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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Gen, Not all bad

Someone (Sherlock? John? Molly?) manages to convince Jim to try being a hero for a change.

Of course, he still acts more like the Master on crack than like a sane human being. He still threatens to skin people and plays pop music in life-threatening situations. But he's doing it to save people now--which actually makes him even more damn dangerous.

Bonus: Jim and Seb teaming up with Holmes and Watson

Re: Gen, Not all bad

Jesus this is brillant!!!

OP (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock; mistaken abuse re prompt

Because I found this and it was to glorious not to be filled.

Every so often Sherlock shows up to a case with fresh bruises, and/or walking stiff and funny. Everyone knows he has a new boyfriend, a fresh from Afghanistan soldier that no one's actually met yet. Two plus two equals Sherlock in an abusive relationship.

In actuality John's been teaching him self defense, some special moves he picked up in the army that Sherlock is keen to learn. Eventually they stage an intervention. Sherlock is amused.

Johniarty; Soul mates verse, with a twist (dominant personality)

So I've been reading a lot of soulmate AU's lately, and I had this idea in my head...

Every person is born with a soulmate, and that persons first man is written on the back of their hand. One one meets their soulmate, it only takes skin on skin contact to seal the bond between them forever.

The thing is, inside of each soulbound relationship, there is one person who is the 'dominant' personality and one person who is the 'submissive' personality. The submissive becomes extremely emotionally dependent on the dom. Doing anything for them, wanting only what their dom wants. D/S verse to the /extreme/. However, no one knows for sure who will be the dominant and who will be the submissive in the bond. So most people, even if they meet their soul mate, are extremely reluctant to bond, and might even avoid them out of fear of loosing their free will.

Moriarty finds out that he and John are soulbounds. And decides that the best way to break Sherlock is to bond with John and take the good doctor away from the detective forever- Moriarty is /sure/ that he will be the dominant. So when he kidnaps John, pulls off his gloves, and presses his bare palm against Watsons, he's sure that this is the perfect way for him to gain an obedient little minion with the added benefit of sex.


Except the second their skin touches, Jim feels everything he'd previously valued slip away from him... Control doesn't matter, his boredom doesn't matter, the criminal network he spent so long building? It's nothing to him anymore... All he can think about is John Watson, good, lovely, handsome, perfect John Watson. He can't even think of himself in a singular context anymore- he /belongs/ to John. Body, mind, and soul. And he'll do /anything/ for him. He /needs/ him.

And John, a bit thrown but still himself, realizes the second he meets Moriartys eyes that Jim wont be causing any trouble anymore.

The rest is up to anon.

John and Sherlock go to a sex club . . . or the grocery store

Sherlock drags John along to a sex club (in the appropriate clubbing attire) for some plot/case reason. Except before/after/instead of going to the club, they end up having to stop at the Tescos John usually shops at. In their leather/fishnet/etc. Sherlock is completely oblivious to why John might be embarrassed about this.

Re: John and Sherlock go to a sex club . . . or the grocery store

This is hilarious! I just pictured a Dr Frank N Furter lookalike Sherlock needing to buy some lube..

Janine takes revenge... on Mary

Somehow, Janine finds out that her supposed best friend used her to get information about her boss and then concussed her. What does she do?

It can be just something mischievous but not actually harmful like the articles about Sherlock, or something more sinister, but please don't make her Moriarty's sister.

John/Sherlock, John/Mary aka Moriarty Crack

John never noticed that his wife is actually Moriarty in drag. Yeah it should've made him suspicious that she lacked the necessary female equipment when he undressed her but it takes Sherlock to point it out to him that he's been fucking Moriarty all these years.

So if John is having gay sex with somebody it better be him, Sherlock thinks.

mini-fill - I'm sooo changeable

"John...There's something I've been meaning to tell you." Sherlock looks uncomfortably at the smooth tarmac.

John holds back a smile. Finally, Sherlock is going to confess he is a giant homo.

"Your Moriarty."

The wind blows dramatically through Sherlock's hair.
John gets a bit of dandelion fluff in his mouth on account of it gaping clear to the runway. "Come again?"

"Mary. She- He..Is Moriarty."

"Is this a joke?" John says.

"Oh for God's sake John! He's clearly packing on the left! I felt his erection when we hugged just now!"

Mary standing beside Mycroft gives John two thumbs up from near the airplane.

"It's an Mpreg AU!" Mycroft shouts from between his cupped hands.


The 221st time.

Re: Sherlock/John


Re: Sherlock/John (Anonymous) Expand

Not sure how to qualify - has a little bit of a lot of things

Mary has her secret, and doesn't want it to hurt John, so when Sherlock comes back from the dead, she gets the idea that if she hooks her fiancée up with the consulting detective, she can leave John without having to hurt him. Mary is practically head of the JohnLock fanclub, and so tries to push her boys together at every opportunity she can.

One afternoon, she's called to 221B for a talk. Turns out that the boys have figured out what she's been doing.

However, her plan backfired.

Instead of falling in love with one another, they've both fallen for her.

Confused love triangle and Mary being - for once - at a complete and utter loss.

(Author is okay with threesome.)

Re: Not sure how to qualify - has a little bit of a lot of things


Mystrade, noncon

Lestrade should have been suspicious when Mycroft Holmes offered him a cup of tea during one of their meetings, but he accepted it, more the fool him.

When he woke up again, he was naked, and tied to a bed.

I would love it for this to go to a dirty-bad-wrong-hot place, but if a writer wants to do something a little more realistic with it that's fine too. It's really just the visual of Lestrade slumping down in his chair and Mycroft calmly plucking the cup from his lax fingers that I'm in love with.

Johnlock, The Pizza Delivery Boy

Okay, time for me to show my inner-SPN fangirl. In one episode of SPN, Cas sees porn for the first time. It involved a bored housewife and the naive pizza delivery boy. Meg then, not-so-subtly, suggests that they should re-enact it some time.

I present to you this prompt. Sherlock sees cheesy porn for the first time and then proceeds to awkwardly discuss it with John. Not that he doesn't understand what is happening, mind you. Simply that he doesn't understand why anyone would want to do it with a greasy delivery boy, when their husband could come home at any moment, when neither has been tested - I think you get the picture. He basically takes the sexiness out of porn.

John doesn't even bother trying to explain it to him, but rather, decides to show him, through role play, just how hot the pizza delivery boy on housewife action can be.

Prefer Sherlock as the delivery boy and Bottom!Sherlock, please!

Have there been any "Dead like me" crossover prompts?
I want Sherlock, Lestrade,Molly,Mycroft and John to be reapers.
Gen or pairings are fine
RTYI welcomed

Almost One of a Kind (omegaverse)

In the world that John Watson lives in, the concept of alphas and omegas is on almost the same level of lore as vampires and fairy tales. Just on the precipice of myth, this stage of human history is something that human history seems to want to forget. Which is, unfortunately, why John's alpha and omega parents were captured and killed after being discovered. This all transpired when John was just an infant, and luckily wasn't around when his parents were taken. Almost immediately after, John was taken in by one of their neighbors, Mrs. Hudson. She has lovingly raised him as her own son ever since. But what will happen when John turns seventeen and goes into his first heat without any knowledge of his biology or family history?

Sherlock Holmes is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. He's an alpha within a family that is not only well aware of their biology, but proud of it and determined to keep their lineage going, even if in secret. The Holmes family starts to realize, though, that the number of alphas and omegas becomes even more scarce with every generation, and finding a suitable mate for their youngest son might prove harder than they imagined.

~so yeah, the rest is totally up to you, this is about as far as I could get with this idea. I know that there are lots of stories similar to this though, so RTYI's would be cool :)

Re: Almost One of a Kind (omegaverse)

Oh yes! Second'd!

(Deleted comment)

Mystrade, teacher/student, blackmail

Mr. Lestrade, Mycroft's teacher, really is unfairly attractive. He's also, regrettably, not the kind of man who'd ever touch one of his students inappropriately.

Mycroft knows what he wants though, and what Mycroft wants, he gets; even if, sometimes, a little extra persuasion is necessary.

domestic hurt/comfort

I'd like to see a situation where, while on a case, John somehow throws his back out. He has to be reluctantly helped home, is extremely disgruntled and is just generally in a lot of pain and discomfort. There's no evil mastermind to defeat or mystery to solve, just Sherlock trying his best to help his flatmate around the house and be as supportive as he can. This can be humorous or fluffy, whatever you want, really.

Also, I keep picturing Martin Freeman as Mike in the show Hardware, (where the inspiration for this came from) because there's an episode where he hurts his back. It's hilarious, and the series is available on youtube :)

here's a link to the gifset from Hardware that I can't stop laughing at:

Mycroft attempts to control Sherlock's sexuality (poss underage, abuse, incest)

When Sherlock was in his late teens, he started engaging in (non-partnered) sexual behavior that Mycroft considered abnormal or harmful in some way -- compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, a paraphilia, whatever.

Concerned about Sherlock, Mycroft tried to redirect his sexuality in a more appropriate direction by any means necessary -- scheduled or supervised masturbation, chastity devices, physical or sexual punishments for the unwanted behavior, attempts to force him into a sexual relationship with someone appropriate, or something else entirely. Specifics are up to the filler.

The end result: an intense fear of sex -- and a secret sexual fixation on Mycroft.

Fill can be during the time this actually occurs or just deal with the results years later.

Re: Mycroft attempts to control Sherlock's sexuality (poss underage, abuse, incest)

O.O how did I miss this prompt before now? Secomding.

Mycroft is a sneaky bastard HLV spoilers


my first thought, when Jims face appeared on those TV screen's at the end of HLV was that the consulting detective wasn't actually alive at all. Mycroft was just a clever bastard who managed to completely get his brother off a murder charge by faking the return of one of the most dangerous criminals the world had ever know.

anything with this.

Bonus: John is in on it.

Bonus 2: I know a lot of people like Mary, so this is by no means a requirement, but if she can somehow be not included in the story you can have my first born (IDK.... She's a great character there's just... Something about her and Johns relationship strikes me as really really not right. What with the lieing and the shooting of the best friend and such)

Re: Mycroft is a sneaky bastard HLV spoilers

*consulting criminal

Dark!John kills Mary Major Character death


so basically anything involving Dark!John killing his wife Mary.

Bonus: Sherlock investigates the murder.

Sherlock, John, Mycroft. Don't shoot, oops-too late

Not sure if anyone asked for this yet.


Mycroft ordering the command of not shooting Sherlock after he shot Magnussen. Well, some of his men are a bit too trigger happy and shot Sherlock full of holes anyways. Now Mycroft and John have to deal with the fact that Sherlock isn't coming back anymore.

Make it hurt.

How you put Mary into the equation is up to anon.

Re: Sherlock, John, Mycroft. Don't shoot, oops-too late



John as Moriarty, dialogue prompt

Sherlock: "so who was John Watson then? A soldier? A name picked out of a phone book? There never was any John Watson was there-"

Watson: "oh /course/ there is a John Watson you idiot. I'm John Watson... Moriarty's a stage name. And Richie is quite the actor."

Video prompt HLV Sherlock and John

Can someone please make a video of Sherlock and John using the song "leaving on a Jet plane" and featuring the end of HLV.
Can be angsty or happy. I just need this in my life.

AU Sherlock the chef vs. Gordon Ramsey

Sherlock is an executive chef at a super-fancy restaurant (maybe Mycroft owns it?). Gordon Ramsey tries to come in and insult his cooking, but Sherlock's having none of it.

(Idea mostly is coming from me watching too much Kitchen Nightmares and realizing I'm honestly not sure who would win in an insult-off between Sherlock and Gordon!)

Re: AU Sherlock the chef vs. Gordon Ramsey


Also, maybe slightly rtyi: "Mise en Place" by azriona ( Sherlock is basically Gordon Ramsay in this story and it's glorious.

HLV - Alternate Scenario

Mary doesn't shoot Sherlock, she tries to knock him out.

However, Sherlock is a lot more resilient than she expects, and manages to not only catch her wrist and avoid her blow, but wrestle the gun from her hands.

Now it's Sherlock pointing the gun at a very surprised and probably very frightened Mary, with Mangussen kneeling in the background watching eagerly, and John on his way upstairs.

What happens next?

Sherlock/John/Maycroft fucking in the Diogenes Club

John makes loads of noise when they're fucking so Sherlock and Mycroft seduce him in the middle of the Diogenes club to teach him how to keep quiet.The other members are perfectly fine with that as long as they all keep quiet. (Some prefer not to get distracted from reading the newspaper *g*)

John tries really really hard not to make any noise and have Sherlock and Mycroft stop what they're doing to him.

Sexy Sherlock/Mycroft interactions (e.g. in order to tease John) are fine as long as the focus is on what they're doing to John.

John silently begging to be gagged (with someone's panties, a ball gag, a cock..) is a huge bonus!

Re: Sherlock/John/Maycroft fucking in the Diogenes Club

Oh boy yes! *.*

Sherlock - coming out, homaphobia

17 year old Sherlock comes out to his family.

His parents were supportive, but his big brother wasn't.

Sherlock's coat, Johnlock

Sherlock wearing his coat. Just his coat. And nothing else.

John approves.

Re: Sherlock's coat, Johnlock

Hell yeah!


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