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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Die Hard scenario

Sherlock and Co are in a formal party (Mycroft's? Their parents' house?) when a large group of armed men take control of the place.
Sherlock would be the John McClane, with either John or Mycroft (or both) being a Holly type, AKA, comforting the other hostages, acting as mediator with the hostages and the men holding them,etc.

RTYI's are more than welcome!
I would prefer no slash,but if pairings are a must for the author, as long as there's no Holmcest I'm fine with it.

PS:English is not my native language.Sorry for any grammar mistakes in the prompt!

Re: Die Hard scenario


Greg/John/Mycroft/Sherlock, Coming to the conclusion that sex really isn't Sherlock's thing

Inspired by this fic:
But a little different. I'd like to see a fic where John, Lestrade and Mycroft decide to take Sherlock's virginity and Sherlock's okay with giving it a go. However, the closer he gets to the edge and the more people are "working on him", the more uncomfortable he starts to feel. Sex really is not for him. He sort of safewords out, except they didn't set one. Maybe in his rising panick, Sherlock decides on Vatican Cameos, immediately stopping John short? Upto filler. Either way it does not continue and turn into actual rape.
H/c afterwards and general acceptance etc. please.
Thank you!

Brooklyn 99 crossover

Sherlock and John find themselves in New York working a case with the 99 team, and Sherlock is thinks that they're a bunch of useless detectives...until Peralta solves the case before he does.

Brooklyn 99 is totally awesome and it would be great if Sherlock could snark everyone there and get irritated with Peralta's childishness

Even Evil Has Standards - Moriarity

Even evil has standards. Someone may have no problem with killing a random person, but if you kick a puppy near them they will hunt you down and make you pay.

Likewise, occasionally the good side can let an evil act or two pass in the name of justice.

I want to see Jim having one of those moments and Sherlock letting him get away with whatever he does as revenge.

(Reference: )

Nobody Messes With Molly 1/?

Molly Hooper had gone out on a date with Adam Dixon out of curiosity. She had gone to a second date because he had insisted, and she had only gone on a third because she had been afraid to say no.
They had been officially seeing one another for seven weeks. Molly had been wearing high collars and long sleeves for the past six.

“Heya, Moll! Long time no see, hm?”
Molly looked up in shock at the familiar Irish lilt.
Jim Moriarity stood across the room from her, smiling, with his hands folded behind his back. After a second he began walking toward her, smiling brightly.
“Come on now, cat got your tongue? How have you been?”
Sherlock. She had to call Sherlock.
Molly began backing away, reaching for her cell phone before remembering that she’d left it in the lockers. Damn.
She turned and ran, hearing the clatter of medical tools as Jim darted around the table to chase her.
Molly reached the door and tugged hard, but it didn’t give.
She was locked in.
The pathologist whirled around as Moriarity caught up, her breath catching in her throat in terror.

“Damnit-!” Jim muttered, dodging around the table to chase Molly. He always hated when they ran, it made the hostage situation so exhausting. He watched as she tried the door, only to figure out a second later that he’d locked it before revealing his presence. “Molly!” he called with a laugh, slowing to a stop a few feet from her with a smile. Silly little thing, she always had been his favorite.
Second to Sherlock, that was.
To his surprise, however, Molly cringed away, backing into the corner with her hands up as if to block a hit. Her body was trembling and her head was ducked, eyes scrunched shut.
This reaction was a bit of a shock to him…even when he’d revealed that he was a psychopath, she hadn’t so much as twitched.
She hesitantly looked up, eyes wide.
He narrowed his eyes in concern, looking her over. Something was wrong, and it only took him another second to figure out what.
A small cry caught in Molly’s throat as he took her wrists, pulling her gently away from the corner. He led her out into the middle of the room and she followed him without resistance.
When he stopped, he didn’t release her wrists; thumb rubbing gentle circles on the back of her hand. She didn’t look up.
“Molly, look at me,” he said softly.
Brown eyes met his, and he winced at the fear in them. Yes, someone was certainly about to die.
“What is his name?”
“W-whose name?”
“The man that hit you.”
“The man that-… how did you know?”
“You’re wearing covering clothing, despite the temperature outside. You cringed away from me as if I was about to strike you, and if that wasn’t confirmation enough, I can see the bruise on your wrist here where he grabbed you.”
“Oh… N-no, it’s nothing. I’m fine.”
“Really, h-he didn’t mean it. He just gets angry sometimes and I- I was standing too close when I should have-…”
“Stop making excuses for him, Molly,” Jim growled, cutting her off. “There is no excuse for what he did.”
Her gaze fell to the floor.
“What’s his name?”
When she didn’t reply, Jim sighed.
“No matter, I’ll find out one way or another.”
Giving her fingers a gentle squeeze, he let her hands go and strode out of the morgue, death in his eyes.
Molly didn’t move, trembling as she stared down at her hands, her own thumb rubbing the pattern that Jim’s had a moment before.

John Watson is a Fallen God

John Watson used to be a God who is part of the Triumvirate between Death, Fate and Time where John is Time. John falls because he obliterated a universe out of love for Mary and as punishment he becomes a fallen God cursed with the fact that everytime he ends up with Mary they would be doomed for tragedy and this continues on for eons until John meets Sherlock in another alternate universe where he has not yet met Mary and befriends him, then a case come ups with a legend that uses events from John's legend which leads to Sherlock discovering about John's actual status.

Mary and John don't end up together but remains to have a part of their heart just for the other.

Up to author if Sherlock or anyone close knew about John's story but not him being the actual person until later on.

If there are certain snippets of John's life with Mary from various alternate universes, up to author, shown

John saying "If Gods have forsaken me then I shall do the same" and "A world without Mary/Sherlock is not worth existing"

John's God form has no definite face but changes between a young boy, an androgynous teen and elderly woman.
Not-crack please? :3

In which Sherlock is a Furry

Redbeard was more than just Sherlock's pet, but the detective suppressed everything to do with it after the dog died.
But when Molly shows up to the Baker Street Halloween party with a pair of cat ears and a tail on, he can no longer resist.

Bonus if Molly is into roleplay and just goes with it.
Bonus if sex happens while everyone is still in the other room so they have to be super quiet.
Bonus if afterwards Molly finds out it was the ears and starts sticking them on every random person she can so she can see Sherlock coming on to them.

Sherlock loses his memory

He forgets at least everything that happened over the last few years. Maybe he thinks he is still a homeless junkie with no home or safe place to go to. Maybe his memory has regressed further still and he thinks he is a lonely, isolated teenager. Eithre way all of the good things (and bad) that have happened to him like managing his addictions becoming a successful detective, having people who care about him, are gone from his mind.
Most importantly of all is:he doesn't recognise John. Everyone assumed if he forgot everything else he would still remember John. He doesn't.

Bonus if he doesn't recognise Mycroft at first.
double bonus if John still sticks by Sherlock, visiting him in hospital, reassuring him he's not still alone in a dark place in his life, gently trying to jog his memory ("hey do you remember when..."). His friend may have forgotten him but he hasn't forgotten his friend.
Tripple bonus if this is how John realises they both loved eachother. If Sherlock says something along the lines of how he knows he must have loved John a lot, how he's sorry for not being in love with him anymore.
Quadruple and to infinity bknus for eventual Johnlock, maybe with partial or full memory return, but Johnlock eithre way. Please and thank you. (Apologies for the long prompt)

Re: Sherlock loses his memory

Please someone fill this!!
I actually wanted to write a very similar prompt. We seem to be thinking the same way. ;-)

Mycroft's pressure point

Magnussen says "Mycroft’s pressure point is his junkie detective brother, Sherlock." I want to see Sherlock asking Mycroft about it, point blank or otherwise, when they meet after Sherlock's arrest. Just give me all the brotherly feels.


John finds out about Sherlock's plan and why he does it before the fall can happen. Will John try to convince him not to go through with it? Will he help? Give me all the Johnlock feels.

RTYI appreciated!

Now I want Mycroft lying about his Super Mario skills


The Matrix crossover

How does Sherlock's/Mycroft's extraordinary mind deal with being plugged in?
Like... can it deal with the laws of nature being bendable? That sort of thing.

Re: The Matrix crossover


Cordwainer Smith fusion

Would it be possible to portray Sherlock as one of the Lords of the Instrumentality, and W'john as one of the Underpeople, without simply recapitulating "The Ballad of Lost C'mell"?

Filler needn't try to imitate Cordwainer Smith's style. I'm not sure anyone could.

Mycroft's pleasure point

Inspired by a misread of an earlier prompt title. Mycroft has a very, very sensitive erogenous zone somewhere on his body, one so powerful that it renders him completely unable to think clearly. Someone finds out about it and exploits it.

Any character would be fine (including Sherlock).

Re: Mycroft's pleasure point

UNF! Yep,seconding this

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John is a cupid sent to make Sherlock fall in love

As stated above, John is meant to bring Sherlock together with his special someone. So he follows him around, looking for the right person to make him fall in love with. The only problem is that during the course of action, John falls in love with Sherlock.

Bonus points if:
Mike is also a cupid who somehow brings them together
Lestrade is involved in the story at some point

Heartbeat bomb

Someone has been kidnapped and attached to a portable heart monitor that controls a bomb that can take out a 10 mile radius in downtown London. If their heartrate or blood pressure go too high, or if the monitor is removed, the bomb goes off. In the same room with this person is someone else who has to keep the person in the monitor calm until help arrives, and they don't even know if anyone has noticed they are missing yet.

Any characters who typically find each other stressful or heart rate speeding.

Suggested duos:

Anderson and Sherlock
Sally and Sherlock
Sherlock and Mycroft
Molly and Sherlock

TLDR: Heart monitor as bomb trigger, attached to one character trapped in a room with another character who causes them stress just by existing.

Re: Heartbeat bomb


For science John! J/S, blowjobs, medical equipment

Sherlock keeps convincing John to get them access to more and more complex medical tests and diagnostic equipment for the sole unstated purpose of giving John a blowjob while he's being monitored/scanned/tested/imaged/having blood drawn. Sherlock secretly wants a complete diagnostic picture of John during orgasm because he wants to know exactly what is going on inside John at that moment as a kind of intellectual/emotional bonding experience to show his love for John.

John doesn't know this and is thinking Sherlock has some kind of medical fetish where medical diagnostics make him need to suck John off, and he's feeling a little more used and objectified each time and feels like he's just a convenient cock in scrubs.

Misunderstandings, confusion, angst, and happy endings. And a happy ending.

TLDR: Sherlock sucks John off during a succession of medical tests. John feels objectified, but doesn't know Sherlock wants a complete diagnostic image of John during orgasm because he loves John.

Re: For science John! J/S, blowjobs, medical equipment



Sherlock and John are all for a threesome, but Mary is hesitant, so the boys decide to show her just how much fun it could be.

John and Sherlock pin Mary between them, the full focus of their attention on her, and playfully tease her till she's an absolute mess begging them to finish.

Lots of cuddling afterwards is a plus!

Things get intense and they do it

Because this is a kinkmeme and there is no shame here I am shamelessly borrowing one of my favorite tropes from another fandom;

Things get intense and they do it.

Johnlock preferred.


I was at a concert last night, and the conductor was animated, and lovely, and, from behind, a dead-ringer for Lestrade. So here's the prompt: Sherlock plays in an orchestra. Lestrade is his conductor.

Gen, slash, AU, I don't mind - take it where you will.

Somehow Sherlock doubted the sentence "Sorry mate, we were drunk." was going to fix the problem.

Mary looked equally doubtful as she kept trying to compulsively straighten her clothes and hair...

Or: Sherlock and Mary get drunk at a party, and end up in bed together having mind-blowing sex.

Then they wake up and have to deal with the consequences, namely: John....

Go nuts...

Re: Oopse!

Please dear God YES

Mycroft was a tea boy who was too smart for his own good.


John/Sherlock - inappropriate non con medical check up

Sherlock gets a check up done by a doctor that is not John (for whatever reason) and this doctor got highly touchy and grope-y and creepy and pretty much stopped short of putting his cock into Sherlock...

Sherlock thinks that he is not affected and tries to forget it. Except he can't and he has to come to terms with himself - that he was affected by it more than he is willing to accept. John on the other hand can't get Sherlock to tell him what's wrong, and just does his best to be the best friend Sherlock needs. He notices the worrying signs and motions Sherlock starts making and while he has seen those same movements/gestures in patients who have experienced sexual assault, John can't be sure it's the same reason for Sherlock's change in behaviour. Sherlock feels humiliated and embarrassed about what happened AND about his reaction to it after it happened.

Eventual coaxing of the truth out, protective and angry John ...and the weird (?) part of the prompt... Sherlock doesn't want to press charges/notify anyone and Sherlock and John argue over this. The whole thing about the doctor might do it to other patients and while Sherlock can see the rational behind it, he just wants to keep quiet. Sherlock struggles with this and so does John.

Re: John/Sherlock - inappropriate non con medical check up


(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft's pleasure point is Sherlock's happiness

Inspired by the misread prompt that was inspired by Mycroft's pressure point prompt.

Mycroft finds much pleasure in Sherlock's happiness. Which is why he constantly has Sherlock on surveillance: because he just loves checking in on his baby brother... watching Sherlock live and breathe and smile and laugh and love makes Mycroft want to work harder to make the world a better place.

Re: Mycroft's pleasure point is Sherlock's happiness

Seconding all the Mycroft prompts!!

Sherlock/John - Sherlock develops an obsession with rape

Sherlock stumbles down an unfamiliar path in his mind palace. He finds a room he cannot remember creating and he breaks into it. Inside is a memory he's locked away. It's of him being sexually assaulted a very long time ago. He watches everything but he does not remember it. It's like watching a video or a movie or someone else's memory even though Sherlock knows it is his own.

He starts spending hours in his mind palace, just watching and rewatching it. When he's not doing that, he's researching and reading and hunting for news/cases that involve sexual assault or abuse.

John worries but Sherlock insists on going down this path. Sherlock doesn't notice the toll this affects his own mental and physical state (starts neglecting food, starts getting nightmares and develops paranoia etc) and John is left trying to keep Sherlock sane, holding him together, reassuring him and trying his best to take care of Sherlock.

Re: Sherlock/John - Sherlock develops an obsession with rape

Oooh. Seconding. The angat and the dark and just...yes.

Mary and Sherlock talk about David

Mary finds out Sherlock intimidated David before the wedding. She's unhappy because David's her friend and you just don't do that kind of things ! She confronts Sherlock about it. He's initially dismissive but ends up understanding and apologizing to her.


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