessing

He opened the little vial of clear liquid, as he stands in the cold winter air in an ally behind the Westminster Cathedral. This wasn't Moriarty's favourite way to kill, way to boring and just dull...He prefers weapons that make noise or explode in peoples faces, but not today. He made a purchase from a Japanese client the other day, Tetrodotoxin, highly effective and very deadly. The priest wouldn't notice a thing.

More important, the police wouldn't suspect anything, it will look like an ordinary heart attack. Perfect.

As Moriarty walked to the entrance, he smeared the poisonous liquid over his waterproof
glove, hid the poison in his pocket with the other and walked in.
"Hi, you must be my three o'clock appointment, Jim, welcome to our parish", said Ft George Chris.
George has been very naughty indeed, disposing almost half of the heroin from the tower, expecting no one would notice.

Well, he was wrong of course, Moriarty had noticed in an instant where the missing link was. Hardly a difficult deduction.

"Hi, you must be Father Chris" said Moriarty as he extended his gloved hand.
"Yes indeed, just call me George if you want", the priest said and shook his hand. Moriarty smiled for all the wrong reasons.
"Sure George, I will, I'm a bit nervous about the confession though. I haven't confessed in quite a while."
"That's no problem at all, just follow me", and the two went into a confessional on the right side of the cathedral.

Moriarty could make an excuse and just walk away, let the poison do it's job, or he could watch the priest die in exactly two minutes and twenty-four seconds. One of his men was already in the tower packing everything up, but he's bored and decided on the latter.

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned, it's been about ten years since I last confessed", Moriarty said while kneeling on a cold pew. He made a sign of the cross, bowed his head and made a praying gesture without touching his gloves.

"Wat are your sins my son". "Hmm, where do I start? I have broken many commandments Father, I can't hardly keep track, especially in this business, if you know what I mean", he checked his watch, one minute fifty-five seconds. "Yesterday for example, I have lied, stolen and committed adultery, all in one afternoon. It's adultery to receive a blow job from a bloke, isn't it? I'm not entirely sure, to be honest", Moriarty said. ¨My son! do you have any more confessions to make?", the priest asked while looking a little flustered.

"Actually i do. I killed a lot of people who were, you know, annoying. I can't help myself. I even killed myself not so long ago. Oh, Sherl would be so delighted to see me again after his little holiday in Eastern-Europe, can't wait!", Moriarty said delighted with a smile. Thirty one seconds. "Christ! What's the meaning of this!?" the priest cried as he jumped out his chair behind the wooden pane and swayed to the right. He grabbed the banister, but it was already too late, he fell to the ground. "Did you seriously think you could just dispose a part of it, and believe no one would notice, George? " I'm sorry I, I couldn't, I wouldn't do it, I, I ", the priest spluttered.

"Yeah, I know, I know, Jesus wouldn't be proud of you, even if you used the money for the church. I understand. Actually, I don't understand, I don't want to, George, ", nineteen seconds."But you're just a liability now, sorry to say, but you're not useful anymore, see you in in Hell." Three, two, one done.

"Sir, are you ready? Confessed all your sins?" Moran said few seconds later while standing by the door of the confessional. "Always Seb," Moriarty said as he saw the black leather bag over Moran's broad shoulder. "always.." grinning as Moran smiled back.

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discussion of maybe possible past dubcon johnlock

okay so John and Sherlock start getting more and more intimate and then it's from touch to kissing to making out to blow jobs but if there's one thing Sherlock won't do, it's letting John putting anything into his arse. John ventures there a few times with fingers and sometimes Sherlock is sure John's just gonna pin him down and fuck him (idk, maybe John moans into sherlock's ear about how he's so hard and wanting to be inside Sherlock, whatevs).

They eventually talk and Sherlock is strong on his opinion about how he hates anal sex because it's uncomfortable and painful and just so invasive and terrifying (Sherlock's had one past boyfriend he's been so intimate with).

Eventually John asks something like "wait, are we still talking about consensual sex?" And Sherlock goes quiet - this is the first moment he's ever thought about it and he actually has to think back, remember and analyse whether or not it was consensual. And the longer Sherlock takes to think about it, the more worried, upset and protective John gets. Sherlock takes forever to think about it (days, weeks, months) before he over casually tells John that perhaps John was right and it was not entirely consensual.

Fill: It's Not Just About 'No'

TW: Past rape/non-con, discussions of consent, victims blaming themselves

Sex with Sherlock Holmes was not as easy as it sounded.

To be specific, sex with Sherlock Holmes tended to be interrupted on a regular basis, whether by Sherlock suddenly (and in the middle of an amazing blowjob no less) stopping everything and dashing off to ring Lestrade with some breakthrough, by various explosions (metaphorical and literal), or simply by their mutual inexperience. There'd been a few fumbling incidents in the army, sure--things happened when you were out in the field for that long. But nothing like this.

Well, he supposed it'd be mad to expect sex with Sherlock to be any more normal than anything else with Sherlock, so he might as well enjoy it while he could. And it was fun, showing Sherlock new things. He'd never been given a blowjob or handjob before, and it turned out that Sherlock rather enjoyed the experience. John mostly put it down to his relative lack of experience from having been 'married to his work' for so long.

It was a cool late afternoon this time, and John was leaning between the taller man's legs, tongue hot on Sherlock's dick, his own cock hard in his pants. He pulled back just enough to grin up at Sherlock and mutter, "God, you're hot. I can't imagine how hot your arse would look with me in it."

Sherlock's eyes, formerly half-lidded with pleasure, snapped open suddenly and he flinched back. John backed away rather suddenly himself at the reaction, frowning as his erection started to fade. "Sherlock? All right?"

Sherlock looked away, staring fixedly at the wall in his 'I don't care because it's beneath me' look. "Of course, don't be an idiot, John," he snapped slightly. "Just get on with it." He rolled over, raising himself up slightly, but what caught John's attention most was the way his hands clenched in the sheets. Frowning, John shifted up closer to Sherlock's shoulders.

"Sherlock, it was just dirty talk. I'm sorry, I didn't mean--you know, different people are ready for different things, and if you'd rather not do anal, you know, it's fine."

Sherlock still wasn't meeting his eyes, though his jaw was clenched tight enough that even John could see it. "It's fine. Just, let's get it over with."

The gun Sherlock used to kill Magnussen is traced back to John.

Let's assume for this that deus ex Mycroft doesn't prevent this scenario from happening:

The gun that Sherlock kills Magunssen with is confiscated by the authorities when Sherlock is taken into custody. It's not only identified as John Watson's service pistol (which John is keeping illegally), it's traced back to the murder of a cabbie that took place a few years prior. To Sherlock's great distress, the law is finally brought to bear on John. Will Sherlock be able to find a way to help John? Or after everything Sherlock's done to protect him will John wind up in prison?

Re: The gun Sherlock used to kill Magnussen is traced back to John.

John dumped his service pistol in the Thames after he shot the cabbie.
The second one could only have been obtained through illegal means, and won't be attributable to John in any way.

Non con - fuck or die Sherlock/Mary (John/Mary and unrequited Sherlock/John)

A fuck or die situation where a villain forces Sherlock to rape Mary while John is forced to watch. OR, Mary is forced to sodomize Sherlock and won't be allowed to stop until Sherlock comes. Either way, Mary realizes that the only way Sherlock will be able to maintain an erection or come is if she coaxes him into imagining she's John.

The fallout and some h/c between the three of them after would also be greatly appreciated. Keep it completely angsty if you want, but I'm also open to it leading to a Sherlock/John/Mary relationship.

Mercy killing (Johnlock)

Does anybody know / want to write a story with a Johnlock mercy killing? I don't have any idea who puts whom out of their misery, or why a mercy killing should become necessary (illness? imprisonment? torture?...). I depend entirely on your creativity here.

It's just that I was sure there'd be some fics out there already but I found nothing! I only ever remember reading two fics where a mercy killing was being discussed, but not implemented in the end...


Re: Mercy killing (Johnlock)

Mercy killing as in euthanasia?

I'm going to assume you've read Alone on the Water, because it's basically the mercy killing to end all.
But there are some more, the one coming to mind being this one:

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John/Sherlock. Irene instructs John on how to treat virgin!Sherlock via text messages..

Irene keeps texting Sherlock and, eventually, realises that Sherlock is in love with John. It's perfectly platonic and even though Sherlock has had thoughts about sex he has no idea how to approach the subject at all. He also keeps his feelings secret and John knows nothing about them.

Irene is excited and wants to play a game, so she starts giving Sherlock ideas on how to act. He's not easy to manipulate, but she knows his weakness.

John starts realising that his friend has something towards him, but, then again, Sherlock knows little about relationships and starting them. John does have feelings for him though, and though he's not a virgin and has a good deal of experience, it's not that easy with Sherlock and maybe John has only had women before.

One day John learns about Irene's texts and is angry at her for being so curious and being involved at all. He sends her an angry message. She starts texting back and gives him instructions on how to seduce Sherlock. And he finds himself following her instructions eventually. When he finally has Sherlock in his bed, Irene starts sending John texts on how to pop Sherlock's cherry. Her instructions are very erotic, detailed, explicit and arousing.

So, basically, I want John and Sherlock having their first time guided by Irene's messages (real-time).

Please, only bottom!Sherlock.

Bonus: after that Irene sends them a present (for example, sexy lace panties for Sherlock to put on).

Maybe, later she sends them another present, a riding crop, knowing that Sherlock would rather be shot than admit that he has a thing for that particular item (thanks to her). She sends it to them, instructing John on how to tease Sherlock with it, caress him or punish him with it if he misbehaves.

Sorry for this long prompt.

Re: John/Sherlock. Irene instructs John on how to treat virgin!Sherlock via text messages..

If you don't mind a recommendation, try It's got Irene meddling, bottom!Sherlock (and virgin!Sherlock), Johnlock, and a lot of smut with Irene guiding John through exactly what to do, albeit in person. (And does include the riding crop!)

From the summary:

Sherlock is still shaken up by his reaction to the combination of Irene Adler and an ordinary riding crop. He's not used to being aroused, and despite John's unconventional medical advice, he still can't figure out what it is about the situation that turns him on (and how to stop it - arousal interferes with The Work!). He drags John to go meet Irene, who is happy to help him construct an experimental design which ultimately involves her extensive collection of toys, Sherlock tied naked to a bench, and John being talked into cataloging responses on a chart with little tick-marks because Sherlock wants to be all scientific about it. It's hard to remain a neutral observer, though . . .

Sherlock helps budding violinist

While headed to a crime scene, Sherlock sees a person (kid/youngadult) playing the violin (electric violin/violin dubstep/etc - something other then the classical music Sherlock plays) and notices them struggling a bit on part of their song. Sherlock stops and gives advice to the kid. :)

Reprompt from part XXX

Not OP

John/Mycroft in a pub

Here's a scenario I've had in my mind for a while:

John is enjoying a night out in a pub with some friends (rugby team, army buddies?) when one of Mycroft's minions appear to summon him to a meeting with the man.

Now, John has perhaps had just enough pints (and wanting to appear as a strong independent man to his buddies who already tease him about following Sherlock everywhere) to be bold enough to wave the minion away explaining that "if himself wants to see me then he is welcome to join me here", not really expecting Mycroft to take up the offer (or challenge, as it were).

To his surprise, Mycoft enters the pub, case-file in hand, and John joins him at the bar. Though John has no intention to discuss the case. No, John decides to unleash the great flirting powers of three-continents-Watson. He has, after all, a reputation to maintain, and well, it's Mycroft. John's been interested in the man long enough, about time he made a move.

I'd like to see Mycroft kind of testing the waters and being more hesitant and letting himself be led by the more experienced and confident John.

Bonus for John successfully ordering Mycroft a brandy without Mycroft realising it.

Extra bonus for Mycroft making a comment about Sherlock and John replying: "Sherlock and I are friends, nothing more! I'd have thought you of all people would have known that." (or something along those lines)

TL;DR: Mycroft joins John at a pub and instead of discussing a case John starts to flirt with him.

Link to original prompt:

Re: Reprompt from part XXX

Yes please! More johncroft.

Sherlock, John and Lestrade - Warning for rape.

John and Lesrade are pissed. Sherlock has ran off again, chasing after a known serial rapist, completely forgetting about them.

That's when Greg gets a call from Sherlock. They both know instantly that something is wrong, because Sherlock never calls.

Then they hear the rapists voice.

Sherlock dialed Greg, which the rapist is unaware of, to let him know he is in danger. They two try to track him down before things get to dire.

Weather or not he actually rapes Sherlock is up to filler. But basically Greg and John have to bear through listening to it and knowing their friend is about to be attacked.


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