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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Holmes Family - Heritage

AU where Sherlock's father is from a wealthy high standing family (duke, lord, etc) but Sherlock's father left Sherlock's mother and him and his brother when he was very young (Sherlock and Mycroft go by their mother's maiden name). He isn't aware of his father's heritage until he's called onto a case involving his father, whom he hasn't seen since he was a young boy.

+if Scotland Yarders were there when Sherlock sees his dad.

Re: Holmes Family - Heritage


Johnlock relationship--but no anal sex

My understanding of real-world M/M relationships is that anal sex is not nearly as common as it's portrayed to be in porn or media in general. I'd love to see a story where virgin!Sherlock (or possibly, just pretty inexperienced Sherlock) and John begin a relationship and, although the idea of it doesn't really appeal to him (Sherlock), Sherlock expects that John will want anal sex. John, who has had sexual relationships with men (or at least one man) in the past, but has never had or wanted to have anal sex, is confused about why Sherlock seems so insistent about the idea (not in verbally saying that he wants it, but in his actions). Cue discussion, maybe some hurt/comfort, explanations of the difference between porn and reality, but eventually a happy ending!

Re: Johnlock relationship--but no anal sex

Yes. Exactly this!

Enema play (consenting)

Prissy sub!Sherlock HATES being given enemas. Naturally, Dom!Dr!John insists on administering them regularly. For Sherlock's own good. (Honest.) Unfortunately Sherlock tends to try and hide if he knows one is due.
...And if John has to hunt him down, drag him back, spank his bottom purple and strap him to a bench good and tight before he can fill his sulking sub to the brim, well... that's just a regular Tuesday afternoon these days.

Med-fet a bonus.

Re: Enema play (consenting)

damn it. I want this. Seconded.

Guilt Induced Rough Sex and BDSM

Mary has always felt guilty about her past, and makes up for that by insisting that John (or John and Sherlock if someone wants to go for OT3) be very rough with her during sex.

John is very confused about this, feeling guilty when she is bruised and sore the morning after, but she keeps insisting that she likes it that way so that's the way he does it.

One night he ties her up, but instead of getting the whip or going for usual rough sex, he decides to be very gentle with her.

Cue Mary letting her real intentions slip.

Angst? Comfort? Kinky sex?

Mycroft says: "Travelled"

Re: Guilt Induced Rough Sex and BDSM

This is really interesting. Second.

Johnlockary - medical fettish

John insists on checking up on the baby one morning when he and Mary are feeling particularly kinky. Sherlock walks in on the "checkup" in the middle and leaps right into the roll of nurse.

(Bonus if original safeword is "Sherlock" and John thinks Mary's safewording out when the detective walks in, but can't get a straight answer cause Mary's laughing too hard at the expression on Sherlock's face.
Extra bonus if John and Mary decide that Sherlock's gone for far too long without a checkup after Mary's done, and she takes over as nurse while Sherlock takes over as patient.)

Re: Johnlockary - medical fettish

This is gold.

Wanted: Sherlock with an extreme-humiliation kink

Sherlock has no compunction about humiliating other people, but it's all just deep cover for his own desire to be humiliated.

Johnlock vastly preferred, but Mylock, Sherstrade, CAMlock and Johnlockary are all acceptable.

John (or whomever) discovers, quite by accident, that Sherlock becomes aroused when humiliated. John (dark!John?) sets out to test the limits and pretty much discovers Sherlock has none.

bootlicking, begging, grovelling, dick-slapping, spunk drinking (like out of a condom or a glass), arse licking, facials, human urinal, used as foot rest or table, name-calling, kink-shaming, chastity device, eating out of a dog dish, crawling, public arousal, verbal self-abasement, etc., etc.

Bonus points if Sherlock's ultimate turn-on is being forced to do any/all of the above in front of Mycroft (or Sally or Anderson or Mrs Hudson or...)

Re: Wanted: Sherlock with an extreme-humiliation kink

Oh yes please, all of the above!

Or indeed any if I can't have everything *pouts*

Mommy!Kink Sherlock

Sherlock, occasionally, likes to dress in ludicrously expensive women's clothing and pretend that John is his son; during these passionate interludes, he insists that John calls him "Mummy".

(John is never quite sure what to make of this, but let it not be said that Doctor Watson isn't game for a little bit of role-play now and then!)


I just heard something about a method of human fertilization being developed that would make it so a child could have three parents.

Now, I'm sure that in real life, this is actually a long way off, but I want a fic where Mycroft or Sherlock has connections to it, and somehow John, Sherlock, and Mary wind up submitting their genetic material to the developing experiments... and their resulting embryo turns out, against all odds, to be not only viable, but mostly healthy.

Ideally, I'd like this development to be pre-relationship, but anything with this and John/Sherlock/Mary would be amazing.

Re: John/Sherlock/Mary

It's not as far off as you think. In super-lazy generalising terms: The sperm comes from a single donor but the egg comes from two: the egg cell body itself with the nucleus removed (and resultantly containing no formative genetic data), and a donor nucleus from a 3rd party. Which in theory could be from another male.
Any offspring would be the genetic combination of the sperm and nucleus donors, not the egg cell body donor. The fertilised combo-egg is then implanted into a surrogate.

So it IS theoretically possible that a child could be created that was genetically the offspring of John and Sherlock, but with Mary as the egg cell body donor and surrogate. The technology already exists and has been trialed to some extent in animals, but the legislative limitations on testing and implimenting it in humans are what's holding it back.

Re: John/Sherlock/Mary (Anonymous) Expand
Re: John/Sherlock/Mary (Anonymous) Expand

Omegaverse: "Motherhood Medal"

Many totalitarian regimes, including the USSR, rewarded mothers of five with a "Motherhood Medal", similar to a military honor, that entitled the recipient to special privileges like a larger apartment, train tickets, etc.

I'd like to see something similar set in the omegaverse, with omega!Sherlock, and plenty of angst.

Frozen Crossover?

I've seen a few prompts floating around (never had the chance to read any of the stories though) but I've never seen Elsa!John before.

Any fill would be awesome. I don't mind if it doesn't follow the film or the original Snow Queen book or you want to... I don't know... Have John get kidnapped and experimented on so he gets his icy powers that way.

I'd just like to see John be the one with the powers instead of Sherlock or Mycroft.

Please and thank you.

(Mycroft says reasessd submit)

Long-distance Bromance

John and Sherlock have both been captured with torture on the way, but they are being held separately and not allowed contact. They are worried for each other, more than for their individual selves. Would love a nice tearful reunion of some sort at the end. Bromance is encouraged, but no slash please.

Second attempt posting this prompt, I don't think the first time worked.

John's having a friendly chat with a patient who keeps going on about a certain consulting detective she met earlier on one of his cases. Obviously she doesn't realise she's talking to Sherlock's flatmate/colleague/best friend, since John wasn't there, but he just listens and plays along. But then she tells John about how flirted with Sherlock (she's a very chatty person) but he turned down her advances because he said he was already in a committed relationship.

Cue John's confusion (after the patient leaves, of course) about who exactly Sherlock is in this "relationship" in - possibly realising it's him - and confronting Sherlock about it.

Brilliant idea. John would be very confused!

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A Slightly Different Prostitute AU

After coming back from Afghanistan, John has a one night stand and when the woman leave, she pay him for his "services". John realizes that it's something he likes and is good at, so he starts having sex for money regularly. When he moves in with Sherlock a la Study in Pink, he continues to do it to pay rent. Sherlock knows, but at first he doesn't mind, and when he does begin to mind, he can't seem to find a reason to get John to stop because it's really none of his business, John doesn't take clients in the flat, John is discreet about it, and it doesn't get in the way of case. Yet Sherlock becomes more and more jealous.
Happy John/Sherlock ending please.

Bonus: at one point Sherlock tries to "engage John's services" and John just laughs him off.

Fem!John/Sherlock, Once Upon a Time AU

Fem!John Watson is the Savior, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, destined to break the Evil Queen's curse over Storybrooke and give everyone back their happy endings- at least according to the kid who showed up at her doorstep, claiming to be the child she'd given up what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Sherlock is the long-lost Baelfire, having spent his whole life trying to forget the father who let him go. It's not until the curse is broken and Rumpelstiltskin tracks him down that he finds out that his only real relationship resulted in a child.

The town can be set wherever you please, and you can use as many or few of the Sherlock characters to replace the originals as desired.

Re: Fem!John/Sherlock, Once Upon a Time AU


Mycroft/Magnussen noncon

Just some Magnussen-on-Mycroft noncon where Magnussen fully exploits the Holmsiean squeamishness through extremely filthy, invasive acts.

Maybe he makes Mycroft rim him or fucks him in front of Sherlock or gives him a facial. Maybe he's gifted at humiliating dirty talk. Maybe Mycroft is a previously inexperienced slutty bottom who hates himself for being so and is near tears as he begs Magnussen for more.

I'm not turned on by watersports but include it peripherally by all means if it takes you there.
I'm just handing out ideas here - any of or all of this is awesome, plus any other ideas you have. The more prissy and eventually broken/debauched Mycroft is, the better.

The only thing I ask is no fisting or spitting on faces*

*I know he'd totally do that second one but it makes me gag a bit xD

Re: Mycroft/Magnussen noncon

Seconding. Poor Mycroft and the fact that this prospect is so...appealing? Intriguing?

Jim Moriarty/Sherlock normal jim

jim isnt a mastermind criminal but he really is Jim from IT who plans with molly (his bestie) to introduce himself to sherlock because he fancies him.

Can be anything, fluff, before and/or after they get together. i just think Its so cute, qt jim really likes sherlock and sherlock feels like he has an avid follower and likes him back or something, I feel the fluff everywhere.

Post series 3 Lestrade/John

I'm after a bit of a guilty pleasure fic, where Lestrade swoops in post series 3 and rescues John from his propensity to fall into relationships with manipulative lying assholes.

recs welcome :)

Johnlock, Sherlock/others - preseries gangbang, military kink

Some time in his younger days Sherlock decides to indulge in his military kink and convinces a group of soldiers to get together and fuck him stupid, or as close to it as he can get. John, though he may take some convincing from the others, is one of them.

Most any kink is fine and I'd love some come play and maybe bondage. I'd prefer that it be dubcon at most and end when Sherlock wants it to, even if it means John has to lay down the law with a few guys who don't feel like stopping.

Broken Johnlock with snuggles and comfort.

I just read [url=]an interesting meta[/url] on the dislike of Mary which, of course, created a prompt.

So a very broken John from a failed and emotionally abusive marriage, and a very broken and unsure of himself Sherlock work on building each other back up. Snuggles and comfort abound.

d/s anti-kinkshaming

(So a little incident of kink shaming tht went on elsewhere these last few days got me really upset and riled up)
John and Sherlock in a d/s relationship (dom! John and sub! Sherlock please) and are to some extent open about it with their friends. Maybe Molly and Lestrade know. Maybe Mrs Hudson knows because she's awesome and she's bound to know everything those boys get up to. And they're all really cool with it. It might not be a relationship they would choose to be in, but hey, whatever works for them, and they are truly happy!
Then someone (Donovan, Anderson, randomer on a case, whoever) finds out. Passing remark from one of the others, noticing marks from where Sherlock has been restrained something along those lines. And they act like the worlds biggest jerk about it, mocking Sherlock, saying how disgusting/demeaning/degrading it is, why would anyone want to be in a relationship where they get beaten and getting off on it and then have to behave with perfect obedience in order to get sexual favours in return. Basically just completely missing the point. Sherlock rips into them, telling them exactly how wrong they have got it, how much more to the relationship there is than that and even if it was that, who are they to judge yaddayadda. John is very pleased and proud of him.

tldr; someone tries to kinkshame with Sherlock and John's relationship. Sherlock is not happy about it.

A/B/O Johnlock - Alpha/Alpha - previous non/dubcon/abusive relationship

John and Sherlock are both Alphas. Sherlock doesn't display as much of the traditional alpha personality because he doesn't feel the need to assert his dominance, he doesn't feel like he needs to stake his claim because he's just THAT confident.

However, he has been in an abusive relationship in the past with an abusive omega (please make it that Sherlock is a strong alpha, not a whump, and the reason he "turned a blind eye" was because he was in love with the omega). At one point, the omega made Sherlock submit and take the knot of another alpha (very painfully) to "prove" his love.

Now, after interaction with John, they both realised that they have fallen in love with one another. Sherlock is hesitant to take the next intimate step, but he submits to John anyway, disregarding his nerves and fears and safety. This puts emotional and mental toll on Sherlock and he starts to crack. John on the other hand can feel his mate slipping away and his need to protect grows greater everyday. Save their relationship, please.

Re: A/B/O Johnlock - Alpha/Alpha - previous non/dubcon/abusive relationship

Yes please! Second'd!

John+Sherlock or Johnlock - Sherlock seeks out comfort/support by talking about his discomfort

Sherlock can't take it anymore and needs to feel safe again.

Sherlock seeks out comfort/support from John by talking about his discomfort and feelings of distress while being intimate with Janine.

Re: John+Sherlock or Johnlock - Sherlock seeks out comfort/support by talking about his discomfort

Yes! Would love to see this portrayed as extremely difficult for Sherlock.

Jim Moriarty and John Watson; character swap

So I stumbled upon a fic like this a while back, but I haven't been able to find it our anything like it since...

I'd like to see a story where John and Jims characters are swapped- John Watson is the consulting criminal, and Jim Moriarty is Sherlocks blogger. I would /prefer/ if their backstories were altered to fit, not simply swapped between the two- but if it's easier just to swap the back stories, I'm alright with that.

John solves a case

Either a client comes when Sherlock is away and John manages to solve the case before Sherlock gets back, or John notices some evidence that Sherlock overlooks... either way, it's John who solves the case. He expects Sherlock to be a little miffed that he didn't get to show off, but in fact Sherlock is extremely proud of him, he talks about nothing else but how clever John was, maybe even makes a post on his website about it.

Whether Sherlock is also extremely turned on and comes up with some very creative ways to show his appreciation is up to the filler :)

RTYIs welcome.

Re: John solves a case

Needing this so bad now. Especially that optional extra.

Re: John solves a case (Anonymous) Expand

Absurdly sweet MorMor

Jim and Seb might be bastards to everybody else in the world, but they're surprisingly tender with each other.


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