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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

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John notices Asperger's!Sherlock stimming

Aspie!Sherlock is my headcanon and in TSoT I noticed near the end when they were standing outside the door (avoiding spoilers here) Sherlock was making some hand motions that could be considered stimming. There are scenes in other episodes where Sherlock will spin or jump. I want a fic with John noticing the movements and calling him out on it.

Re: John notices Asperger's!Sherlock stimming

Are you interested in some RTYIs? I've read a few fics with Sherlock stimming in the past month or two.

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I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you

I'd like a short fic loosely based on the song by Moldy Peaches, with John and Sherlock in an asexual, committed relationship. Here's the link -

Mystrade, manipulation (slight AU)

Lestrade is devastated after Sherlock's apparent "death", and Mycroft, who knows that Sherlock is alive, uses that to get close to him.

Because the meme needs more manipulator!Mycroft.

Jonhlock - fanfiction

John discovers fanfiction about him and Sherlock, and out of curiousity reads some. It's not long before he finds the R rated stuff. He knows he should be horrified that somebody is writing him and Sherlock in all these sexual sisuations, but he can't get he thoughts out of his head.

Soon, the thoughts of him and Sherlock start rulling his life, and he even gets hard just seeing Sherlock bent over looking for something.

Of course, it's not long before Sherlock discovers the cause, and seduces John why reading out the lines from one of John favorite sex scenes.

Preferable bottom!Sherlock, and bonus if you use the word plunge in there

Re: Jonhlock - fanfiction

Yes please!

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Lord of the Forest/Virgin John

I'm not the OP- I'm reposting this because I think it got misposted from the last prompt post.

Sherlock, the mighty Lord of the Forrest, comes across young virgin John and decides to claim him as his mate. I want majestic, antlered Sherlock and awed John. I may have been reading a lot of Fawnlock recently.

And now I'm filling it

Though other fills are greatly encouraged!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Fill] 1/? Lord of the Forest/Virgin John

Anonymous-ing skills fail apparently, but it's okay. I don't mind


John was wearing, as ridiculous as this sounds, a red jacket. His school trousers were stained with grass and dirt. He was leaning against a large tree, boot and sock slipped off to reveal a quite swollen red ankle. Severely twisted.

He could hear the trickling of water nearby but he would have to walk a while away before getting to it. He had passed the stream more than five minutes before a root had snatched his foot out from underneath him.

Butterflies were alighting on his nose and blond hair, playfully showing off their colours while dancing with each other.

Sixteen year old John Watson was stranded. In the Forest. In a fairy tale, amazingly bright forest. Damn his luck.

From the corner of his eye he caught the sight of a point of an antler, but then it flicked out of sight. He turned his head in a quick movement to look in that direction, swallowing against a suddenly dry mouth.

Oh god, he didn't want to get gored.

A bird sang happily in the tree above his head and he bit his lip, rummaging around his spot on the forest floor for a walking stick of some sort.

Abandoning the thought of finding a large enough stick close to him, he tucked the empty boot and sock into his rucksack and braced himself on the tree. Hissing loudly, he tried not to move the injured ankle while getting standing and stabilizing himself on his one working foot. Taking a deep breath he hopped on the one foot until he faced away from the tree, only to jerk back into the tree when he came face to collarbone with somebody.

“BLOODY FUCKING SH…” He screamed in panic as he shoved himself back into the tree. His eyes were wide as he took in the owner of that collarbone.

That somebody had a human form. Rather slender, but still gigantic in height and musculature. He didn't know how to explain it. He whimpered as the being, God, Fairy King of the Forest, followed him and pinned him to the tree with long, well-built arms. From afar this.. male.. wouldn't have been intimidating, long and lanky and lean. But up close, the intimidation factor was that he was svelte. That sort of underestimated hidden strength that would blind side.

Mystrade, Lestrade is Shot

....and his shooter is not long for this world.

Wedding Planner Sherlock

Sherlock is known as the best wedding planner in the business. His meticulous attention to detail and ability to know what best suits his clients makes him highly in demand. However, going to Sherlock Holmes is also a risk, as he's likely to tell you why you'll never last as a couple, and he refuses to plan weddings for people he feels aren't suited. He's just as known for destroying people as for planning perfect wedding days. Sherlock is hired by one John Watson, and the rest is up to you. Fluff, angst, infidelity, one sided pining, whatever.

Re: Wedding Planner Sherlock

Maybe Harry has money (I've seen fics with her as a lawyer, when she has it together), and of course she knows this Holmes guy is the best, so she wants to do her brother a favor, maybe as a 'sorry I couldn't be less shitty when you came back from Afghanistan / thanks for always being there for me while my life was totally fucked up' type gift.

Of course, Harry is also aware of Holmes's reputation and thinks maybe her little bro needs a nudge in the right direction from a totally objective third party to the fact that Mary is never going to be what he needs in life to make him happy, because lord knows she and Clara have tried broaching the subject (subtly and not-so-subtly), and John can’t get mad at her for meddling this time because it's not like he knows the first thing about wedding planners in the first place, much less Holmes.

So John ends up mentioning it to co-workers or friends (Stamford, oc's, whatever), they all seem weirdly hesitant and John can't understand why, until someone mentions Holmes's reputation and John does a little googling. Which pisses John off, now Harry's real motives behind such generosity are obvious, considering she was never thrilled by the idea of her brother marrying Mary, but it's too late, the cancellation fee is ridiculous and besides, Mary's been so excited at the prospect, if John calls it off it's gonna seem hella suspicious--we're perfect for each other, John, whatever in the world could you be worried about?

So John's already on high-alert defensive, he'll just DARE this posh prick who doesn't know the first thing about either him or his fiancee to open his mouth and tell them they shouldn't get married... And they walk into Sherlock's studio, Sherlock takes one look at them, smirks smugly, takes a deep breath and--John does or says something that just totally surprises Sherlock and stops him in his tracks. And Sherlock really turns on the 100% Scorching Deductive Gaze as he re-assesses, and he's quiet for so long that it starts to get awkward and slightly creepy, then suddenly claps his hands once in delight and immediately starts going off top-speed about "We'll be wanting the X as venue, naturally, usually it's booked three years in advance, but I just had a client reschedule for medical reasons," and "for flowers, there is obviously no choice except Y," etc.

And John feels a bit bowled over, Sherlock's not even really soliciting any opinions from either of them, but he supposes that's what the man's being paid to do, and as long as Mary's not upset at being told what she wants for her own wedding...John's just unutterably relieved Holmes hadn't refused to plan their wedding, take that, Harry you cow.

ANYway, in the end John and Mary split (at least semi-?)amicably due to reasons (John realizing he's becoming more and more attracted to Sherlock the more time he spends with him "planning," John-and-Mary stress!fight reveals last minute irreconcilable differences, idgaf as long as it makes sense and ostensibly respects Mary's character), and after all this time John realizes he's now more upset at the fact that all this planning was for naught and he won't have a reason to see Sherlock anymore and all Sherlock's hard work, which he seemed so genuinely excited about, will go to waste, BUT.

It turns out Sherlock was planning his and John's wedding all along, and hadn't bothered to say anything about how unsuited John and Mary were for one another because it was so glaringly obvious that it clearly had to be a set-up by his meddlesome older brother, attempting to play matchmaker by sending in a supposedly suitable prospect under the guise of a fake client, Mycroft has tried it before. Frankly, Sherlock had though John was playing/teasing with his rigid adherence to the "my and Mary's wedding" story, and his gentlemanly chaste behavior toward Sherlock in the meanwhile, not even a kiss! was just to ratchet up the sexual tension for the inevitable consummation (some strangely personal/provocative comments Sherlock made in reference to "John and Mary's" wedding night make a lot more sense, now).

Of course, now Sherlock's biggest disappointment is that he had stopped behaving unbearably toward his brother since meeting John, and apparently for no good reason...

John/Sherlock, Mycroft- Of Alcohol and Hobbits

Sherlock and John go to see the Hobbit. That night, they happen to go to a bar and, after several beers, Sherlock begins to believe that John is his hobbit and he must take him to Isengard (Mycroft's office).

Re: John/Sherlock, Mycroft- Of Alcohol and Hobbits

OMG, yes, just yes!!
Seconded alllll the way!

John(Bilbo), Sherlock, Thorin and Co.- When One takes Away the Impossible, Crossover with the HObbit

Sherlock dismissed John's knowledge of and obsession with the Hobbit and the LOTR as fanboying. He dismissed John's similar appearance to Bilbo Baggins as a coincidence. But when 14 friends of John's show up, 13 matching the description of a dwarf from the Hobbit and one matching the description of Gandalf, Sherlock's forced to deduce that John and Bilbo Baggins are one and the same.

Re: John(Bilbo), Sherlock, Thorin and Co.- When One takes Away the Impossible, Crossover with the HO

Could be fun. Seconded

John, Sherlock, Mycroft- Don't Touch My Brother (or his flatmate)

John and Sherlock are almost killed by terrorists/assassins approximately 14 times each day. They never find out about any of them because Mycroft always intervenes.

Johnlock welcome. Incest not. Please no canonical character death.

John/Mycroft, one-sided John/Other- Stalking, h/c, angst

Post-Reichenbach but pre-Empty Hearse.
When John notices someone following him around, he doesn't do anything at first because he figures it was someone Mycroft hired. But then he notices that the man/woman is being a bit too obvious and realizes that he's being stalked. He doesn't have enough proof to go to the police, let alone track the man/woman down, so he tries to ignore it. But then things escalate and John knows that he can't deal with this himself. He ends up going to Mycroft for help.

He missed a whole Wednesday

Sherlock once drugged John and he missed a whole Wednesday. What happened that day? I'd love to see some dubcon Johnlock with John all happy and enjoying intimacy with Sherlock because he's high as a kite.

Re: He missed a whole Wednesday


Post-Reichenbach Johnlock, hurt/comfort, PTSD-Sherlock

Johnlock, hurt/comfort, Empty Hearse spoilers!!

Post-Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock returns to solving crimes, but is unable to deal with the memories of his torture at the hands of the Serbian hit-gang (AND/OR similar treatment suffered during his run-ins with/capture by other members of Moriarty's network). Of course, Sherlock's in denial, won't admit to possible PTSD, and John's pissed as hell at his best friend and doesn't understand why he's acting.. well, stranger than usual. Will John realize what's going on in Sherlock's mind before it's too late?

Cue hurt/comfort fic, eventual Johnlock(Mary-John pairings begone)!

Re: Post-Reichenbach Johnlock, hurt/comfort, PTSD-Sherlock

Yes please!!! h/c and Johnlock FTW! :)

Mary vs. Irene

Spoilers for HLV:

Sherlock and John may have forgiven Mary for shooting Sherlock, but Irene hasn't.

Autistic Molly

Please please please! :)

Think about it--she really struggles with social cues, she always wears loose, baggy clothes, she's chosen a field of work where she's very in control of her day and doesn't have to interact with too many people.

I really want something about ASD Molly. Maybe Sherlock is autistic too and they don't really talk about it, but they just really understnad each other?

Re: Autistic Molly

I'm not a Sherlolly shipper BUT OMG I WANT THIS IT'D BE SO CUTE I MIGHT DIE.
And if you can get an ace relationship in there I'd love you forever.

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