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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Sherlock is far from virginal, but he's never really been kissed - a quick snog to get things started, sure, but he's never kissed for the sake of kissing. John is *really good* at kissing. Sherlock finds out what he's been missing. Johnlock, bien sur.

Re: Kissing

Eeeeee, seconding!!!

Spin the bottle gone naughty...

The gang is playing spin the bottle, and made Sherlock join in for shots and giggles. On his spin, it lands on _____ and they head to the closet. No one expects abything to happen, but the closeted pair end up going at it hard core. Everyone is shocked, and a little uncomfortable. ;)

repeaters AU

I'd love to read a groundhog day kinda fic revolving around this movie plot line:

there is a romance sub-plot between 2 of the characters

+10000 points if billy is in there somewhere, i love that dude.


(Gen or Sherlock/Any Male) The Other One (Child Death, Haunting, Evil Spirit)

(I apologize deeply for the wall of text. I just couldn't figure out how to convey my prompt in a smaller format.)

Sherlock had a twin brother. They were inseparable, but the boy obviously had issues. One day He attempted to murder Sherlock when he thought Sherlock would leave him for the new friends Sherlock made at school. Sherlock killed Him in self defense. The whole ordeal was so traumatizing that Sherlock blocked the memory of ever having a twin, and to ensure his continued recovery and mental health, his parents and Mycroft erased all evidence that the twin ever existed...

After Sherlock came home from the hospital, he'd hear noises coming from under his bed: Shifting, scratching, and even the occasional bump. After a few months of mild terror, he finally drew up the courage to peak under his bed. The thing beneath was a boy: it looked exactly like him. Terrified Sherlock ran to his parents bed, and from that moment on swore to never acknowledge it ever again...

But now it's been seen, it knows that Sherlock sees it, and from there on it begins talking to Sherlock from beneath the bed. Sherlock lives his life with it whispering to him from under the bed. No matter if he's in a hotel, or someones house--no matter where he sleeps its there.

And then John moved into Baker Street with him.

Bonus if strange happenings caused by it are the reason Sherlock can't keep a flatmate for long.
Double Bonus if sometimes it will parade about Baker Street pretending to be Sherlock when Sherlock isn't home. John only thinks that 'Sherlock' seems a bit off on those days.
Triple Bonus if it tries to pull that same trick with Mycroft. Whether Mycroft realizes it isn't Sherlock or not is up to the filler.

Re: (Gen or Sherlock/Any Male) The Other One (Child Death, Haunting, Evil Spirit)

Interesting! +1

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Magnussen/Holmes brother - non-con watersports

Magnussen pissing on (or in *evil smile*) a humiliated and unwilling Sherlock or Mycroft.

There needs to be more Magnussen watersports fics. Seriously.

Re: Magnussen/Holmes brother - non-con watersports

*tripple checking my anon status before seconding*

John+Sherlock: 5+1 Panic Attacks

5 times John had a panic attack + 1 time it was Sherlock.

+ If the writer is very descriptive about the attacks.
+ The attacks are spread out over time.
++ Sherlock does something wrong and makes it worse for John.
+++ Sherlock gets better eventually.
+++ John handles Sherlock panic attack expertly.

John/Mary Orgasm Denial

Something comes up in a case that ties back to Mary's past, and even though John has long since forgiven her, he finds that he's still a bit miffed.

When he gets home that evening, he decides that this is going to be one of those times when his being pissed off will show through.

Cue him lovingly driving Mary to the edge and then keeping her there, denying her release till she's begging his forgiveness all over again, after which he gives her a mind blowing orgasm and leaves little hickeys all over her while she's lying on the bed trying to catch her breath.

+If he manages to do it with his fingers/mouth.
++If he ties her hands together to the headboard of the bed.
+++If Mary resists till she's almost sobbing in frustration because she simply Does. Not. Beg. Not even for John Watson... Usually.

Re: John/Mary Orgasm Denial

Yes please! Not nearly enough orgasm denial on here!

Mycroft solves cases for Lestrade during Sherolock's hiatus to impress(woo)him


Re: Mycroft solves cases for Lestrade during Sherolock's hiatus to impress(woo)him


Homeless AU

John Watson lost everything after the war, coming back to find his sister's marriage in shambles and Harry herself in no way inviting, John tries to eek out a living on his own. But crushed under the depression of his lonely life, he falls by the wayside and becomes homeless, spending what little money he gets for food, he lives on the streets for months before eventually migrating down into one of the disused Tube stations with others for the winter.

It is there he meets a cocaine addict who calls himself Sigerson, despite the man's uncleanly habit, Sigerson is brilliant and John soon finds a friend, and ally in him, as they both work to survive in the harsh London underground, fighting off sickness, and encroaching drifters and gang men alike.

Or: John becomes homeless after being invalidated home, and ends up running into a cocaine addict named Sigerson(Sherlock) in the London underground.

+John caring for Sherlock when the man gets sick with Pneumonia.
++ Sherlock being Bamf and helping John fight off some thugs who were trying to hurt him(John)
+++ For Sherlock helping fight while still sick, and STILL kicking ass!

Doesn't need to be Johnlock if you'd prefer the canon bromance that's fine.

Ever since I read that Hobbit AU "Don't Fear the Darkness" by westofnowhere, I have been obsessed with thoughts of life in subway tunnels...

As always: Do as you will...

John/Sherlock, Sherlock+Mycroft, Past Sherlock/other brother twincest dub(or non)con

So it is discovered that the other (twin of Sherlock's) brother is stil alive somewhere but not part of Sherlock and Mycrofts lives for a very long time. Sherlock and Mycroft have known all along but they do not have a good relationship with this other brother.

When Any discovers their not so good relationship, they start asking questions. Sherlock always answers very curtly. He never brings the subject up first and only answers with yes or no or I don't know. Eventually snapping that he doesn't have a good relationship with his twin brother and he has no intention of changing this and actually, doesn't give a fuck what/how his twin is doing. Mycroft doesn't appear to have such distaste but he is supportive of Sherlock's stance.

Any starts nagging and prompting Sherlock to give his brother another chance, fix things, invite him back into their lives, etc etc and also, giving suggestions about how to do this. Sherlock just listens and "takes it under consideration". Sherlock knows Any has well intentions, so he stays quiet about the truth behind why - his twin once coerced (and turned into forced when Sherlock decided he wanted to stop) Sherlock into experimenting sexual activities. Which actually makes life difficult for Sherlock as now there's a constant nagging reminder about the person he would rather never see again. Sherlock struggles in silence and flashbacks and hate and depression.

He turns to John and Mycroft for comfort but he's not ready to ask Any to stop as he isn't ready to tell the truth again - Sherlock had to tell John the dark secret.

Sherlock sleeps under John's bed

Sherlock sleeping under John's bed for a case where someone gets buried alive. Sherlock then tries to conduct an experiment to recreate the conditions of being trapped in a coffin.

Best if it's creepy. John doesn't need to find out but it's cool if he does!

Re: Sherlock sleeps under John's bed

Yesssss voyeuristic creepy case Sherlock is awesome

Omega verse, johnlock with almost sherstrade dubcon

Omega!Sherlock has irregular heats and a low libido so it's often months before Sherlock expects to go into heat. But regardless, he recognises John as his alpha and he loves John who loves Sherlock too.

Except when Sherlock is out in public on a case and this particular case is heartwrenching, highly traumatising and sends Sherlock into all levels of stress. Back at the office, Sherlock excuses himself for some privacy, to gather himself... Maybe in the restroom or lestrade's office or something, he struggles to stay calm and doesn't recognise that the stress/fear has caused his heat to start unexpectedly.

Lestrade comes in and he notices Sherlock's distress and since John isn't here, lestrade, as Sherlock's closest alpha friend, steps forward and gathers Sherlock into his arms to comfort him. He gently tells Sherlock his heat is starting, he should calm down because his scent will drive all the alphas mad with desire to protect and claim. And if Sherlock is okay with it, lestrade would be honoured to fill in for John.

Unfortunately, this sends Sherlock into more distress and panic. He immediately sees Lestrade as a threatening alpha who wants to dominate and steal him away so he goes into fight mode and pretty much upturns Lestrade's office trying to get away. Sherlock runs home with Lestrade anxiously following behind in an attempt to protect Sherlock from running into other less friendly alphas.

John is called home and he reclaims Sherlock using every tactic that DOESN'T INVOLVE his knot. Like bathing, massaging, hugging, stroking Sherlock... And only when Sherlock starts feeling better and safe ... Does he ask for John to knot him which John happily does. lovingly. And definitely.

+10000 if Mycroft thanks Lestrade for behaving so honourably with his brother.
+10000000000 and if kink allows it... As thanks, alpha!mycroft submits to alpha!lestrade and takes Lestrade's cock.

Mpreg/omegaverse/any universe birth

I'd love to see a fill of Sherlock, John, Molly, Mycroft, or Lestrade going through a very difficult (but not dangerous) birth. For whatever reason (short stature? smaller-than-assumed pelvis?), the parent is fully dilated and about to start crowning, but after pushing for more than an hour, little progress has been made. They end up trying several different positions ( before finally delivering their child.

Re: Mpreg/omegaverse/any universe birth

Not exactly what you asked for, but I think this might be RTYI if you haven't read it already: (mpreg, difficult birth)

what will survive of us (11142 words) by shiva_goddessof
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Mycroft Holmes's Umbrella, Greg Lestrade, Sarah Sawyer
Additional Tags: Omegaverse, Omega!Sherlock, Mpreg, Mild Gore, I just don't know, Alpha!John, Angst, no consent issues or smut, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Birth
"Sherlock, are you all right?"

"I'm fairly certain - " Sherlock pauses and puts one hand on his back - "that I am in labour."

John's stomach feels very heavy all of a sudden.

"Jesus, Sherlock. For how long?"

"Approximately - " Sherlock breaks off to navigate the coffee table, then circles it and comes back. "- Eight hours, give or take."

John puts his fist up against his mouth, in lieu of putting it through Sherlock's face. "Jesus Christ, Sherlock. You couldn't have texted? Called? Why the fuck didn't you say something?"

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Sherlock is poisoned

I don't mind if you have him save himself with a mad dash and a stroke of genius like the Doctor did in the Unicorn and the Wasp, but please do put in some h/c, not for John because the whole situation gave him a heart attack, but for Sherlock.
And according to the series please, so no Johnlock and the associated healing!cock.
Thank you!

Mycroft and John

Mycroft doesn't smoke, nor does he frequent cafes. He doesn't have fish and chips with John every Friday. Also, he doesn't order mushy peas.

Would love if you could make me believe that Mycroft has respect for John, and that it is warranted!

Underage non-con

Seventeen-year-old homeless addict, John Watson, meets twelve-year-old runaway, Sherlock Holmes. John isn't a pederast. He isn't, but Sherlock is so smart and pretty and naive...someone should take the boy under his wing and protect him from all the (other) predators on the street, and to John's (ersatz) dismay, his dick thinks it should be him.

I'd like to see a John whose addiction strips away his thin veneer of morality and allows his darkest side to hold sway.

Bonus points if John shares Sherlock around in exchange for drugs, and for any/all Sherlock whump.

Re: Underage non-con


If I didn't have so many things on my plate already I'd be tempted to give this a go but I do so I'll just second it with the burning zeal of a supernova for now.

Re: Underage non-con (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Underage non-con (Anonymous) Expand

John+Sherlock: New neighbors in 221C. (Crack?)

"For God's sake, Sherlock! The neighbors are NOT aliens!"
But, indeed, the neighbors end up being aliens.

Re: John+Sherlock: New neighbors in 221C. (Crack?)

Does this SCREAM Wholock to anyone else? Might have to fill it if I can possibly find the time...

Threesome with John/Sherlock/Sholto

Just what it says on the tin! Can be a one-time thing or a long-term polyamory thing. I'd love a long, plotty piece with some exploration of each of the two-way relationships (John/Sherlock, John/Sholto, Sholto/Sherlock (especially Sholto/Sherlock)), and how the two-way relationships are altered with the addition of the third person. But a simple PWP is cool too!

Re: Threesome with John/Sherlock/Sholto

Sorry, but who's Sholto? I tried googling him, but they came up with a few options. I'm leaning toward the "mythical progenitor of Clan Douglas, a powerful and warlike family in medieval Scotland", but I wanted to ask to be sure.


There is not nearly enough Lestrolly (Mollstrade?) fic in this fandom. Anything with Lestrade and Molly, preferably explicit. First time, established relationship, kinks, vanilla, PWP, long and plot-filled, whatever strikes your fancy! Recommendations are welcome as well, especially if they're not on the AO3 (because I think I've read all the ones that are).

Mary's other secret past (Warnings: watersports, exhibitionism, pornography)

So I was perusing the trailers on (as one does *cough*) and came across a lady in one of the videos who reminded me of Mary, with platinum blonde hair and dark eyes. For discerning viewers over 18, the very NSFW video is at - suffice it to say that the lady in question is on the receiving end of a whole lot of explicit urinating in a pornographic context!

So basically, someone in the Sherlock world, Sherlock himself or other male person of your choice happens to be browsing a kinky website dedicated to urophilia and other kinks one generally doesn't mention in front of one's friends, and discovers several videos of John's wife letting a whole bunch of men do things to her that he's fairly certain John doesn't do. Could lead to the person fantasizing about doing those things to Mary, or fantasizing about John doing those things to Mary (or even, if this is Sherlock, fantasizing about John doing those things to him *and* Mary...)... which makes things interesting next time he's out for dinner with the Watsons...

Basically, what do you do when it turns out your mate's wife used to film pornos in your favorite kink?

John, Magnussen, "I feel like a midget standing next to him"

Basically John having an inner monologue about Magnussen's absurd tallness and his inadequacy about his own height. He's even taller than Sherlock.

Re: John, Magnussen, "I feel like a midget standing next to him"

yay for offensive language against little people! Well done you.

Mycroft/Sherlock suit-porn, warning: incest

We all know how very much Mycroft likes his suits, waistcoats, ties and pocket squares and that overall dapper look he sports (and the unseen / rarely seen braces and sleeve garters).

And then there's Sherlock with his own twist with the close-cut suits, tight shirts, lack of belts (how does he manage to keep them up?) and his iconic Belstaff greatcoat.

So my request is simply some filthy, naughty, dirty Mycroft/Sherlock suit-porn - pretty much anything goes so long as it includes the suits, partly clothed suited Holmes brothers, PWP, porn with plot, in public, not public ... up to the filler basically (no scat though).

+ The brothers purposely like to leave come-stains on the other's clothes
++ If they need to explain the stains to other people (e.g. Andrea, John, Mrs H, Lestrade, maid/cleaners, etc.)

Sherlock is Severus Snape's most annoying student ever (HP crossover)

"Sherlock Holmes was, without a doubt, the most *irritating* student Severus Snape had ever had the misfortune to teach."

Harry Potter crossover where Sherlock, John, and the rest of the Sherlock gang are all students at Hogwarts. Snape gets annoyed at Sherlock and this leads to Sherlock spouting off a long list of embarrassing deductions about his professor and his classmates.

(I may yet write this myself, someday, but I'd love to see someone else's take on it!)

Re: Sherlock is Severus Snape's most annoying student ever (HP crossover)

Oh, I want this so bad!

We're All A Little Crazy Here!

John Watson had a Mental Breakdown in Afghanistan and was invalidated home, and forced into an Insane Asylum by his "Loving" sister and her wife.

There he meets:

Sherlock Holmes, who introduces himself as the world's only Consulting Detective, insisting he used to help solve cases for the Met, and claims his brother (who visits frequently) is the actually the British Government.
Greg Lestrade, who says he's a Detective Inspector for New Scotland Yard, and works with Sherlock.
And Jim Moriarty the "overly friendly" nurse who Sherlock claims is the world's only Consulting Criminal, and his arch nemesis.

Sherlock and Greg insist that they're here undercover, trying to take down Moriarty, and for some reason they've chosen John to help them do it!

Yeah... John wants to go home now please...

Or: John gets put in a nuthouse along where he meets Sherlock and Greg who claim they're there undercover to take down one of the nurses Jim Moriarty, who is actually a criminal mastermind.

As always go nuts!

Re: We're All A Little Crazy Here!

Oh no. The plot bunnies are stirring.
Maybe I can wrangle them into something? We'll see.

ETA- Oh god. Send help. The bunnies have invaded. 2500 words so far.

ETA (again)- Erm... Yes. There will be a fill. It's just a matter of how long it will be, and when I get it done, because it just passed the 10k word mark, and it's not showing signs of stopping soon.

Edited at 2014-03-16 02:22 am (UTC)

Sherlock OR Mycroft/any guy who's not John

Okay, um, so I saw this smutty webcomic: and I'd love this scenario with a Holmes. Basically, Sherlock (or Mycroft if you prefer, either one would be awesome) is cursed by a demon or magic old lady with the ability to be amazingly gifted at blowjobs.

As we know, both Holmeses are extremely arrogant and willing to do most things to get a result so this talent is soon....exploited by whoever has been given it. Whoever is.cursed doesn't get off on it sexually THEMSELVES but they get a certain smug satisfaction from its...uses, professionally. Perhaps they only try it the first time out of curiosity but it becomes a useful weapon in their arsenal?

Any slash pairings ( apart from Johnlock or Johncroft) are fine, including OMCs and Holmesest.

Fills will receive much squee and telepathically sent good wishes.


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