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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock's Magic Healing Cock

I've heard it mentioned jokingly that one of another of the characters has a "magic healing cock" and that anyone who gets fucked by them miraculously gets better.
What if Sherlock ACTUALLY has a cock that can magically cure anyone, as long as he has sex with them.
Cue Sherlock saving everyone he knows in the most unorthodox way ever. (And I mean EVERYONE.)

John gets shot on a case. Mary has complications with birth. Lestrade gets knifed at a bar fight. Molly has a chemical spill in the lab. Miss Hudson gets a cancer test bask positive. Mycroft manages to sprain something with all that exercise. Anderson gets severe food poisoning. Irene is almost assassinated again. Etc, etc, etc. Add as many characters as you can, and bonus for it being awkward as hell at first but everyone enjoying it in the end.

After all, anything is perfectly okay if it's done to cure someone, right?
(Bonus points if he treats it like a secret even though everyone eventually finds out.)

Sherlock is walled in, John must save him

Some random baddie locks Sherlock in a room with no doors and windows, not even hidden ones, it's walled shut. He can't shout for help, doesn't hear people moving around, best soundproofing ever, whatever. Don't mind if you make it hurt.
Naturally it's upto John to find him in the enormous warehouse/factory/whatever.

Majorly massive bonus if John leans against a light switch that doesn't control any visible light source, but doesn't realise this until much later, leaving Sherlock in the dark for several hours.

Re: Sherlock is walled in, John must save him

THIS. YES. Can I have this?

Sherlock/John/Mary with asexual Sherlock.

Can we have Sherlock, Mary and John having sex for the first time, but Sherlock admitting partway through that he feels very uncomfortable and doesn't really want to do it. Mary's and John's reactions are up to the author, although ultimately I'd appreciate a happy ending with Mary and John showing Sherlock that they love him in non-sexual ways!

Re: Sherlock/John/Mary with asexual Sherlock.

Sorry, being a noob-y anon it looks like I prompted this twice by accident. :(

Sherlock has to be held down to receive medical care

Sherlock and John both receive minor injuries while on a case, but bad enough that they need to be tended to by paramedics/hospital staff (stitches, checking for broken bones etc). Sherlock is used to John caring for him when he needs medical attention and the prospect of being examined/treated by someone else does not sit well with him at all. He panics and tries to fight off those tending to him, having to be physically restrained which makes him more scared/panicked, perhaps injuring himself worse because he is fighting.
He doesn't calm down until John can come to be by his side.

Bonus for John being furious at how roughly Sherlock has been treated.
H/c and possible Johnlock, please. :B

Re: Sherlock has to be held down to receive medical care

I didn't know how much I wanted something like this until just now!

"If Only You'd Let Me"/Dirty Talk/JohnLock

Came across a story the other day ("Blind Date" by SwissMiss) which completely undid me with use of the phrase "If you'd let me."

Basically, boundaries are set by one party--"We can do this but not that."--and while the other party respects the boundaries, dirty talk runs rampant, "If only you'd let me, I'd. . ."

So basically, a lot of dirty talk about what else could be going on, while other probably more tame (but still hot) things are going on.

John/Sherlock, don't mind who is top/bottom.

Not crazy about virgin!Sherlock. No huge age disparities (adult/underage) plz. Prefer not to be non-con, but if that's where the story takes you, I wouldn't be mad about it.

Re: "If Only You'd Let Me"/Dirty Talk/JohnLock

Seconding. Oooh the deliciousness of this prompt.

John is the most responsible, intelligent man his friends know (despite hating him sometimes...or was Sherlock projecting in that episode ?hah.) So when one of them dies is it any wonder that they leave him with custody of their baby?

This can be anytime during the series.including not during it at all.

Bonus: pre Sherlock . John leaves her or him at their grans or something for a month to get his PTSD and head sorted. once Sherlock gets to John most "I've a baby"signs are gone so he didn't notice and with him leaving in a rush and all the excitement....well...of course Mycroft says nothing to warn him and maybe John figured he would have ...

Sherlock is better at babysitting . John isn't the most emotional once out gear

^John gets a baby.


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On and on... (gangbang)

Could I request some Sub!lock enjoying a thorough and protracted gangbang?
Put him down on all fours, securely tied, taking it up the ass over and over and over until he's all fucked out; sweaty and coming dry, almost crying from over stimulation.
...Which makes it the perfect time to start stretching out that wrecked, sloppy hole ready for a bit of DP action in the second round, or maybe some casual fisting.

Bonus: When scening, Sub!lock is not allowed to refuse. He can safeword out of course, or ask to go slower, but as part of their agreement saying no to something earns him punishments.
DoubleBonus for getting his inner thighs paddled or caned (or both!) while still having his ass stretched with increasingly large toys.

Re: On and on... (gangbang)

double check annon

my god, there will never be enough of this, ever
please, someone, write this - and then someone else write us another - or it could be the same person I don't mind, just...
I hope this gets fills, many fills tons and heaps and loads of fills

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Sherlock + Mycroft, Johnlockary, talks of past rape

I had this image in my head of Sherlock and Mycroft both lying back in the same bamed next to each other, having a smoke when Sherlock very casually tells Mycroft he was raped. It happened at least nine months prior-a few years-a decade ago. But Sherlock is starting to think the event he's put behind has now become relevant again because of the developing relationship between Sherlock/John/Mary - it's just a matter of time before it escalates from hot make out sessions to sex.

Sherlock for once in his life, doesn't have answers and just needs his big brother. Mycroft asks if Sherlock wants to tell John and Mary and if he wants big brother mikey to do it.

Up to filler whether Mycroft already knew and has had he rapist death with.

Re: Sherlock + Mycroft, Johnlockary, talks of past rape

Seconding. Need this.

Mary/John, Mary/various male characters, pregnancy kink, author's choice

Mary is in her third trimester and she is horny. As her libido goes through the roof, practically anything turns her on and at the most inconvenient times, like at the supermarket or while working at the surgery. She fantasizes incessantly about sex with the men she meets, and gets so aroused she often has to hide and masturbate immediately, using whatever she has at hand.

John tries to satisfy her but she is pretty much insatiable, and when she confesses her fantasies, she discovers that her husband is also turned on by the thought of his heavily pregnant wife giving free reign to her desires. He just makes sure she stays safe and gets to watch her with complete strangers or their friends. Knowing that she will go back to normal once she's had the baby, they make the most of it!

(Note that healthy babies are very well insulated in their healthy mothers, so don't worry too much about a little rough play. Being pregnant is lots of fun for some women. *anon pauses to reminisce fondly* :)

Sherlock/Molly, Asexual!Sherlock

Asexual Sherlock and Molly trying to navigate a romantic relationship of sorts.

Irene and Mary - While the boys are out

Irene is feeling frisky and pops into Baker Street, hoping to catch Sherlock, but instead finds Mary curled up on the couch reading, waiting for John and Sherlock to get back from a case.

Whether they end up sharing awful stories about the boys over a glass of wine or going at it and seeing how many times they can get each other off before John and Sherlock get back, I want to see these two having a high time while the boys are out.

Sherlock loves dancing

Looking for back story on Sherlock loving to dance. What kind of dance, how far back in his past and how did he discover it? bonus if it incorporates the little twirl he did for janine.

Not looking for Sherlock teaching John to dance for the wedding or a dance au.

And We Shall Stand Upon the Edge of Eternity

Dragons! Smaug!lock Past-lives

When former Army Doctor John Watson joins the fight against an of Dragon shape-shifters who can assume Human form he gets in way over his head as he's captured by a certain Dragon who insists that they have a lot of history between them, and a score to settle... Not that John remembers any of that...

A Hobbitlock fic, John was Bilbo Baggins, Sherlock the Dragon Shape-shifter is of course the infamous Smaug reborn.

Or: Human!John is kidnapped off the battlefield by Sherlock, a Dragon-Shifter able to assume Human form, who is hell bent on revenge against him. John soon learns that the two had faced each other in a past life, and that John's actions had lead to Sherlock's death.

+Sherlock addressing John as "Little Thief" no matter how many times John insists he's never stolen anything.

Its fine if you want this to stay gen, my original idea was Johnlock though. (Yeah know after they work through that whole messy: Technically Bilbo didn't mislead Smaug on purpose bit.)

Anywho go nuts.

Re: And We Shall Stand Upon the Edge of Eternity

+ 1000000 please! Dear lord I had no idea I needed this in my life!

It doesn't count if... (Mycroft/Sherlock)

However much the both of them might want it, Mycroft is very resistant to doing anything sexual with Sherlock. Maybe he has a general sense of guilt about his feelings towards his little brother, maybe he's concerned about even consensual incest being harmful to him. Either way, Mycroft continually confounds Sherlock by refusing him despite well established interest on his part.

That is, until Sherlock discovers that Mycroft would be perfectly willing to ________, because it doesn't count.

_______ can be anything. Maybe he's okay with a handjob, but not anything else. Maybe he thinks it would be wrong for him to fuck Sherlock, but okay for Sherlock to fuck him. Just as long as Mycroft has some reasoning to his exception that makes it not objectionable in his mind.

Re: It doesn't count if... (Mycroft/Sherlock)

This prompt took my brain hostage. My head is spinning with possible scenarios and conversations. Are you ok with a series of shorter explorations of what he is ok with as mini fics? I keep filing in that blank in so many ways and u want to explore them all without a full story . Maybe just that conversation (that's the part that intrigues me most) and some tiny beginnings of porn before moving on to the next. Sort of a 5 +1, but all different scenarios and maybe a full sexytimes on the +1?

Waiting keenly for more updates to this magnificent fill :)

Waiting keenly for an errant comment fill where Sherlock is waiting keenly for John's "magnificent fill"

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Sherlock has an artificial leg

...and he's a little insecure about it. Afraid John etc. won't let him run around London and stuff if they found out.
Naturally one/some/everyone of his friends find(s) out.
Pairings not required. At least no shelly or sheriarty.

Re: Sherlock has an artificial leg

Have you read the wonderful Missing Parts by consulting_smartass? Not exactly as requested because it deals with the loss of the leg and the aftermath. But still might hit the spot while we're waiting for this to be filled!

Johnlock, BDSM, safewording

(I suppose this should maybe be labeled as dubcon/noncon fantasy but the point is that it is all completely consensual)
John and Sherlock having rough kinky sex where Sherlock's safeword being ignored is part of the scene. Things getting really intense to a point wher ehe might ordinarily have safeworded/they'd have moved on to something else/ended the scene, but this time John carries on. (It is already agreed that they will do this but that thought/idea is the whole point of this particular occasion)
Maybe Sherlock has a secondary safeword in case he really does get too much. Or maybe John and Sherlock have such trust in each other that John will be able to sense if something is off?
Maybe John actually starts to hold off at some point, worried he is taking things too far and Sherlock is the one to encourage him to continue?

Up for most elements really. Some ideas could be: bondage, spanking, caning, riding crop (etc), nipple play, dirty talk, roughness etc (Obviously not expecting someone to fit EVERYTHING into the fill, just a few ideas....but if someone did manage it I certainly wouldn't be complaining >.> )

*slinks away*

Re: Johnlock, BDSM, safewording


In consensual non-consent scenes it is common to use an egg timer as a "safeword". ie. The bottom agrees to endure for 5, 10, whatever minutes until the timer buzzes.

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"What's wrong? What happened? Why are you all doing that? John? Did I do it wrong?"

Sherlock realises he needs to learn a bit more about emotions, if not feeling them then at least reading them, and obviously Mycroft's the only one who thinks of emotions the same way he does, but Mycroft's always been far better at reading them. So... Sherlock goes to his brother for help.

Mary and Moran

She took her name from a stillborn child, but didn't realize until too late whose child it was.

With Moriaritiy's return, Sebastian Moran makes a reappearance, but will he be able to follow orders when he's convinced that his daughter/sister is somehow alive and currently married to John Watson?


I just really want to see Mary sneaking into the hospital at night to visit Sherlock as he recovers, because she's afraid to come during visiting hours when John and Mycroft are there, but really wants to check up on him and make sure he's doing okay.

Bonus points if she brings him gifts and Sherlock lies about how they got there when John/Mycroft ask.
More bonus points if Molly helps Mary.

Midnight Break-In 1/?

Sherlock opened his eyes as he heard the scratch of the hospital window being pulled open.
He tilted his head to the side, wincing as the oxygen hose pulled taught, and watched as the hinges slowly creaked open three inches…five…nine…until it was wide enough for a dark-clad figure to climb into the room.
He debated pressing the call button for a nurse, but decided that his body was too sore to bother going through the movement, given that the intruder was not armed.

"Who...?" he managed to croak out as his eyes tried blearily to focus on the person.

"Ssh...'s all right, save your strength. I'm only checking in," the person said in a soft, familiar voice, and Sherlock felt his muscles relax.


He heard her chuckle as she detached the last of the rappelling lines from her belt and tugged the window closed so as not to let the cold night air in.

"They would put you in the second highest floor of the building," she murmured, taking up the seat that her husband had vacated only a few hours prior. "At least it's in the back, so we don't have to worry about anyone seeing the cables."

Sherlock grunted in agreement, reaching a hand tentatively in her direction.
Mary's small fingers wove between his - cold from outside - and gave a gentle squeeze.

"How you feeling?"

"Horrid. The nurses are an absolute bore to deal with."

Mary's gentle smile at his comment was marred with a ting of sadness that made Sherlock narrow his eyes at her.
She didn't say anything in reply to his unspoken question, instead reaching up to brush a few sweat-damp curls of hair from his head.

"You shouldn't have gone running about London while you were still injured," she scolded quietly, but Sherlock could feel the slight tremble of her hand.

"You shouldn't be rappelling down buildings in the dark while you're pregnant." he replied in a mutter, snuggling deeper into the blankets.

"Wish I could avoid that, love, but you and I both know that I've got to avoid your brother and John till they both get past wanting to kill me for shooting you."

Sherlock snorted, and immediately regretted it as a pain flashed in his chest at the sudden pressure change. Mary's eyebrows drew together in concern and she turned up the morphine a tick.

"John doesn't want to kill you,” he murmured, giving her a nod of thanks as he felt the drugs begin to eat away at the pain, “Mycroft, perhaps, but never John."

"I don't know about that, you didn't see his face after the ambulance left," she joked, but even Sherlock could hear the bitter undertone in her voice.

"Well if you're going to be visiting under the radar, perhaps you could bring me some items that they would never allow past the front desk? Specifically I had in mind-"

"No, Sherlock, I am not bringing you cigarettes."

He stuck his tongue out at her petulantly.

"Nicotine patch, then?"

"Only if it won't interfere with your meds." She smirked as he made a face and then added: "I'll bring you some books."

“New ones, if you don’t mind. I’ve read all the ones in the flat multiple times and it’s beginning to get tedious.”

“Any specifics?”

He hummed for a second, his eyes roving the room as if looking for inspiration.

“Something on the research and study of human reaction times.”

Midnight Break-In 2/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Midnight Break-In 2/? (Anonymous) Expand

Nice Victor / Jealous John

Some time after HLV, Victor Trevor is back to London. He is actually a nice person who is kinda appalled at how sad/depressed Sherlock is and decides to take care of him (he can be just a friend, in love, whatever you like).

John is incredibly jealous, even if he married or left, he still though he was the only one Sherlock had and seeing it's not; is a shock.

Re: Nice Victor / Jealous John

this needs to exist

You know what I would really love to read? Completely consensual, responsible edging followed by multiple forced orgasms. Any pairings except Sherlock/Mycroft and Moriarty/Moran.

Bonus for aftercare afterwards with the dom taking care of the sleepy, exhausted (but satisfied) sub.

Yesyesyssyesyesyes. Seconding so bloody hard.

Johnlock - Sherlock miscarries John's baby and panics - lots of angst and tears please

Neither knew Sherlock is pregnant - can be just mpreg or abo verse or whatever

John's having a busy week at the clinic, so he doesn't get much chance to chase after Sherlock all over London.

Sherlock hasn't had a very mentally challenging week, but rather a physically challenging one - chasing, getting into fights, worrying and pondering and just normal stressing.

End of the case, Sherlock returns home at noon or something (still a long time till John comes home) and he goes to the bathroom. However, he's been feeling not so good and lightheaded and dizzy and abdominal pain and just plain terrible. Sherlock blacks out and when he wakes up, he's lying a pool of half dried blood. He instantly knows what's wrong and he just breaks. His first instinct is to get rid of the evidence.

He's frantic and panicked, and when John comes home, he hears the crying and terrified gasps of breath from the bathroom. Sherlock refuses to open the door so John breaks it open to find Sherlock on his knees, scrubbing the floor with a bloodied towel and crying. Sherlock, for some reason, is terrified of John and slides out of touch and just keeps crying and saying "I've lost it, I'm so sorry" (or something).

Doesn't take John long to realise what Sherlock's going on about, and he just needs to get Sherlock to the hospital or at least let John do it himself... if only Sherlock would let him get close or would just either calm down a bit or lose consciousness.

Take it from there - Sherlock's recovery, Sherlock letting John back in again, their relationship growing stronger again and Sherlock forgiving/stops blaming himself etcetcetc

Re: Johnlock - Sherlock miscarries John's baby and panics - lots of angst and tears please

I need this so bad!

omega!sherlock, alpha!john - first time heat sex, non-established relationship, noncon/dubcon - ish

They've managed to keep it strictly friendship, despite everyone's disbelief. They're alpha and omega, living together, they must be bonded or at least fucking every heat. But no, they've managed to avoid that so far - but not intentionally. One heat, it gets too much and John's protective instincts and instincts to claim the omega he loves overwhelms him and he fucks and knots Sherlock.

Days later, they wake and become lucid and are horrified. Sherlock's still a little out of it, but he's curled up on the edge of the bed. John comes to consciousness faster and he realises what's he's done and his heart breaks. No matter how much he loves Sherlock and how much Sherlock seems to love him, he thinks he's just raped and hurt the person he loves the most.

He leaves but not for too long because his instincts to stay close and protect his omega are too strong. Sherlock slowly wakes and while he welcomes the idea of mating with John, he needs time to come to terms with it as it's something he's dreamed of for a long long time, he just didn't expect his first time to be so intense and a little scary. He cowers a little when John's present because he is reminded of how dominant and possessive John can be (only that makes John think Sherlock fears him and blames him).

Bonus - eventually, the line "it was consensual" comes from Sherlock when they start talking about things.

Re: omega!sherlock, alpha!john - first time heat sex, non-established relationship, noncon/dubcon -

I want this SO bad it hurts! Second'd!

William Sherlock Scott Holmes

Sherlock does something a bit not good and John uses (hisses, growls) his full name.
And oh boy does Sherlock love it when John pulls rank ;)

Re: William Sherlock Scott Holmes



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